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DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

Public Institution
DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum
51 Sandy Pond Road
Lincoln, MA 01773 781/259-8355
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +1 781 259 8355
fax +1 781 259 3650
Opening hours:
Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su  11:00-17:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Sol LeWitt  8
Nam June Paik  45
Walker Evans  138
Jim Dine  145
William Eggleston  253

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Gyorgy Kepes  7271 7
Harold Edgerton  1589 6
Larry Fink  5409 6

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 328 50
  Pace Gallery - NY, USA 90 4
  Paula Cooper Gallery, USA 53 5
  Fischbach Gallery, USA 53 2
  Whitney Museum of American Art, USA 51 33

 Public exhibitions   1
01.03. - 01.05. (2 days remaining)
Description Solo showFerma (5)
Foundation year: 1950
Ahmed Abdalla  1935, EG
David Akiba  
Laylah Ali  1968, US
Ri Anderson  
Laura Anderson Barbata  1958, MX
James Aponovich  1948, US
Jan Arabas  1958, US
David Armstrong  1954-2014, US
Ben Aronson  1958, US
Ilan Averbuch  1953, IL
Elizabeth Awalt  1956, US
Peggy Badenhausen  
Fletcher Benton  1931, US
Louisa Bloomstein  
Steven Bogart  1954
Jonathan Bonner  1947, US
Chakaia Booker  1953, US
Bessie Boris  
Doug Bosch  1966, US
Joan Braderman  , US
Dove Bradshaw  1949, US
Stephan Brigidi  
Rick Brown  1948, US
John Buck  1946, US
Ambreen Butt  1969, PK
Harry Callahan  1912-1999, US
Harriet Casdin-Silver  1925-2008, US
Cosimo Cavallaro  1962, CA
Robert Cottingham  1935, US
Caroline Blessing Bowne Court  1946, US
Allan Rohan Crite  1910-2007, US
Leila Daw  1950, US
Dorothy Dehner  1901-1994, US
Michael Dennis  1941, US
Jim Dine  1935, US
Stephen DiRado  
Carlos Dorrien  1948, AR
Jim Dow  1942, US
Kathleen Driscoll  1955, US
Alfred Duca  1920-1997, US
K. E. Duffin  
Breon Dunigan  1961, US
Jason Duval  
Paul D'Amato  1956, US
Harold Edgerton  1903-1990, US
William Eggleston  1939, US
Frank Egloff  1948, US
Chris Enos  1944, US
Marty Epp  
Linda Etcoff  1952, US
Walker Evans  1903-1975, US
Phyllis Ewen  
Larry Fink  1941, US
Lars Fisk  1970, US
Audrey Flack  1931, US
Sean Foley  1969, US
Mark Fredenburg  1955, US
Christopher Frost  1966, US
Arthur Ganson  1955, US
Randy Garber  
Dore Gardner  
Aristotle Georgiades  , US
Gregory Gillespie  1936-2000, US
Charles Ginnever  1931, US
Len Gittleman  1932, US
Frank Gohlke  1942, US
Stephen Golding  
Jane Goldman  1951, US
George Greenamyer  1939, US
Cathryn Griffin  1955
Nancy Hagin  1940, US
Peter Haines  1942, US
Marcus Halevi  
Michael Hansel  1958, US
Russell Hart  
Jeffrey Hartman  
John Woodsum Hatch  1920-1998
Lyn Hayden  1944, US
Anna Hepler  1969, US
David Hilliard  1964, US
Joseph Hodgson  
Steve Hollinger  1962, US
Anthony Howe  1954, US
Bryan Hunt  1947, US
Paul Ickovic  1944, CZ
Michiyo Ihara  1928, FR
Joel Janowitz  1945, US
Howard Johnson  1950, US
Kahn & Selesnick  UK, US
Joanna Kao  
Lila Katzen  1932-1998, US
Peter Kayafas  
Rockwell Kent  1882-1971, US
Gyorgy Kepes  1906-2001, HU
Catherine Kernan  1948, US
Linda Kimmerling  
Bruce Anthony King  1934, CA
Rodger Kingston  
Mary Kocol  1962, US
Cal Kowal  1944, US
Dennis Kowal  1937, US
Daniel Ladd  1948, US
Aida Laleian  1955, RO
Mary Lang  
Judith Larsen  
William Lasansky  1938, AR
Lei-sanne Doo  
Annette Lemieux  1957, US
Dennis Leon  1933-1998, UK
Nina Levy  1967, US
Sol LeWitt  1928-2007, US
Alexander Liberman  1912-1999, US
Sandy Litchfield  1966, US
Marcia Lloyd  
Robert Lobe  1945, US
Alex S. MacLean  1947, US
Salvatore Mancini  
Ilana Manolson  
Melleta Marx  
Jane Masters  1962, UK
Paul Matisse  1933, US
Michael Mazur  1935-2009, US
Joyce McDaniel  1936, US
Laura McPhee  1958, US
Mark Mennin  1960, US
Conger Metcalf  1914-1998, US
Joel Meyerowitz  1938, US
Lisette Model  1906-1983, AT
David Moore  1927-2003, AU
Abelardo Morell  1948, CU
Maud Morgan  1903-1999, US
Jennifer Moses  
Maria Muller  , DE
Reuben Nakian  1897-1986, US
Eric Nelson  1945, US
Arnold Newman  1918-2006, US
George Nick  1927, US
Nicholas Nixon  1947, US
Elliot Offner  1931-2010, US
Debra Olin  
David Ortins  1955, US
John O'Reilly  1930, US
Nam June Paik  1932-2006, US, KR
Annu Palakunnathu Matthew  1964, UK
Albert Paley  1944, US
Tod Papageorge  1940, US
Greg Parker  , US
Roberta Paul  1956, US
Beverly Pepper  1922, US
Jennifer Perry  
Scott Peterman  1968, US
Marianna Pineda  1925-1996, US
Peter Plamondon  1944, US
Arthur Polonsky  1925, US
Katherine Porter  1941, US
Scott Prior  1949, US
John Raimondi  1948, US
Daniel Ranalli  1946, US
Neal Rantoul  
Janice Redman  1963, UK
Michael Rees  1960, US
George Rickey  1907-2002, US
Ron Rizzi  
Celeste Roberge  1951, US
Richard Rosenblum  1940-2000
Richard Rothschild  1926, US
Ron Rudnicki  1956, US
Ursula von Rydingsvard  1942, DE
Dana Salvo  1952, US
Robert Schelling  1960, US
William Shattuck  1950, US
Ed Shay  1947, US
Julia Shepley  
Mary Sherwood  
Heddi Siebel  
Robert Siegelman  
Gail Simpson  , US
Aaron Siskind  1903-1991, US
Neal Slavin  1941, US
Kenneth Snelson  1927-2016, US
Herb Snitzer  1932, US
Jane South  1965, UK
Carol Spack  1954, US
Sam Spiczka  1977, US
Blane de St. Croix  , US
Ed Stitt  
David Stromeyer  1946, US
Mark di Suvero  1933, US
Barbara Swan  
Matthew Swarts  1970, US
George Tice  1938, US
Hugh Townley  1923-2008, US
Arnold Trachtman  1930, US
Willard Traub  
William Tucker  1935, UK
Brian Ulrich  1971, US
Boaz Vaadia  1951, IL
Paul Voss  1967, US
Kitty Wales  1957, US
Bradford Washburn  1910-2007, US
Joseph Wheelwright  1948, US
Helen Miranda Wilson  1948, US
John Wilson  1922-2015, US
Ellen Wineberg  
Cary Wolinsky  1947, US
Terry Wrightson  
Makoto Yabe  1947, JP
Tom Young  1951, US
 Previous Exhibitions   132
  Group showOvergrowth
  Group showLotte Jacobi, Lisette Model: Urban Camera

Description Group showDrawing Redefined
  Group showThe Sculptor's Eye: Prints, Drawings, and Photographs from the Collection
  Group showArchitectural Allusions
  Group showWalking Sculpture 1967–2015
  Group showIntegrated Vision: Science, Nature, and Abstraction in the Art of Len Gittleman and György Kepes

Description and image Group showWalden, revisited
Description Group showThe Social Medium
Description Solo showPlatform 15: Oscar Tuazon, Partners
  Solo showTim de Christopher - The Fruit of Our Labors
  Solo showIan Hamilton Finlay - Arcadian Revolutionary and Avant-Gardener
  Solo showLesley Dill
  Solo showRoberley Bell - The Shape of the Afternoon
  Solo showAlix Pearlstein - The Park

  Solo showOrly Genger - Red, Yellow and Blue
  Group showThe 2013 deCordova Biennial
  Solo showPlatform 12: Aaron Stephan - Secondhand Utopias
  Group showWork Out
  Solo showTony Feher
  Group showPaint Things: Beyond The Stretcher
  Solo showAmong From With Andrew Witkin: Platform 11

  Solo showJulianne Swartz: How Deep is Your
  Solo showPlatform 10: Dan Peterman
  Group showJean Shin and Brian Ripel: Retreat
  Solo showGary Webb: Mr. Jeans
  Solo showPlatform 9: Jedediah Caesar
  Group showsecond nature: abstract photography then and now
  Group showThe 2012 deCordova Biennial

  Group showPlatform 8: Soo Sunny Park And Spencer Topel, Capturing Resonance
  Group showTemporary Structures: Performing Architecture in Contemporary Art
  Solo showPlatform 7: Tory Fair, Testing A World View (again)
  Group showWall Works
  Solo showUrsula von Rydingsvard: Sculpture
  Solo showAndy Goldsworthy: Snow
  Solo showRachel Perry Welty - 24/7
  Solo showLucien Aigner: Photo/Story
  Solo showPLATFORM 6: Barbara Gallucci, Utopiary Terrace
  Group showDrawing with Code: Works from the Anne and Michael Spalter Collection

  Solo showPLATFORM 5: Stratimentation: Investigations of a Metamorphic Landscape
  Solo showExisted
  Solo showRubbers
  Solo showPLATFORM 4: Type A: Barrier
  Solo showPLATFORM 3: Halsey Burgund, Scapes
  Solo showChakaia Booker: In and Out
  Group showThe 2010 DeCordova Biennial

  Solo showPLATFORM 2: Eric Hongisto
  Group showOut of the Box: Photography Portfolios from the Permanent Collection
  Solo showLalla Essaydi: Les Femmes du Maroc
Description Solo showPlatform 1: Andrew Mowbray
  Solo showJules Aarons: In the Jewish Neighborhoods, 1946-1976
Description Group showThe Old, Weird America: Folk Themes in Contemporary Art
  Group showPower Structures
  Group showCarlson/Strom: New Performance Video
  Solo showTabitha Vevers: Narrative Bodies
  Solo showCollection Highlight: Harold Tovish

  Group showFace to Face: Challenging Traditional Portraiture
  Group showDrawn to Detail
  Solo showLaylah Ali: Notes/Drawings/Untitled Afflictions
  Solo showStacey Steers: Phantom Canyon
  Group showZea Mays Printmaking: The Nature of Things
  Solo showCal Lane: Crude
  Group showThe 2008 DeCordova Annual Exhibition
  Solo showPixnit: Folie Que La Nouveauté
  Group showPresumed Innocence: Photographic Perspectives of Children

  Group showMoving Through New England
  Group showTrainscape: Installation Art for Model Railroads
  Solo showRicardo Barros: Facing Sculpture
  Group showThe 2007 DeCordova Annual Exhibition
  Group showBig Bang! Abstract Painting for the 21st Century
  Solo showStephen DiRado - JUMP

  Solo showApproaches to Narrative
  Group showGoing Ape - Confronting Animals in Contemporary Art
  Solo showWilliam Tucker - Horses
  Group showSocial Studies: Documentary Photography
  Group showThe 2006 deCordova Annual Exhibition
  Solo showJames Surls - The Splendora Years, 1977–1997
  Group showRecent Print Acquisitions - The Workshop Portfolios
  Group showSoftware Art
  Group showSoftware Art

  Group showGreat Buys - Museum Purchases
  Solo showRobert Arnold - Zeno’s Paradox
  Solo showJohn Huddleston - Killing Ground
  Solo showSaga - The Journey of Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Photographs 1970–200
  Solo showCollection Highlight - Makoto Yabe
  Group showPretty Sweet - The Sentimental Image in Contemporary Art
  Solo showRobert Parke-Harrison - The Architect's Brother

  Solo showmobiustrip
  Group showAbstract Photography in the Permanent Collection
  Group showLuminous Forms - Abstractions in Color Photography
  Group showSelf-Evidence - Identity in Contemporary Art
  Solo showJirimani - An Installation by Jo Yarrington

  Solo showRon Kuivila - An Outgoing Message
  Group showDeCordova Collects - Gifts from Stephen and Sybil Stone
  Solo showDebra Weisberg - (Sub) Surface
  Solo showJoseph Wheelwright - Stone Heads and Tree Figures
  Solo showStreet Portraits, 1946-1976 - The Photographs of Jules Aarons
  Group showTools as Art - The Hechinger Collection
  Solo showRobert Kieronski - Photonic Evolution in Deep Time II
  Solo showBryan Nash Gill - Blow Down

  Group showThe Ambient Electron - Abstract Media Art
  Group showPainting in Boston - 1950-2000
  Solo showNecee Regis - Flight Patterns
  Solo showRona Pondick - New Work
  Solo showLooking at Ground Zero - Photographs by Kevin Bubriski
  Group showTwo Views of Cuba - Photographs by Lou Jones and Peter Kayafas
  Solo showArcade - Industrial Panels by Andrew Neumann

  Solo showWendy Ross - A Garden of Unearthly Delights
  Group showWater - Photographs from the Permanent Collection
  Group showLighten Up - Art with a Sense of Humor

  Group showPhotography in Boston - 1955-1985
  Group showJust the Thing! Contemporary Outdoor Sculpture and the Object
  Group showCelebrating Contemporary Art in New England: Recent Acquisitions

  Solo showRobert Arneson - Bronze Self-Portraits and Drawings
  Solo showNew Work/New England - David Hilliard
  Group showImages of Europe - Photographs from the Permanent Collection
  Group showOn the Ball - The Sphere in Contemporary Sculpture
  Solo showKarl Sims - A Video Retrospective

  Group showCity Views - Works on Paper from the Permanent Collection
  Solo showNiki Ketchman - Fabrication
  Group showAbstract Expressionism/Figurative Expressionism - Common Ground
  Group showGreat Buys - Recent Acquisitions from the Permanent Collection
  Solo showBranching - The Art of Michael Mazur
  Group showRitual Acts - Videos by Women
  Solo showNew Work/New England - Maria Muller

  Group showThe History of Video Art in Boston:Part II: The 1980s
  Solo showCarlos Dorrien: The Nine Muses and Other Projects
  Solo showSharon Daniel: Narrative Contingencies

  Solo showEdward Steichen: Photographs
  Solo showJohn Van Alstine: Vessels and Voyages

  Solo showPhotographs by David Hockney

  Solo showFrancisco Zuniga - an exhibition of sculpture and drawing
Last update: 1 March 2017
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