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Group show: The Story of a Half shaped-Star (over)

24 July 2008 until 24 August 2008
  Su-Young Lee
Su-Young Lee
World flowers
stocking, acrylic, light box, 75x75x60cm
2007 Gallery Zandari

Gallery Zandari
370-12, Seokyo-dong, Mapo-gu
121-838 Seoul
South Korea (city map)

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A Half shaped-Star
- A Cosmos Story Consists of Half shaped-Stars -

Twinkling stars in the night sky tell their own stories on the stage of the cosmos. Red stars tell warmhearted stories, blue stars dreamlike stories, and violet stars mysterious stories. The stories appear like a mirage and commit to memory. When you were children you dreamed the cosmos, and everybody wished to go there. Now A Half shaped-Star will guide you to the cosmos to which you used to listen.

The Story of a Half shaped-Star

An ordinary display room and an elevator are changed into a space and a spaceship. And they become a special cosmos. Each fixed star is full of mysterious scenes and interesting stories. It is brighter than any other stars in the cosmos.
The first story is about Jiana Kim Star. The hazy light of the star shows the effects of water and fire with the material and manufacturing property of porcelain. The feelings of dye stuffs slowly spread out in water and of glowing fire make us feel dual beautifulness. Also the combination of porcelain fragments makes another fragment. It reminds us of that the cosmos consists of myriads of stars.
The second story is about Jean Rha Star that shoots light through the effect of the rich feeling of material. The various images engraved on a wood plank are individually independent and also they merge to show a unified image. Such workmanship reserves the completion of an artistic work. It keeps an open state to diversify whenever it is necessary. And also the cluster of light that shot on the surface of an artistic work caved a relief. The embossment and illumination make a visionary atmosphere. To combine and separate the fragments of memory deepens light with images.
The third story is about Hyun-bae Lee Star. The star spreads out various colors of light on a plane. The moving line of dye in the middle or the canvas and the trace of dye blown by the wind are all accidental. His workmanship is very material and practical because dye obtains its autonomy by itself. Dye penetrates wildly and warmly to make a silhouette. It is just like that of the earth on which people live in a group here and there. The silhouette is the image of a fixed star explodes scorchingly in the far distance. The silhouette also let us imagine the image of something frozen in a cold star.
The fourth story is about Su-young Lee Star. The works consist of various patterns that stand for a big cosmos resulted from the combination of small cosmoses. Each puffed cosmos is proud of its own colors and patterns. Hazy light gets together each light and illuminates around. The workmanship shapes the cosmos with flowers. The flowers are in full bloom, fragrant, and sweet to attract us.
The fifth story is about Ji-Hye Kim Star. The star finally decorates the cosmos. A host of stars slide and approach. Porcelain is full of warm and yellow colors and variforms. It freely swim in the space that is a playground. It looks like a fetus or a microbe. The stars enjoy the living. They attract us with touchable colors.

The distant cosmos commands a fine view. A spaceship landed on a strange earth. Mysterious and exotic landscapes frigten us. In this planet we meet the cosmos and various living things. As soon as we enter the planet an extraterrestrial guides us (Yun Hyun Jung). The faces of extraterrestrials on all of the walls move to our reactions and communicate with us. Like this to look at strange world from the opposite faces arouses unexperienced tension. At the same time we consider a different world. But the work of titled "Hush!" alludes us that there is a limit in communication. The limited communication has a characteristic of keeping mysticism.
An extraterrestrial nods and points to the sea against louder voices. Strong green lights come from the gaps of hard rocks (Gu-Nu Park). There is an assumption that those rocks cover the surface of the planet. The living rocks from a ring of various colors. Green lights make a drawing on the floor. The drawing is a picture and a part of an artistic work bearing mysterious feeling. On the surfaces of the rocks leave fingerprints. As if a certain majestic Being in the universe scatter pebbles or crush rocks the strange stones on the floor would engrave the beams of green light.
The extraterrestrial in front looks back and gesticulates to the flowerpot that slides that along electric cord (Jeong Bae Lee). Plants with background of the moon grow in a pot made of Korean paper and light panel. This artistic work of fusion is successful in terms of the material and meaning. Materials consist of light panel, Chinese ink and Korean paper. It is a kind of the artificial combination of nature and garden in the pure meaning. The moon shoots gleamy light. A rabbit and a mortar in the moon are immature and familiar scene to us. The scene represents an image and another image of a planet that is in the opposite side. An extraterrestrial looks at the flowerpot and turns to a cistern. A number of electric bulbs swim like fish in the cistern where blue lights slowly (Da young Kim). Interesting things in each bulb remind us of the toys of the past children days and they also amuse our eyes. And the cistern contains numerous stories. The cistern of the cosmos housed contrary electric bulbs and water is a brilliant existence with thoughts and dreams. It adds amusement by reminding us of the varieties of living organism in the pond of the cosmos.
It is on the way to leave the cosmos. Finally to introduce the extraterrestrial is in the site where strange organism grows in the bottles of various sizes (Jung-Ah Hyun). Cells and many kinds of micro organism grow in the bottle that are lives themselves. They make living things, fertilize and grow. They also stuff living things and five them eternal life. The glass bottles contain dual lives of the cycle of life and the life that is free from time. The bottles are mysterious and exist eternally in the cosmos. We are reluctant to part from extraterrestrials. We leave them saying goodbye and ride the spaceship again. Thus the space travel in A Half shaped-Star falls on the last scene.

The Story of Another Half shaped-Star

Spectators with flashlights enter the exhibition hall one by one. Flashlights in the dark hall draw other fixed stars and revive the hidden fixed stars with their light. And they become bright fixed stars themselves to survive as parts of the perfect universe. Spectators as being of half-stars travel to seek half-stars. Simultaneously with it, they travel to fill themselves completely.
The genuine amusement of travel is for those who become half-stars and fill other half-stars. They enjoy and believe the properties of travel. To listen to the stories of stars you don't necessarily have to enter to cosmos. You can communicate in language of cosmos if you feel warmth of light, can't you? Feeling of recognition without speaking or seeing would be perfect communication and pure feeling of mind and body. Although you have dreamed for a long time it might be impossible to come true the dream. Let us listen to stories of A Half shaped-Star. If you wish to feel sufficiently you can hear of more stories.

Min-a Kim (assistant curator, gallery zandari)

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