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  • 13. Jul. 2017

    Invitation Stenheim 13.7.17

    Stenheim Montreux Jazz listening session 2017 Thursday July 13th 2017 // 6pm - 8pm // Montreux We are very proud to invite you to an exclusive listening session with our special host Stenheim, reperesented through his founder and CEO Jean-Pascal Panchard. Special guest and performer: Simon Paccaud 18.00 Welcome drink 18.30 Presentation of the Stenheim

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  • 3. Jul. 2017

    Artist Talk: Sofie Bird MØller In Conversation With Benita Meißner, July 5, 2017

    INVITATION TO THE ARTIST TALK Wednesday, July 5, 2017, 7 pm Benita Meißner, director of the DG Gallery Munich (Gallery of the German Society for Christian Art, founded in 1893) in conversation with the artist Sofie Bird Møller at Salon ALEXANDER OCHS PRIVATE. Free entry. Due to very limited space a reservation is needed

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