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  • 26. Oct. 2016

    John M Armleder Edition 2016 Silver Fish / Gold Fish

    EDITION 2016 JOHN M ARMLEDER subscription offer On the occasion of the five year anniversary in Vienna Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman cordially invites you to the subscription of the edition 2016 by John M Armleder: The plaid SILVER FISH (dots) is produced with a high/low weaving method in cotton, smooth and

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  • 18. Oct. 2016

    Curator´s Tour With Lívia Nolasco-rózsás: Dóra Maurer / Kurt Kren 19.10. 6pm

    Wednesday, 19 October, 6pm Curator's tour with Lívia Nolasco-Rózsás through the Atrium's exhibition: Dóra Maurer / Kurt Kren. Relative Swingings With "Dóra Maurer / Kurt Kren. Relative Swingings", Badischer Kunstverein is showing a second part on structural film until 27 November. In this presentation the work of Hungarian artist Dóra Maurer is explored

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  • 10. Oct. 2016

    FIAC 2016 — Darío Villalba

    FIAC 2016 - Booth 1.K06 Solo Presentation of Dario Villalba Darío Villalba (San Sebastian, 1939) is a compulsory reference for understanding the development of art after the informalist generation of the 1950fs, as well as the main link in Spanish art, with the international vanguard movements. Since the middle

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