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Hanart TZ Gallery

Private Gallery
Hanart TZ Gallery
407 Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central
Hong Kong, SAR
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +852 2526 9019
fax +852 2521 2001
Opening hours:
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr  09:30-18:30
Sa  10:00-18:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Chen Chieh-Jen  781
Qiu Zhijie  814
Fang Lijun  1230
Zhang Xiaogang  1503
Qiu AnXiong  1695

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Qiu Zhijie  814 10
Feng Mengbo  2691 7
Luis Chan  54525 6
Lam Tungpang  16473 6

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, USA 23 14
  BizArt, China 18 9
  Chambers Fine Art - New York, USA 16 13
  Galerie Jeanne Bucher, France 16 1

 Public exhibitions   2
16.04. - 08.05. (still more than 2 weeks)
  Group showThree Elders : Luis Chan - Gaylord Chan - Chu Hing Wah

11.03. - 09.04. (still more than 35 months)
  Solo showQiu Zhijie: Deja Vu
Director(s): Chang Tsong-zung
 Art Fairs
Abu Dhabi Art (09, 10, 11, 12, 13)
ARCOmadrid ARCOmadrid (01)
Art Asia Fair (08)
Art Basel Hong Kong Art Basel Hong Kong (13)
Art Beijing Art Beijing (07)
Art Stage Singapore Art Stage Singapore (12)
CIGE (08)
FINE ART ASIA - Hong Kong International Arts and Antiques Fair (08)
Hong Kong International Art Fair (08, 09, 10, 11, 12)
Melbourne Art Fair (06)
ShContemporary (07, 09, 10)
Qiu AnXiong  1972, CN
Ben Brown  
Cai Jin  1965, CN
Gaylord Chan  1925
Luis Chan  1905-1995
Chen Beixin  1932, CN
Chen Changwei  1973, CN
Emily Cheng  , US
Cheng Tsai-tung  1953, TW
Lucia Cheung  
Leung Chi-Wo  1968, CN
Chen Chieh-Jen  1960, TW
Caroline Chiu  1967, CN
Chiu Ya Tsai  1949
Irene Chou  1924, CN
Hing-wah Chu  1935, CN
Lois Conner  1951, US
Liu Da Hong  1962, CN
David Diao  1943, US
Fang Lijun  1963, CN
Feng Mengbo  1966, CN
Fun Ming Chip  1951, CN
Gao Shiqiang  1971, CN
Gu Wenda  1955, CN
Ha Bik Chuen  1925, CN
Hung Tung Lu  1968, TW
Jiang Zhi  1971, CN
Jin Feng  1962, CN
Ju Ming  1938, TW
Christopher Ku  
Lam Tungpang  1978, CN
Kesang Lamdark  1963, IN
Leung Kui Ting  1945, CN
Li Huasheng  1944, CN
Liu Jianhua  1962, CN
Liu Kuo-Sung  1932, CN
Liu Wei  1972, CN
Qiu Shiming & Luo Haiming  
Mao Xuhui  1956, CN
Peng Yu  1974, CN
Qiu Shihua  1940, CN
Qiu Zhijie  1969, CN
Gulammohammed Sheikh  1937, IN
Shen Xiaotong  1968, CN
Song Yonghong  1966, CN
Sui Jianguo  1956, CN
Tang Zhi Gang  1959, CN
Tseng Kwong Chi  1950-1990, US
Wang Chuan  1953, CN
Wang Guangyi  1957, CN
Wang Ziwei  1963, CN
Palden Larz Weinreb  1982, US
Wucius Wong  1936, CN
Wu Shan Zhuan  1960, CN
Wu Tien-Chang  1956, TW
Wu Xiaohang  1972, CN
Yan Shanchun  1960, CN
Yang Jiechang  1956, CN
Hsu Yu-Jen  1951, TW
Yuan Goang-Ming  1965, TW
Zeng Fanzhi  1964, CN
Zhan Wang  1962, CN
Zhang Xiaogang  1958, CN
Shaoruo Zhao  1962, CN
Zhao Gang  1961, CN
Zhao Guanghui  1972, CN
Zhou Chun Ya  1955, CN
 Previous Exhibitions   140
  Solo showHsu Yu-Jen
  Solo showYuan Jai - Year Of Abundance

  Solo showFang Lijun
  Solo showLiu Guosong
  Group showZheng Guogu Yangjiang Group : The Last Bet!
  Solo showChow Chun Fai - I Have Something to Say
  Group showWu Shanzhuan and Inga Svala Thorsdottir : Artic Fox Arc – Temperature War – Large Collage
  Solo showQiu Zhijie - Bird’s Eye View Painting and Installation
  Solo showZhang Hao - The Shape Of Journeys
  Solo showWang Dongling : Brushing The Tides
  Solo showChildhood

  Solo showHappiness Building I
  Group show39 Steps up the Corridor
  Solo showGulammohammed Sheikh
  Solo showLi Qing 李青
  Group showA Tribute to Hong Kong Masters
  Solo showYang Jiechang: King of Canton
  Solo showQiu Jie
  Solo showHo Sin-Tung - Hong Kong Inter-vivos Film Festival
  Solo showA Nowhere Body: New Paintings by Wei Dong
  Solo showSculpture Labyrinth: a journey of my Mind - New Works by Zhou Yi

  Solo showSong Yige
  Solo showLeung Kui-ting : Roaming Vision + Digital
  Solo showLam Tung-pang : Long View Under Scrutiny
  Solo showWestern Campsite Monument
  Solo showRealm of Illusion | Ink Painting and Digital Media Work by Wong Chung-yu
  Group showKesang Lamdark and Palden Weinreb : Generation Exile - Exploring New Tibetan Identities
  Group showSummer Show
  Solo showEmily Cheng - Meanders and Morphosis : Charting the Nature of Interior Spaces
  Solo showSms & Its Enemy By Wu Shanzhuan - Hanart Tz Gallery Re-opening Exhibition
  Solo show"New Day Street + Treasure Hill : Selected Works 2008 - 2011 by Yeh Wei-li"
  Solo showEnergy : Installation Projects by Qiu Zhijie
  Solo showQiu Zhijie and Total Art Studio : 'How to Become an Empty Man'
  Group showModern Mongolia: From Steppe to Urban Dynamics

  Solo showHo Sin-tung : Don't Shoot the Messenger
  Solo showSeasons: Landscape by Luo Haiming
  Solo showReproduction of Reproduction : Paintings by Chow Chun-fai
  Solo showHoneymoon
  Solo showLost City and Other Stories: Objects and Diagrams by Michael Lee
  Solo showWu Shanzhuan - Butterfrog
  Group showShifting Topography
  Solo showFaint with Oxygen: Video and Photography by Gao Shiqiang
  Solo showLois Conner: Life in a Box
  Solo showAnimals Come to Town: Works by Lam Tung-pang
  Solo showDiorama: Painting and Mixed-media by Lam Tung-pang
  Solo showLife is a Halo on Candle: Paintings by YU Peng

  Solo showTaiping Rebellion in Embroidery: Liu Dahong with the Red Women Brigade
  Solo showFang.Grain Rain
  Solo showQiu Jie
  Group showReading and Not Reading: Meng Baishen and Zhang Zhenyu
  Solo showNOT-FINE-ARTS : New Works by Chow Chun Fai
  Solo showLi Qing: Curtain
  Group showIn Other Words
  Group showMountain Water Panorama

  Group showHong Kong, Hong Kong
  Solo showThe Bridge, Nanjing, Under the Heaven
  Solo showNew Paintings by Lam Tung Pang 2008
  Solo showHuang Zhiyang: Zoon + Auspicious Beast
  Solo showXiao Jin: 430 Life
  Solo showChen Liangjie 2008
  Solo showArts Times Square - Exhibition of Works by Sui Jianguo
  Solo showZhao Shaoruo: landscape is/for me, i am/for landscape
  Solo showThoughts on What Has Been Lost: Painting of Yao Yuan
  Group showHung Tunglu, Huang Zhiyang art exhibition
  Solo showClub Primavera
  Solo showChow Chun Fai - Painting, Video and Photography -
  Solo showShen Xiaotong
  Solo showZheng Duanxiang
  Solo showLi Xubai: Ink Paintings
  Solo showHu Xiangcheng - Paintings and Sculpture -
  Solo showLiu Dahong - New Year Offerings -
  Solo showLu Lei
  Solo showIrene Chou 84
  Solo showPaintings by Zhao Gang

  Group showModern and Contemporary Masters
  Solo showSong Yongping
  Solo showThe Most Beautiful Country of China - New Works by Yang Jiechang
  Solo showZheng Guogu - Hong Kong - Surprise Urban Discoveries
  Solo showInk Paintings by Hsu Yu-jen
  Solo showFeng Mengbo - Wrong Code: Shanshui
  Solo showColour Wunderkammer - Caroline Chiu
  Solo showPaintings by Chen Heng
  Group showPaintings by Lam Tung Pang and Xue Jun
  Solo showLeung Chi Wo - Text Format
  Solo showUniverse in the Mind - 60 Years of Painting by Liu Kuo-sung
  Solo showPhotography by Hai Lei
  Solo showWords from Stones - Ink Paintings by Leung Kui-ting
  Solo showCryptogram - Qiu Zhijie in Untersberg
  Solo showFeng Mengbo: Built to Order - r_drawworld 0
  Solo showDusk of the Parent - Mao Xuhui 30 Years An Artist
  Group showPhotography by Night
  Solo showChen Liangjie

  Group showDusseldorf School of Photography and Contemporary Western Masters
  Group showSong Yongping + Song Yonghong
  Solo showChu Hing-wah - Chu's 50 Years of Hong Kong
  Solo showThe World of Luis Chan
  Solo showBuilt to Order: r_drawworld 0 - Videos and Paintings by Feng Mengbo
  Solo showWucius Wong - Pleasure in Ink
  Solo showZhao Guanghui - Creature Machines - Sculpture Exhibition
  Solo showWei Dong
  Group showOil Paintings by Wang Chuan and Yan Shanchun
  Solo showChen Beixin
  Solo showJu Ming Sculpture Exhibition
  Solo showCaroline Chiu - Dreaming a Chinese Wunderkammer
  Solo showIn the Sky - Animation and Paintings by Qiu Anxiong
  Solo showBuilt to Order - New Works by Feng Mengbo
  Solo showYang Jiechang - Tomorrow Cloudy Sky
  Solo showPaintings by Irene Chou
  Group showExcavated Future - Sculptures by Chen Changwei and Zhao Guanghui
  Solo showInk Paintings by Cheng Tsai-tung

  Solo showInk Paintings and Sculptures by Ha Bik-chuen
  Group showInk Paintings by Jiang Jin and Yan Shanchun
  Solo showRed Calendar - 24 Solar Terms by Liu Dahong
  Solo showGaylord Chan at 80
  Solo showCaroline Chiu - A Chinese Wunderkammer
  Solo showZhan Wang - Flowers in the Mirror
  Solo showQiu Zhijie - Light and Words
  Group showFascinations
  Solo showTang Zhigang - Chinese Fairy Tale
  Solo showCai Jin - Eros in Red
  Solo showVision of Fields by Qiu Shihua
  Solo showNew Paintings by Zeng Fanzhi
  Group showDavid Diao and Gang Zhao
  Group showFour Taiwan Artists
  Solo showSculptures and Jewellry by Dashi Namdakov

  Solo showPaintings by Christopher Ku
  Solo showMao Xuhui - Scissors
  Solo showIrene Chou at Eighty
  Solo showTseng Kwong-Chi - Ambiguous Ambassador
  Group showSummer Show 2004
  Group showQ3D: Video and Oil Paintings by Feng Mengbo
  Solo showMulti-vision - Re-constructed Ink Paintings
  Solo showIntimate Re-collection
  Solo showLuis Chan 99 - Special Selection from the Luis Chan Family Trust
  Group showStep Beyond Reality - Taiwan Photography
  Solo showUmbilical Cord of History - Paintings by Zhang Xiaogang 1990 to 2004
  Solo showYu Peng Paintings and Pottery

  Solo showLiu Kuo-sung at Seventy

  Solo showIn Search of Landscape
  Solo showHalf a Soldier's Life - Paintings by Tang Zhigang
Last update: 30 March 2014
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