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Top Data/API

I am interested in incorporating ArtFacts.Net™ ranking data on my website. Can you tell me if your licensing will allow that and, if so, what the cost would be?

Yes, soon you will be able to use ArtFacts.Net™ ranking data on your own site. Currently we are working on getting an API live. Please check out

What information do you provide in Top Data?

With ArtFacts.Net™ you are able to download bulk information on contemporary artists. Data sets can be composed using the following criteria:

  • artists
  • exhibitions
  • summarized auction results by rank, performance, nationality, age, media
Note: All auction data is from

Number of indexes available (individual artists)?

Five indexes are available through 'Top Data': rank, performance, nationality, age, media.

How frequently are your indexes updated?

The indexes are updated every week on Saturday at 8am (GMT).

Can I download and look at the top list?

Yes, please consult the 'Top Data' section here,Service_Highlights

Is there a gallery ranking tool?

No. We currently do not offer gallery rankings.

Is it possible to have a ranking in a concrete field (video, photography, etc), or country?

Yes, please consult the 'Top Data' section here,Service_Highlights

Can ArtFacts.Net™ provide customized data?

Yes, please consult the 'Top Data' section here,Service_Highlights

The curve for most artists goes up and down. Is it possible to identify the artists which go up most and with some consistency (this would mean a computer search for the highest percentage increases over a set period of time)?

Yes, please consult the 'Top Data' pricing section

Can you select a start date?

Yes, you can select a start year just so long as it is after 1998.

Can you create an index dynamically online?

Yes, please consult the 'Top Data' section here,Service_Highlights

How much does Top Data cost?

Please see our pricing section.

What are the methods of payment for Top Data?

You can pay by Bank transfer, credit card or paypal.

I'm having a problem paying for Top Data, where can I get help?

Please write to

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