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Public Institution
70 Oxford Street
Manchester M1 5NH
United Kingdom
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +44-(0)161-228 7621
Opening hours:
Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa  11:00-18:00
Su  14:00-18:00

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Rose Garrard    6

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 922 295
  Leo Castelli Gallery, USA 273 28
  Institute of Contemporary Arts London (ICA), United Kingdom 264 353
  Pace Gallery - NY, USA 180 44
  Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Spain 159 193

Foundation year: 1985
 Previous Exhibitions   280
  Group showPlaytime

  Group showMichelle Harrison and Stuart Farr - Cafe/ Bar
  Group showAdam Heiss and Martene Rourke - Network Traces
  Solo showClair Graubner/ From The Ground Up
  Group showAnguish and Enthusiasm: What Do You Do With Your Revolution Once You’ve Got It
  Solo showYoshua Okón: Octopus
  Solo showRosa Barba: Subject to Constant Change
  Group showFour

  Solo showFraser Chapman
  Solo showDavid Shrigley: How Are You Feeling?
  Solo showDaniel Fogarty: Idents
  Solo showLiz Lock: Hard Drive
  Solo showStanya Kahn: It’s Cool, I’m Good
  Group showForming a Line / Rachael Elwell & Tom Harnett O’Meara
  Group showSubversion
  Solo showRichard Meaghan
  Solo showMinerva Cuevas: Landings
  Solo showLewis Williams - Strangers Ill
  Solo showSamantha Donnelly: Contour States
  Group showLost is Found

  Solo showBethany Gray
  Group showSuite Studios
  Solo showPaul Digby
  Solo showRashid Rana: Everything is Happening at Once
  Solo showDaksha Patel
  Solo showFrances Blythe
  Solo showRoshana Rubin-Mayhew - Film Start Time
  Solo showDarren Nixon
  Solo showOscar Muñoz: Biografías

  Solo showInterval: A Narrative Psychosis
  Solo showmarxism today
  Group showUnspooling - Artists and Cinema
  Solo showTracey Eastham
Description Group showUnrealised Potential
  Solo showFragments/Chris Guest
  Solo showCowley College
Description Group showContemporary Art Iraq
  Solo showDon’t Roust your Faith Bird High an’ you won’t do no crawlin’ with the worms
  Solo showCarlos Amorales
  Solo showThe Edge of Things
  Group showCairo - The breaking up of the ice
  Solo showRebecca Key

  Group showGareth Kemp and David Lunt
  Solo showArtur Żmijewski
Description Group showBloomberg New Contemporaries
  Solo showMusic on a Chink of Light: The Jazz Photography of William Ellis
  Group showInterspecies

  Group showThe Intertwining Line
  Solo showAbigail Seville, From Here to Haiku
  Solo showMasaki Fujihata
  Group showBroadcast yourself
  Group showWhat do you want?
  Solo showJasmeen Patheja
  Solo showChosil Kil: Living with Andis
  Group showLeft but a Trace
  Solo showSteve Hunt: Language and Lunacy

  Group showBloomberg new contemporaries 2007
  Group showOutside the Box
  Group showProject #1:Sphere:dreamz
  Solo showThe Assembly
  Solo showUnfold
  Group showDo Not Refreeze
  Group showBitmapping
  Group showNavigating the Manchester Art Scene
  Group showCentral Asian Project
  Solo showFiona Curran

  Solo showNick Crowe - Commemorative Glass
  Solo showJane Fairhurst
  Solo showTenneson & Dale
  Group showPanacea Hothouse
  Group showTrace
  Solo showSumit Sarkar - Ananta
  Solo showClegg & Guttmann - Social Sculptures, Community Portraits and Spontaneous Operas 1990 -2006
  Solo showBob Levene - The Space Between
  Solo showStaalplaat Soundsystem - The Ultrasound of Therapy
  Solo showHelmut Lemke - KLANGELN VIII
  Group showTijuana Organic
  Group showBritish Art Show 6

  Solo showPat O'Neill - Views from Lookout Mountain
  Group showFour Branches
  Group show[prologue] new feminism/new europe
  Group showBloomberg New Contemporaries 2005
  Group showDavid Martin & Richard Kendrick
  Solo showMarcel Odenbach
  Solo showMawuli Afatsiaswo
  Solo showEva Wohlgemuth
  Solo showCharles Sandison
  Solo showGeorge Legrady
  Solo showLindsey Bull - Easy Street and Dead Man's Walk

  Group showWonderful
  Group showChristopher Buckle & Matt Velarde
  Solo showPeter Richards
  Solo showFrederic Moser, Phillippe Schwinger
  Solo showRowena Fan
  Solo showPaul Ramiréz Jonas
  Solo showRichard Healey
Description Group showIncommunicado
  Solo showWashington Buckley
  Solo showBlast Theory - Uncle Roy All Around You
Description and image Solo showIRWIN: Like to Like
Description and image Group showZineb Sedira: Telling stories with differences

Description and image Group showMIR: Art in Variable Gravity
Description and image Solo showAndrew Hardy: the great outdoors
Description and image Solo showGrace Weir: A Fine Line
  Group showBloomberg New Contemporaries 2003
Description and image Solo showMike Dawson: At the end of the day........
Description and image Group showLab 3D
Description and image Group showImaginary Balkans & The Balkan Matrix
Description Group showThe Balkan Matrix - Stevan Vukovic and Mihael Milunovic
Description and image Solo showListen to Britain: Works by Victor Burgin

  Group showAir Guitar
  Solo showDan Coombs

  Solo showSusan MacWilliam
Description Solo showThis is Modern Art
Description and image Group showManga

  Group showBloomberg New Contemporaries 2000

  Solo showLouise Gardiner
  Solo showWall of Death
  Group showDrive-By
  Solo showThis is Modern Art
  Solo showHannah Starkey
  Solo showCommon Culture - Counter Culture
  Solo showDuncan Ganley
  Group showThe Hart Island Project
  Group showThinking Aloud

  Solo showPeter Greenaway
  Solo showLari Pittman
  Solo showSonia Boyce
  Solo showArchigram

  Group showSome Kind Of Heaven - A new generation of female artists
  Group showSarah Staton's Supastore
  Group showIdeas for sale
  Group showReckoning With The Past
  Group showBeck’s New Contemporaries ‘97
  Group showVIDEO POSITIVE 97: Escaping Gravity
  Solo showEric Bainbridge - Recent sculpture

  Group showReally Out of Order - Abstract art from the 1960s and 1990s
  Solo showDerek Boshier - Recent paintings
  Solo showRobert Clark - Plans for the Real World
  Solo showPete Clark - Letters to Language
  Solo showDavid Mabb - Skins
  Solo showIs Minty a Man?
  Solo showLife's A Pitch - Welcome, Wilkommen, Bienvenue
  Group showStrangely Familiar
  Group showBrenda and Other Stories
  Group showBREAD AND SALT (Duona ir druska)

  Group showThe British Art Show 4
  Group showSimon Grennan & Christopher Sperandio - Times Like These
  Group showTEN
  Solo showBruce McLean - Urban Turban (A Moving Picture)
  Solo showJohn Newling: The Sacred and the Mundane
  Solo showJohn Baldessari: This Not That
  Solo showHannah Collins - The Hunter’s Space
  Group showArt Unlimited - Multiples of the 1960s and 1990s from the Arts Council Collection
  Solo showSusan Lipper - Grapevine

  Group showSculptors' Drawings
  Solo showDaphne Wright - Sculptures
  Solo showThree exhibitions about newspapers: Rita Donagh
  Group showThree exhibitions about newspapers: John Carson & Conor Kelly
  Solo showThree exhibitions about newspapers: Paul Seawright
  Group showPositive Lives
  Solo showKaren Finley
  Solo showNicholas May
  Group showUnveiled
  Group showBritish Telecom New Contemporaries
  Group showIdeas & Attitudes
  Solo showRose Garrard
  Solo showThree exhibitions about architecture: David Alker
  Solo showThree exhibitions about architecture: Giancarlo de Carlo
  Solo showThree exhibitions about architecture: David Tremlett

  Solo showRoxy Walsh
  Solo showJohn Lyons
  Solo showMaggi Hambling
  Solo showGeorgina Ravenscroft
  Solo showPaul Reas
  Solo showHindesight
  Solo showEdward Allington
  Group showBritish Telecom New Contemporaries
  Solo showThree exhibitions about nationality: Alistair Maclennan
  Group showThree exhibitions about nationality: Black People and The British Flag
  Solo showThree exhibitions about nationality: Bernard Oglesby
  Solo showJochen Gerz - Life after Humanism
  Solo showPeter Fraser
  Group showSin Frontera

  Group showBruise: Painting for the Nineties
  Solo showTerry Atkinson
  Solo showLocky Morris: Comm
  Group showSublime
  Group showBritish Telecom New Contemporaries
  Solo showAnnette Messager
  Solo showDavid Austen
Description Group showPaintings On Paper
  Solo showA. R. Penck
  Solo showAdrian Piper
  Solo showJane Gifford

  Solo showJohn Hyatt
  Group showLook Here Upon This Picture – And on This -
  Solo showJamie Reid
  Solo showMagadalena Jetelova
  Solo showDenis Masi
  Group showNew Art North West
  Group showLouder Than Words
  Solo showVanley Burke: No Time For Flowers
  Group showRe-Writing History
  Group showThree Photographers

  Group showContemporary Aboriginal Art 1990 From Australia
  Group showBlack Markets
  Solo showVictor Sloan
  Solo showTony Benn: Paintings 1989-1990
  Solo showMiriam Cahn
  Solo showIna Barfuss
  Group showHeritage: Image + History
  Solo showSilvia Ziranek
  Group showThe Other Story
  Group showTranscontinental
  Group showBritish Telecom New Contemporaries

  Solo showAna Maria Pacheco
  Solo showGillian Ayres
  Solo showCornelia Parker
  Solo showKatherine Meynell
  Solo showPiotr Nathan
  Solo showSue Coe
  Solo showJ. G. Posada
  Group showNorth West Frontiers
  Solo showRon Haselden
  Solo showMuntadas
  Solo showRichard Kriesche
  Group showCorporate Identities
  Solo showLiz Rideal
  Solo showJohn Goto
  Group showThe Tree of Life
  Solo showBoyd Webb
  Solo showStephen Willats
  Solo showThomas Ruff

  Solo showEisenstein 1898-1948
  Solo showClaire Joy
  Group showThe Modern Chair
  Solo showMona Hatoum - Three artist commissions
  Solo showMitra Tabrizian
  Solo showGlenys Johnson
  Solo showUlrike Rosenbach - Three artist commissions
  Solo showAndrea Fisher - Three artist commissions
  Solo showRasheed Araeen: From Modernism to Postmodernism
  Group showThe Subversive Stitch
  Group showSomething Solid - Re-using Art from the Past
  Solo showPresence
  Group showIn Another World
  Solo showJohn Virtue
  Group showComic Iconoclasm

  Solo showBill Culbert
  Solo showBill Woodrow
  Group showA Line of Country
  Solo showTony Cragg
  Group showThe Image Employed
  Group showConfrontations
  Group showNew Work Newcastle ‘87
  Solo showNetworks
  Group showMasquerading
  Solo showFarewell to the Flesh
  Solo showTroubled Land
  Group showCasting An Eye
  Group showWall to Wall

  Group showOur Domestic Landscape
  Solo showThe Oldham Road
  Solo showDavid Mach
  Solo showRabindranath Tagore
  Group showMasterpieces of 20th Century Photography
  Group showHuman Interest
  Group showCity Life: An Exhibition In Three Parts – Public Life
  Group showCity Life: An Exhibition In Three Parts – Private Life
  Solo showYoko Terauchi
  Group showCity Llfe: An Exhibition In Three Parts - Political Life
  Group showConnections
  Solo showBoyle Family
  Group showNew German Painting
  Group showGerman Woodcuts In The Twentieth Century
  Group showGaby Agis & Kate Blacker
  Solo showCaspar Neher
  Group showA Noise In Your Eye!

  Group showArt of the People
Last update: 18 November 2014
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