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About Artist Ranking

How does the Artist Ranking work?

ArtFacts.Net™ Artist Ranking assigns 'network points' to each artist for their gallery representations and works in museum collections. These 'network points' are passed over to each institution. They are transformed into 'institution points'. These institution points represent the institutions reputation. Any exhibition organized by these institutions will receive the institution's points. The 'Artist Ranking' is built by the sum of the 'exhibition points' an artist gains by the strength of his or her exhibition activity each year.

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How do I view exhibition points?

In order to view exhibition points and analytical data you need to have access to the restricted areas of ArtFacts.Net™ with a membership (See options). If you have access you can go to the 'career analyser' which is part of the 'exhibition analyser' to view the exhibition points per year either as a total sum, average, minimal, median or maximum.

Does the number of points determine how high each artist is ranked (ie. the artist with the highest points always has the highest ranking position)?

Yes, the artist with the most points is the top scoring artist on ArtFacts.Net™.

Is the ArtFacts.Net™ system predictive?

The Artist Ranking Tool tracks artists exhibitions back from 1996. Whilst the ranking is a good indicator of trends in the art market, it is a measuring tool of past successes rather than a predictive system for how successful an artist will continue to be.

Is methodology explained and published?

No, ArtFacts.Net™ does not publish the exact methodology of the ranking system.

How can I increase my artist ranking?

The ranking order is correlative to the number of exhibitions you have had. Higher ranking venues mean higher points. If you are an artist and think you can increase your ranking please report all missing shows in via the following form:

Do art fairs contribute to artist rankings?

Trade shows like art fairs, auction previews and auctions are not counted in the ArtFacts.Net™ system. Only curated shows in galleries, museums, biennials or other public institutions are calculated for reasons given below.

Why do you not enter an artists participation in art fairs?

ArtFacts.Net™ has taken the decision not to classify art fairs in the ranking system. Art fairs, as non curated sale shows have less precise data (e.g. the artist lists for fairs are mostly provisional) so it can be difficult to pinpoint which works were exhibited.

Do sales play any role in the artist ranking?

No 'artist ranking' is purely based on exhibition data.

Don't you think that ArtFacts.Net™ has too much influence in the recognition of an artist/the market through the ranking (it's supposed to reflect how the market works but it influences it!)?

This is a great question and one that takes Heisenberg's uncertainty principle out of its comfort zone of quantum physics and into the contemporary art market. In short: does ArtFacts.Net™ influence what it is trying to measure? One consideration to bear in mind is that explanations for cause-effect relationships are largely subjective. The art market is a large and constantly progressing field with many differing factors influencing an artist's success in the art market. As such it is impossible to prove that the artist ranking tool influences any particular successes of artists.

What happens with an artists ranking if there is a lot of information missing? Surely then the system will give an incorrect status of the artist in the ranking?

Not every exhibition influences the ranking in the same way. As long as major exhibitions are listed then the result will be fair. Major exhibitions contribute the most points to the artist's ranking result on the whole. So long as exhibitions are reported to us they will be indexed within reasonable time. We encourage users who spot any missing gaps to fill in the form here

Can I improve the ranking of my artists by exhibiting high ranking artists along less well known artists?

In part yes; artists profit from the 'reputation' of the exhibiting instution. By showing high ranked living artists the gallery/museum can improve its reputation.

Are public interventions included in an artist's ranking?

Public interventions are unfortunately not included in the ranking calculation process because the ranking needs

  • an authoritative body like a gallery or museum with a physical address and
  • the time period of an exhibition has to be at least 5 days.

I have just updated my entry with more exhibitions but can't see any change in my artist ranking. Why is this?

The artist ranking is updated on a weekly basis (every Saturday) after which all new information that has been entered into the system is processed. Please wait until the next update to see the changes reflected.

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