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Group show: P & P _ Picture vs Picture (over)

20 April 2006 until 31 May 2006
  Lars Reiffers
Lars Reiffers
night hunter
night hunter, oil on canvas, 180 x 290 cm
2003 Gallery Zandari

Gallery Zandari
370-12, Seokyo-dong, Mapo-gu
121-838 Seoul
South Korea (city map)

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tel +82 2 323 4155

gallery zandari

gallery zandari

curator Heejung Song
tel. +82 2 323 4155

TITLE : P & P _ Picture vs Picture
DATE : 20th April 2006 (Thu) – 31th May (Wed)
ARTISTS : Kang Hyung Goo, Byen Ung-Pil, Chun Kyungwoo, Keem Sang-Woo, Park Ji Hye,
Kim Tai Kyun, Han Sungpil, Bang Myung-Joo, Lars Reiffers, Jo Seong-yun,
Yoon Young-hye, Mari Terauchi
OPENING : 20th April 2006 (Thu) 6:00 PM
OPENING CONCERT : Jazz with zandari (jazz concert)

Obscured boundary - Picture vs Picture a photograph? a painting? While Under contemporary art has given an uneasy, but now even fed-up diagnosis of 'crisis of the painting', photograph has gradually expanded its territory, occupying considerable portion in international biennales, art fares, and prominent museums all over the world. Increasing weight given to photograph among recent exhibitions show that Korea is no exception to this tendency. And responses of the spectators on this are interesting. "Is this a photograph? or a painting?" they question, and sometimes marvel at a certain picture. "This is simply a photograph itself!", "Why does he/she take pains to this? Why doesn't he/she rather take photo?" Among these shows and questions we encounter confusion and obscurity that make us again to ask ourselves "If this is a photograph, what painting suppose to be?", or in turn, "If this is a painting, what photograph suppose to be?".

Between painting and photograph what do we get to find out and face up? Here in the midst of all these questions, don't we have to order this chaotic condition and try to understand the meaning of intertwined aspects of that condition? By now, it is about time In what interaction between photograph and painting that obscurity originally aroused and has gotten to increased must be explained, isn't it? This show juxtaposes the painterly showed in pictorialist photographs and the photographic in hyperrealist paintings so that reveal the above said confusion and obscurity occurs between two genres. With this, we'd like to make an issue of the relation between photograph and painting.


Kang Hyung Goo

B.F.A in Painting Chung-Ang University, Seoul. Lotte Art Gallery (Gwangju, 2006), Marin National History Museum (Busan, 2006) –selected solo exhibitions and Face(Youngeun Museum, Gwanju, 2005), Record of Nature (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, 2005)
-selected group exhibitions.

Chun Kyungwoo (photograph)

Diplom Photography ,Universitaet GH Wuppertal, Germany, B.F.A photography at the College of Arts, Chung-Ang University, Seoul.
IN/FINITE, photography, video(Galerie Bernhard Knaus, Mannheim, Germany, 2006), PSEUDONYM, Kyungwoo Chun(Fifty One Fine Art Photography, Antwerp, Belgium, 2006) –selected solo exhibitions Art Spectrum 2006(LEEUM Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul, 2006), Asia. The Place to Be(Alexander Ochs Gallery Berlin/ Beijing, Germany, 2005) – selected group exhibitions

Byen Ung-Pil (painting)

Meisterschueler bei Prof. Guillaume Bijl, Germany, Study of Kunstakademie Muenster, Germany B.F.A., College of Art, Dongguk University, Seoul. face to face(Gallery ART-isotope, Dortmund, Germany, 2005), self-portrait for the men(Gallery Plas-Ma, Muehleim a.d. Ruhr, Germany, 2005)- selected solo exhibitions between reality and fiction(1:een PICTURA, Dordrecht, Netherland, 2005), Bauzaun Projekt - Sparkasse Muenster(Hoetteweg, Muenster, Germany, 2005) – selected group exhibitions

Lars Reiffers (painting)

Master of Arts of the Kunstakademie Münster, Germany, Art studies at Université de Provence, Aix-en-Provence, France Gallery Art Forum(Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 2005), ART-isotope(Gallery Schöber, Dortmund, Germany, 2003) – selected solo exhibitions Welcome to the Jungle(style cube zandari, Seoul, 2005), Art Fair, Karlsruhe Gallery Cerny & Puff (Wiesbaden, Germany, 2005) – selected group exhibitions

Bang Myung-Joo (photograph)

Completed a graduate course at Hongik University majoring in photographic design, Seoul, Graduated from Dept. of Photography, Seoul Institute of the Arts, Seoul RICE IN BLOSSOM (Gallery Ssamzie, Seoul, 2005), MARIONETTE (Keumsan Gallery, Seoul, 2004), TRICK (Gallery Artinus, Seoul, 2003) – solo exhibitions ART & COOK (Sejong Center, Seoul, 2006), Stillness(Gallery Lux, Seoul, 2006), Action of the year-end (Gallery Ssamzie, Seoul, 2005) – selected group exhibitions

Jo Seong-yun (photograpg)

MFA. Graduated from major in photography, Sangmyung University, Seoul, BFA. Photography Dep. Sangmyung University, Seoul works on flowers(Yemac gallery, Seoul, 2004), works on flowers (Gallery Hyundai window, Seoul, 2004) Still life (HelloArt Gallery, Seoul, 2001) – selected solos exhibitions Up&UP (Gainro Gallery, Seoul, 2006), In march (Gallery Velvet, Seoul, 2006), Stillness (Gallery Lux, Seoul 2006), Snow blossom (Gallery Ssamzie, Seoul, 2005) – selected group exhibitions

Yoon Young-hye (painting)

Present Graduate School of painting, Sungshin Women's University, Seoul, B.F.A., College of Fine Arts, Sungshin Women's University, Seoul Vision 21 (Sungshin Women's University, Seoul, 2005) – group exhibition

Han Sungpil (photograph)

MA in Curating Contemporary Design with commendation at Kingston University, London in collaboration with the Design museum, U.K, BA in Fine Arts, (Photography medium), Chung-Ang University, Seoul The Sea I dreamt (Lightcontemporary Gallery, London, U.K, 2006), My Sea (Goethe Institute, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2005) – selected solo exhibitions Photographs by the Next Generation: Young Portfolio Acquisitions 2005 (Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Yamanashi, Japan, 2006), Winterwonderland, Fotografie Forum International (Frankfurt, Germany, 2005) -selected group exhibitions

Kim Tai Kyun (photograph)

KIAF(Korea International Art Fair, COEX ,Seoul, 2006), Gallery Sun Contemporary (Seoul,2005), Gallery Pyundonamu(Seoul, 2004) – selected solos exhibitions

Keem Sang-Woo (painting)

Present Graduate School of Painting, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Attendance in Painting, St. Petersburg Russian Academy of Art, Russia, B.F.A in Painting Chung-Ang University, Seoul a Girl in St. Petersburg (Gallery Sang, Seoul, 2005), Portraits study (Gallery Sang, Seoul, 2003), The pine scenery (Danwon Art Museum, Ansan, 2003) – selected solo exhibitions Vision 21 (Sungshin Women's University, Seoul, 2004), issue of post-modernity (Gongpyung Art Center, Seoul, 2004), Existence and Illusion (Gwangju Municipal Museum of Art, Gwangju, 2004) – selected group exhibitions

Park Ji Hye (painting)

B.F.A. Department of Fine Arts, Hongik University, Seoul
PAG(Potential Artist Group) – Concealed Energy (Kyunghyang Gallery, Seoul, 2006), ??? - Stretch (Keumsan Gallery, Heyri Art Valley, Paju, 2006) – group exhibitions

Mari Terauchi (sculpture)

Master Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design, U.K, BA, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Sculpture, U.K SECRET 2005 (Royal College of Art, London, U.K, 2005), them indoors (Deptford X, London, U.K, 2005), Triangle (Triangle Space, U.K, 2005), OPEN DESK AFTER SCHOOL (Ragged School Museum, London, U.K, 2005) – selected group exhibitions

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