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Blue Sky Gallery

Non-profit organization
Blue Sky Gallery
1231 NW Hoyt
Portland, OR 97209
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +1 503 225 01210

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Rich Rollins  71042 4
Ann Kendellen  62445 4
Bobby Abrahamson  51483 4

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 244 37
  Leo Castelli Gallery, USA 86 1
  Pace Gallery - NY, USA 49 2
  International Center of Photography (ICP), USA 43 38
  Whitney Museum of American Art, USA 42 15

Foundation year: 1975
 Previous Exhibitions   489
Description Solo showAndrea Diefenbach - Land Ohne Eltern
Description Solo showBlake Andrews - Pictures of the Gone World
Description Group show2016 Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers
Description Solo showAndrés Wertheim - The Museum's Ghosts
Description Solo showThomas Bilanges - Vis-à-Vies
Description Solo showPeter Brown Leighton - Man Lives Through Plutonium Blast
Description Solo showAmanda Harman - Garden Stories, Hidden Labours
  Solo showWilliam Binzen - Azimuth: Terrain and Direction: Deciphering the West
  Solo showPaccarik Orue - El Muqui
  Solo showMichelle Frankfurter - Destino
  Solo showJim Lommasson - Exit Wounds

  Solo showPedro David - 360 Square Meters
  Solo showKen Ragsdale - The Hundred-Acre Wood
Description Solo showRomain Blanquart - The Tyranny of Hope
Description Solo showThomas Gardiner - Untitled Usa And Western Canada
Description Solo showThomas Alleman - Inner Mongolia
  Solo showPeter Rock - Spells
  Solo showKent Rogowski - Love = Love
  Solo showMarc Shoul - Brakpan
Description Solo showJan Kempenaers - Spomenik
Description Solo showMila Teshaieva - Promising Waters
  Solo showParis Petridis - The Void and the Country
  Solo showSamer Mohdad - Accomplished Visions: The Arabs
Description Solo showGordon Parks - Segregation Story
  Solo showScott Dalton - Where the River Bends
Description Solo showNadia Sablin - From the Mountains and to the Sea
  Solo showColleen Plumb - Animals Are Outside Today and Thirty Times a Minute
Description Solo showNicholas Nixon - Hospice Patients
  Solo showHyoungTae Lim - I See
  Solo showRebecca Norris Webb - My Dakota
  Solo showMonika Merva - Origins of Emotions
Description Solo showDima Gavrysh - Inshallah
  Solo showDiana Markosian - Inventing My Father

  Solo showFrancine Fleischer - Swim
  Group showMirame, Lima
  Solo showJared Soares - Small-Town Hip Hop
  Solo showAdriana Lopez Sanfeliu
  Solo showCarol Yarrow - One Mahogany Left Standing
  Solo showSage Sohier
  Solo showGesche Würfel - Basement Sanctuaries
  Solo showJoe Vitone - Family Records
  Solo showGoseong Choi - At the End of Winter
  Solo showLaura Larson - Hidden Mother
Description Solo showDavid Pace - Sur La Route
  Solo showPentti Sammallahti
  Solo showChad States - Cruising
  Solo showTakahiro Suzuki - 9214
  Solo showPierre de Vallombreuse - Hommes Racines
  Solo showAlbert J. Winn - My Life Until Now
  Solo showAndrea Modica - Best Friends
  Solo showCraig Hickman - Ballerina
  Solo showPatricia Galagan - Josie and Miguel
  Solo showF & D Cartier - Wait and See
  Solo showLucy Capehart - My Mother's Red Dress
  Solo showDonald Weber
  Solo showRachel Hibbard - Capture
  Solo showFernando Brito - Your Steps Were Lost in the Landscape
  Solo showKent Krugh

Description Solo showTheresia Viska - La Danse Francaise
  Solo showDavid Nadel - Burn#299
  Solo showDeborah Luster - Tooth for an Eye
  Solo showSusanne Wellm - Blue Plate
  Solo showJoshua Lutz - Hesitating Beauty
  Solo showMaria José D’Amico - Bien de Familia
  Solo showChuck Close - Tapestries
  Solo showAlejandra Laviada - Broken and Photo Sculptures
  Solo showGregg Segal - None of the Above
  Solo showSage Sohier - About Face
  Solo showJune Yong Lee
  Solo showShawn Records - Flaming Energy Ball
  Solo showAllan Chasanoff
  Solo showTraer Scott - Natural History
  Solo showJulio Mitchel - Do You Love Me?
Description Solo showTamara Staples - The Magnificent Chicken
Description Group show2013 Pacific NW Photography Viewing Drawers
Description Solo showLucas Foglia - A Natural Order
  Solo showHere, Anywhere
  Solo showPhilipp Scholz Rittermann - Emperor
  Solo showInventory of a Private Library
  Solo showSelections: San Francisco 1964, Dream Collector, & Theater of the Mind
  Solo showOut of the Shadows
  Solo showEl Otro and Cold Trade
  Solo showArt Fare
  Solo showHouse/hold

  Solo showThe Fighting Season
  Solo showA Girl and Her Room
  Solo showBachelor Portraits
  Solo showFlesh Love
  Solo showTowards Another Theory
  Solo showMaske
  Solo showPhotographs from the W.M. Hunt Collection
  Solo showTerras de Preto
  Solo showPhiladelphia
  Solo showNorth Portland Polaroids
  Solo showAmy Stein
  Solo showAs If Nothing Happened
  Solo showAbout Love
  Group showGeolocation: UK
  Solo showNo Man's Land
  Solo showSmokey Mountain, Cambodia
  Solo showQueen of Heaven
  Solo showUltima Thule
  Solo showWeather Report
  Solo showHeavy Hand, Sunken Spirit
  Solo showThe Bridge at Hoover Dam
  Solo showBliss Street
  Solo showPainkiller
  Solo showAvenue Patrice Lumumba

  Solo showThe Roma Journeys
  Solo showAstra Velum
  Solo showSilent Respiration of Forests
  Solo showNo Direction Home
  Solo showRita Godlevskis
  Solo showChica Barbie
Description Solo showDan Ziskie - East of Broadway
  Solo showFive Blocks to Green Lake
  Solo shownot Natasha
  Solo showO'Say Can You See
  Solo showWe Shall
  Solo showTechnicolor Life
  Solo showSoldiers in Their Youth
  Group showIn My Life
  Solo showThe Wavers
  Solo showNicole Jean Hill
  Solo showAnimal Logic
  Solo showThis is a Picture of Me
  Solo showLife in Blue
  Solo showSweet Nothings
  Solo showSome Dry Space: An Inhabited West
  Solo showStorms
  Solo showFalkland Road, Indian Circus, and Ward 81
  Solo showCarry Me Ohio
  Solo showGrim Street
  Solo showInfected Landscapes
  Solo showNatan Dvir
  Solo showElaine Ling - Cuba Chronicles

  Solo showCampo Verano
  Group showBlueprints
  Solo showOpera
  Solo showPlace
  Solo showAl Sol
  Solo showBerlin
  Group showOut of the Drawers
  Solo showWisconsin Tavern League
  Solo showThem
  Solo showso much depends...
  Solo showNear the Egress
  Solo showGrace Before Dying
  Solo showThrough
  Solo showFrom the Studio of Roy Lichtenstein
  Solo showStaten Island Shoppers
  Solo showSuburbia Mexicana
  Solo showThe Text Book (Chulsoo & Younghee)
  Solo showEnanitos Toreros
  Solo showSwimming Lessons
  Solo showComforts of Home
  Solo showSilent Warriors
  Solo showDemonstrations
  Solo showWhy Not?
  Solo show29 Palms
  Solo showSurface
  Group showUnfolding Time: Vietnamese Photography, Then and Now
  Solo showOlaf Otto Becker
  Solo showCéline Clanet

  Solo showImagining Fauna
  Solo showFake Holidays
  Solo showSurfLand
  Solo show The Animals
  Solo showSunshine & Noir
  Solo showDina Kantor
  Solo showBritton, South Dakota
  Solo showNYC Street Corners
  Solo showEthan Eisenberg
  Solo showMartin Bogren’s Ocean
  Solo showCity of Ambition – Fast Forward in China
  Solo showDomesticated
  Solo showJulie Denesha’s Outcasts of Slovakia
  Solo showIntended Consequences: Rwandan Children Born of Rape
  Solo showWolf’s Honey
  Solo showSea Change
  Solo showTerry Toedtemeier
  Solo showClaimed: Landscape
  Solo showAbelardo Morell
  Solo showAndy Freeberg
  Solo showCuba: Adentro Campo
  Solo showEveryday: A Yearlong Photo Diary
  Solo showImprint - Phenomena, The Legacy of Contemporary China
  Solo showTemkin
  Solo showTony Mendoza

  Solo showDown River
  Solo showPalindrome
  Solo showDutch Light in China,
  Solo showFamily Tree
  Solo showThe Legacy of Lefanmi Selavi: Street Children in Haiti,
  Solo showFaceless
  Solo showLibrary of Dust
  Group showGreat Wall of America
  Solo showeven keel
  Solo showThe Underclass and its Bosses
  Solo showBoda boda
  Solo showEllen Susan’s Soldier Portraits
  Solo showRobert Rauschenberg
  Solo showBeneath the Surface
  Solo showKayLynn Deveney
  Solo showPredicting the Past
  Solo showLisa Robinson
  Solo showIn Bunkers
  Solo showThings that Happen
  Solo showThread
  Solo showFamilial Ground
  Solo showJoseph Vitone’s photographs of China
  Solo showCorpus
  Solo showIn the Garden

  Solo showelegy depicts Isleton
  Solo showIsolated Gesture
  Solo showInitial Intake
  Solo showAmerican Dreams
  Solo showFinding the Way Home
  Solo showInterior Displays
  Solo showPerfectible Worlds
  Solo showDoug Dubois
  Solo showDavid Potter
  Group showThird View, Second Sites
  Solo showRania Matar
  Solo showMultiple Entry Visa
  Solo showPeople at Work
  Solo showJohn Trotter
  Solo showDenise Keim
  Solo showBruce Hall
  Solo showDrift photographs
  Solo showBaxt
  Solo show90 men and women
  Solo showPaula Luttringer
  Solo showSilent Souls
  Solo showMy Mother’s House
  Solo showStrangely Familiar
  Solo showScreen Culture”

  Solo showPentimento
  Solo showAn Experiment in Perspective
  Solo showAn Experiment in Perspective
  Solo showRadek Skrivanek
  Solo showStephen Vaughan
  Solo showCarl De Keyser
  Solo showSouth Side
  Solo showinactivity
  Solo showAnn Kendellen
  Solo showJustin Kimball
  Solo showYou’re not from around here
  Solo showJulie Blackmon
  Solo showWhat’s Your Sign
  Solo showFRANK Portraits of Furniture
  Solo showIn The Kitchen
  Solo showKaren Bucher
  Solo showWaiting for the End of the World
  Solo showThe Day After
  Solo showThe Cost of Power in China: The Three Gorges Dam and the Yangtze River Valley
  Solo showCage Call: Life in the Hard Rock Mining Belt
  Solo showIsolated Houses
  Solo showRememberings,
  Solo showFacing Fear
  Solo showOn Physics

  Solo showTill the Cows Come Home
  Solo showOpen House
  Solo showRegarding Emma
  Solo showIn Camera
  Group showJoanne Gonzalez & Franck Loumiet
  Solo showStephen Vaughan
  Solo showPedro Lobo
  Solo showBrigitte Grignet
  Solo showPaul Seawright
  Solo showNina Berman
  Solo showJeffrey Milstein
  Solo showDoug Levere
  Solo showJindrich Streit
  Solo showSimon Norfolk
  Solo showCharles Cohen
  Solo showGreg Gorfkle
  Solo showMoslem Teenagers
  Solo showBook of Mirrors
  Solo showSicilian Passage
  Solo showBob Thall

  Solo showTurn In
  Solo showJim Cooke
  Solo showAllen Maertz
  Group showPhotolucida Critical Mass project
  Solo showToeing The Line
  Solo showAn Indian from India
  Solo showDylan Vitone
  Solo showClaudia Fahrenkemper
  Solo showThe sign of the place
  Solo showLight In The Eye
  Solo showAnne Fishbein
  Solo showDavid Maisel
  Solo showPortraits + Places
  Solo showMexico: Between Life and Death
  Solo showCatherine Angel
  Solo showMartin Rosswog
  Solo showWarp & Weft
  Solo showSteve Fitch
  Solo showSeen and Not Seen
  Solo showCraig Hickman

  Solo showOscar Pintor
  Solo showVanishing Structures of Tennessee and the American South
  Solo showAdrain Chesser
  Solo showBollywood Dreams
  Solo showJungjin Lee
Description Solo showJulio Grinblatt - Photos of Others
  Solo showAlex Harris
  Solo showLa Playa
  Solo showNatura Morta”
  Solo showStephen Hughes
  Solo showKen Grant
  Solo showFirst People
  Solo showAmerica — First People, New People, Forgotten People
  Solo showAmerica — First People, New People, Forgotten People
  Solo showHiroshi Watanabe
  Solo showHenrik Kam
  Solo showOne Big Self: Prisoners of Louisiana
  Solo showBird People
  Solo showgrandmother
  Solo showLove Project”
  Solo showRichard Lewis
  Solo showDavid Farris
  Solo showSimon Norfolk

  Solo showKevin Wildermuth
  Solo showLuis Delgado Qualtrough
  Solo showThe Lost Generation
  Solo showA. J. Meek
  Solo showMark Ruwedel
  Solo shownature” and “culture,
  Solo showKerry Stuart Coppin
  Solo showNzingah Muhammad
  Solo showEnduring Justice
  Solo showThe Face of Jersey
  Solo showRichard Ross
  Solo showRockfalls, Rivermouths and Ponds
  Solo showLuigi Ghirri
  Solo showRemainders
  Solo showDavid Hilliard
  Solo showJessica Todd Harper
  Solo showBogdan Konopka
  Solo showTimo Kelaranta
  Solo showGerry Johansson
  Solo showMala Strana
  Solo showwall
  Solo showImaginary Homecoming.
  Solo showFouad Elkoury
  Solo showPatrick Sutherland

  Solo shownature photographer
  Solo showElder Relatives
  Solo showMary Berridge
  Solo showLoose Wanderings in a Rigid Terrain
  Solo showNathan Lyons
  Solo showMax Kellenberger
  Solo showFrom The Banks of The Tanana River
  Solo showClaudio Cambon
  Solo showDon Normark
  Solo showSuzanne Saylor
  Solo showDavid Joyce
  Solo showSeth Thompson
  Solo showDeanna Dikeman
  Solo showFrank Yamrus
  Solo showGloria Baker Feinstein
  Solo showChristopher Landis
  Solo showJeff Winch
  Solo showJuan Travnik
  Solo showSusanne Wellm
  Solo showBruce Haley

  Solo showThe Portland Grid Project,
  Solo show30 Feet From the Road
  Solo showKen Graves
  Solo showThe New American Holiday
  Group showLen Jenshel & Diane Cook
  Solo showThe Inhabited Prairie
  Solo showVincent Cianni
  Solo showJohn Willis
  Solo showImagining Antarctica
  Solo showUnder the Duwamish and Other Waters
  Solo showGary Oliveira
  Solo showCatherine Chalmers
  Solo showFabio Sgroi
  Solo showJonathan Moller
  Group showMark Hackworth & Patty Mitchell
  Solo showWilliam Washburn
  Solo showCristobal Herrera
  Solo showCarlos Diaz
  Solo showcollected musings” and “miscellaneous snaps
  Solo showTerry Vine
  Solo showMemories and Their Incarnation
  Solo showChip Thomas
  Solo showFouad Elkoury

  Solo showWolf Boewig
  Solo showBob Haft
  Solo showPhilippe Pache
  Solo showPentti Sammallahti
  Solo showMartino Marangoni
  Solo showJanet Delaney
  Solo showCharlie Meecham
  Solo showSteve Smith
  Solo showCraig Barber
  Solo showPerry Dilbeck
  Solo showSimon Norfolk
  Solo showO. Rufus Lovett
  Solo showMark Rabung
  Solo showKaren Serago
  Solo showWilliam Greiner
  Solo showLawrece McFarland
  Solo showBill McDowell
  Solo showKimberly Gremillion
  Solo showLaura Pickett Calfee
  Solo showContinuity (John Divola)

  Solo showDidier Ben Loulou
  Solo showLuis Delgado Qualtrough
  Solo showEric Lesdema
  Solo showAntonio Turok
  Solo showJeff Mermelstein
  Solo showJim Steinhardt
  Solo showBlake Fitch
  Solo showMichael Prince
  Solo showMaya Goded
  Solo showGraciela Iturbide
  Solo showRemy Gastambide
  Solo showJohn Gottshall
  Solo showNancy Rexroth
  Solo showBrenda Prager
  Solo showEduardo Munoz
  Solo showGordon Smith
  Solo showKen Abbott
  Solo showAnnu Matthew
  Solo showJosip Mihaljevic / Keith Holmes
  Solo showPeter Goin
  Solo showStephen Marc
  Solo showKathleen Brandau

  Solo showTiago Santana
  Solo showCelso Oliveira
  Solo showLuiz Braga
  Solo showElza Lima
  Solo showKate Mellor
  Solo showAdrienne Salinger
  Solo showPeter Tonningsen
  Solo showFrank Gohlke
  Solo showVolker Seding
  Solo showThomas Roma
  Solo showPaul Seawright
  Solo showDebbie Fleming Caffery
  Solo showDonna Mitchell
  Solo showDarryl Baird
  Solo showBastienne Schmidt
  Solo showCatherine Angel
  Solo showJennifer Colten

  Solo showDavid Stock
  Solo showMary Berridge
  Solo showRomualdas Pozerskis
  Solo showAntanas Sutkus
  Solo showTom Champion
  Solo showJonathan Sharlin
  Solo showElaine Ling
  Solo showClint Imboden
  Solo showEdis Jurcys
  Solo showFran Bitett Beck
  Solo showGabriel Diaz
  Solo showTomas Casademunt
  Solo showDavid McMillan
  Solo showPeter de Lory
  Solo showAbelardo Morell
  Solo showJames Fee
  Solo showChris Faust
  Solo showJana Fulbright

  Solo showEduardo Gil
  Solo showPeter Brown
  Solo showPaul Greenberg
  Group showRichard Kraft & Joseph Biel
  Solo showSteve Hart
  Solo showDana Salvo
  Solo showJim Vecchi
  Solo showLucy Capehart
  Solo showMark Abrahamson
  Solo showTony Mendoza
  Solo showBirney Imes Iii
  Solo showKaren Klugman
  Solo showWarren Padula
  Solo showDeborah Luster
  Solo showWilliam Greiner
  Solo showRichard Ramsdell
  Solo showJoel Leivick
  Solo showZeke Berman
  Solo showChema Madoz
  Solo showRich Rollins
  Solo showCharlee Mae Brodsky
Last update: 14 June 2016
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