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David Zwirner

David Zwirner

Private Gallery
David Zwirner
519, 525 & 533 West 19th Street
New York City, NY 10011
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tel +1-212-727-2070
fax +1-212-727-2072
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Opening hours:
Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa  10:00-18:00
David Zwirner Gallery
24 Grafton Street
London W1S 4EZ
United Kingdom
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David Zwirner

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Thomas Ruff  13
Francis Alys  17
Wolfgang Tillmans  22
Richard Serra  29
Yayoi Kusama  36

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Stan Douglas  325 16
Luc Tuymans  234 16
Raymond Pettibon  118 15
Jason Rhoades  779 14

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 169 36
  Leo Castelli Gallery, USA 106 8
  Pace Gallery - NY, USA 73 12
  Margo Leavin Gallery, USA 57 9
  Zeno X Gallery, Belgium 57 6

David Zwirner has been incorporated since 1992. The gallery was opened in January 1993 at its present street-level location on Greene Street in the Soho section of New York. The focus of the gallery is to show the work of emerging artists from the United States and abroad. [...]
Foundation year: 1993
Director(s): David Zwirner
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Adel Abdessemed  1971, DZ
Tomma Abts  1967, DE
Francis Alys  1959, BE
Mamma Andersson  1962, SE
Karla Black  1972, UK
Michaël Borremans  1963, BE
Carol Bove  1971, US
R. Crumb  1943, US
Raoul De Keyser  1930-2012, BE
Philip-Lorca diCorcia  1953, US
Stan Douglas  1960, CA
Marlene Dumas  1953, NL, ZA
Marcel Dzama  1974, CA
Dan Flavin  1933-1996, US
Suzan Frecon  1941, US
Isa Genzken  1948, DE
Donald Judd  1928-1994, US
On Kawara  1933-2014, JP
Toba Khedoori  1964, AU
Jeff Koons  1955, US
Yayoi Kusama  1929, JP
Kerry James Marshall  1955, US
Gordon Matta-Clark  1943-1978, US
John McCracken  1934-2011, US
Oscar Murillo  1986, UK, CO
Alice Neel  1900-1984, US
Jockum Nordström  1963, SE
Chris Ofili  1968, UK
Raymond Pettibon  1957, US
Neo Rauch  1960, DE
Ad Reinhardt  1913-1967, US
Jason Rhoades  1965-2006, US
Michael Riedel  1972, DE
Bridget Riley  1931, UK
Thomas Ruff  1958, DE
Fred Sandback  1943-2003, US
Katy Schimert  1963, US
Richard Serra  1939, US
Yutaka Sone  1965, JP
Al Taylor  1948-1999, US
Diana Thater  1962, US
Wolfgang Tillmans  1968, DE
Luc Tuymans  1958, BE
James Welling  1951, US
Doug Wheeler  1939, US
Christopher Williams  1956, US
Jordan Wolfson  1980, US
Lisa Yuskavage  1962, US
 Previous Exhibitions   272
Description and image Solo showFelix Gonzalez-Torres
  Solo showJohn McCracken
  Solo showAl Taylor - Early Paintings
  Solo showAlice Neel - Uptown
  Solo showYun Hyong-keun
  Group showDrawn Together

  Group showGroup Show 65 Works Selected by James Welling
  Solo showCarol Bove - Polka Dots
  Solo showJosef Albers - Grey Steps, Grey Scales, Grey Ladders
  Solo showWilliam Eggleston - Selected Works from The Democratic Forest
  Solo showFred Sandback - Vertical Constructions
  Group showCut, Folded, Pressed & Other Actions
  Solo showOscar Murillo - through patches of corn, wheat and mud
Description Group showPeople Who Work Here
Description Solo showSigmar Polke: Eine Winterreise
  Solo showJordan Wolfson
Description and image Solo showLuc Tuymans - Le Mépris
Description and image Solo showStan Douglas - The Secret Agent
Description and image Solo showThomas Ruff - press++
  Solo showMichael Riedel
  Solo showKarla Black
  Solo showSherrie Levine
Description and image Solo showDoug Wheeler - Encasements
Description Group showMarcel Dzama and Raymond Pettibon - Forgetting the Hand
Description and image Solo showYutaka Sone - Day and Night
Description and image Group showConcrete Cuba -

Description and image Solo showJames Welling - Choreograph
  Solo showDonald Judd
  Solo showGiorgio Morandi
Description Solo showBridget Riley
Description and image Solo showIsa Genzken
Description and image Solo showWolfgang Tillmans - PCR
Description and image Solo showDe Wain Valentine - Works from the 1960s and 1970s
  Solo showYayoi Kusama - Give Me Love
  Group showGroup Show Selections from the Kramarsky Collection
  Solo showRichard Serra - Equal
Description and image Solo showLisa Yuskavage
  Solo showPhilip-Lorca diCorcia - East of Eden
  Group showSystem and Vision
  Solo show Palermo Works 1973-1976
Description and image Solo showSuzan Frecon - oil paintings and sun
Description and image Solo showAlice Neel - Drawings and Watercolors 1927-1978
Description and image Solo showAl Taylor - Pet Stains, Puddles, and Full Gospel Neckless
Description and image Solo showJan Schoonhoven
Description and image Solo showMamma Andersson - Behind the Curtain
Description and image Solo showDiana Thater - Science, Fiction

Description and image Solo showRichard Serra - Vertical and Horizontal Reversals
  Solo showChristopher Williams
  Solo showNeo Rauch - At the Well
  Solo showFranz West
Description and image Solo showJason Rhoades - PeaRoeFoam
Description and image Solo showTomma Abts
Description Solo showMarcel Dzama - Une Danse des Bouffons (A Jester's Dance)
Description and image Solo showJames Bishop
Description and image Group showPaintings on Paper
Description Group showTo do as one would
  Group showNo Problem: Cologne/New York 1984-1989
  Solo showOscar Murillo A Mercantile Novel
  Group showThe Upper Room: Sharing Space
  Solo showMichael Riedel Laws of Form
  Solo showJordan Wolfson
  Solo showKarla Black
  Solo showDoug Wheeler
  Solo showAl Taylor
  Group showGroup Show Prints
  Solo showStan Douglas - Luanda-Kinshasa

  Solo showYutaka Sone - Sculpture
  Solo showYayoi Kusama - Who Have Arrived In Heaven
  Solo showAd Reinhardt
  Solo showRaymond Pettibon - To Wit
  Solo showPhilip-Lorca diCorcia - Hustlers
  Solo showJohn McCracken
  Group showGroup Show
  Group showFolk Devil
  Solo showRobert Arneson - Early Work
  Solo showRaymond Pettibon - High Line Art Billboard
  Solo showJeff Koons - Gazing Ball
  Solo show Palermo Works on Paper 1976-1977
  Solo showEarly Work
  Solo showAbove and Below
  Solo showphotograms and ma.r.s.
  Solo showAlan Uglow
  Solo showPowerPoint
  Group showDan Flavin and Donald Judd
  Solo showpaper
  Solo showFrancis Al˙s - Reel-unreel

  Solo showReel-unreel
  Solo showThe Summer is Over
  Solo showAllo!
  Solo showToba Khedoori
  Solo showJames Welling Overflow
  Solo showAl Taylor Pass the Peas and Can Studys
  Solo showBlack Paintings
  Solo showLate Portraits & Still Lifes
  Solo showStan Douglas - Disco Angola
  Solo showFred Sandback
  Solo showAdel Abdessemed - Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf
  Solo showDoug Wheeler
  Solo showOn Kawara - Date Painting(s) In New York And 136 Other Cities

  Solo showMichaël Borremans
  Solo showNeo Rauch
  Solo showLisa Yuskavage
  Solo showRaoul De Keyser
  Solo showYutaka Sone
  Group showThe House Without the Door
  Solo showDonald Judd
  Solo showStan Douglas
  Solo showBehind every curtain
  Solo showMichael Riedel - The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
  Solo showMarcel Dzama - Behind Every Curtain
  Solo showPhilip-Lorca diCorcia - ELEVEN
  Solo showChristopher Williams

  Solo showHard in the Paint
  Solo showCorporate
  Solo showMichael Heizer - Works from the 1960s and 70s
  Solo showNew Works in Bronze and Steel
  Solo showRim Jobs and Sideffects
  Solo showRecent Painting
  Group showThe Evryali Score
  Solo showRoxys
  Solo showWho is sleeping on my pillow
  Solo showGlass House
  Solo showAgainst the Wall
  Solo showThe Bible Illuminated: R. Crumb's Book of Genesis
  Solo showThomas Ruff
  Solo showDiana Thater - Between Science and Magic
  Group showPrimary Atmospheres: Works from California 1960-1970

  Solo showDan Flavin
  Solo showTerminus: Drawings (1979-1982) and Recent Paintings
  Solo showChris Ofili - Afro Margin
  Group show6 works, 6 rooms
  Solo showAlice Neel - Selected Works
  Solo showAdel Abdessemed - RIO
  Solo showThousand
  Solo showLisa Yuskavage
  Solo showOne Million Years
  Solo showFred Sandback

  Solo showMichael Rieler- Filmed Film
  Solo showJohn McCracken
  Solo showProject for the new american century
  Solo showThe Monster
  Group showPaul Bloodgood, Leonard Bullock, Greg Kwiatek
  Solo showMarlen Dumas
  Solo showNeo Rauch
  Solo showJames Welling: "Works 1980-2008"
  Solo showMarcel Dzama: Even the Ghost of the Past
  Solo showDaniel Richter
Description Solo showLuc Tuymans "Forever. The Management of Magic"
  Solo showChristopher Williams
  Solo showDiana Thater

  Solo showJason Rhoades - Black Pussy
  Solo showThomas Ruff
  Solo showChris Ofili - Devil's Pie
  Solo showRaymond Pettibon - Here´s Your Irony Back
  Group showa point in space is a place for an argument
  Solo showYan Pei-Ming
  Solo showR. Crumb
  Solo showYutaka Sone
  Solo showJames Welling
  Group showGordon Matta- Clark & Rirkrit Tiravanija
  Solo showFrancis Alys
  Solo showToba Khedoori
  Solo showIsa Genzken
  Solo showStan Douglas - Klatsassin

  Solo showFred Sandback - Large Scale Sculpture
  Solo showLisa Yuskavage
  Solo showRaoul De Keyser
  Solo showJockum Nordström
  Solo showJohn McCracken
  Solo showRosa Loy
  Solo showMamma Anderson
  Solo showKaty Schimert
  Solo showMichaël Borremans - Horse Hunting
  Solo showChristopher Williams

  Solo showMichael S. Riedel - Neo
  Solo showLuc Tuymans - Proper
  Solo showMarcel Dzama - The Course of Human History Personified
  Group showEarly Work
  Solo showNeo Rauch - Renegaten
  Solo showJames Welling - New Work
  Solo showThomas Ruff - New Work
  Solo showIsa Genzken - New Work
  Solo showDiana Thater - Continuous. Contiguous.

  Solo showRaymond Pettibon - New Work
  Solo showStan Douglas - Cuba
  Solo showOn Kawara - Paintings of 40 Years
Description and image Group showHappy Days are Here Again
  Solo showDaniel Richter - The Morning After
Description and image Solo showBingo and related works - Gordon Matta Clark
  Solo showYutaka Sone

Description and image Group showMarcel Dzama - New Work / Jockum Nordström - New Work
  Solo showJohn McCracken - John McCracken
Description and image Solo showRaoul De Keyser - Remnants
Description and image Solo showJason Rhoades - Meccatuna
Description and image Group showBright Lights, Big City
Description and image Solo showThomas Ruff - New Work
Description and image Solo showLuc Tuymans - Fortune
Description and image Solo showStan Douglas - Suspiria
Description and image Solo showMichaël Borremans - Trickland
Description and image Solo showRaymond Pettibon - New Work

Description and image Solo showChristopher Williams
Description and image Solo showToba Khedoori
Description and image Solo showJason Rhoades - PeaRoeFoam
Description and image Solo showNeo Rauch
  Solo showJockum Nordström
Description and image Solo showGordon Matta-Clark - A W-Hole House and Selected Drawings

  Solo showStan Douglas - Journey into Fear
  Group showI Love NY Benefit
  Solo showThomas Ruff - l.m.v.d.r.
  Group showNew York ca. 1975
  Solo showRaoul De Keyser - Come on, play it again
  Solo showDiana Thater - the sky is unfolding under you
  Solo showRaymond Pettibon - The Books 1978-2001
  Solo showKaty Schimert
  Solo showOn Kawara - OneMillion Years (Past and Future)

  Solo showLuc Tuymans - Mwana Kitoko: Beautiful White Man
  Solo showJason Rhoades - of perfect world
  Solo showUlrike Ottinger - Stills 1971 - 1989
  Solo showThomas Ruff - Nudes
  Solo showChristopher Williams
  Solo showNeo Rauch
  Solo showRaymond Pettibon

Description Solo showGordon Matta-Clark
  Solo showYutaka Sone
  Solo showToba Khedoori
  Solo showFranz West - New Sculptures and Installations
  Solo showRachel Khedoori
  Group showFive Years (1993 - 1998)
  Group showJason Rhoades - Paul McCarthy

  Solo showLuc Tuymans - Security
  Solo showStan Douglas - Detroit Photos
  Solo showKaty Schimert - Sculpture, Wall drawings, Drawings and a Super-8 Film
  Group showFranz West - Heimo Zobernig
  Group showConceptual Photography from the 60s and 70s
  Solo showMarcel Dzama and Video Library

  Group showPlaces that are Elsewhere
  Solo showRaymond Pettibon
  Solo showRichard Jackson
  Solo showJohn McCracken
  Solo showJason Rhoades
  Solo showSomeone else with my fingerprints

  Solo showStan Douglas
  Solo showFranz West
  Solo showLuc Tuymans
  Solo showKeith Tyson
  Solo showToba Khedoori
  Solo showRoger Newton
  Solo showDiana Thater
  Group showSampler 2 - More videos from Southern California

  Solo showMarcel Broodthaers
  Solo showRaymond Pettibon
  Solo showSigmar Polke - Works on Paper from the 1960's
  Group showMike Ballou; Douglas Kolk; Roger Newton and Jeffrey Wisniewski
  Group showFrancis Picabia and Luc Tuymans
  Solo showStan Douglas
  Group showMike Kelley; Paul McCarthy; Bruce Nauman; Franz West

  Solo showLuc Tuymans - Superstition
  Solo showFranz West - Home Elements (A Retrospective)
  Group showSummer Group Show
  Group showRachel Khedoori and Toba Khedoori
  Solo showDietrich Orth - Paintings & Works on Paper
  Solo showGerhard Richter - Prints & Multiples 1966-1993

  Solo showKevin Landers
  Solo showGavin Brown
  Solo showDiana Thater - Late and Soon: Occident Trotting
  Solo showJason Rhoades
  Group showSam Samore; Kerri Scharlin; and Jane & Louise Wilson
  Solo showFrederick Einhorn - Carnival of Souls
  Group showComing to Power: 25 years of Sexually X-plicit Art by Women
  Solo showStan Douglas - Hors-champ
  Solo showFranz West
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