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Deweer Art Gallery

Private Gallery
Deweer Art Gallery
Tiegemstraat 6A
B-8553 Otegem
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +32-56-64 48 93
fax +32-56-64 76 85
Opening hours:
We, Th, Sa, Su  14:00-18:00
Fr  10:00-18:00
and by appointment

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Günther Förg  115
Ilya & Emilia Kabakov  197
Jan Fabre  207
Stephan Balkenhol  214
Keren Cytter  297

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Stephan Balkenhol  214 31
Jan Fabre  207 26
Panamarenko  884 19
Enrique Marty  2098 17
Georg Baselitz  15 17

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst (S.M.A.K.), Belgium 36 10
  Museum voor Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen (MuHKA), Belgium 36 7
  Luhring Augustine Gallery, USA 20 1
  Galerie Fahnemann, Germany 18 1

Foundation year: 1979
Director(s): Herr Mark Deweer, Gerald Deweer, Bart Deweer
Employees: Herr Jo Coucke
 Art Fairs
ARCO ARCO (01, 03, 08, 09, 14, 15, 16, 17)
Art Basel Art Basel (83, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98)
Art Brussels Art Brussels (02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)
Art Cologne Art Cologne (95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17)
ART FORUM Berlin (08)
Art Frankfurt (91, 92, 94)
Art Paris Art Fair Art Paris Art Fair (11)
ArtInternational Istanbul (13, 14, 15)
MiArt (17)
Michaël Aerts  1979, BE
Stephan Balkenhol  1957, DE
Sergey Bratkov  1960, UA
Keren Cytter  1977, IL
Jan De Cock  1976, BE
Jan Fabre  1958, BE
Kasia Fudakowski  1985, UK
Günther Förg  1952-2013, DE
Tatjana Gerhard  1974, CH
Ilya & Emilia Kabakov  RU
Matthew Lutz-Kinoy  1984, US
Enrique Marty  1969, ES
Benjamin Moravec  1977, FR
Panamarenko  1940, BE
Andy Wauman  1975, BE
Norbert Witzgall  1976, DE
 Previous Exhibitions   229
  Group showA Show, Inside Out (Buitensculpturen / Outdoor Sculptures)
  Solo showEnrique Marty - Sense of Failure
  Solo showBenjamin Moravec - Le Royaume Part. VI - Nous n´avions pas fini de nous parler d´amour
  Group showCollector´s Room # 14: Black / White
  Solo showAida Mahmudova - Can´t Capture the Light
  Solo showLuca Monterastelli - How to Make a Hero

Description Solo showCollector's Room # 13: Koen Vanmechelen - Diversity First
  Group showModern Talk - Günther Förg / Melissa Gordon, Thomas Kratz & George Little
Description Group showLa Transavanguardia
  Group showCollector´s Room # 12
  Solo showNasan Tur
  Group showEnrique Marty, Andy Wauman / in The Cabinet
  Solo showGabriele Beveridge - Tropisms
  Solo showJan Fabre - Vanitas Vabitatum, Omnia Vanitas
  Solo showMelissa Gordon - The Gesture is a joke
  Solo showKeren Cytter - Siren
  Solo showTatjana Gerhard - Disjecta
  Solo showAndy Wauman - Tropicalization
  Solo showJan Fabre - The Hour Blue & Thinking Models
  Solo showStephan Balkenhol
  Solo showAnna Vogel - Leaving Water

  Solo showJan Fabre - 30 Years/ 7 Rooms
  Group showCollector’s Room # 10
  Solo showThomas Kratz - Ahoi!
Description and image Group showThe Drawing Room II
  Solo showMarc Bauer - The Astronaut, 2013
  Group showCollector's Room #9
  Solo showMarc Bauer - Static/ Unfolding Time
  Solo showEnrique Marty - Reinterpretada Reinterpreted
  Solo showNorbert Witzgall - Veronica
  Group showCollector's Room #8

  Solo showGeorge Little - Wagon/Damask
  Solo showMichaël Aerts - It Was Like So, But Wasn't
Description and image Group showCollector's Room #7: 35th Anniversary Edition
  Solo showShirana Shahbazi
  Group showCollector's Room #6
  Solo showBenjamin Moravec - Le Royaume Part. V (Les Orphelins Volontaires)
  Solo showStephan Balkenhol
  Group showCollector's Room #5
  Group showStructures For Viewing
  Solo showMelissa Gordon – Modern Surfaces
  Solo showRichard Serra, Boomerang, 1974

  Solo showMatthew Lutz-Kinoy - Meadows On The Grid Float
  Solo showJan De Cock - Everything For You , Otegem
  Solo showTatjana Gerhard - Die Neuen Sterblichen
  Solo showEnrique Marty - Soft Cockney
  Solo showSergey Bratkov - Vibrat
  Solo showPanamarenko Revisited
  Solo showKasia Fudakowski - Where Is Your Alibi, Mr. Motorway?
  Solo showGünther Förg - The Double Dream Of Spring
  Group showCollector's Room #1
  Solo showKeren Cytter - Tutorial

  Group showRe-opening / Chapter I
  Group showRe-opening / Chapter II: "New Thing"
  Group showRe-opening / Chapter III: Happy People Have No Stories”
  Solo showRe-Opening / Keren Cytter: "Vengeance - Episode I" (2012)
  Solo showStephan Balkenhol
  Group showThe Drawing Room
  Solo showAndy Wauman - The golden bullet that takes a million years to hit

  Solo showMatthew Lutz-Kinoy - Say It With Flowers
  Solo showNorbert Erwin Witzgall - Nose is a nose is a nose
  Solo showMichaël Aerts - Buy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, mail - upgrade it
  Group showMaterial Spiritual World
  Solo showDone. Finished.
  Group showArt of the Loom - 32 Tapestries Woven on the Looms of Mark Deweer's Factory, Otegem, Belgium

  Solo showBenjamin Moravec - Une vie sans fin
  Solo showTatjana Gerhard - Als ob sie alles wussten
  Solo showStephan Balkenhol
  Solo showSergey Bratkov - How Much?
  Solo showEnrique Marty - Sainte Guillotine

  Solo showStefaan Dheedene - The happy end of a univocal metal taste
  Solo showMichaël Aerts - Ridge Ecstacy - New drawings and paintings
  Solo showOrloff
  Solo showSelected Works 1998 - 2006
  Solo showPost Everybody
  Solo showNeue Bilder, Eiswasser und Spiegelung
  Solo showPaintings 1986 - 2007
  Group showSecurities
  Solo showBoris Mikhailov - Dusk

  Solo showImago Mundi
  Group showUpdate
  Solo showJan Fabre--is the brain the most sexy part of the body?
  Solo showDank and Dismal
  Solo showThe Immaculate Collection
  Solo showPlight 2

  Solo showStephan Balkenhol - New Works
  Solo showReal Estate
  Solo showHans Vandekerckhove - Recent works
  Solo showKoen Vanmechelen - The Cosmopolitan Chicken
  Solo showStefaan Dheedene - backdrop
  Group showThomas Lange - Johan Tahon

  Solo showAndy Wauman - Wet Feet Bet
  Solo showJan Fabre - Landscape and Turtles
  Solo showEnrique Marty - Aim at the Brood
  Solo showSergey Bratkov - Dream Rooms
  Solo showBenjamin Moravec - happy together & mourir ensemble
  Solo showIlya & Emilia Kabakov - The Thaw

  Solo showStephan Balkenhol
  Solo showAt any price, Art!
  Group showT 142
  Group showPanamarenko - Klapperschroef - Rugzak - Met - Vliegenier (Batopillo) & others works
  Solo showKoen Vanmechelen - Cosmopolitan Chicken Project - Virtual Mechelse Fighters

  Solo showComodities
  Solo showHans Vandekerckhove - Stalking Hiëronymus

  Solo showPanamarenko @ Deweer Art Gallery, 1983-2003, van Donderwolk tot Donnariet
  Solo showKoen Vanmechelen - The Cosmopolitan Chicken Project: Ten Generations
Description and image Solo showJohan Tahon - 9
Description and image Solo showChistoph Fink - Atlas of Movements an application for Deweer Art Gallery
Description and image Solo showThomas Lange - 1983-2003

Description Solo showJosef Felix Müller - Alpen
Description and image Solo showStephan Balkenhol - New Sculptures
  Solo showRecent Acquisitions / Thomas Lange - Works on Paper
Description Solo showTony Cragg - New Sculptures

Description and image Solo showJan Fabre - Umbraculum
Description and image Solo showJohan Tahon - Stellar Octopus
Simulacra [Time - Fetishes]
Description and image Solo showKoen Vanmechelen - "The Cosmopolitan Chicken"
Description and image Solo showHans Vandekerckhove "Paintings for the perfection of systems of impassivity"

Description and image Group showLawrence Carroll & Images of People
  Solo showPanamarenko - Snijboon / Monocedo
Description and image Group show"Malerei / Malerei" - Albrecht Schnider - Günther Förg
Description and image Solo showJohan Tahon - "Traumgestalt"

  Solo show"Stephan Balkenhol" - Sculptures in wood
  Solo show"Aernout Mik" - "Piñata" video-installation
Description Group showYoung@all.ages - International Group Show With Young Artists
  Solo showFarbe Für Das Volk
  Solo showJan Fabre - Battlefields & Beekeepers

  Solo showWerkstatt Europa (Belgien)
  Solo showTony Cragg
  Group showMaquette
  Solo showHans Vandekerckhove - Hunker Bunker Tuin
  Group showJan Fabre & Ilya Kabakov : Een Ontmoeting / Vstrecha / A Meeting

  Solo showPanamarenko
  Group showPosities, Positions, Positionen < 40
  Solo showGeorg Baselitz - Tekeningen en Grafiek

  Solo showStephan Balkenhol
  Group showSnowball
  Solo showLawrence Carroll
  Solo showThomas Lange - Das Ewige Jetzt 1426-1996
  Solo showHans Vandekerckhove

  Solo showGerhard Merz
  Solo showAernout Mik
  Solo showAntonius Höckelmann
  Solo showGünther Förg
  Solo showTony Cragg

  Group showA Painting Show
  Group showIlya Kabakov, Ivan Tchouikov, Vadim Zakharov
  Solo showJosef Felix Müller
  Solo showPanamarenko - Knikkebeen & andere auto's
  Group showBaselitz, Cucchi, Paladino, Penck - Grafiek

  Solo showHans Vandekerckhove: Hortus Conclusus / Türhüter
  Solo showMarie-Jo Lafontaine - Himmel und Hölle
  Solo showStephan Balkenhol - Skulpturen 1993
  Solo showThomas Ruff
  Solo showJiri Georg Dokoupil: Werken 1990-1992

  Solo showImi Knoebel - Porträts
  Solo showIlya Kabakov - In Memory of Pleasant Recollections
  Group showScanning 1992
  Solo showAernout Mik - Für Nichts und Wieder Nichts
  Solo showJan Fabre - Een Portret
  Solo showA.R. Penck

  Group showTo Return to Base
  Group showScanning 1991
  Solo showHans Vandekerckhove: Hetaera Esmeralda
  Solo showGeorg Baselitz
  Solo showThomas Virnich

  Solo showPanamarenko
  Solo showJosef Felix Müller - Fleisch
  Solo showThomas Lange - Landschaften
  Group showScanning 1990
  Solo showGünter Brus
  Solo showStephan Balkenhol
  Group showA.R. Penck / Georg Baselitz

  Solo showAntonius Höckelmann
  Group showXth Anniversary Show
  Solo showEnzo Cucchi
  Solo showBernhard Prinz
  Solo showJan Fabre
  Solo showHaralampi Oroschakoff: Über die Liebe

  Solo showHans Vandekerckhove: Apocalypsis Cum Figuris / Sacra Conversazione
  Group showDocumenta 8
  Solo showFranky Deconinck
  Solo showAntionius Höckelmann
  Solo showJan Fabre - Modellen: 1977-1985

  Solo showJosef Felix Müller
  Group showDomenico Bianchi - Bruno Ceccobelli - Gianni Dessi - Giuseppe Gallo
  Solo showStephan Balkenhol
  Group showMicroscopia

  Group showNeue Deutsche Skulptur
  Solo showHans Vandekerckhove
  Group showFrank Dornseif and Thomas Lange
  Solo showElvira Bach
  Solo showRainer Fetting
  Solo showA.R. Penck

  Solo showJohannes Brus
  Group showOuverture
  Solo showMimmo Paladino
  Group showDuitse Grafiek
  Solo showR.e. Waydelich

  Solo showGeorg Baselitz
  Group showWerken op papier
  Solo showJoseph Willaert
  Solo showThomas Lange - Tätowiert
  Solo showElvira Bach
  Solo showJaap Schlee

  Solo showAlfred Hofkunst
  Solo showPanamarenko
  Solo showWerken op papier
  Solo showDavid Hockney
  Group showErste Konzentration

  Solo showBraco Dimitrijevic
  Group showGrafiek 82
  Solo showElias
  Solo showJoseph Willaert
  Solo showCollection I
  Solo showArman

  Solo showAlfred Hofkunst
  Group showInternationale Grafiek
  Solo showJ. Lennep

  Group showEen nieuwe figuratie
  Solo showDavid Hockney
  Solo showHugo Duchateau
  Group showInternationale Grafiek
  Solo showJoseph Willaert

  Solo showAllen Jones
  Solo showJaap Schlee
  Group showR. Guiette - A. Vanderlick - W. Van Hecke - J. Verdegem
  Solo showR.E. Waydelich & Omaggio to Michelangelo
Last update: 17 April 2017
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