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Des Moines Art Center

Public Institution
Des Moines Art Center
4700 Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50312-2099
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +1 515 277 4405
fax +1 515 271 0357
Opening hours:
Tu, We, Fr, Sa  11:00-16:00
Th  11:00-21:00
Su  12:00-16:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Pablo Picasso  2
Bruce Nauman  3
Gerhard Richter  4
Joseph Beuys  5
Cindy Sherman  6

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Andy Warhol  1 5
Marcel Duchamp  25 4
Cy Twombly  87 4
Pablo Picasso  2 4

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 827 108
  Pace Gallery - NY, USA 352 54
  Leo Castelli Gallery, USA 340 33
  Whitney Museum of American Art, USA 174 79
  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), USA 145 75

Foundation year: 1948
William Anastasi  1933, US
Francis Bacon  1909-1992, IE
Bernd & Hilla Becher  DE
Robert Bechtle  1932, US
Larry Bell  1939, US
Lynda Benglis  1941, US
Joseph Beuys  1921-1986, DE
Ed Blackburn  1947, US
Bill Bomar  1919-1991, US
Jonathan Borofsky  1942, US
Louise Bourgeois  1911-2010, FR
Julie Bozzi  1943, US
Cynthia Brants  1924-2006, US
Christopher Brown  1951, US
Christopher Bucklow  1957, UK
Sophie Calle  1953, FR
Anthony Caro  1924-2013, UK
Mary Cassatt  1844-1926, US
Vija Celmins  1938, US
John Chamberlain  1927-2011, US
Chuck Close  1940, US
Miguel Condé  1939, US
Clyde Connell  1901-1998, US
Thomas Joshua Cooper  1946, US
Joseph Cornell  1903-1972, US
Tony Cragg  1949, UK
John Currin  1962, US
Richard Diebenkorn  1922-1993, US
Jim Dine  1935, US
Jean Dubuffet  1901-1985, FR
Ruud van Empel  1958, NL
Barbara Ess  1948, US
Kelly Fearing  1918, US
Lyonel Feininger  1871-1956, DE, US
Vernon Fisher  1943, US
Dan Flavin  1933-1996, US
Sam Francis  1923-1994, US
Hamish Fulton  1946, UK
Anna Gaskell  1969, US
Gilbert & George  UK
Adolph Gottlieb  1903-1974, US
Angela Grauerholz  1952, CA
Nancy Graves  1940-1995, US
Red Grooms  1937, US
Philip Guston  1913-1980, US
Raymond Hains  1926-2005, FR
Joseph Havel  1954, US
Jan Henle  1948, US
Eva Hesse  1936-1970, US
Howard Hodgkin  1932-2017, UK
Hans Hofmann  1880-1966, US
Winslow Homer  1836-1910, US
Edward Hopper  1882-1967, US
Craigie Horsfield  1949, UK
Robert Irwin  1928, US
Graciela Iturbide  1942, MX
Alain Jacquet  1939-2008, FR
Jasper Johns  1930, US
Donald Judd  1928-1994, US
Alex Katz  1927, US
Ellsworth Kelly  1923-2015, US
Rockwell Kent  1882-1971, US
William Kentridge  1955, ZA
Anselm Kiefer  1945, DE
Franz Kline  1910-1962, US
Willem de Kooning  1904-1997, NL, US
Yasuo Kuniyoshi  1889-1953, US
Sol LeWitt  1928-2007, US
Roy Lichtenstein  1923-1997, US
Richard Long  1945, UK
Morris Louis  1912-1962, US
Stanton Macdonald-Wright  1890-1973, US
Sally Mann  1951, US
Brice Marden  1938, US
Agnes Martin  1912-2004, CA
Henri Matisse  1869-1954, FR
Thomas McKenney & James Hall  
Ana Mendieta  1948-1985, CU
Melissa Miller  1951, US
Richard Misrach  1949, US
Tatsuo Miyajima  1957, JP
Henry Moore  1898-1986, UK
Yasumasa Morimura  1951, JP
Robert Motherwell  1915-1991, US
Ron Mueck  1958, AU
Vic Muñiz  1978, US
David Nash  1945, UK
Bruce Nauman  1941, US
Nic Nicosia  1951, US
Claes Oldenburg  1929, SE, US
Tony Oursler  1957, US
Georgia O'Keeffe  1887-1986, US
Richard Phillips  1962, US
Pablo Picasso  1881-1973, ES
Michelangelo Pistoletto  1933, IT
Sylvia Plimack Mangold  1938, US
Jackson Pollock  1912-1956, US
Endi Poskovic  1969
Richard Prince  1949, US
Martin Puryear  1941, US
Alan Rath  1959, US
Robert Rauschenberg  1925-2008, US
Dickson Reeder  1912-1970, US
Ad Reinhardt  1913-1967, US
Gerhard Richter  1932, DE
Dan Richter Levin  
Linda Ridgway  1947, US
Auguste Rodin  1840-1917, FR
Susan Rothenberg  1945, US
Mark Rothko  1903-1970, US
Paul Rotterdam  1939, US
Thomas Ruff  1958, DE
Ed Ruscha  1937, US
Lucas Samaras  1936, US, GR
John Singer Sargent  1856-1925, US
Kurt Schwitters  1887-1948, DE
Sean Scully  1945, IE
George Segal  1924-2000, US
Richard Serra  1939, US
Andrés Serrano  1950, US
Ben Shahn  1898-1969, US
Joël Shapiro  1941, US
Kate Shepherd  1961, US
Cindy Sherman  1954, US
Kiki Smith  1954, US
Leon Polk Smith  1906-1996, US
Lee N. Smith III  1950
Nicolas de Staël  1914-1955, FR
Ann Stautberg  1949, US
Frank Stella  1936, US
Clyfford Still  1904-1980, US
Thomas Struth  1954, DE
Hiroshi Sugimoto  1948, JP
Donald Sultan  1951, US
James Surls  1943, US
Erick Swenson  1972, US
Mark Tansey  1949, US
Alison Elizabeth Taylor  1974, US
Wolfgang Tillmans  1968, DE
Cy Twombly  1928-2011, US
Bror Utter  1913-1993, US
Bill Viola  1951, US
Lawrence Weiner  1942, US
 Previous Exhibitions   144
  Solo showIvian Maier: Through A Critical Lens
  Solo showIowa Artists 2016: Jordan Weber
  Solo showIowa Artists 2016: Alex Braidwood
  Solo showGlenn Brown
  Solo showCy Twombly: Natural Histories
Description Group showGraaaficaaa Itaaalianaaa

  Solo showIowa Artists 2015: Jessica Teckemeyer
  Solo showLaurel Nakadate: Strangers and Relations
  Group showFiber: Sculpture 1960-Present
  Solo showDeparture of the Argonaut: Prints by Francesco Clemente
Description Group showField, Road, Cloud - Art And Africa

Description Solo showIowa Artist 2014: Mitchell Squire - I Like it Here!
  Group showFrom Icon To Abstraction: Goncharova, Krunchenykh + Rozanova, And The Great War
  Group showHalston & Warhol: Silver & Suede
  Group showFrom Speaker to Receiver
  Solo showHenri Matisse - Jazz
  Solo showJesper Just: This Is a Landscape of Desire
  Solo showEtchasketchathon
  Solo showAdel Abidin / Symphony 1

  Solo showGravity and Grace - Monumental Works by El Anatsui
  Solo showRichard T. Walker: let this be us
Description Group showWild Kingdom: Prints of Britain
  Group showIowa Artists 2013: Midwest Pressed
  Solo showPhyllida Barlow: Scree
  Solo showGilad Ratman - The Days of the Family of the Bell
  Solo showIowa Artists 2013: Kathranne Knight
  Group showTransparencies - Contemporary Art & A History Of Glass
  Solo showSuperflex, Flooded McDonald's
  Group showDouble Feature - Art And The Movies
  Group showVibrations

  Solo showThomas Demand: Animations
  Group showIowa Artists 2012: Print
  Group showUntitled (Structures)
  Group showThe Whole World Was Watching - Civil Rights-era Photographs From The Menil Collection
  Solo showMark Newport, Heroic Efforts
  Group showHornets' Nest: Abstract Expressionism on Paper
  Solo showTony Feher
  Solo showKate Gilmore, Standing Here
  Solo showJackson Pollock: Mural
  Group showSideshow: Artists and the Circus
  Solo showWalkabout

  Solo showVincent van Gogh and the Psychology of Portraiture
  Solo showDario Robleto - Survival Does Not Lie In The Heavens
Description Group showBlack White Gray Blue
Description Solo showChristopher K. Ho - Lesbian Mountains in Love
Description Solo showIowa Artists 2011: Matthew Kluber
Description Solo showIowa Artists 2011: Matt Corones
  Solo showPhil Collins - Soy mi madre (I am my mother)
Description Group showSurface Value
  Solo showAnselm Reyle
  Group show1911

  Group showHenry Ossawa Tanner and his Contemporaries
  Solo showPatty Chang - Shangri-La
  Group showBad Dreams
  Solo showJeanne Mammen - City of Women
  Solo showRagnar Kjartansson - Me and My Mother
Description Group showKill Them Before They Multiply
  Group showIowa Artists 2010
  Solo showDanny Lyon: Selections From The Bikeriders
  Solo showRobyn O’Neil: The world has won. A final bow was taken
  Solo showSingle-channel 1: Elements of Displacement
  Group showNews & Nightmares - Homer, Ernst, and Wood Engraving

Description Group showReturn to Function
  Solo showTara Donovan
  Group showAfter Many Springs: Regionalism, Modernism & the Midwest
Description Group showDifferent Realities

Description Solo showYan Pei-Ming: Life Souvenir
  Group showWorld Histories
  Solo showMatthew Buckingham: Play the Story
  Group showPressing Issues

  Solo showConrad Bakker - Objects & Economies [Untitled Projects 1997–2007]
  Group showA House of Cards: Picasso & Cubism
Description and image Solo showEnrique Chagoya: Borderlandia
  Group showSign Language
  Solo showTom Sachs - Logjam
  Group showHand & Eye: Drawing from the Permanent Collections
  Group showIowa Artists 2007
  Solo showThe Oxford Project - Who We Are
  Group showMeet the New You
  Solo showHug: Recent Work by Patricia Piccinini

  Group showAisle 5
  Solo showEndi Poskovic - Large Color Woodcuts
  Group showGroup Dynamic - Portfolios, Series, and Sets
  Solo showCecily Brown
  Group showIowa Artists 2006 - There's No Place Like Home
  Solo showThe Art of Richard Tuttle
  Solo showDavid Chipperfield - Selected Civic Projects
  Solo showAlec Soth - Sleeping by the Mississippi

Description and image Solo showRed trailer motel
Description Solo showChristian Jankowski
Description Group showIowa artists 2005
Description Solo showAna Mendieta: Earth Body, Sculpture and Performance 1972–85

Description and image Group showContested Fields
Description Solo showHans Hofmann: Selections from the Berkeley Art Museum Collection
Description Group showWork Ethic
Description and image Solo showThe Paintings of Joan Mitchell

Description and image Solo showGraciela Iturbide: Images of the Spirit
Description and image Group showDebating American Modernism - Stieglitz, Duchamp, and the New York Avant-Garde
  Group showMagic Markers

  Group showMy Reality: Contemporary Art And The Culture Of Japanese Animation

  Group showAlmost Warm and Fuzzy: Childhood and Contemporary Art

  Group showShifting Visions. O’Keeffe. Guston. Richter

  Solo showMary Miss - photo/drawings
  Group showGrant Wood and William Palmer

  Solo showGlenn Ligon

  Solo showAndy Warhol - print portfolios

  Solo showLewis Baltz - Rule without exception
  Solo showPeter Halley - paintings 1989 - 1992
  Solo showSusan Rothenberg prints
  Solo showRichard Fleischner - critical distance

  Solo showMichael Peter Cain - seed images from which consciousness might construct a world
  Solo showCy Twombly

  Solo showPeter Shelton - Waxworks

  Solo showRichard Black - prints and drawings

  Solo showRobert Arneson: a retrospective

  Solo showViewpoints - Steven Campbell
  Solo showSusan Rothenberg

  Solo showJules Kirschenbaum - painting survey, 1950-1983

  Solo showGiorgio Morandi

  Solo showHerbert Ferber - sculpture, painting, drawing, 1945-1980

  Solo showAbastenia St. Leger Eberle - sculptor

  Solo showGeorge Wesley Bellows - paintings, drawings, and prints
  Solo showKeith Achepohl. Egypt: day and night

  Group showSynchromism and American Color Abstraction 1910 - 1925
  Solo showMatt Phillips: monotypes 1976-1977
  Solo showRecent drawings by Gaylord Torrence
  Solo showRecent works by Eugene L. Hamilton

  Solo showTranslations, salvages, paste-ups by Jess
  Solo showAntoni Tàpies
  Solo showFrank Limone - drawings and constructions

  Solo showMaurice Prendergast - art of impulse and color
  Solo showFlorence Kawa - recent paintings
  Solo showRichard Kelley - recent landscapes

  Solo showThe etchings of Jacques Bellange
  Solo showDean Schwarz - potter

  Solo showPaul Klee - paintings and watercolors from The Bauhaus Years ; 1921-1931

  Solo showFour paintings by Clayton Gorder

  Solo showEgon Schiele and the human form: drawings and watercolors

  Solo showUlfert Wilke - recent works
  Solo showKarl Mattern: a memorial exhibition

  Solo showThe Nazi Drawings by Mauricio Lasansky

  Solo showWill Barnet - paintings and studies
  Solo showAlexander Calder: A Retrospective Exhibition
  Solo showDaniel Rhodes - Sculpture and drawings
Last update: 29 November 2016
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