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Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA)

Public Institution
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA)
111 Sturt Street
3006 Melbourne, VIC
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +61 3 9697 9999
fax +61 3 9686 8830
Opening hours:
Tu, We, Th, Fr  10:00-17:00
Sa, Su  11:00-17:00

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
John Nixon  1799 9
Maria Kozic  31583 7
Imants Tillers  7614 7
Callum Morton  4373 7

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Australia 492 109
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 443 159
  Gertrude Contemporary, Australia 304 260
  Leo Castelli Gallery, USA 229 27
  Institute of Modern Art (IMA), Australia 216 202

Foundation year: 2002
 Previous Exhibitions   273
Description and image Solo showHe An: Do You Think That You Can Help Her Brother?

Description and image Group showSovereignty
Description and image Solo showA Late Evening in the Future
  Group showPainting. More Painting - Chapter Two
Description Group showPainting. More Painting - Chapter One
  Solo showUlla Von Brandenburg: It Has A Golden Yellow Sun And An Elderly Grey Moon
  Group showNew16

  Group showThe Biography of Things
  Solo showThe Secret Garden: Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg
  Solo showTv Moore: With Love & Squalor
  Solo showRyan Gander: Read Only
  Group showNew15

  Group showMenagerie
  Solo showHelen Grogan, Specific In-Between (The Choreographic Negotiated In Six Parts)
  Group showFramed Movements
  Solo showMaria Hassabi, Intermission
Description Solo showChristian Capurro: Slave
  Group showOptical Mix
  Solo showDouglas Gordon - The Only Way Out Is The Only Way In
  Group showNew14

  Group showCrescendo
  Group showIn The Cut
  Solo showTacita Dean: Film Exhibition
  Solo showMonika Sosnowska: Regional Modernities
  Solo showMikala Dwyer: Goldene Bend'er
  Solo showDaria Martin: One of the Things that Makes Me Doubt
  Group showNew13

  Group showDesire Lines
  Group showOurselves
  Solo show Rebours
  Solo showSculptural Matter
  Solo showBerlinde De Bruyckere: We are all Flesh
  Group showNew

  Solo showPipilotti Rist - I Packed the Postcard in My Suitcase
Description Group showPower to the People
  Solo showYael Bartana... and Europe will be stunned
  Solo showDavid Rosetzky: How to Feel
  Solo showNathan Coley: Appearances
Description Group showNEW11

  Solo showJoseph Kosuth
  Group showMortality
  Solo showPlease leave these windows open overnight to enable the fans to draw in cool air during the early hours of the morning
Description and image Group showGestures & Procedures
  Solo showPeter Cripps - Towards an elegant solution
  Group showNEW010

  Solo showJenny Holzer
  Group showThe Dwelling
  Solo showDavid Noonan - Scenes
  Solo showJohanna Billing - Tiny Movements
  Solo showTacita Dean
  Group showNew09

  Solo showGerda Steiner & Jrg Lenzlinger - The Water Hole
  Group showIntimacy
  Solo showRosslynd Piggott - Extract: in 3 parts
  Solo showJim Lambie - 8 Miles High
  Solo showLyndal Jones - Darwin with Tears
  Group showNew08
  Solo showAlex Pittendrigh

  Solo showRichard Bllingham: People, places, animals
  Solo showNathan Gray
  Group showCinema Paradiso
  Group showCross Currents: Focus on contemporary Australian art
  Solo showJulie Rrap - Body Double
  Group showPrimavera 07
  Solo showSonia Leber and David Chesworth
  Solo showA Kind of You - 6 Portraits by Roni Horn
  Solo showACCA @ MIRKA - Matt Hinkley
  Solo showMatthew Ngui: points of view
  Solo showIncrease Your Uncertainty - a constructed world
  Group showNEW07
  Solo showACCA @ MIRKA - Stuart Ringholt

Description Solo showMike Nelson - Lonely Planet
  Solo showGillian Wearing
  Solo showMariele Neudecker - Ambassador
  Solo showDaniel von Sturmer
  Group showUncanny Nature
  Group showThe unquiet world
  Solo showJenny Holzer
  Group showNEW06
  Group show+Plus Factors

  Solo showBarbara Kruger
  Solo showCallum Morton
  Solo showXu Zhen
  Solo showDaniele Puppi
  Solo showVan Sowerwine
  Solo showFiona Tan
  Solo showMartin Creed
  Solo showDomenico de Clario
  Group showTruth universally acknowledged
  Solo showNike Savvas
  Solo showWolfgang Laib
  Group showNEW05

  Group showA Molecular History of Everything
  Solo showJanet Cardiff
  Solo showMuntean / Rosenblum
  Solo showJude Walton
  Solo showShirin Neshat
  Group showCycle Tracks will Abound in Utopia
  Group showSwoon
  Solo showJohn Nixon - EPW 2004
  Solo showBarbara Kruger
  Group showNEWO4
  Solo showUgo Rondinone

  Group showOrifice
  Solo showThe Allegorical Imperative - Greg Creek's Slow Homecoming
  Group showThe Labyrinthine Effect
  Group showNEW03

  Solo showRetrospectology - The World according to Patricia Piccinini
  Group showA History of Happiness
  Solo showSusan Norrie

  Group showLondon Orphan Asylum

  Group showShapeshift
  Solo showJill Scott: The Body Remembers
  Solo showPeter Tyndall: Death And The Viewer
  Group showAbove And Beyond: The Asian Connection
  Solo showChris Barry: Wind In Utopia
  Solo showMikala Dwyer: Hollow-Ware And A Few Solids
  Group showFlower Show
  Group showSerial Kids
  Solo showIsabelle Delmotte: Epileptograph, The Internal Journey
  Solo showGraham Harwood: Rehearsal Of Memory
  Solo showKim Donaldson: From The Lecture, A Reminder Of Life
  Solo showDennis Del Favero: Motel Vilina Vlas

  Group showThe Object Of Existence
  Solo showColin Duncan: Here
  Group showOn A Clear Day You Can See Forever
  Group showSeven Histories Of Australia
  Solo showJanenne Eaton: The Avenue Of Honour
  Solo showJohn Conomos: Night Sky
  Solo showConstanze Zikos: Fake Project
  Solo showKathy Temin: Three Indoor Monuments
  Solo showJule Rrap: Snare
  Group showUk Wit And Excess
  Group show25 Years of Performance Art in Australia
  Solo showPierre Et Gilles
  Group showVns Matrix: All New Gen

  Group showBad Toys
  Group showEarwitness: Excursions In Sound
  Group showBlakness: Blak City Culture!
  Solo showMarian Drew: Things Past
  Solo showEugenia Raskopoulos: Dangling Virgins
  Solo showLeah King-Smith: Family Myths
  Group showVns Matrix: Public Intervention Project
  Solo showJean Baudrillard: The Ecstasy Of Photography
  Solo showDavid Stephenson: The Ice
  Solo showJan Nelson
  Solo showDebra Phillips: Sillage
  Solo showTony Clark: Important Contemporary Sculpture
  Solo showFiona Macdonald: Glade
  Group showStatic
  Solo showJenny Watson: Paintings With Veils And False Tails
  Solo showSuzanne Treister: Q. Would You Recognise A Virtual Paradise?
  Solo showKevin Todd: Anatomies
  Solo showLynne Roberts-Goodwin: Remote-Half-Light
  Solo showJohn Nixon: Thesis
  Solo showPierre Molinier (1900-1976)

  Solo showFiona Foley: Lick My Black Art
  Solo showMark Themann: Pools Of Memory And Forgetfulness
  Solo showE/sensual Fragments – Pat Hoffie: Fragile Life
  Solo showJohn Dunkley-Smith: Perspectives For Conscious Alterations In Everyday Life
  Solo showJonas Balsaitis: Space Time Structures
  Group showLux In Situ
  Group showBelles-Lettres: Maureen Burns, Gail Hastings, Virginia Ward
  Solo showBernhard Sachs: Elements
  Solo showE/sensual Fragments: Mathew Jones – Poof!
  Solo showE/sensual Fragments: Neil Emmerson – Inhabit Me (Like A Memory)
  Solo showEntre-Images: Lawrence Wallen – Rapture
  Solo showE/sensual Fragments Series: Jane Trengove – Tender Buttons
  Solo showE/sensual Fragments Series: Kate Reeves – Tabloid
  Solo showEntre-Images: Ian De Gruchy – Camera
  Solo showJon Cattapan: Journal Entries
  Group showYou Are Here

  Group showLocation
  Solo showPaul Taylor Memorial
  Group showFact: An Installation, Publication, No. 6.
  Solo showDonna Leslie: Alitji In Dreamland
  Solo showRuark Lewis: Transcription Drawings 1988-1992
  Group showInherited Absolute: Artists With Children
  Solo showGeoffrey Weary: Faraway
  Group showFuel
  Solo showGeoff Lowe: Collaborations 1980 - 1992
  Group showAntichamber: Sakaris/themann
  Solo showAndrew Arnaoutopoulous: Monoliths
  Group showJacky Redgate/robyn Stacey

  Group showThe Sublime Imperative
  Solo showRozalind Drummond: Scopic Territories
  Solo showAleks Danko: What Are You Doing Boy?
  Group showOff The Wall / In The Air: A Seventies Collection
  Solo showJenny Watson: The Woman, The Bottle, The House, The Horse
  Group showContraplex: Fiona Macdonald And Terri Bird
  Solo showStephen Bush: Claimstephen Bush: Claiming, An Installation Of Paintingsing, An Installation Of Paintings
  Solo showRobert Macpherson: Two Works, 1987-90
  Solo showJanet Burchill: 10 Green Bottles

  Solo showPeter Graham: Depot, Animal Magician’S Hut
  Group showInland
  Solo showJoan Brassil: The Resonant Image
  Solo showChristian Lapie At Acca
  Solo showMurray Walker: The River, The Port, The Journey
  Solo showTony Woods At Acca: 1981-1990
  Solo showThe Acca Wallpapers: Rick Amor
  Solo showGraeme Hare: Photographs 1985-1990
  Solo showPeter Greenaway’S Private Speculations

  Solo showThe Acca Experiments: Micky Allan: For Love Of The Divine
  Group showIci Contemporary Art Collection
  Group showTo The Pure All Things Are Pure: Moral Censorship And The Visual Arts
  Solo showJohn Dunkley-Smith: Perspectives For Conscious Alterations In Everyday Life
  Solo showFiona Hall: Dante’S Inferno
  Solo showChris Mann: Superstition Of Speech (No Pictures Please)
  Solo showMiriam Stannage: Perception
  Group showFlat: Sculptors’ Works On Paper
  Solo showNikilaus Lang: Landscapes And Animals
  Solo showSue Ford: New Photographic Work
  Group showMade In Havana: Contemporary Art From Cuba
  Group showMoving Performances
  Group showThe Stars Disordered
  Group showImaging Aids

  Group showRandelli: War Story
  Solo showLyndal Jones: Prediction Piece 6: Pipe Dreaming (Installation Version 1)
  Group showE.3 European Installation Art
  Group showMysterious Coincidences: Contemporary British Colour Photography
  Group showSite Of Execution: 28 Artists In One Week Exhibitions
  Group showDream Homes
  Solo showScott Redford: Painting As Phenomena
  Solo showBonita Ely: Dogwoman Makes History
  Solo showKen Orchard: Net-Work The Prison Of Vision & Other Monumental Woodblock Prints
  Group showThe Thousand Mile Stare
  Group showThe Loti And Victor Smorgon Collection Of Contemporary Australian Art: Selected Works
  Solo showPeter Cripps: Namelessness – A Play And Installation

  Solo showRaimund Kummer: Installation #1 And #2
  Solo showKomar And Melamid: Painting History
  Solo showWilliam Delafield-Cook: Selected Works 1958-1987
  Group showUs Contemporary Video: Terrorizing The Code
  Group showSelf, Memory And Desire: New Romanticism In Italian Painting
  Group show3Rd Australian Sculpture Triennial
  Solo showPeter Tyndall: Dagger Definitions: Selected Works -1952-1987
  Group show3 Artists In Residence: Tokyo, Townsville, And Melbourne
  Solo showBashir Baraki: Photographic Survey 1980-87
  Group showPower Gallery Of Contemporary Art: In Retrospect And Prospect
  Solo showAnne Ferran: Scenes On The Death Of Nature
  Group showNovel Works: Deborah Klein, Pauline Thompson And Caroline Williams
  Solo showImants Tillers: Paintings For Venice

  Group showVideo Art In The Federal Republic Of Germany
  Group showYoung Contemporaries: Emerging Australian Artists
  Group showThe Naked Image: The Nude In Recent Australian Photography
  Group showGeometric Abstraction
  Group showRecent Australian Video
  Group showNew American Video Art: A Historical Survey 1967 - 1980
  Solo showJohn Lethbridge: Understanding Anima
  Solo showJenny Watson: Paintings On Velvet
  Solo showJeff Harris: Paintings
  Solo showMiriam Cahn: Strategic Places
  Solo showBoyd Webb
  Group show“How Much Beauty Can I Stand?”
  Solo showRobert Mapplethorpe: Photographs 1976-1985

  Solo showRodney Alan Greenblat: Suburban Utopias, Familiar Frontiers
  Group showKeith Haring And Mark Kostabi
  Group showContinuum 85: Aspects Of Japanese Art Today
  Group showOther People
  Group showVideo Now: Recent Australian Video
  Solo showRichard Larter: A Survey
  Solo showTony Clark: Recent Works
  Group showAustralian Visions: 1984 Exxon, International Exhibition
  Solo showDavid Thorp: 1980-1985
  Group showImage Codes
  Group showVisual Tension

  Group showPainters’ Sculptures
  Solo showRandelli: Love Stories, The Installation
  Solo showJochen Gerz
  Solo showMichael Mulcahy: The Dream And The Daemon
  Group showThe Inaugural Exhibition: Bill Woodrow, Robert Jacks, Peter Cook
  Solo showPhillip Guston: Late Works
  Group show3 Artists / 3 Rooms
  Solo showKeith Haring In Australia
Last update: 27 October 2016
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