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Fischbach Gallery

Private Gallery
Fischbach Gallery
20 Island Avenue #1104
Miami Beach, FL 33139
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +1212 759 2345
fax +1 212 366 1783

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Milton Avery  3167
Joe Brainard  9748
Nancy Hagin  23003
Alice Dalton Brown  28946
Brad Marshall  40398

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Alice Dalton Brown  28946 46
Nancy Hagin  23003 43
Leigh Behnke  63279 38
Glen Hansen  50200 33
Denise Mickilowski  50689 32

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 25 2
  George Krevsky Gallery, USA 18 3
  Alpha Gallery, USA 13 2
  DC Moore Gallery, USA 12 1
  Richard Gray Gallery - Chicago, USA 11 1

 Public exhibitions   1
18.05. - 18.08. (still more than 2 months)
  Solo showBrad Marshall - Cinque Terra
Foundation year: 1960
 Art Fairs
The ADAA Art Show (07, 10, 13)
Art Cologne Art Cologne (68)
ART20 (08)
Dallas Art Fair (09)
Red Dot Art Fair (07, 08)
Timothy Arzt  1960, US
Milton Avery  1893-1965, US
Markus Baenziger  1959, CH, US
Leigh Behnke  1946, US
Helen Berggruen  1945, US
Joe Brainard  1942-1994, US
Colin Brown  1965, US
Thomas Cordell  1951, US
Daisy Craddock  1949, US
Alice Dalton Brown  1939, US
Willard Dixon  1942, US
Barbara Dixon Drewa  1936, US
Christopher Evans  1954, US
Fredericka Foster  , US
Michiyo Fukushima  
Jeff Gola  
Nancy Hagin  1940, US
Glen Hansen  1961, US
Casey Haugh  
Glen Holland  1956, US
Candace Jans  1952, US
Polly Kraft  , US
John Laub  1947, US
Brad Marshall  1955, US
Anita Mazzucca  1945, US
Denise Mickilowski  1959, US
Gaines Peyton  1972, US
Paul Rickert  1947, US
George Siejka  1946, AT
Emma Tapley  1967, US
Lowell Tolstedt  1939, US
Alexandra Tyng  1954, IT
Jeffrey Vaughn  1953, US
Jeff Way  1942, US
James Winn  1949, US
 Previous Exhibitions   378
  Solo showBarbara Dixon Drewa: 30 Years @ Fischbach Gallery
  Solo showAlice Dalton Brown - Farmsteads 1971-1976

  Group showWinter Whites
  Group showThe Endless Summer
  Solo showPolly Kraft - Garden Paintings
  Solo showGlen Hansen - New York Values
  Group showIn Plain Sight/ Hindsight

  Solo showBrad Marshall - Bryant Park
  Solo showNancy Hagin - Do More of what Makes You Happy
  Group showBig Ideas
  Solo showAnita Mazzucca
  Group showSeeing Things
  Group showAmerica Seen
  Group showThe Flower Show
  Solo showKevin Frank - American Anamneses
  Solo showJeffrey Vaughn - Woodlands and Glades
  Group showSome Like It Hot

  Solo showColin Brown - Black & Light
  Solo showPolly Kraft - Southfork
  Solo showMilton Avery - A Concentration of Drawings and Prints
  Solo showNancy Hagin - Vessels
  Solo showBrad Marshall - Italia
  Solo showDaisy Craddock - Just Picked
  Group showGone Fisching
  Group showAmerica Seen: 8 Artists
  Solo showAlice Dalton Brown: The Language Of Angels
  Solo showGlen Hansen: Kansas City Project
  Solo showDenise Mickilowski: Now You See It...
  Group show110 In The Shade
  Group showZer0 Weather

  Solo showPatrick Gordon - The Subject Was Roses
  Solo showJeff Gola - Unspoken Beauty
  Solo showAnita Mazzucca - Garden State
  Solo showJames Winn - Homeland
  Group showSeason Preview
  Group showJust In Time
  Solo showChristopher Evans - Equilibrium
  Solo showDaisy Craddock - Local Produce
  Solo showHelen Berggruen - The Open Window: Objects, Rooms, & Landscapes
  Solo showFredericka Foster - Water
  Solo showMyth And Memory: Personal Iconographies
  Group showSelected Works
  Group showGreetings From Paradise

  Group showZero Weather
  Group showOne sees great things from the valley; only small things from the peak
  Solo showBeing Time: Inversions
  Solo showThe Accidental and Non-Accidental Situations
  Solo showThickets and Wildflowers
  Group showSeason Preview
  Group showCountry Living
  Group showSummertime In The City: At Night It's A Different World
  Solo showJohn Laub - Beautiful Day
  Solo showRyan Cobourn - Crazy Nature
  Solo showBrad Marshall - Diaries
  Solo showAlexandra Tyng - Maine
  Solo showDenise Mickilowski - Stultus Oculus
  Solo showAlice Dalton Brown - Old New Borrowed Blue
  Solo showMilton Avery - Selected Works
  Group showThe Art Of....
  Group showwallflowers

  Solo showThomas Cordell - Site Specific
  Solo showPaul Rickert - Markings, Bucks County
  Solo showPatrick Gordon - Paper or Plastic? Secrets From Tornado Alley
  Group showGangs of New York
  Solo showJames Winn - The Lotus Series: 2005-2011
  Group showShine
  Solo showParticular
  Solo showSelva Oscura
  Solo showNew York Times
  Solo showWatercolors
  Solo showGuilty Pleasures
  Group showGullliver's Travels
  Group showThis Is The Morning After The Night Before

  Solo showNatural Order
  Solo showPercision of Perception
  Solo showOn Southfork
  Solo showBrooklyn Botanical
  Solo showL' Ange Noir
  Group showwe are the world
  Solo showNocturnes and Diurnes
  Solo showFound In Translation
  Solo showVerdant Refuge
  Solo showMostly Red
  Solo showOutlook
  Group showNight & Day / Day & Night

  Solo showSense of Place
  Solo showThrough The Looking Glass
  Group showGoing Green
  Solo showFredericka Foster : Waterways
  Solo showNancy Hagin - Keepsake
  Solo showJohn Falato - The Heart of Center Meditation: Energy Follows Awareness
  Group showeveryone loves GOOD NEWS
  Solo showHelen Berggruen : House and Home
  Solo showAnita Mazzucca : Local Journeys
  Solo showCarl Plansky : Oil Paintings
  Solo showColin Brown :The Sunless Sea
  Group showMade You Look
  Solo showAlexandra Tyng : Above and Beyond

  Solo showGlen Holland : Devotions
  Solo showGlen Hansen : Icons
  Solo showMichiyo Fukushima : Effigy -- Guardian and Muse
  Solo showLowell Tolstedt : The Calculus of Intricacy
  Solo showRyan Cobourn : Painting Land
  Group showGarden Shop
  Group showTransmitting From The Third Planet From The Center of The Universe
  Solo showPaul Rickert : A Seaward View
  Solo showAlice Dalton Brown : Friends Forever
  Solo showGeorge Siejka : Odyssey
  Group showSay It With Flowers
  Solo showDaisy Craddock : Heavenly Blue
  Solo showJohn Falato : Landmarks

  Solo showPatrick Gordon :The Truth and The Beauty
  Solo showChristopher Evans : Open Space
  Group showUovo Spectrum
  Solo showBrad Marshall : ARC
  Solo showMeg Shields : In Particular
  Group showNow See This
  Solo showMichiyo Fukushima : Fire Escape--Steps in the Light
  Solo showNancy Hagin : Translations
  Solo showJoe Brainard : If Nancy Was
  Solo showThomas Cordell : On The Move
  Solo showEmma Tapley : Inversions, Reflections, And The Space In Between
  Solo showDenise Mickilowski : Captures
  Solo showPeter Loftus : Feather River Country
  Solo showDaisy Craddock : Outside / In

  Solo showGaines Peyton : Drift
  Solo showFredericka Foster : Waterway
  Solo showLowell Tolstedt : Nature of Perception
  Solo showCarl Plansky : Oil Paintings 2006
  Solo showAlice Dalton Brown : Barns 1965 - 1976
  Group showThe Chelsea Classic
  Solo showJohn Laub : In My Time
  Solo showLeigh Behnke : The Garden
  Solo showGlen Hansen : Praha
  Solo showColin Brown : Blackboards
  Solo showNancy Hagin : Line of Vision
  Group showLost Art

  Solo showGlen Holland : Chosen Object
  Solo showAlexandra Tyng : Wide Angles / Peripheral Visions
  Solo showWillard Dixon : Atmospheres
  Solo showJohn Falato : Country Life
  Solo showDenise Mickilowski : Enclosed
  Solo showBarbara Dixon Drewa : Small Treasures
  Solo showBrad Marshall :The New York Paintings
  Solo showDaisy Craddock : Inside/Out
  Solo showCandace Jans : Recent Paintings 2001 - 2005
  Solo showPaul Rickert : Down East Horizons
  Group showgot fisch!
  Solo showPeter Loftus : Sierra Nevada and Mendocino

  Solo showJeff Way : Masks 1976 - 2004
  Solo showDavid Saunders : Paper Dolls
  Solo showDavid Loeb : Bouquets
  Solo showLeslie Horan Simon : Emerson´s Eyes
  Solo showColin Brown : Blackboards
  Solo showCarl Plansky : Oil Paintings
  Group showGone Fisching
  Solo showEmma Tapley : Elements
  Solo showGlen Hansen :The Four Seasons
  Group showLittle Worlds
  Solo showNancy Hagin : Puzzles of Appearance
  Solo showAlice Dalton Brown : Celebration
  Group showThe Still Life
  Solo showFredericka Foster : Water Way
  Solo showWillard Dixon : Evening Light
  Solo showVictoria Gitman :The Beauties (1998 - 2000) & On Display (2000 - 2002) Revisited

  Solo showAlexandra Tyng : On The House
  Solo showKevin King : Ornithology
  Solo showGeorge Nick : Plein Air Meditations
  Solo showBeau Bernstein : Ajikan: Paintings from Kyoto
  Solo showAnita Mazzucca : Altered Nature
  Group showLight as Air
  Solo showJohn Laub : The Four Seasons
  Solo showThomas Cordell : Paintings Decicated to David Morton
  Solo showLeigh Behnke : Cloistered Spaces and other Environments
  Solo showPeter Loftus : Mendocino to Monterey
  Solo showMeg Shields : Landmarks
  Solo showArlene Slavin : Meditations
  Solo showCarl Plansky : Still Life

  Solo showDavid Saunders : Broken Branches
  Solo showGlen Holland : Intinate Objects
  Solo showAlice Dalton Brown : A Clear Light
  Solo showVictoria Gitman : A Beauty (1998-2000)
  Group showSeason Ticket
  Solo showHelen Berggruen : Le Monde De Línterieur
  Solo showMi Casa es Su Casa
  Solo showRobert Ferrandini - Four Paintings
  Solo showDenise Mickilowski : Close Up
  Solo showFredericka Foster : Water Way
  Group showH20 ’02: Paintings of Water
  Solo showBrad Marshall : American Landscape
  Group showThe Moving Still Life
  Solo showMcWillie Chambers : Redeux
  Solo showNancy Hagin : Collections

  Solo showAlexandra Tyng : Maine Times
  Solo showLois Dodd : Mind The Gap
  Solo showDavid Dewey : Blairstown
  Solo showBarbara Dixon Drewa - Deceptions & Reflections
  Solo showDuane Keiser - Paintings Of Light
  Solo showRobert Ferrandini - Internal Landscapes
  Solo showGlen Holland - Still Life
  Solo showPaul Rickert - Finestkind
  Solo showEmma Tapley - Stream, Sky, Mountain, Trees
  Solo showBilly Sullivan - My World

  Solo showGeorge Nick
  Solo showPeter Loftus - Boundless Coast
  Solo showCharles Parness
  Solo showTimothy Arzt - Of Earth & Sky
  Solo showDavid Saunders - Paris

  Solo showEmma Tapley - Archive Of Light
  Solo showMeg Shields
  Solo showJim Touchton - New Paintings & Works On Paper
  Solo showHelen Berggruen - Recent Paintings
  Solo showGlen Hansen - Paintings Of Venice
  Solo showLois Dodd - Flower Paintings
  Solo showPaul Rickert - Watercolor Landscapes Of Maine
  Solo showGlen Holland
  Solo showBrad Durham - Landscape Paintings
  Solo showGlen Holland - Still Life Paintings

  Solo showDuane Keiser - Paintings
  Solo showGeorge Nick - Recent Paintings
  Solo showPeter Loftus - California Landscapes
  Solo showSusan Walp - Still Life Paintings
  Solo showPolly Kraft - Recent Paintings & Watercolors
  Solo showLeigh Behnke - Envisioning Pictures
  Solo showNancy Hagin
  Solo showSuzanne Pines - The Heart Of The Amish

  Solo showThomas Cordell - Recent Paintings
  Solo showBarbara Dixon Drewa - Panel Paintings
  Solo showGlen Hansen - Paris Paintings
  Solo showBilly Sullivan - Recent Paintings & Pastels
  Solo showMark Workman - Recent Landscapes On Paper
  Solo showLois Dodd - 25 Years Of Painting
  Solo showAna Maria Nicholson - Portraits In Laser Light
  Solo showGeorge Wexler - Recent Landscapes

  Solo showGeorge Nick - Recent Paintings
  Solo showGlen Holland - Small Still Life
  Solo showSusan Walp - Recent Still Life
  Solo showPeter Loftus - West Coast Landscapes
  Solo showThomas Paquette - Maine Landscapes
  Solo showHelen Berggruen - Machines Et Vehicules A Paris
  Solo showPaul Rickert - Small Landscapes
  Solo showWarren Brandt
  Solo showJohn Laub
  Solo showLois Dodd

  Solo showAlice Dalton Brown
  Solo showJane Wilson
  Solo showJohn Button
  Solo showMartha Mayer Erlebacher - Paintings & Works On Paper
  Solo showNell Blaine - Paintings & Works On Paper
  Solo showJane Freilicher - Recent Paintings
  Solo showCandace Jans - Paintings 1989-1995
  Solo showKevin King - Paintings And Works On Paper

  Solo showGeorge Nick - Recent Paintings
  Solo showGlen Hansen - Cornice Series
  Solo showBilly Sullivan - Painting And Pastels
  Solo showMark Workman - Landcaster Landscapes
  Solo showWillard Dixon - Still Life
  Solo showBarbara Dixon Drewa - Paintings
  Solo showPeter Loftus - Paintings & Watercolors
  Solo showLeigh Behnke - Paintings & Watercolors
  Solo showDavid Joel - Paintings
  Solo showPaul Rickert - Paintings & Watercolors
  Solo showElaine De Kooning - Baccus And Caves
  Solo showWarren Brandt - Retrospective
  Solo showLois Dodd - White Paintings

  Solo showPolly Kraft - Paintings & Watercolors
  Solo showSteve Dolmatch - Watercolors
  Solo showHelen Berggruen - Paintings
  Solo showBrett Bigbee - Paintings & Drawings
  Solo showJane Wilson - Paintings
  Solo showAlice Dalton Brown - Pastels & Paintings
  Solo showNell Blaine: Paintings & Watercolors
  Solo showGeorge Nick - Paintings
  Solo showSusan Shatter - Paintings
  Solo showMartha Mayer Erlebacher - Paintings
  Solo showMark Workman - Watercolors
  Solo showNancy Hagin - Paintings & Watercolors

  Solo showHerman Rose - Paintings & Watercolors
  Solo showGlen Hansen - Paintings
  Solo showPatricia Tobacco Forrester - Watercolors
  Solo showGeorge Wexler - Paintings
  Solo showWillard Dixon
  Solo showJane Freilicher
  Solo showBilly Sullivan
  Solo showLois Dodd
  Solo showPaul Rickert - Watercolors

  Solo showAmy Scott - Puzzle Paintings
  Solo showJim Touchton - Paintings
  Solo showJane Wilson - Paintings & Watercolors
  Solo showPeter Loftus
  Solo showAlice Dalton Brown - Pastels
  Solo showJohn Button - New York
  Solo showGeorge Nick
  Solo showNell Blaine
  Solo showPolly Kraft
  Solo showAlice Dalton Brown
  Solo showLeigh Behnke
  Solo showPatrick Gordon

  Solo showWarren Brandt
  Solo showJohn Kelley
  Solo showPatricia Tobacco Forrester
  Solo showBilly Sullivan
  Solo showDavid Hendricks
  Solo showChristopher Gerlach
  Solo showSuzanne Pines
  Solo showWillard Dixon
  Solo showPeter Loftus
  Solo showLois Dodd

  Solo showJim Touchton
  Solo showAnne Dunn
  Solo showNancy Hagin
  Solo showRoger Winter
  Solo showHerman Rose
  Solo showGeorge Wexler
  Solo showBilly Sullivan
  Solo showAlice Dalton Brown
  Solo showNell Blaine
  Solo showJane Wilson
  Solo showJane Freilicher - Prints And Works On Paper
  Solo showCandace Jans
  Solo showPatricia Tobacco Forrester: Winter

  Solo showWarren Brandt
  Solo showElaine De Kooning
  Solo showSusan Shatter
  Solo showGeorge Nick
  Solo showKenneth Polinskie
  Solo showPeter Loftus
  Solo showAnne Arnold
  Solo showJane Freilicher
  Solo showJane Wilson
  Solo showLois Dodd
  Solo showAmy Scott
  Solo showKaren Gunderson
  Solo showHarvey Gordon

  Solo showP.s. Gordon
  Solo showAnne Dunn
  Solo showWillard Dixon
  Solo showElizabeth Osborne
  Solo showMarjorie Portnow
  Solo showJim Touchton
  Solo showChristophe Gerlach
  Solo showBarbara Dixon Drewa
  Solo showElizabeth Osborne
  Solo showRay Ciarrochi
  Solo showNell Blaine
  Solo showAlice Dalton Brown
  Solo showDavid Hendricks
  Solo showMaurice Grosser
  Solo showNancy Hagin
  Solo showSusan Shatter

  Solo showWarren Brandt
  Solo showJim Weidle
  Solo showGeorge Nick
  Solo showHerman Rose
  Solo showGeorge Wexler
  Solo showBilly Sullivan
  Solo showRoger Winter
  Solo showJohn Button

  Solo showNell Blaine - recent paintings
  Solo showWarren Brandt

  Solo showNell Blaine - recent paintings

  Solo showMell Daniel, 1899-1975: memorial exhibition
  Solo showJohn Pearson: recent paintings and drawings

  Solo showDoug Ohlson - New Paintings

  Solo showRobert Ryman

  Solo showDoug Ohlson - New Paintings
  Solo showRobert Ryman: Delta Paintings, 1966
  Solo showRonald Bladen

  Solo showBarry Flanagan - New Work
  Solo showRobert Ryman
  Solo showDoug Ohlson - New Paintings

  Solo showTappeti-natura
  Solo showDoug Ohlson

  Group showEccentric abstraction
  Solo showDoug Ohlson

  Solo showGeorge Brecht, the book of the tumbler on fire : pages from chapter I
  Solo showWynn Chamberlain

  Solo showDoug Ohlson - Paintings
Last update: 11 May 2017
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