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Galerie Mark Müller

Galerie Mark Müller

Private Gallery
Patrick Rohner, Nr. 409, 19.3.2009 - 6.2.2014
Patrick Rohner
"Nr. 409, 19.3.2009 - 6.2.2014"

Galerie Mark Müller
Hafnerstrasse 44
8005 Zurich
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tel +41 (0)44 - 211 81 55
fax +41 (0)44 - 211 82 20
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Opening hours:
Tu, We, Th, Fr  12:00-18:00
Sa  11:00-16:00
and by appointment
Galerie Mark Müller

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
François Morellet  71
Katharina Grosse  310
Marcia Hafif  1278
John Nixon  1782
Francis Baudevin  2198

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Markus Weggenmann  5308 23
Katharina Grosse  310 22
Stefan Gritsch  3713 19
Reto Boller  3618 19
Joachim Bandau  2487 19

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Espace de l’art concret, France 36 7
  Galerie m Bochum, Germany 30 2
  Sarah Cottier Gallery, Australia 27 2
  Aargauer Kunsthaus, Switzerland 26 13
Galerie Conrads Galerie Conrads, Germany 23 4

Gallery news
Finissage «Tango Them Basel» 23.7.2016, Sommerpause (only in German)
 Public exhibitions   2
27.08. - 15.10. (in 34 days)
  Solo showSabian Baumann - Portraits

27.08. - 15.10. (in 34 days)
  Solo showRené Zäch
Foundation year: 1990
Director(s): Mark Müller
Employees: Yasmin Afschar, Julia Schmidt
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Joachim Bandau  1936, DE
Heike Kati Barath  1966, DE
Francis Baudevin  1964, CH
Sabian Baumann  1962, CH
Reto Boller  1966, CH
Monika Brandmeier  1959, DE
Urs Frei  1958, CH
Stefan Gritsch  1951, CH
Katharina Grosse  1961, DE
Marcia Hafif  1929, US
Dennis Hollingsworth  1956, ES
Axel Lieber  1960, DE
Joseph Marioni  1943, US
Martin Mele  1960, AR
Judy Millar  1957, NZ
François Morellet  1926-2016, FR
John Nixon  1949, AU
François Perrodin  1956, FR
Giacomo Santiago Rogado  1979, CH
Patrick Rohner  1959, CH
Hans Stalder  1957, CH
Christine Streuli  1975, CH
Jürg Stäuble  1948, CH
Michel Verjux  1956, FR
Markus Weggenmann  1953, DE
Duane Zaloudek  1931, US
 Previous Exhibitions   232
  Group showTango Them Basel
  Solo showReto Boller - Strömung
Description and image Solo showJoachim Bandau - Dieses und Jenes
Description and image Solo showChristine Streuli - Hello paranoia!

  Group showLa Confusion des Genres
Description and image Group showParallel #11 - Studio Prekär: Marie-Luise Lange & Jeroen Singer - Prekaria - Eine Uraufführung
Description and image Solo showGiacomo Santiago Rogado - Observing Self
Description and image Solo showFrançois Morellet - More Morellet at Mark Müller
  Solo showHeike Kati Barath - mitten unter
Description and image Group showParallel #10
Description and image Solo showMarkus Weggenmann - mostly paintings on paper
  Solo showPatrick Rohner - Landmannalaugar

Description and image Group showMarkshmallow
  Solo showJudy Millar - Paintings
Description Solo showMartín Mele - clair de lune, oder wie der fuchs seine flöhe los wird
  Solo showParallel #9: Maureen Kaegi - Still Life without a Magnolia
Description Solo showKatharina Grosse - Die Ball
Description and image Solo showMarcia Hafif - Shade Paintings
Description and image Solo showAxel Lieber - Role models, schwarze Löcher und andere Petitessen
  Solo showMonika Brandmeier - Reflexbox
  Solo showParallel #8: Nils Nova - Aussicht
  Solo showFrancis Baudevin
  Solo showParallel #7 - Erica Baum - Harpoon the Monster: Blackboards, Blanks and Viewmasters

  Group showParallel #6: Gans und Calvados
Description and image Solo showStefan Gritsch - Cut
Description and image Solo showDuane Zaloudek - Nomad Songs
Description and image Solo showReto Boller - Verlorene Form
Description and image Solo showJoseph Marioni - Painting at Seventy
Description and image Solo showJohn Nixon - Epw
Description and image Solo showHans Stalder - A Period Of Transition
Description and image Solo showUrs Frei
Description and image Solo showPatrick Rohner - Realgar
  Solo showJürg Stäuble - Echo

Description and image Solo showGiacomo Santiago Rogado - Devoted To The Moment
Description and image Group showzweiundzwanzig
Description and image Group showSolitaires
Description and image Solo showChristine Streuli - One Piece Jump In
  Group showFor Example Painting
Description and image Solo showHeike Kati Barath - mannomann
Description and image Solo showHeinz Breloh - Bildhauer
Description and image Solo showJoachim Bandau - Alles nur Illusion
Description and image Solo showParallel: Tilo Schulz - Facing the blank...
Description and image Solo showMarkus Weggenmann - Im Hasenbart

Description and image Solo showSabina Baumann - Finger aus Licht
Description and image Solo showJudy Millar - Push, Pop, Stack!
Description and image Solo showMartín Mele - Identikit
Description and image Solo showJoseph Marioni - Paintings from the 1970′s
Description and image Solo showMichel Verjux
  Group show`Group Show - Adieu Gessnerallee!´

Description and image Solo showFrancis Baudevin - Et cætera et cætera et cætera
  Solo showchalet5 / guestroom
Description and image Solo showChristine Streuli - Leftovers / too much / too little / too fast / too slow
  Solo showGuestroom: Jone Kvie
Description and image Group showGruppenausstellung
Description and image Solo showGiacomo Santiago Rogado - praesens et tangere
Description and image Group showGuestroom: Artists from Studio Warehouse Glasgow
Description and image Solo showDuane Zaloudek - nomad song
Description and image Solo showroom 3: Stefan Gritsch - trophies
Description and image Solo showUrs Frei
Description and image Solo showMonika Brandmeier - Double or Twice / Raum 3

Description and image Solo showReto Boller - "Senderöhren und Schallschatten"
  Group showfirst choice / raum 3
Description and image Solo showKatharina Grosse - The Greedy I
Description and image Solo showColin McCahon
Description and image Solo showMarcia Hafif - “Scumble: Reds (pink) and (baby) Blues”
Description and image Solo showPatrick Rohner - Hinterland
Description and image Solo showraum 3: Axel Lieber - zwischendurch
  Solo showMarkus Weggenmann - with tangerine trees and marmelade skies
  Solo showGuestroom: Hans Stalder - Krypta
  Solo showJürg Stäuble - spheres

Description Solo showHommage an Karl Jakob Wegmann
  Group showRaum 3: Accrochage / Malerei
  Solo showMartin Mele
  Solo showPatrick Rohner - raum 3
Description and image Solo showSabina Baumann - death of the cool
Description Solo showEdit Oderbolz - I know you know / guestroom
Description Solo showjoseph marioni - drawing color – between black and white
Description Solo showmarkus doebeli - in den wiesen aus den fluten / guestroom
Description and image Solo showJoachim Bandau - Bagan Lacquer
Description and image Solo showHeike Kati Barath - das dritte Zimmer
Description and image Group showJudy Millar - Matte Black / Guestroom: Karin Hueber
Description and image Solo showGiacomo Santiago Rogado - Ewiges Abendland
  Solo showguestroom: Dagmar Heppner

Description and image Solo showBeat Zoderer - new tools for old attitudes
  Group showroom 3: Accrochage
  Solo showNiklaus Wenger - Guestroom
Description and image Solo showChristine Streuli - Dreamliner goes Pit Bull
Description Group showIsa Melsheimer - tiefes rauschen
  Solo showFrancois Morellet - double trouble
Description Group showReto Boller, Urs Frei und Patrick Rohner
Description Group show"you come home (the house is empty but the lights are on)"
Description Solo showStefan Gritsch - Herzaufschnitt / Blaues / Küchenuhren / städte und stterne
Description Solo showRaum 3 : Marcia Hafif - New Paintings: TGGT

Description Solo showJoachim Bandau - Wiedersprüchlich
  Solo showGiacomo Santiago Rogardo - Schlaf
Description and image Group showKatharina Grosse - Taxi und Tour / Gastraum - Martin Mele - Handfest
Description and image Group showmemory lines and washing lines - Gruppenausstellung
  Group showKatharina Grosse, Christine Streuli - Seitensprung
Description Group showJürg Stäuble / René Zäch / Mamiko Otsubo
  Solo showRub
Description Group showmarkus weggenmann / kati barath
Description and image Group showjohn nixon - epw / michel verjux - in vitro

Description Group showreto boller / raum 3 - gezeichnet
Description and image Group showjudy millar / michael günzburger
Description Group showjoseph marioni, paintings / duane zaloudek, nomad songs
  Solo showkarim noureldin - Evo
  Solo showurs frei, neue arbeiten
Description Group showkatharina grosse / jessica stockholder / christine streuli - aufgedeckt
Description Group showpatrick rohner - begehungen und malerei
  Solo showJuerg Altherr

Description and image Group showsabina baumann / knut eckstein
Description and image Group showdennis hollingsworth - new country / judy millar - to the is-ness
Description Group showbilder der malerei
Description Group showbeat zoderer / raum3: monika brandmeier
  Group showmarcia hafif - glaze paintings / raum 3: stefan gritsch - ... mehr als ich sagen
  Group showjoachim bandau - aquarelle und skulpturen / raum 3 - francis baudevin - zigzag

  Solo showchristine streuli - longin/belongin
  Solo showguestroom: dennis hollingsworth - here, now
Description and image Group showkatharina grosse - punkbreite bewegt / karim noureldin - "131 x 207,5 cm"
Description and image Group showmarkus weggenmann - paintings / robert zandvliet - 1 painting
Description and image Group showaxel lieber - 25 jahre führerschein / guestroom: stefan wissel - immer deeper
  Group showduane zaloudek - nomad song / guestroom: helene sperandio - paintings
  Group showurs frei / marcia hafif - arbeiten auf papier

Description Group showJürg Stäuble - Skulpturen
  Solo showReto Boller "Process Blue C" und im Guestroom: Chalet 5: Block I
  Group show"spieglein, spieglein an der wand..." ein gemälde will schön sein!?
  Group showjohn nixon - epw: orange / françois morellet - zeichnungen
  Solo showpatrick rohner - deep mountains
  Group showmonika brandmeier - zeichnungen und fotografien / james hyde

  Group showstefan gritsch - weniger und mehr / ingo meller - sinn und verstand
Description Group showkarim noureldin - unknown zone / agatha zobrist - theres waeckerlin
  Solo showUnknown Zone
Description Group showjoseph marioni - green / joachim bandau - tango
  Group showMikadoreflex
  Solo showSabina Baumann - 05.06.50784
Description and image Group showChristoph Haerle, new works
Description Group showFrancis Baudevin. "deins ist meins" - paintings

  Solo showOlivier Mosset
  Solo showBeat Zoderer
  Solo showKatharina Grosse
  Solo showPeter Wüthrich - Mit dem Faltboot nach Indien
  Solo showBernd Mechler
  Solo showKnut Eckstein - Lofts, Bulbs & Billboards
  Solo showReto Boller
  Solo showAxel Lieber - Zimmer Mit Frühstück
  Solo showMarkus Weggenmann - Durchquerung Der Alpen In Der Nacht
  Solo showlineare transparenz – verdichteter raum
  Solo showUlrich Kochinke

  Solo show23th and 8th
  Solo showRenée Levi - Stillleben
  Solo showJürg Stäuble - Parterre – Sous–sol
  Solo showPatrick Rohner
  Solo showJean Pfaff
  Solo showFrançois Morellet - Lunatiques, πrococos, πpuissants, πcycles
  Solo showFrancis Baudevin - Doubidoubidou
  Solo showSabina Baumann
  Solo showRed Colors:Oil
   Direkt auf die Wand-Malerei V

  Solo showMichel Verjux - Apologie de l’éclairage
  Group show"Lob des Schattens", Arbeiten auf Papier
  Solo showPeter Wüthrich - Let's talk about red
  Solo showMonika Brandmeier - Untertage
  Solo showJoseph Marioni
  Solo showKarim Noureldin
  Solo showHarry Jo Weilenmann
  Solo showJohn Nixon - Epw: Orange
  Solo showFrançois Perrodin - Wandobjekte & Zeichnungen
  Solo showFranz Erhard Walther - Verlangsamung Der Bilder 1991–1994
  Group showSensation Der Farbe

  Solo showStefan Gritsch
  Solo showJürg Altherr - Ich Und Du, Skulpturen
  Solo showMarkus Weggenmann - Malerei (streifenfrei)
  Solo showGail Haistings - Two And Three Stares
  Solo showKatharina Grosse
  Group showReto Boller & Bob Gramsa
  Solo showChristoph Haerle
  Solo showCecile Bart - Classique
  Solo showCarte Beige
  Solo showBeat Zoderer - Tabloo–materiel

  Solo showDuane Zaloudek
  Solo showJoachim Bandau
  Solo showRenée Levi
  Solo showDominique Lämmli - Octopus Became Potato In A Cellar
  Solo showGroup Otto
  Solo showJürg Stäuble
  Solo showPatrick Rohner - Uphill
  Solo showPeter Wüthrich
  Solo showJean Pfaff
  Solo showCecile Bart - But Also
  Solo showFrançois Morellet - Neonly

  Group showSabina Baumann, Reto Boller & Harry Jo Weilenmann
  Solo showJoseph Marioni
  Solo showBarbara Fässler - Répertoire 4.(1.–5.)2.
  Solo showMarcia Hafif - Enamel On Wood
  Solo showJohn Nixon - Block Paintings
  Solo showKatharina Grosse
  Group showMalerei Auf Papier: Positionen
  Solo showKarin Sander - Weisse Wände

  Solo showBeat Zoderer
  Solo showMarkus Weggenmann
  Solo showDieter Villinger
  Solo showMonika Brandmeier
  Group showMalerei: Farbe Benützen
  Solo showNorbert Radermacher

  Solo showChristoph Haerle - Vom Gewicht Der Dinge
  Solo showHans–Dirk Hotzel - Projekt Zeitraum
  Solo showJean Pfaff
  Solo showJohn Nixon
  Solo showStefan Gritsch
  Solo showAlf Schuler - Wandstücke
  Group showZeichnungen
  Solo showFrançois Perrodin

  Solo showMichel Verjux - Eclairage
  Group showBlau
  Solo showDuane Zaloudek
  Group showSommer II
  Solo showJoachim Bandau
  Solo showMarkus Weggenmann
  Solo showJürg Stäuble
  Solo showOlivier Mosset

  Solo showFrançois Morellet
  Solo showJames Reineking
  Solo showFranziska Zumbach
  Group showSommeraccrochage
  Solo showJoseph Marioni
  Solo showHans–Peter Kistel - Schatten In Meinen Augen
  Solo showChristoph Haerle
  Solo showGottfried Honegger

  Solo showNorbert Radermacher
  Solo showMarkus Weggenmann
  Solo showAlf Schuler
  Solo showChristoph Haerle
Last update: 15 July 2016
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