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Group show: west coast - 16 artists from california (over)

5 October 2002 until 15 December 2002
  west coast - 16 artists from california
  Art Affairs Gallery

Art Affairs Gallery
veemkade 354
1019 HD Amsterdam
Netherlands (city map)

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after a successful start of the season with a solo exhibition by greg colson, art affairs continues the series of american artists with a group show: "west coast, 16 artists from los angeles". this group of mainly young artists was selected by carl berg, curator and artist himself. in this exhibition, berg also shows a photo project, for which he collaborated with matthew may and warren smith. some of these artists worked in the guest-studios at kaus australis of rotterdam in summer.

dianna cohen transforms plastic bags into paintings. with scissors, thread and needle she "paints" lively images, bearing titles such as "the eyes", "the fish" and "of thee i sing" , appealing to our ability to associate. cohen is also interested in the characteristics and qualities of the material; in the spirit of arte povera she combines synthetic and organic materials. cohen has a way of applying her craftmanship to create visually attractive objects with a cultural message, such as maps, flags or clothes. the dimensions of her work are striking, with sizes ranging for wall pieces from approx. 150x115 cm to room sized installations in space. (

greg colson in fact makes diaries, documents of periods of time in his life. his residency in amsterdam lead to drawings as a design for wall pieces, which he then carried out. one of those is a map of the centre of amsterdam, a multi-layered object, built out of found materials . another piece is based on a pie chart of dutch consumption of two person-households in 2000. such basic data enable colson to visualize his experiences in amsterdam, as ever using found items. the emotions colson has with his themes or subjects do not allow for him, e.g. for commercial reasons, to make variations of a work. therefore, each piece is absolutely unique.

steve degroodt was artist in residence at art affairs last year. his collages and spatial objects are sensitive translations of abstract meditations and also relate to music. he uses different materials, such as pieces of paper, textiles, cardboard and foam rubber, which he combines and paints. the confrontation of materials and colors are characteristic for the works by degroodt, examples of which can also be found on his website (

jonmarc edwards´ work is based on language and sign, letters and words, which become images. these pictograms are called monosyble, which present themselves as abstract signs, yet can still be traced to their basis, retaining their intrinsic meaning. they bear resemblance to chinese characters or arabic calligraphy. edwards uses carefully chosen words, challenging the viewer to unravel the secret. see more on (

kristi kent uses electrical and industrial tapes, a single-hole punch and a pair of scissors to make her "paintings", merging and juxtaposing images from advertisements, celebrity icons, art history and cartoons. she is inspired by the torrent of visual information, which she handles as an alphabet ripe for recombination. she uses a perforation technique, punching random patterns into strips of tape.
she then "paints" with these strips, building layer upon layer of form and colour, a kind of pointillism in reverse.

david lindberg has gained considerable recognition in the netherlands, where he has been living for a number of years now and where he has been showing at different galleries, such as paul van esch in eindhoven, riekje swart in amsterdam and tanya rumpff in haarlem. that, in spite of this, he has been invited to this exhibition is due to the fact that, on one hand, he has spent a long time in los angeles and, secondly, his work fits the spirit of the west coast: experiments with "poor" materials and a daring use of colour - the sun is always shining.

timothy nolan has been exploring the ability of fundamental patterns, particularly the geometrics of stretched woven fabrics, for the past several years. he uses repeated motifs or lays them crosshatched.
they are carried out in ink, in minimalistic white or grey. nolan is interested in the relationship between the handmade and the industrially produced. besides these "drawings", he also makes objects with metal laths, braided ribbon or combinations of them. at art affairs he shows an installation titled "common knowledge", consisting of 25 parts of an encyclopaedia.

chris pate is fascinated by the shapes of countries on the map of the world. he builds reliefs out of different materials, such as metal, wood, plastic and mirrors, symbolizing imaginary countries, bearing titles such as archipelago or island formation. sometimes it´s just coast-lines, he is focussing on. at art affairs he shows an installation of meandering lines in many parts, that are able to match in different ways, leaving to guess whether the inspiration for this work came from highways, frontiers, or coast lines.

jeanne patterson, like dianna cohen, uses needle and thread. she modulates spatial signs, that represent words, only legible to those who are familiar with one or more variations of shorthand. in the use of materials and colors, also patterson is a child of the west coast.

steve roden, visual artist and musicial performer, paints and constructs objects. these objects remind one of one´s childhood, i.e.of the box with the building elements. at art affairs, he presents a few specimen from the satellite series, consisting of approx. 50 spatial objects. they are hung on nylon threads; colourful constructions made out of plastics, moving between phantasy or possible reality. (

steve schmidt uses waste material for his monochrome "paintings".
plastic parts from the most diverse objects are transformed into sensitive colourfields with minimal drawings, deriving from the occuring relief, or merely from the juxtaposed separate parts.

kyungmi shin is primarily occupied with photography, looking for phenomena of color, or the use that has been made of it. e.g. she has made works focussing on the color of blue, ranging from people with blue eyes up to complete blue environments. shin says: "i record people, objects and environments, that represent odd or coincidental similarities. i organize pictures to heighten one´s awareness of visual phenomena, chance and the arbitrary activity of making meaning." at art affairs, she shows my neigbor´s laundry, a project that exists by chance, because she noticed that her neighbour, over a long period of time, hung her laundry with an obsessive visual awareness, that in shin´s opinion can only be compared to artists. by shooting this, she became intimately familiar with her neighbour´s wardrobe and she realised, that she had become an uninvited voyeur.

keith sklar started off as a mural painter and he knows like no one else what distance means to a painting: shapeless masses from nearby prove to be coherent images from afar. he takes his themes from daily matters: sports, politics, religion and art. e.g his heroes are muhammad ali, philip guston, abraham lincoln, joan of arc, eleanor roosevelt .. and they all have the aura of purity and innocence in common. instead of using art to mislead the eye and make believe that what one sees is real, sklar uses objects from real life and distorts them, using artefacts, plastic toys, bottles, cans and other waste of civilisation, which he covers with thick layers of acrylics. he then partially peels these layers off again, in order to get unrecognizable molds, that he attaches to his paintings anew.

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