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  • herman de vries at the end of the year

    24. Nov. 2015

    herman de vries at the end of the year

    now that the venice biennale has come to end and also the year (almost), we'd like to memorize what a special year this was for herman de vries. as soon as he was informed of being elected to represent the netherlands at the dutch pavilion in venice with

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  • Weihnachtsbasar 2015 - Ismaninger Str. 51

    23. Nov. 2015

    Weihnachtsbasar 2015 - Ismaninger Str. 51

    Liebe Freunde der Galerie, an den 4 Samstagen im Advent öffnen wir von 11 bis 16 Uhr unser Archiv und Lager in der Ismaninger Straße 51. Bei Kaffee und Gebäck bieten wir Trouvaillen und Bibliophiles aus dem Galeriebestand zu weihnachtlichen Konditionen an. Samstag, den 28.11., von 11 - 16 Uhr SPECIAL |

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  • Kids Workshop

    23. Nov. 2015

    Kids Workshop

    I would like to inform you about the Kids Workshops CCA will hold. They will be on during three different weekends: at the end of November and the first two weeks in December. Theme is Christmas, and children will make pop-up cards and ornaments. Workshops will be lead by Alfonsina

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