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Auckland Art Gallery

Public Institution
Auckland Art Gallery
Corner of Wellesley and Lorne Streets
1010 Auckland
New Zealand
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +64 (0)9 3077700
fax +64 (0)9 3021096

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Pablo Picasso  2
Joachim Koester  323
Henry Moore  411
Alexander Archipenko  2339
George Rickey  2794

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Colin McCahon  9908 25
Mladen Bizumic  4072 10
Rita Angus  35546 9
Peter Robinson  3816 8
Bill Culbert  4268 8

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 329 11
  The National Gallery of Art, USA 47 6
  Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA), USA 37 12
  Tate Britain, United Kingdom 36 11
  Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Spain 35 3

Foundation year: 1888
Gretchen Albrecht  1943, NZ
Alexander Archipenko  1887-1964, US, UA
Mladen Bizumic  1976, NZ
Antoine Bourdelle  1861-1929, FR
Adam Chodzko  1965, UK
Scott Eady  1972, NZ
Jacob Epstein  1880-1959, UK
Jacqueline Fraser  1956, NZ
Marti Friedlander  1928-2016, NZ
Pat Hanly  1932-2004, NZ
Frances Hodgkins  1869-1947, NZ
Joachim Koester  1962, DK
Tom Kreisler  1938-2002
Frederic Leighton  1830-1896, UK
Gottfried Lindauer  1839-1926, CZ, NZ
Para Matchitt  1933, NZ
Colin McCahon  1919-1987, NZ
John Everett Millais  1829-1896, UK
Henry Moore  1898-1986, UK
Michael Parekowhai  1968, NZ
Victor Pasmore  1908-1998, UK
Christopher Perkins  1891-1968, UK
Pablo Picasso  1881-1973, ES
George Rickey  1907-2002, US
Nike Savvas  1964, AU
James Tissot  1836-1902, FR
Aida Tomescu  1955, RO
J. M. W. Turner  1775-1851, UK
Alfred Wallis  1855-1942, UK
Gordon Walters  1919-1995, NZ
Christopher Wood  1901-1930, UK
 Previous Exhibitions   252
  Group showSpace to Dream: Recent Art from South America
  Solo showFiona Pardington: A Beautiful Hesitation
  Solo showLen Casbolt's Photography: ​From Soft Focus to Sharp Vision
  Solo showAdorned Histories

  Solo showJeremy Leatinu'u: Primal Movements
  Group showYuki Kihara and John Pule
  Solo showHonoré Daumier: Mirror to the World
Description Group showNecessary distraction: a painting show
  Solo showJohn Ward Knox: Hardly Held Lightly
Description Group showSeeking Modernity
  Solo showJohn Reynolds: Epistomadologies
  Solo showAnzac: Photographs By Laurence Aberhart
  Group showFreedom and Structure: Cubism and New Zealand Art 1930–1960
  Solo showLisa Reihana: in Pursuit of Venus [infected]
  Solo showBilly Apple®: The Artist Has To Live Like Everybody Else
  Group showSeen from Elsewhere

  Solo showMladen Bizumic - Kodachrome Presents
  Group showFragile Beauty: Historic Japanese Graphic Art
  Group showMy Country
  Solo showJonathan Jones - untitled
  Group showFive Māori Painters

  Solo showSean Kerr - What's It Doing?
  Solo showRachel Whiteread - Untitled
  Group showFreedom Farmers: New Zealand Artists Growing Ideas
  Group showPainting Nature
  Group showSeeking Modernity
Description Solo showMladen Bizumic: Kodachrome Presents

  Group showPartner Dance: Gifts from the Patrons of the Gallery
  Group showWho Shot Rock & Roll
  Group showBritish and French Modernism
  Group showThe Walters Prize 2012
  Group showHome Akl
  Solo showAotea (Long White Cloud)
  Solo showDark Chambers of the Mind
  Group showBattle Cry
  Solo showBetter to Give: The Greg Semu Archive
  Solo showActions and Remains
  Group showDegas to Dalí

  Solo showJohn Pule: Hauaga (Arrivals)
  Solo showFrances Hodgkins - Colour and Light
  Group showJulian and Josie Robertson - Promised Gift
  Group showSimultaneously Modern: Three Art Installations from the Contemporary New Zealand Collections
  Group showWhizz Bang Pop
  Solo showFlower Chandelier
  Solo showI'm just like a pile of leaves
  Solo showProperty of a Gentleman
  Solo showSacred Conversations
  Solo showGift to Auckland
  Solo showFrom Andy: Gifted to the Archive
  Solo showLens on the world

  Group showWalters Prize 2010
  Group showLocal Revolutionaries - Art & Change 1965 - 1986
  Group showApproaching Portraiture
  Group showGoldie & Lindauer: Approaching Portraiture

  Group showTaste: Food and Feasting in Art
  Group showThe Julian and Josie Robertson Promised Gift
  Solo showRita Angus: Life & Vision
  Group showFor Keeps: Sampling Recent Acquisitions 2006 - 2009
  Group showPicturing History: Goldie to Cotton
  Solo showYinka Shonibare MBE

  Group showThe Enchanted Garden
  Group showIn Shifting Light
  Group showIn Shifting Light
  Group showThe Walters Prize 2008
  Group showTūruki Tūruki! Paneke Paneke! Te huringa o te ao toi Māori ki te Ao Hou
  Group showEarth Matters: Work from the contemporary collections of the Auckland Art Gallery
  Solo showLaurence Aberhart
  Group showEarth Matters

  Group showMaking Worlds
  Group showLikeness & Character
  Group showMystic truths
  Group showLove Chief
  Group showTurbulence: 3rd Auckland Triennial
  Group showPassion and Politics - Two centuries of British art

  Group showFraming the Past
  Group showThe Walters Prize 2006
  Group showJust Painting
  Solo showTowards Auckland - Colin McCahon the Gallery Years
  Group show54321- Auckland Artist Projects
  Group showTribute
  Group showA Lighter Touch
  Group showArt & the 60s from Tate Britain
  Group showSummer Daze
  Group showHei konei mai - We

  Solo showWolfgang Laib
  Group showWinged Wonders
  Solo showLeitmotif - Frances Hodgkins
  Solo showWolfgang Laib
  Group showSensational: Sight and Sound Installations
  Group showHappy Birthday to New
  Solo showMichael Smither - The Wonder Years
  Group showIntimate Portraits
  Solo showSouthern Myths
  Group showThe Chartwell Collection - Snake Oil
  Group showTe Hei Tiki
  Group showIntimate Portraits
  Group showFall of water, fall of light
  Group showA feeling for form
  Solo showHandboek - Ans Westra Photographs
  Group showFall Of Water, Fall Of Light
  Solo showWilliam Hodges
  Group showA feeling for form - Modernism in British and New Zealand art
  Group showA Connoisseur's Eye
  Group showMixed-Up Childhood
  Group showVenus Rising

  Solo showFetus Reproductions
  Solo showHany Armanious - Artist's Project
  Solo showPeter Robinson
  Solo showRhona Haszard - An experimental, expatriate artist
  Group showRepresentation and Reaction
  Solo showMcCahon's Visible Mysteries
  Group showRaining Cats and Dogs
  Solo showGordon Walters - Prints + Design
  Solo showLocal Atlas
  Group showThe Walters Prize
  Group showKa kino to pounamu he pounamu onamata
  Solo showShirin Neshat
  Solo showDoris Lusk Arcade Awnings
  Solo showEnduring Nature: Hoki Atu Hoki Mai
  Group showGolden - Celebrating 50 Years of the Friends of the Gallery
  Solo showMax Gimblett - The Brush of All Things
  Group showEveryday Minimal
  Solo showMcCahon's Visible Mysteries
  Solo showShane Cotton Survey 1993-2003
  Group showEnduring Nature - Hoki Atu Hoki Mai
  Group showThe 2nd Auckland Triennial
  Solo showWilliam Hodges 1744-1797
  Group showMonsters and Maidens
  Solo showBinney - Forty Years On
  Solo showJohn Kinder's New Zealand
  Solo showVictorian Auckland
  Group showA Tale to Tell

  Group showSelf and Other
  Group showPressing Flesh - Skin, Touch, Intimacy
  Solo showRonnie Van Hout - I
  Group showNew Zealand Modern
  Group showThe Lamp in My Studio
  Solo showIsland Life - Robin White in New Zealand and Kiribati
  Group showNine Lives - The Chartwell Exhibition 2003
  Solo showGary Freemantle - Pump - Window Work
  Group showChic Colonials: Ataahua
  Group showThe Lamp in My Studio
  Solo showStanley Spencer
  Solo showStates of Grace
  Solo showBill Culbert
  Solo showWindow Work - Graham Fletcher
  Solo showEveryday Miracles
  Group showRuscha Revisited & Working In London - The Pop Years
  Group showNew Zealand Modern
  Solo showColin McCahon - A Question of Faith
  Solo showGreer Twiss - Theatre Workshop

  Solo showFatu Feu'u - 'O le Tautai Samoa
  Solo showMichel Tuffery - Mata Mata
  Group showRecent Contemporary Acquisitions
  Solo showSugimoto Portraits - Works Commissioned by Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin
  Solo showPeter Robinson Divine Comedy
  Solo showMoenga Roa - Brett Graham
  Group showWalters Prize 2002
  Group showMoenga Roa / Brett Graham
  Solo showDivine Comedy
  Solo showColin McCahon's Titirangi
  Solo showVanitas Still Life
  Group showBronwynne Cornish
  Solo showHannah Hoch - Collages
  Solo showGretchen Albrecht - Illuminations
  Group showRita Angus and Leo Bensemann - The Cambridge Terrace Years
  Solo showAngus by Angus - 23 Self Portraits
  Group showHumid
  Solo showColin McCahon's Titirangi
  Solo showA Tourist in Paradise Lost - The Art of Michael Illingworth

  Solo showPeter Peryer
  Solo showXu Bing
  Solo showMladen Bizumic
  Group showPurangiaho
  Solo showStephen Bambury
  Solo showSeeta Thomas
  Solo showGrahame Sydney
  Solo showColin McCahon
  Solo showNiki Hastings-McFall
  Solo showMcCahon
  Solo showMarti Friedlander
  Solo showMatt Austin

  Solo showJohn Pule
  Solo showMartin Popplewell
  Solo showBill Hammond
  Solo showBeneath the Surface
  Solo showChiara Corbelletto
  Solo showGregor Kregar
  Solo showRalph Hotere
  Solo showPicasso
  Solo showDon Driver
  Solo showRodney Fumpston

  Solo showEdith Collier
  Solo showRichard Killeen
  Solo showDion Hitchens
  Group showToi Toi Toi
  Solo showBronwyn Cornish
  Solo showSylvie Fleury
  Solo showColin McCahon
  Solo showJohn Ioane
  Solo showPat Hanly
  Solo showWhithaya Bunnimitre

  Solo showTerry Urbahn
  Solo showSeraphine Pick
  Solo showRoss T. Smith
  Solo showPeter Roche
  Solo showChristine Hellyar
  Solo showRalph Hotere
  Solo showAnn Robinson
  Solo showNobody Knows
  Group showOrientalism
  Group showHaze
  Solo showMargaret Stoddart
  Solo showLily Aitui Laita
  Solo showHarumi Yukatake

  Solo showBoyd Webb
  Solo showDavid Low: Kiwi Cartoonist on Hitler's Blacklist
  Solo showFrances Hodgkins: Private Bathing
  Solo showWindow Work: Loom by Stella Brennan
  Solo showFiona Pardington: Proud Flesh
  Group showThe McCahon Room: Necessary Correction
  Solo showDick Frizzell: Portrait of a Serious Artiste
  Solo showArnold Te Manaaki Wilson: Ode to Tane Mahuta
  Solo showL. Budd: The Voice of Silence
  Solo showJohn Lyall: Towards a Hyperferal Art
  Solo showFantastic Voyage: The Photographs of Arthur Tress
  Solo showAthol Smith: Fashion Photography from the 1940s to the 1970s
  Solo showTony Fomison: Study After Hans Holbein's Dead Christ
  Group showRobert Owen and Anish Kapoor
  Solo showPeter Hill: Superfictions - The Art Fair Murders
  Solo showSeize the Day: A Tribute to Jean Horsley
  Solo showDon Peebles: The Harmony of Opposites
  Solo showRalph Hotere: Flight of the Godwit

  Group showTransformers: Amoving Experience
  Group showAnish Kapoor and Richard Deacon
  Solo showGretchen Albrecht: Artist's Choice
  Solo showThe Virtues: Photographs by Megan Jenkinson
  Solo showWindow Work: 'source' by Cathryn Monro
  Solo showAlvar Aalto: Points of Contact
  Solo showElizabeth Thomson: Waking Up Slowly
  Solo showWindow Work: Blazing Devotion by Chris Braddock
  Group showCandles in a Dark Room: James K. Baxter and Colin McCahon
  Solo showWindow Work: Winter Collection by Deborah Smith
  Solo showNike Savvas: Simple Division
  Solo showWindow Work: Articulated Screen by Richard Reddaway
  Solo showMilan Mrkusich: Six Journeys
  Solo showDerrick Cherrie: Game Load
  Solo showScenes From Another Country: Photographs by Chris Killip
  Solo showWindow Work: Guise by Anton Parsons

  Solo showPhotographs by David Hockney

  Solo showRosemary Grice

  Solo showIndia in Action: Drawings by Capt. Anthony Gross
Last update: 20 April 2017
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