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  • 16. Feb. 2017

    Van Horn Schaulager

    In January 2017 VAN HORN opened a second location, a c. 160 sqm exhibition space including storage - the new VAN HORN SCHAULAGER. The Schaulager is located in an industrial area in Düsseldorf-Lierenfeld. It takes c. five minutes by car from the gallery in Flingern to the showroom. The showroom opens up the

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  • 14. Feb. 2017

    Galerie Supper At Art Karlsruhe 2017

    16 - 19 February 2017 Dear Friends of the Gallery, GALERIE SUPPER is pleased to announce its participation at this year's art KARLSRUHE, one of the biggest art fairs within the German-speaking countries. Within the context of international exhibitors with a focus on modern and contemporary art, we will be

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  • 14. Feb. 2017

    Andrea Büttner Is Now Represented By Galerie Tschudi, Zuoz

    We are pleased to announce that ANDREA BÜTTNER (Germany, 1972) is now represented by Galerie Tschudi The work of Andrea Büttner includes woodcuts, screen prints, reverse glass painting, sculpture, video, and performance. She often creates connections between art history and social issues, with a particular interest in notions of poverty,

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