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Blum & Poe - Los Angeles

Private Gallery
Blum & Poe - Los Angeles
2727 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +1 310 836 2062
fax +1 310 836 2104
Opening hours:
Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa  10:00-18:00
Blum & Poe - NY
19 E. 66th St.
New York City, NY 10065
city map
hotel accommodation
Blum & Poe - Tokyo
Shibuya150-0001 Tokyo
city map
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to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Chuck Close  160
Karel Appel  337
Jim Shaw  353
Sharon Lockhart  414
Takashi Murakami  442

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Sam Durant  502 17
Mark Grotjahn  1173 15
Dave Muller  4424 15
Sharon Lockhart  414 13

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 69 11
  Pace Gallery - NY, USA 54 8
  Metro Pictures Gallery, USA 34 2
  Galerie Praz-Delavallade - Paris, France 28 4
  Tomio Koyama Gallery - Tokyo, Japan 27 6

 Public exhibitions   5
27.10. - 16.12. (in 123 days)
  Solo showLynda Benglis

09.09. - 14.10. (in 75 days)
  Solo showFriedrich Kunath

09.09. - 14.10. (in 75 days)
  Solo showSolange Pessoa

24.06. - 19.08. (still more than 1 month)
  Solo showTheodora Allen - Vigil

24.06. - 19.08. (still more than 1 month)
  Solo showJim Shaw
Director(s): Tim Blum
 Art Fairs
The ADAA Art Show (10, 12, 13, 14)
The Armory Show The Armory Show (00, 01, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08)
Art Basel Art Basel (99, 00, 03, 04, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17)
Art Basel Hong Kong Art Basel Hong Kong (13, 14, 15, 16, 17)
Art Basel Miami Beach Art Basel Miami Beach (02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)
ART FORUM Berlin (00)
Art Los Angeles Contemporary Art Los Angeles Contemporary (10)
Artissima Artissima (05)
artLA (09)
FIAC FIAC (10, 11, 16)
Frieze Art Fair New York (15, 16, 17)
Frieze London (03, 05, 13, 14, 15)
Frieze Masters (12, 13, 14, 15, 16)
Hong Kong International Art Fair (11, 12)
Alma Allen  1970, US
Theodora Allen  1985, US
Chiho Aoshima  1974, JP
Karel Appel  1921-2006, NL
Darren Bader  1978, US
J. B. Blunk  1926-2002, US
Slater Bradley  1975, US
Chuck Close  1940, US
Nigel Cooke  1973, UK
Carroll Dunham  1949, US
Sam Durant  1961, US
Koji Enokura  1942-1995, JP
Anya Gallaccio  1963, UK
Mark Grotjahn  1968, US
Ha Chong Hyun  1935, KR
Tim Hawkinson  1960, US
Drew Heitzler  1972, US
Julian Hoeber  1974, US
Matt Johnson  1978, US
Gavin Kenyon  1980, US
Susumu Koshimizu  1944, JP
Friedrich Kunath  1974, DE
Shio Kusaka  1972, JP
Lee Ufan  1936, KR
Linder  1954, UK
Sharon Lockhart  1964, US
Florian Maier-Aichen  1973, DE
Victor Man  1974, RO
Dave Muller  1964, US
Takashi Murakami  1962, JP
Yoshitomo Nara  1959, JP
Matt Saunders  1975, US
Hugh Scott Douglas  1988, UK
Nobuo Sekine  1942, JP
Jim Shaw  1952, US
Penny Slinger  1947, UK
Kishio Suga  1944, JP
Henry Taylor  1958, US
Keith Tyson  1969, UK
Chris Vasell  1974, US
Michael Wilkinson  1965, UK
Yun Hyong-Keun  1928, KR
Zhu Jinshi  1954, CN
 Previous Exhibitions   200
  Solo showCarroll Dunham
  Solo showTony Lewis
  Solo showKishio Suga
  Solo showSam Durant - Build Therefore Your Own World

  Solo showAlexander Tovborg - The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
  Solo showHa Chong-Hyun
  Solo showHenry Taylor
  Solo showMark Grotjahn - Sign Exchange 1993-98
  Solo showShio Kusaka
  Solo showFrançoise Grossen
  Solo showJulian Hoeber
  Group showBlack
  Solo showJulian Schnabel
  Group showDansaekhwa And Minimalism

  Group showThe Avant-Garde Won’T Give Up: Cobra And Its Legacy
  Solo showKazumi Nakamura
  Solo showDrew Heitzler - Pacific Palisades
  Solo showAnthony Burdin - Fragments From Expeditions: Destitution, Deterioration, And Devastation
  Solo showA.L. Steiner - Come & Go
  Solo showMark Grotjahn
  Solo showDaniel Lefcourt
  Solo showTheodora Allen
  Solo showAlma Allen

  Solo showFlorian Maier-Aichen
Description Group showFrom All Sides: Tansaekhwa On Abstraction
  Solo showPia Camil - The Little Dog Laughed
  Solo showDavid Horvitz
  Group showTechnokinesis
  Solo showMatt Johnson
  Solo showAnya Gallaccio
  Solo showPenny Slinger
  Solo showMatt Saunders - Neon In Daylight
  Solo showYoshitomo Nara
  Solo showNobuo Sekine
  Solo showGavin Kenyon

  Solo showJim Shaw
  Solo showLinder
  Solo showDarren Bader
  Solo showMathew Cerletty - Kitchen Island
  Solo showLucy Dodd - Foss
  Solo showJulian Hoeber
  Solo showKŌji Enokura
  Solo showTakashi Murakami - Arhat
  Solo showHenry Taylor
  Solo showSusumu Koshimizu
  Solo showHugh Scott Douglas - The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

  Solo showKishio Suga
  Solo showDave Muller - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
  Solo showFriedrich Kunath - Lacan's Haircut
  Solo showStandard Operating Procedures
  Group showNo Person May Carry A Fish Into A Bar
  Solo showMaurizio Vetrugno - Love, Commas and Asterisks
  Solo showZhu Jinshi
  Solo showMichael Wilkinson - No History
  Solo showVictor Man - The White Shadow of His Talent
  Solo showCarroll Dunham - A Drawing Survey
  Group showRequiem For The Sun: The Art Of Mono-ha
  Solo showBanks Violette
  Solo showShio Kusaka

  Solo showMatt Saunders - China in Nixon
  Solo showChuck Close
  Solo showSharon Lockhart - Podwórka
  Solo showMatt Johnson
  Group showGlee
  Solo showDrew Heitzler - Spiral Jetty/crystal Voyager/region Centrale (bootlegged, Re-ordered, Combined, Sometimes More, Sometime
  Solo showZhang Huan - 49 Days
  Solo showFlorian Maier-Aichen
  Solo showHenry Taylor
  Solo showSam Durant
  Solo showJulian Hoeber
  Solo showNigel Cooke

  Solo showNoritoshi Hirakawa - The Returning of the Sun
  Group showStop.Move.
  Solo showDirk Skreber - New Work
  Group showCountry Music
  Group showEndless Bummer / Surf Elsewhere
  Group showCumulus Studios
  Solo showTim Hawkinson
  Solo showCarroll Dunham
  Solo showJ.B. Blunk
  Solo showMark Grotjahn - Seven Faces
  Solo showLee Ufan

  Solo showDrew Heitzler - for Sailors, Mermaids, Myztics. For Kustomizers, Grinders, Fender-men. For Fools, Addicts, Woodworkers a
  Solo showSharon Lockhart - Lunch Break
  Group show15th Anniversary Inaugural Exhibition
  Solo showChris Vasell
  Solo showKeith Tyson
  Solo showSam Durant - This is freedom?
  Solo showDave Muller - iamthewalrus

  Solo showYoshitomo Nara
  Solo showFriedrich Kunath - EMOH
  Solo showJulian Hoeber - All That is Solid Melts into Air
  Group showRED WIND
  Solo showTakashi Murakami
  Solo showPierpaolo Campanini
  Solo showVictor Man - Black Hearts Always Bleed Red
  Group show25 Artists x 2 Screenings = 1 Week

  Solo showSlater Bradley - Hope From a Dark Place
  Solo showTatzu Nishi
  Group showSo wrong, I'm right
  Solo showHirsch Perlman - ergo despero
  Solo showSam Durant - Scenes from the Pilgrim Story: Myths, Massacres and Monuments
  Solo showChris Vasell

  Solo showDave Muller - Piles & Globes, Likes & Loves
  Group showWerner Herzog
  Solo showMatt Johnson
  Group showThe Monty Hall Problem
  Solo showPine Flat Portrait Studio
  Solo showEnrique Metinides
  Solo showFriedrich Kunath - I have always been here before
  Solo showFlorian Maier-Aichen

  Solo showAnya Gallaccio - Shadow on the things you know
  Group showBlack Scultures Black Paintings
  Solo showMark Grotjahn
  Group showGroup Exhibition: Think Blue
  Solo showChiho Aoshima - Asleep, dreaming of reptilian glory
  Solo showSharon Lockhart
  Solo showAya Takano - The Far Reaches of the Universe, My Garden.
  Solo showChris Vasell - Don't go outside they are waiting for you
  Solo showJulian Hoeber - I wasn't joking. you were joking. i was serious.

  Solo showSlater Bradley - The Doppleganger Trilogy
  Solo showSam Durant - Involved
  Solo showDave Muller - I Like Your Music
  Solo showFlorian Maier-Aichen- The Bridges of Cologne
  Solo showTakashi Murakami - Inochi
  Solo showFriedrich Kunath - We were the one thing in the galaxy God didn't have his eyes on
  Solo showHirsch Perlman
  Solo showYoshitomo Nara - New Works 2004

  Solo showDirk Skreber - Painspotting
  Solo showSharon Lockhart
  Group showInaugural Group Show
  Solo showSteven Shearer
  Group showI See A Darkness

  Solo showDave Muller - Sprawing (and Mini Sprawl)
  Solo showSam Durant - Color Pictures
  Solo showFlorian Maier-Aichen
  Group showAaron Noble And Craig Kucia
  Solo showJulian Hoeber - Killing Friends
  Solo showJennifer Bornstein - Celestial Spectacular
  Solo showMark Grotjahn
  Solo showChiho Aoshima

  Group showThat Championship Season
  Group showJennifer Bornstein, Mark Grotjahn, Florian Maier-aichen, And Dave Muller
  Solo showDirk Skreber
  Solo showSharon Lockhart - Interview Locations/family Photographs
  Solo showDave Muller - Trains, Planes And Automobiles
  Solo showHirsch Perlman
  Solo showBruce Yonemoto - The Time Machine
  Solo showYoshitomo Nara - In The White Room: An Exhibition Of Paintings And Drawings

  Solo showTakashi Murakami - 727
  Solo showSam Durant - Proposal For Monument In Friendship Park, Jacksonville, Florida
  Solo showRobert Mapplethorpe - Polaroids (1972-1975)
  Group showCan (remix)
  Solo showMark Grotjahn
  Group showSharon Lockhart And James Welling

  Solo showPaul Mccarthy - Tokyo Santa Santa's Trees
  Solo showDirk Skreber
  Solo showSam Durant - Altamont
  Group showMatthew Antezzo, Sam Durant, Dave Muller
  Solo showJennifer Bornstein
  Group showSharon Lockhart / Daniel Marlos - ""shirley"
  Solo showYoshitomo Nara - An Exhibition Of Sculpture In Two Parts (Part II)
  Solo showYoshitomo Nara - An Exhibition Of Sculpture In Two Parts (Part I)

  Solo showMark Grotjahn
  Solo showDaniel Marlos - Spatial Relationships
  Solo showShane Hassett - Ruin
  Solo showTakashi Murakami - Back Beat
  Solo showDave Muller - L., L., L., L., L., L., L., L., L., L., A., A., A., A., A., A., A., A.
  Solo showDavid Deutsch
  Solo showSharon Lockhart - Goshogaoka Girls Basketball Team
  Solo showAna Mendieta - Transformations (1972-1973)

  Group showNext
  Solo showAnya Gallaccio
  Solo showKim Dingle - Crazy's Pig
  Solo showTakashi Murakami
  Group showSharon Lockhart, Laura Owens And Frances Stark
  Solo showYoshitomo Nara
  Solo showMichael Reafsnyder
  Solo showSam Durant - Mdf, Particle Board, Projection, Confusion, Grid-like Structuring

  Solo showNobuyoshi Araki - From Close Range
  Solo showAndrei Roiter - Road Test
  Solo showShane Hassett
  Solo showJames Fish
  Solo showBill Owens - Selected Photographs From Suburbia, Our Kind Of People And Working (1968-1976)
  Solo showDennis Hollingsworth - Wet On Wet
  Group showMi Casa Es Su Casa
  Group showJennifer Bornstein, Mark Lewis And T. Kelly Mason & Chris Wilder
  Solo showSharon Lockhart
  Group showRoy Arden, Dan Graham, Edward Ruscha, Christopher Williams

  Solo showPaul Mccarthy - 5 Photographic Works, 1970-1974
  Solo showSam Durant
  Group showBruce & Norman Yonemoto - A Matter Of Memory
  Solo showYoshitomo Nara - Pacific Babies
  Group showDan Asher, Shane Hassett And Andrei Roiter
  Solo showRainer Ganahl
  Solo showDani Tull
  Solo showKim Dingle

  Group showGone
  Solo showChris Wilder - Project Blue Book
  Solo showAnya Gallaccio - Stroke
Last update: 6 June 2017
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