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I am an artist

I am not listed, how do I get listed?

In order to be listed you should at least have had gallery representation or exhibited in one of the galleries listed in ArtFacts.Net™. If a gallery you have exhibited at is listed, but the exhibition isn't, please submit the missing information via the missing content form.

How do I update or correct my profile/biography? Is that free?

To update your artist profiles please use the following links, which can also be found on the artist pages by clicking on the warning icon. This is a free service with no guarantee of insertion.

PLEASE NOTE: For exhibitions we need the title, the correct dates, names of all participating artists and if possible a web link to the exhibition. Please be warned that an update can take several months.

How can I update private collections?

Only collections with regular opening hours for the general public are indexed in ArtFacts.Net™ no matter if they are private or public institutions. If you want to enter a publicly available collection please use the missing museum form.

How do I insert catalogues?

Catalogues are only listed for artists and galleries who become members of ArtFacts.Net™. For more information please consult the Membership section.

How many images of my artwork can I show on my profile?

Images are only listed for artist/galleries/museums who become members of ArtFacts.Net™. For more infos please consult the Membership section.

How do I upload images of my artwork to my profile?

Please email us images of your artwork. Each image should have a minimum size of 300 px and 72pi. You may also provide additional information for each artwork, such as title, year, medium, size etc.

Is there a fast track for artists to get their CV updated earlier?

Yes, an Artist Membership on ArtFacts.Net™ gives you direct contact to our editors. For more information please consult the Membership section.

What benefits does a institution or artist get by purchasing membership of ArtFacts.Net™?

  1. Direct connection to an ArtFacts.Net™ Key Account Manager
  2. Prompt update service
  3. Listing of past, ongoing and upcoming exhibitions with images and text
  4. Complete exhibition archive on ArtFacts.Net™
  5. Publish news and events on the Homepage of ArtFacts.Net™
  6. Ability to show artists artworks
  7. Your info on ArtFacts.Net™ that is freely available to all users
  8. Gallery name highlighted in all listings
  9. Catalogue upload
For more information please consult the Membership section

If I already have a page in the system why do I need to pay this "setup/admission" fee?

When you sign up for an Artist Membership our editors will push to get your missing content plus art works into the system. The admission fee is designed to absorb this extra one-off effort.

Do public interventions appear on my biography?

We only list exhibitions organised within an institutional framework.

Do festivals appear on my biography?

Festivals are not listed on ArtFacts.Net™ because most festivals are cross platform events incorporating music, dance and other creative mediums beside art. In some cases festivals take place all across many institutions within a city making this information difficult to classify and reference unlike regular exhibitions.

What is the difference between being listed and being member of ArtFacts.Net™?

As a member you benefit from a variety of extra services like fast-track updates, images, access to the restricted areas of the web site and so on.

I am a member, how do I login?

If you are a member of ArtFacts.Net™ you should have received your login details by email. If not please let us know and we will send you a new password. Please write to

I'm member, what can I update by myself?

You cannot update anything by yourself. Please fill in the forms sent to you by our administration team.

Can I update information with a 24h Personal Membership

No, 24hr Personal Membership only grants you access to the restricted areas of ArtFacts.Net™.

How can I keep my profile always up-to-date?

You will have to purchase an Artist Membership otherwise you cannot control the workflow of our editors. Our editors frequently update by institution. We try to visit every institution at least once a year.

Will the galleries I work with (ones who belong to Artfacts) still have access to update my exhibitions? In other words, can more than one entity be allowed to update a single artist?

Yes, currently the galleries can update their own exhibitions and - if they are Professional Members - exhibitions in active institutions without any Member status. Our Editors regularly check the quality of information entered by galleries. In addition you can easily inform us if you spot irregularities on your ArtFacts.Net CV.

We do not use FAX. Is it possible to send you a scanned copy by mail and simultaneously send you the original printed document by conventional post to your land address

Yes, of course.

Is it possible to get an Artist Membership without showing my membership status to other users?

Users of the website cannot detect whether an artist is a member or not.

I didn't understand the term "contact partner" and listed my wife in error

No problem, we can always change your contact details. Please write to your service manager

It is absurd that you want to charge artists to update your "facts". How can you call yourself a "facts" page if you only update for money?

An Artist Membership simply gives you access to our fast-track service concerning your data. All other information is entered by us for free. Client data is a small minority compared to the information stored in ArtFacts.Net™.

I updated months ago through the update button all my shows but nothing has been indexed yet

Typically there are around 10,000 exhibitions reported missing at any one time. As stated on the Submission Criteria page: A properly submitted update can take up to 6 month to be processed by our editors.

I am sure Damien Hirst is paying membership fees for the updates. and if he is not, you are doing a huge inequality within the group of artists

We are very sorry if an artist feels inadequately represented in ArtFacts.Net™. You can be sure that a good ranking does not go along with any sort of Membership. World class artists like Damien Hirst are regularly exhibited in Museums and Galleries with a very high reputation factor within the ArtFacts.Net's Ranking algorithm. Any artist who is showing in these locations will be ranked higher.

After an update my ranking did not change, I assume adjustments are being made periodically? Please let me know when to expect my updates to be reflected on the site.

The ArtFacts.Net™ Artist Ranking is recalculated every Saturday. Major changes in the ranking algorithm are made when we change to a new year ranking. This is usually in spring.

How many exhibitions should I list?

Please list as many exhibitions as you want to seen on ArtFacts.Net™. Bear in mind that the exhibitions have to meet our Submission Criteria.

Is there any guarantee that all submitted shows will be added to my profile page?

As long as the submitted shows meet our Submission Criteria there is every likelihood that your submissions will be included. However, there is no absolute guarantee.

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