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Einzelausstellung: Junge, Junge! Sculptures and drawings by Norman Junge (vorbei)

20 Februar 2005 bis 26 Juni 2005
  Lehmbruck Museum

Lehmbruck Museum
Friedrich-Wilhelm-Straße 40
47049 Duisburg
Deutschland (Stadtplan)

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tel +49 (0)203 - 283 32 94

Curators: Cornelia Brüninghaus-Knubel, Gabriele König, Maria Linsmann

Norman Junge's fantastic machines, humorously invented as mobile sculptures by this famous illustrator (books include "Fünfter sein") and now on show at a museum for the first time. Norman Junge's picture books and the cartoon films he drew for "Die Sendung mit der Maus", a children's program on German TV, are amongst the best of their kind in the country. Jandl and Morgenstern are his favourite poets and Junge's illustrations of Morgenstern's "Das Grosse Lalula" ideally complement the poem. In the same way that this tone poem works with language material his sculptures are nonsense poems rendered concrete, investigating unusual and amusing combinations of shape and movement. These sculptural works will give pleasure to museum visitors of all ages (from kindergarten children to senior citizens). Norman Junge once said that his work was not aimed exclusively at children, "it's only that I am silly and funny enough for them to understand me."
The touring exhibition is a co-operation between the Children's Museum in the Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum, the Kunsthalle in Emden, the Kinderakademie in Fulda and the Troisdorf-Burg Wissem Museum.

There will be a catalogue with articles by Manfred Schneckenburger, Maria Linsmann and Cornelia Brüninghaus-Knubel.

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