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Baldwin Gallery

Private Gallery
Baldwin Gallery
209 South Street
Aspen, CO 81611
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +1 970 920 9797
fax +1 970 920 1821
Opening hours:
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa  10:00-18:00
Su  12:00-17:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Robert Mapplethorpe  76
Tony Oursler  124
Christo & Jeanne-Claude  149
Taryn Simon  190
James Turrell  231

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Robert Mapplethorpe  76 10
Jennifer Bartlett  1606 9

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 138 33
  Mary Boone Gallery, USA 78 14
  Metro Pictures Gallery, USA 76 15
  MoMA PS1, USA 54 35
  Whitney Museum of American Art, USA 48 32

 Public exhibitions   3
28.07. - 04.09. (in 61 days)
  Solo showJim Hodges - Tracing the contour of our days

23.06. - 23.07. (in 26 days)
  Solo showTom Sachs - Bronze

23.06. - 23.07. (in 26 days)
  Solo showAnna Gaskell - Anna Makes Judith Loves Martha
Donald Baechler  1956, US
Kevin Baker  1978, US
Jennifer Bartlett  1941, US
Sebastian Blanck  1976, US
Ross Bleckner  1949, US
Delia Brown  1969, US
James Lee Byars  1932-1997, US
Sarah Charlesworth  1947-2013, US
Christo & Jeanne-Claude  FR, BG
Greg Colson  1956, US
Will Cotton  1965, US
E. V. Day  1967, US
Stephen Dean  1968, FR
Carroll Dunham  1949, US
Eric Fischl  1948, US
Adam Fuss  1961, UK
Ewan Gibbs  1973, UK
Alexander Gorlizki  1967, UK
Isca Greenfield-Sanders  1978, US
Toland Grinnell  1969, US
Tim Hailand  1965, US
Peter Halley  1953, US
Lyle Ashton Harris  1965, US
Todd Hido  1968, US
Jim Hodges  1957, US
Rebecca Horn  1944, DE
Craigie Horsfield  1949, UK
Bryan Hunt  1947, US
Annette Lemieux  1957, US
David Levinthal  1949, US
Mark Licari  1974, US
Vera Lutter  1960, DE
Martin Maloney  1961, UK
Robert Mapplethorpe  1946-1989, US
Enrique Martínez Celaya  1964, CU
Ryan McGinness  1971, US
Marilyn Minter  1948, US
Malcolm Morley  1931, UK
Tony Oursler  1957, US
Matthew Ritchie  1964, UK
Alexis Rockman  1962, US
Milton Rosa-Ortiz  1967, PR
Susan Rothenberg  1945, US
Tom Sachs  1966, US
David Salle  1952, US
Gary Simmons  1964, US
Laurie Simmons  1949, US
Taryn Simon  1975, US
Doug & Mike Starn  US
Joseph Stashkevetch  1958, US
Pat Steir  1940, US
George Stoll  1954, US
Billy Sullivan  1946, US
Donald Sultan  1951, US
Marc Swanson  1969, US
Philip Taaffe  1955, US
James Turrell  1943, US
Bruce Weber  1946, US
Matthew Weinstein  1964, US
Dirk Westphal  , US
 Previous Exhibitions   236
  Solo showDoug + Mike Starn - Must be love, it’s a bitch
  Solo showDonald Baechler - New Works
  Solo showShara Hughes - Mind Bender

  Solo showPhilip Taaffe
  Solo showIsaac Julien
  Solo showEnrique Martínez Celaya
  Solo showGeorge Stoll
  Solo showDonald Sultan
  Solo showDoug + Mike Starn
  Group showDonald Baechler and Shara Hughes
  Group showGavin Turk and Ewan Gibbs

  Group showWill Cotton, E.V. Day, & Tony Feher
  Solo showMarilyn Minter
  Group showPeter Coffin and Robert Mapplethorpe
  Group showRoss Bleckner / Mark Licari - Cloud Storage for Future Floods
  Solo showMark Swanson - The Gilded Cage
  Solo showSebastian Blank
  Solo showIsca Greenfield-Sanders - Those Few Hours
  Group showInka Essenhigh & Matthew Weinstein

  Solo showAdam Fuss - Circumambulation
  Group showFeats of Clay
  Solo showTony Oursler - Passe-Partout
  Solo showJoseph Stashkevetch
  Solo showSanford Biggers - Vex
  Solo showAlexander Gorlizki - What Gives?
  Solo showVera Lutter - Clock Tower
  Solo showDirk Westphal - Mimesis
  Solo showTaryn Simon, “The Picture Collection”

  Solo showGary Simmons - Sweet Science
  Solo showTim Hailand - Be Here Now
  Solo showChemical Trespass
  Solo showMatthew Ritchie - Slow Light
  Solo showGeorge Stoll - garden of earthly delights
  Solo showSarah Charlesworth - Available Light
  Solo showStephen Dean - Works on Paper and Edges
  Solo showPat Steir New paintings
  Solo showBryan Hunt Sculpture and photographs
  Solo showFigure and Flower Studies
  Solo showDuets

  Solo showDelia Brown - PURsE PAINTING
  Solo showTom Sachs - Nautical challenge and other voodoo
  Solo showDavid Levinthal - The Last Trail
  Solo showJim Hodges - Drawings
  Solo showE.V. Day - Pollinator (water lily)
  Solo showRyan McGinness - Units of Meaning
  Solo showDonald Baechler - Recent Work
  Solo showLaurie Simmons - The Love Doll (Geisha) Days 31-36
  Solo showPhilip Taaffe - Recent Paintings and Drawings
  Solo showGreg Colson - Elliptical Models

  Solo showGilbert & George - Urethra Postcard Pictures
  Solo showSebastian Blanck - The Carousel
  Solo showRebecca Horn - Crickets Song
  Solo showTaryn Simon - Contraband
  Solo showMarc Swanson - The Other Side
  Solo showDonald Sultan - New Works
  Solo showBilly Sullivan - Now & Then
  Solo showAlexis Rockman - The Hudson and other works
  Solo showVera Lutter - a ghost still is like a place

  Solo showWill Cotton - New Works on Paper
  Solo showJoseph Stashkevetch - Chimera
  Solo showMatthew Weinstein - Boot, Hand, Apple, Parasol: Three-dimensional objects
  Solo showAlexander Gorlizki - Pattern Farming
  Solo showCarroll Dunham: Paintings
  Solo showSarah Charlesworth - Work in Progress
  Solo showRobert Mapplethorpe: Horses
  Solo showJennifer Bartlett: Recitative
  Solo showTony Oursler - Vertical Loop Task
  Solo showGeorge Stoll: all 72 colors
  Solo showDelia Brown: Women
  Solo showDoug + Mike Starn - Recent Work

  Solo showEnrique Martínez Celaya - The Palace
  Solo showTodd Hido: a road divided
  Solo showEwan Gibbs: Colorado
  Solo showAdam Fuss: For Allegra
  Solo showIsca Greenfield-Sanders: Light leak
  Solo showPeter Halley - New Paintings
  Solo showStephen Dean: Watercolors & Videos
  Solo showRoss Bleckner: New Work
  Solo showRyan McGinness: Mindscapes & Black Holes
  Solo showEric Fischl: Beach Scenes: New Work

  Solo showMark Licari: Itching to Go
  Solo showAlexis Rockman: Aqua Vitae
  Solo showDavid Levinthal - Space Toys: New Polaroids
  Solo showMatthew Weinstein: SIAM
  Solo showWill Cotton
  Solo showTom Sachs: Bronze Collection
  Solo showMilton Rosa-Ortiz: The Dodekathon, according to Milton
  Solo showVera Lutter
  Solo showRobert Mapplethorpe: 50 New York Artists and Other Portraits
  Solo showGeorge Stoll: Tupperware 1995-2008
  Solo showSebastian Blanck: A River of Our Own
  Solo showJames Turrell - Light Works 2002-2007
  Solo showTim Hailand - Transcend
  Solo showDonald Sultan - Works on Paper

  Solo showKevin Baker: Fiori in Acqua
  Solo showDonald Baechler: New Paintings and Sculpture
  Solo showSarah Charlesworth - Concrete Color
  Solo showLaurie Simmons: Photographs 1998
  Solo showBryan Hunt: New Work
  Solo showEnrique Martínez Celaya - another show for the leopard
  Solo showDelia Brown: Guerrilla Lounging: Aspen
  Solo showDirk Westphal: Piscoli Fabulosi usw
  Solo showDavid Salle: 1,2,3,4
  Solo showStephen Dean: Angle of Bending
  Solo showMartin Maloney: From Park Drive to Riverside Walk

  Solo showMarilyn Minter: Photographs
  Solo showJoseph Stashkevetch: New Drawings
  Solo showJennifer Bartlett - Works on Paper 1995-2006
  Solo showGreg Colson - Mall Suites and Media Boxes
  Solo showMatthew Weinstein - New Work
  Solo showPat Steir: Gravity and Levity
  Solo showAnnette Lemieux: Flowers and Song
  Solo showDoug + Mike Starn: alleverythingthatisyou
  Solo showAlexis Rockman: Big Weather
  Solo showRobert Mapplethorpe: Lisa Lyon
  Solo showPeter Halley: New Paintings

  Solo showDavid Levinthal: Girlfriend
  Solo showGeorge Stoll: Ten Holidays
  Solo showSarah Charlesworth: A Simple Text
  Solo showAdam Fuss: Mask
  Solo showToland Grinnell: This American Life
  Solo showLaurie Simmons: New Photographs
  Solo showSebastian Blanck: Someone to Wash Over Me
  Solo showIsca Greenfield-Sanders: Paintings for Harley
  Solo showDonald Sultan: New Paintings
  Solo showMilton Rosa-Ortiz: The Seven Deadly Sins
  Solo showJames Lee Byars: Selected Works
  Solo showGlenn Ligon: Drawings

  Solo showTimothy Cahill: New Work
  Solo showJennifer Bartlett: October, Amagansett: New Pastels
  Solo showTom Sachs: Dedicated to the Memory of Ben Plummer 1968-2004
  Solo showPeter Dayton: New Work
  Solo showTodd Hido: Roaming
  Solo showMarilyn Minter: New Paintings & Photographs
  Solo showBilly Sullivan: Aspen Portrait
  Solo showDavid Salle: New Work
  Solo showCraigie Horsfield: New Work
  Solo showChristo & Jeanne-Claude: The Gates, Project for Central Park, New York City and other works
  Solo showDonald Baechler, New Work
  Solo showEnrique Martinez Celaya, Boy
  Solo showMike & Doug Starn, Attracted to Light
  Solo showRobert Kitchen, Watercolors
  Solo showJames Turrell, New Holograms

  Solo showBryan Hunt, New Work
  Solo showAlexis Rockman, New Watercolors
  Solo showDavid Levinthal, Baseball Series: New Polaroids
  Group showFall Colors: Group Show
  Solo showCarroll Dunham: Personal Distance: New Paintings
  Solo showRobert Mapplethorpe - Flower Photographs
  Solo showTodd Hido, Photographs
  Solo showPeter Wegner, 300 Sunsets and Other Works
  Solo showSarah Charlesworth, 0 + 1
  Solo showRoss Bleckner - New Paintings

  Solo showJoseph Stashkevetch, Drawings
  Solo showGeorge Stoll, Thanksgiving, Easter, Mother's Day...
  Solo showPat Steir, New Paintings
  Solo showLyle Ashton Harris, New Works
  Solo showGeorge Condo, Paintings 1993–2001
  Solo showGreg Colson - Wall Sculpture & Pie Charts
  Solo showElizabeth Murray, Paintings & Works on Paper
  Solo showPeter Dayton, New Work
  Solo showJennifer Bartlett, New Paintings & Plate Pieces
  Solo showDirk Westphal, Carassins Auratus
  Solo showIsca Greenfield-Sanders, New Work
  Solo showAlexis Rockman, The Great Outdoors

  Solo showAnnette Lemieux, Sphere
  Solo showRobert Mapplethorpe
  Solo showLaurie Simmons
  Solo showJames Turrell
  Solo showEnrique Martinez Celaya, Mirror
  Solo showTim Hailand, Here
  Solo showPhilip Smith, White Paintings
  Solo showAdam Fuss, My Ghost
  Solo showRobert Graham, Small Sculpture
  Solo showMichal Rovner, New Work
  Solo showMalcolm Morley, Watercolors
  Solo showEric Fischl, Watercolors
  Solo showVintage Photographs of the American West
  Solo showScott Lifshutz
  Solo showScott Lifshutz

  Solo showDavid LaChapelle
  Solo showDonald Sultan, 10 Paintings
  Solo showMike and Doug Starn - Black Pulse
  Solo showJennifer Bartlett, Iceland: New Pastels
  Solo showDiti Almog, Recent Paintings
  Solo showRobert Mapplethorpe, Colored Flowers
  Solo showBryan Hunt, Airships
  Solo showGeorge Stoll, some domestic arrangements
  Solo showDonald Baechler, Buildings and Other New Paintings
  Solo showJoseph Stashkevetch, Clouds: New Drawings
  Solo showChristo and Jeanne-Claude, Over The River: Project for the Arkansas River, Colorado
  Solo showTom Sachs, Defender
  Solo showPeter Halley, Small Paintings

  Solo showDavid Levinthal, XXX: New Polaroids
  Solo showLouise Nevelson, Sculpture and Collages
  Solo showApril Gornik, New Paintings
  Solo showPat Steir, New Paintings
  Solo showDiti Almog, New Paintings
  Solo showDavid Seidner, Orchids – Photographs
  Solo showPhilip Taaffe, New Paintings
  Solo showJohn Dugdale, Photographs
  Solo showJennifer Bartlett, New Paintings
  Solo showBruce Weber, Branded Youth – Photographs
  Solo showJames Rosenquist, Paintings 1996-99
  Solo showSuzanne McClelland, New Paintings and Works On Paper
  Solo showMike and Doug Starn, Blot Out The Sun – Photographs

  Solo showRoss Bleckner, New Paintings
  Solo showPhilip Smith, New Paintings
  Solo showOuattara Watts: Paintings
  Solo showAlex Katz, Small Paintings
  Solo showCy Twombly, Eight Drawings Plus One Large Painting
  Solo showAndrew Lord, Sculpture and Drawings
  Solo showDavid Levinthal, The Wild West – Polaroid Photographs
  Solo showDavid Salle, New Paintings
  Solo showEnrique Martinez Celaya
  Solo showDonald Sultan, New Paintings and Works on Paper

  Solo showRobert Mapplethorpe, Unique Works
  Solo showMalcolm Morley, Africa – Watercolors
  Solo showEric Fischl, Works On Paper 1995-97
  Solo showDonald Baechler, New Flowers: Paintings and Collages

  Solo showLouise Nevelson, Sculpture
  Solo showBryan Hunt, Sculpture and Drawings
  Solo showRoss Bleckner, Paintings and Watercolors
  Solo showJennifer Bartlett, Aspen 6 Weeks – Paintings, Pastels and Charcoals
  Solo showDonald Sultan, Paintings and Works on Paper
  Solo showRobert Mapplethorpe, Flowers – Photographs

  Solo showElizabeth Murray, Paintings and Works on Paper
  Solo showWes Mills, Drawings
  Solo showPat Steir, Waterfall Paintings
  Solo showDonald Baechler, Fish and Wildlife – Paintings and Works on Paper
  Solo showAlex Katz, Landscapes
  Solo showAndy Warhol, The Wild West
  Solo showJudy Glantzman, Paintings
  Solo showJack Pierson, New Work

  Solo showJennifer Bartlett, 24 Hours: Elegy – Paintings, Pastels and Charcoals
  Solo showNabil Nahas, Paintings
Last update: 24 May 2017
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