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Feature Inc

Private Gallery
Feature Inc
530 W. 25TH St; Ground Floor
New York City, NY 10001
city map
hotel accommodation
+1 212 675 7772

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
B. Wurtz  2757
Richard Kern  3471
Nancy Shaver  3514
Andrew Masullo  5104
Dike Blair  5828

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
David Moreno  10898 29
Lisa Beck  7219 24
Sam Gordon  26875 21
Bill Komoski  16632 20

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  MoMA PS1, USA 13 15
  Richard Telles Fine Art, USA 11 3
  Daniel Weinberg Gallery, USA 10 8
  Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, USA 10 7

Foundation year: 1988
 Art Fairs
The Armory Show The Armory Show (00)
Art Basel Art Basel (93)
Art Frankfurt (92)
artMRKT San Francisco (12)
Dallas Art Fair (12, 13)
Independent (11, 13)
The NADA Art Fair (11, 12, 12, 13, 13)
Texas Contemporary Art Fair (13, 14)
Michael Banicki  1956, US
Gary Batty  1970, US
Lisa Beck  1958, US
Dike Blair  1952, US
Richard Bloes  1951, US
Jesse Bransford  1972, US
Bruce Brosnan  1968, US
Alex Brown  1966, US
Sam Gordon  1973, US
Mamie Holst  1961, US
Richard Kern  1954, US
Isabella Kirkland  1954, US
Bill Komoski  1954, US
Kinke Kooi  1961, NL
Michael Lazarus  1969, US
Judy Linn  1947, US
Gina Magid  1969, US
Andrew Masullo  1957, US
Tracy Miller  1966, US
David Moreno  1957, US
Jeff Ono  1973, US
Jerry Phillips  1958, US
Josh Podoll  1972, US
Richard Rezac  1952, US
Nancy Shaver  1946
David Shaw  1965, US
Cary Smith  1955, US
Ben Snead  
John Torreano  1941, US
Tyler Vlahovich  1967, US
Alan Wiener  
Kevin Wolff  
B. Wurtz  1948, US
 Previous Exhibitions   329
  Solo showDike Blair: Sculpture
  Group showEve Fowler/ Sam Gordon
  Solo showDavid Deutsch: Neighbors And Strangers
  Solo showJennifer Sirey: Sculpture
  Solo showBobbie Oliver
  Solo showRIchard Bloes
  Solo showDavid Deutsch: Neighbors & Strangers

  Solo showNathaniel Robinson: Outer Air
  Solo showAlex Brown: Common Scents
  Solo showGina Magid: paintings
  Solo showJosh Podoll: paintings
  Solo showJudy Linn: Upfront
  Solo showDouglas Melini: A Sharing Of Color And Being Part Of It
  Solo showUpfront: Jared Buckhiester
  Solo showTodd Chilton: Steady
  Solo showAlan Wiener: Sculpture
  Solo showUpfront: Bill Komoski
  Solo showtrompe l'oeil
  Solo showLisa Beck: To Here Knows When
  Solo showSecrets of the Universe
  Solo showImpossible Collisions
  Solo showJennifer Sirey
  Solo showSee, hear, remember
  Solo showTyler Vlahovich
  Solo showTodd Knopke
  Solo showAnonymous Tantra Paintings
  Group showConnected
  Solo showUpfront

  Solo showThree sisters, four beauties and a work-horse
  Solo showJoshua Hart
  Group showDavid Moreno / Jerry Phillips
  Solo showBetween Days
  Group showSelf Referral Non Objective
  Solo showBetween Days
  Solo showI Am Not Monogamus, I Heart Poetry
  Solo showNova
  Solo showCarl J. Ferrero
  Solo showEarth Wave Paintings
  Group showRebecca Potts / Jason Reppert
  Solo show69-76 Photographs of Patti Smith
  Solo showClint Jukkala
  Solo showSplat
  Solo showGary Batty
  Group showJohn Torreano over Bill Jenkins
  Solo showTracy Miller
  Solo showBill Jenkins

  Solo showCec (changing Everything Carefully)
  Solo showTodd Knopke
  Solo showAndrew Masullo
  Solo showHangup
  Solo showRichard Rezac
  Solo showDavid Shaw
  Solo showCivil Twilight
  Solo showJonathan Hartshorn
  Solo showTom of Finland and then some
  Solo showBill Komoski : recent paintings
  Solo showThe Jungle (for Norma), works on paper
  Solo showThe Fulgent Cadences
  Solo showTantra Paintings
  Solo showBill Komosk
  Solo showBen Snead

  Group showskulture
  Solo showLisa Beck : To Everything
  Solo showDavid Shaw: inuverse
  Solo showKinke Kooi : Let Me Comfort You
  Group showpopulate this form
  Solo showAlex Brown: Fodderland
  Group showhealing

  Solo showMai Braun
  Group showFranck André Jamme & Toadhouse
  Solo showDaniel Hesidence: 1 7 7 9 / Pedestrians
  Solo showRichard Kern
  Group showShit: a group exhibition

  Solo shownorth gallery: Shiva Ling
  Group showentrance: Entrance Wall Painting
  Solo shownorth gallery: John Torreano - Scapes
  Group showsouth gallery: Packedsockdrawer
  Solo showmezzanine: Steve Keister - Tollan
  Solo showentrance: John Rorreano - Orion's Curtain
  Solo shownorth gallery: Jesse Bransford - III = 260 (Mercurius)
  Solo showsouth gallery: Dike Blair
  Solo showmezzanine: Huston Ripley
  Solo showentrance: John Torreano - Orion's Curtain
  Solo shownorth gallery: Nancy Shaver - Retail
  Solo showsouth gallery: Cary Smith - The Battle of Evermore
  Group showmezzanine: Thoughts
  Solo shownorth gallery: Sam Gordon - Three Ways: painting, drawing, video
  Solo showsouth gallery: Judy Linn
  Solo showmezzanine: Dike Blair
  Solo showentrance: Sam Gordon - sketchbooks 95/06
  Solo shownorth gallery: Bruce Brosnan
  Solo showsouth gallery: Toadhouse
  Solo showmezzanine: Tracy Miller
  Solo showentrance: Sam Gordon - sketchbooks 95/06

  Solo showmezzanine: Jonathan Hartshorn
  Solo showentrance: Mai Braun
  Solo shownorth gallery: David Shaw
  Group showsouth gallery: Naoto Nakagawa, Andrew Masullo, Alexander Ross
  Solo showmezzanine: Bill Komoski
  Solo showentrance: Mai Braun
  Solo shownorth gallery: Jeff Ono
  Solo showsouth gallery: Mamie Holst
  Solo showmezzanine: Kinke Kooi
  Solo shownorth gallery: B. Wurtz
  Solo showsouth gallery: Lisa Beck - superpositioning
  Solo showmezzanine: Michael Banicki
  Solo showentrance: Lisa Beck
  Solo shownorth gallery: Ben Snead
  Solo showsouth gallery & mezzanine: Josh Podoll
  Solo showDont´t be Afraid of the Dark
  Solo showsouth gallery: David Moreno - Television Noise
  Solo showmezzanine: Jesse Bransford
  Solo shownorth gallery: Lucky DeBellevue
  Solo showsouth gallery: Tyler Vlahovich
  Solo showmezzanine: Howard Johnson - Drawings from the Enpsycholphilia, Hexsexus Series
  Solo shownorth gallery: Tracy Miller
  Solo showsouth gallery: Gary Batty
  Solo showmezzanine: Sam Gordon - Sketch books 95-05 and Thoughtographs

  Solo shownorth gallery: Michael Lazarus: Hold Your Mistake Up
  Solo showsout gallery: Kevin Wolff
  Solo showentire gallery: Tom Friedman
  Group shownorth gallery: Meditative
  Solo showmezzanine: David Moreno: Quietly Oscillating
  Solo showsouth gallery: Richard Bloes
  Group showThe Sun rises in the Evening
  Solo shownorth and south gallery: Alexander Ross
  Solo showmezzanine: Isabella Kirkland
  Solo shownorth gallery: Jason Fox
  Solo showsouth gallery: Richard Rezac

  Solo showRichard Kern
  Solo showLily Van Der Stokker
  Solo showDaniel Hesidence
  Solo showBruce Brosnan
  Solo showJerry Phillips
  Group showItsy Bitsy Spider
  Solo showDavid Shaw: Sculpture and Drawings
  Solo showBill Komoski: Paintings
  Solo showDaniel Hesidence: Painting
  Solo showAlex Brown: Paintings
  Solo showNancy Shaver: Sculpture
  Solo showDike Blair: Sculpture and Gouaches
  Solo showJesse Bransford: Drawings and Wall Painting
  Solo showDavid Shaw: Drawing and Sculpture
  Group showGallery artists
  Solo showmezzanine
  Solo showJohn Torreano: Paintings and Drawings
  Group showJesse Bransford and Lorenzo De Los Angeles: Collaborations

  Solo showTracy Miller: Paintings
  Solo showAlex Brown: Painting
  Group showFright Wig
  Solo showAlexander Ross: Paintings and Drawings
  Solo showDavid Robbins: Photographs
  Solo showVincent Fecteau: Sculptures
  Solo showJosh Podoll: Paintings
  Solo showTyler Vlahovich: Paintings
  Group showMighty Graphitey
  Solo showMichael Banicki: Paintings
  Solo showMichael Lazarus: Paintings and prints
  Group showSmall Sculpture and Anonymous Tantra Paintings on Paper
  Solo showIsabella Kirkland: Painting
  Solo showTom Friedman: Some New Work
  Solo showSam Gordon: Paintings and Photographs
  Solo showMamie Holst: Paintings
  Solo showJason Fox: Drawings
  Solo showBen Snead: Paintings
  Solo showNancy Shaver: Sculpture
  Solo showDavid Shaw: Sculpture

  Solo showB. Wurtz: Sculpture
  Solo showGary Batty: Drawings
  Solo showAlexander Ross: Paintings and Drawings
  Solo showAlan Wiener: Recent sculpture
  Solo showRoy McMakin: Sculpture
  Solo showKevin Wolff: Paintings and Drawings
  Solo showAlex Grey: Recent paintings
  Solo showBruce Brosnan: Sculpture
  Solo showPerfume Bottles
  Group showRandy Wray: Sculpture / Lorenzo De Los Angeles: Drawing
  Group showIsabella Kirkland: Painting / Michael St. John: Painting and Sculpture
  Solo showpaintings
  Solo showJerry Phillips: Drawings
  Solo showLisa Beck: Wall Painting and Sculpture
  Solo showRichard Rezac: Sculpture
  Solo showKinke Kooi: Drawings
  Solo showDaniel Hesidence: Selected Works From Various Volumes of The Whole
  Solo showTracy Miller: Paintings
  Solo showJohn Torreano: Panel Paintings and Wall Balls
  Solo showLucky DeBellevue: Sculpture
  Solo showDavid Moreno: Drawings
  Solo showNancy Shaver: Painted Sculpture
  Solo showJudy Linn: Color Photographs

  Solo showRichard Bloes: Video sculpture and photographs
  Solo showJesse Bransford: Drawings
  Solo showJeff Ono: Sculpture
  Solo showB. Wurtz: Sculpture
  Solo showDike Blair: Sculpture and Paintings
  Group showDavid Shaw: Drawings / Ben Snead: Paintings
  Solo showMamie Holst: Paintings from the series Landscape Before Dying
  Solo showAlex Brown: Paintings
  Solo showJim Isermann: Painted Vacuum form ABS plastic panels
  Solo showMartin Silverman: Cut Ups
  Group showRunning in Flip-Flops
  Solo showJason Fox: paintings
  Solo showRichard Kern, photographs
  Group showBruce Brosnan: sculpture/Bill Komoski: paintings
  Group showAnother, Once Again, Many Times More
  Solo showMichael Lazarus: Exceptance
  Group showRichard Rezac: sculpture/Gary Batty: drawings
  Solo showRoy McMakin: Space
  Solo showDavid Robbins: recent work

  Group showMamie Holst: paintings/Tracy Miller: paintings
  Group showOpen the pod bay doors Hal
  Solo showAlexander Ross: paintings and drawings
  Solo showRichard Bloes: video sculpture
  Solo showSam Gordon: paintings and photographs
  Group showJudy Linn: photographs/Lorenzo De Los Angeles: drawings
  Group showGrok Terence McKenna Dead
  Group showThe Life Casts of Cynthia Plaster Caster: 1968-2000 in collaboration with Thread Waxing Space
  Solo showLucky DeBellevue: sculpture
  Group showAintings and Rawings
  Group showJohn Torreano: paintings/Alan Wiener: sculpture
  Solo showJerry Phillips: drawing
  Solo showTom Friedman: new work
  Solo showB. Wurtz: buttons, part 2
  Group showHairy Forearm's Self-Referral
  Solo showB. Wurtz: buttons, part 1
  Group showHairy Forearm

  Solo showLily van der Stokker: wall paintings
  Solo showDavid Shaw: new work
  Group showmezzanine: Jason Fox, David Shaw
  Solo showAlex Brown: painting
  Group showDrawings
  Solo showBill Komoski: new paintings
  Group showUp Your Head: Lisa Beck, Dike Blair, Lucky DeBellevue
  Group showJason Fox / Chris Hammerlein: drawings
  Group showgallery artists
  Solo showDavid Moreno: paintings
  Solo showMichael Banicki: Bottlecap Figures Rating
  Group showoffice: Sam Gordon, Kinke Kooi, Jerry Phillips
  Group showoffice: Jesse Bransford, Jason Fox, Michael Rodriguez
  Solo showSam Gordon: paintings
  Solo showAlan Wiener: sculpture
  Group showgallery artists

  Group showoffice: Sam Gordon, Michael Lazarus, Jon McCafferty
  Solo showKinke Kooi: Taking the Vague as Being True
  Group showPudding
  Group showYoyogaga
  Group showoffice: Dike Blair, Jerry Phillips, B. Wurtz
  Solo showDike Blair: Transcendental Decoration
  Solo showJerry Phillips: drawings
  Group showoffice: Michael Lazarus, David Moreno, Michael Rodriguez
  Group showoffice: Jesse Bransford, Lucky DeBellevue, Richard Hawkins, Alexander Ross, David Shaw
  Solo showMonica Majoli: paintings
  Solo showB. Wurtz: altered photographs
  Solo showJesse Bransford: drawings
  Group showRichard Hawkins/Scott Hug/Jeff Ono
  Solo showRaghubir Singh: Icons
  Solo showJochen Klein: paintings
  Group showoffice: Alex Brown, Bill Komoski, Kevin Wolff
  Solo showAlex Brown: paintings
  Solo showJusten Ladda: Rear Views
  Solo showVincent Fecteau: sculpture
  Group showPaintings: Lisa Beck, Bill Komoski, David Moreno, John Torreano
  Group show25/34 Photographers: Ralf Marsault and Heino Muller collaboration selections from Fin de Siecle
  Group showScience
  Solo showMichael Lazarus: paintings
  Group showoffice: Bome, Jesse Bransford, Richard Hawkins, David Robbins, Alexander Ross
  Solo showTakashi Murakami: Hiropon, Project Koko, Pity, Sakurako Jet Airplane a Nos. 1-6
  Group showDrawers
  Solo showAlexander Ross: paintings
  Solo showBome: models
  Group showoffice: Jason Fox, Richard Kern

  Solo showRichard Kern: photographs
  Solo showLily van der Stokker: Something: sculpture and drawings
  Solo showJason Fox: new paintings and sculpture
  Group showoffice: Jochen Klein, David Moreno, Takashi Murakami, Alexander Ross
  Solo showTom Friedman: new work
  Solo showDike Blair: Transcendental Decoration
  Solo showJerry Phillips: drawings
  Group showoffice: Michael Lazarus, David Moreno, Michael Rodriguez
  Solo showMichael Rodriguez: paintings
  Solo showLucky DeBellevue: sculpture
  Group showgroup: Jesse Bransford, Judy Linn, Alexander Ross, Alan Wiener
  Group showoffice: Alex Brown, Lucky DeBellevue, Michael Lazarus, Jim Shaw
  Group showHello: Dike Blair, Vincent Fecteau, Richard Hawkins, B. Wurtz
  Group showoffice: Lucky DeBellevue, Michael Lazarus, B. Wurtz
  Solo showSam Gordon: drawings and photographs
  Group showgnarleyand: Steve DiBenedetto, Jason Fox, Richard Hawkins, Bill Komoski
  Group showCandy Darling, Always a Lady: Devotional Icons and Memorabilia
  Group showoffice: Naomi Ben-Shahar, Bill Komoski, Michelle Lopez
  Solo showNaomi Ben-Shahar: photography
  Solo showJoe Cavallaro: sculpture and collage
  Solo showRichard Bloes: video sculpture
  Group showeast gallery: Tom Friedman, Takashi Murakami
  Group showoffice: Vincent Fecteau, Jerry Phillips, Brett Reichman
  Solo showJudy Linn: photography
  Solo showB. Wurtz: sculpture
  Solo showLisa Beck: installation
  Group showgroup
  Solo showDavid Moreno: paintings and sculpture
  Group showDavid Robbins: Fuck Buttons & Dike Blair: The New Sobriety

  Group showHers was a ghost face at the window in a dream; and then the glass pane turned into a drowned face staring up from the..
  Solo showBill Komoski: paintings
  Solo showRomain Slocombe: photographs
  Solo showJim Isermann: Cubeweave
  Group showOffice: Bill Komoski, David Robbins, Alexander Ross
  Group showMichael Banicki: ratings / David Robbins: drawings
  Group showMichelle Lopez: leather works/Alexander Ross: relief pieces
  Group showgroup
  Group showOffice: Bill Komoski, Michael Lazarus, Alexander Ross
  Solo showRichard Hawkins: new work
  Solo showREX: ink drawings 1982-1996
  Group showHung Gurus: the Extreme Homoerotics of Bastille, The Hun, and Gengoroh Tagame
  Solo showShinichiro Akasaka: paintings
  Group showRachel Harrison & Michael Lazarus
  Group showAbFab
  Group showOffice: Bill Komoski, David Moreno, Brett Reichman
  Solo showTakashi Murakami: sculpture and paintings
  Solo showVincent Fecteau: new work
  Solo showBrett Reichman: Sleepy Hollow
  Group showOffice: Richard Kern, Gavin Wilson
  Group showLisa Beck & Lucky DeBellevue
  Solo showRichard Kern: Nudes
  Group showSculpture Incorporating Photography
  Solo showTom Friedman
  Group showGroup
  Group showSmall Gallery

  Group showRepresentational Drawings

  Group showAnd :

  Group showUp With People
Last update: 25 October 2016
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