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Henie Onstad Art Centre

Public Institution
Henie Onstad Art Centre
Sonja Henies vei 31
NO-1311 Høvikodden
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +47 67 80 48 80/81
fax +47 67 54 32 70
Opening hours:
Tu, We, Th  11:00-19:00
Fr, Sa, Su  11:00-17:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Pablo Picasso  2
Joseph Beuys  5
Man Ray  20
Paul Klee  30
Henri Matisse  46

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Jakob Weidemann  19950 11
Anna Eva Bergman  9892 8
Per Inge Bjørlo  6395 7
Zdenka Rusova  53981 6

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 696 63
  Pace Gallery - NY, USA 143 20
  Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Spain 104 47
  Centre Pompidou, France 91 50
  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), USA 87 28

Foundation year: 1968
Magdalena Abakanowicz  1930, PL
Josef Albers  1888-1976, DE
Pierre Alechinsky  1927, BE
Dag Alveng  1953, NO
Karel Appel  1921-2006, NL
Reidar Aulie  1904-1977, NO
Martin Barré  1924-1993, FR
Willi Baumeister  1889-1955, DE
Jean René Bazaine  1904-2001, FR
Anna Eva Bergman  1909-1987, NO
Joseph Beuys  1921-1986, DE
Ejler Bille  1910-2004, DK
Albert Bitran  1929, FR
Pierre Bonnard  1867-1947, FR
Eugène Brands  1913-2002, NL
Georges Braque  1882-1963, FR
Sergio de Camargo  1930-1990, BR
Eduardo Chillida  1924-2002, ES
Christo & Jeanne-Claude  FR, BG
Constant  1920-2005, NL
Corneille  1922-2010, NL
Jean Dewasne  1929-1999, FR
Jim Dine  1935, US
Christian Dotremont  1922-1979, BE
Jean Dubuffet  1901-1985, FR
Max Ernst  1891-1976, DE
Maurice Estève  1904-2001, FR
Jean Fautrier  1898-1964, FR
Luis Feito  1929, ES
Robert Filliou  1926-1987, FR
Sam Francis  1923-1994, US
Ken Friedman  1949, US
Stephen Gilberg  
Stephen Gilbert  1910-2007, UK
Leon Gischia  1903-1991, FR
Domenico Gnoli  1934-1970, IT
Juan Gris  1887-1927, ES
Jan Groth  1938, NO
Gunnar S. Gundersen  1921-1983, NO
Terry Haass  1923, CZ
Richard Hamilton  1922-2011, UK
Al Hansen  1927-1995, US
Hans Hartung  1904-1989, DE
Wladyslaw Hasior  1928-1999, PL
Arnold Haukeland  1920-1983, NO
Geoffrey Hendricks  1931-1995, US
Dick Higgins  1938-1998, UK
David Hockney  1937, UK
Friedensreich Hundertwasser  1928-2000, AT
Egill Jacobsen  1910-1998, DK
Jens Johannessen  1934, NO
Jasper Johns  1930, US
Asger Jorn  1914-1973, DK
Zoltan Kemény  1907-1965, RO
R.B. Kitaj  1932-2007, US
Kåre Kivijärvi  1938-1991, NO
Paul Klee  1879-1940, DE, CH
Yves Klein  1928-1962, FR
Andre Lanskoy  1902-1976, FR
Charles Lapicque  1898-1988, FR
Ger Lataster  1920, NL
Fernand Léger  1881-1955, FR
Lucebert  1924-1994, NL
George Maciunas  1931-1978, LT
Alberto Magnelli  1888-1971, IT
Alfred Manessier  1911-1993, FR
Henri Matisse  1869-1954, FR
Roberto Matta  1911-2002, CL
Joan Miró  1893-1983, ES
Carl Nesjar  1920, NO
Yoko Ono  1933, JP
Nam June Paik  1932-2006, US, KR
Carl-Henning Pedersen  1913-2007, DK
Pablo Picasso  1881-1973, ES
Lea Porsager  1981, DK
Harvey Quaytman  1937-2002, US
Man Ray  1890-1976, US
Anton Rooskens  1906-1976, NL
Rúrí  1951, IS
Zdenka Rusova  1939, NO
Diet Sayler  1939, RO
Gustave Singier  1907-1984, BE
Inger Sitter  1929-2015, NO
K. R. H. Sonderborg  1923-2008, DK
Pierre Soulages  1919, FR
Nicolas de Staël  1914-1955, FR
Olav Strømme  1909-1978, NO
Rufino Tamayo  1899-1991, MX
Odd Tandberg  1924
Antoni Tàpies  1923-2012, ES
Aase Texmon Rygh  1925, NO
Øistein Thurman  1922-1988, NO
Raoul Ubac  1910-1985, BE
Victor Vasarely  1908-1997, HU
Jacques Villon  1875-1963, FR
Richard Warsinski  1937-1996, NO, PL
Jakob Weidemann  1923-2001, NO
 Previous Exhibitions   407
  Solo showNikolai Astrup - Painting Norway
  Solo showYayoi Kusama - In Infinity

  Solo showHilma af Klint - Pioneer of Abstraction
  Group showIn Search of Matisse
  Group showPop Etc. The Influence Of Pop Art In Norway
  Group show15 Great Artists From The Collection
Description and image Solo showTorbjørn Rødland - Sasquatch Century

  Solo showMarte Johnslien - Forms of Protest
  Solo showChristopher Nielsen - I'm Just A Simple Conceptualist From Ulsrud
  Solo showJosef Albers - Minimal Means Maximum Effect
  Group showHuman - Space - Machine
  Group showBauhaus In Norwegian
  Solo showMeet Olle Bærtling
  Group showWe Are Living On A Star

  Solo showLea Porsager – Food For The Moon
  Group showElectromagnetic: Modern Art In Northern Europe 1918-31
  Solo showArne Nordheim In The World Of Art No “-isms” For Me, Please!
  Solo showAre Mokkelbost
  Group showFrom Picasso To Weidemann – Works From The Hok-collection
  Group showArbeidstid
  Group showDo As You Like
  Solo showOlav Christopher Jenssen - Works On Paper

  Solo showVolumes For Sound
  Group showLearning For Life
  Solo showLene Berg
  Solo showJenny Hval - Innocence is kinky
  Solo showIlya Kabakov
  Solo showAnn Cathrin November HØibo
  Solo showOmer Fast

Description Solo showPer Inge Bjørlo
  Solo showSaskia Holmkvist
  Solo showArt in the Auditorium 3 - Marthe Thorshaug: The Legend of Ygg (2009)
  Solo showJohn Olav Riise
  Solo showJudy Radul - World Rehearsal Court
  Group showThe Erling Neby Collection
  Solo showFin Serck-Hansse
  Solo showDubuffet and Architecture
  Solo showTerje Bergstad - Retrospective
  Solo showTerje Nicolaisen - Paperwork

  Group showFluxus East
  Group showThe Creative Act
  Solo showJoan Miró – I Work Like A Gardener
  Solo showHito Steyerl
  Solo showThe Anarchy of Silence
  Solo showSurrealism, Line and Form

  Group showGoing to Market
  Group showVideo!
  Group showNorsk Dokumentarfotografi
Description Solo showKurt Schwitters in Norway
  Group showHØVIKODDEN LIVE 2009: To be Heard is to be Seen
  Group showTraces and Spaces
  Solo showTinguely
  Solo showHakon Bleken

  Group showAbsorption and Resonance
  Group showBlowout!
  Solo showIn Paul Klee´s Magic Garden
  Group showReality Effects
  Group showHeadlines & Footnotes
  Group showNorsk Hydros Kunstsamling
  Solo showArne Ekeland
  Group showThe mountain in Norwegian Art
  Group showCarnegie Art Award 2008

  Solo showNils Aas
  Group showNordea´s Art Collection
  Solo showKnut Rumohr
  Group showThe Pontus Hultén Collection
  Group showScreening
  Solo showCandida Höfer
  Solo showCathrine Evelid
  Solo showPer Kirkeby
  Group showBe Cubed
  Solo showMeret Oppenheim

  Solo showJohn Olav Riise
  Solo showZdenka Rusova
  Solo showHilmar Fredriksen
  Solo showHans-Ove Granath
  Solo showGunnar S. Gundersen
  Group showBeauty for ashes
  Solo showVictor Boullet
  Solo showAnne Helen Robberstad
  Solo showCrispin Gurholt
  Solo showAne Lan
  Solo showAxel Hütte
  Solo showBjørn-Sigurd Tufta

  Solo showKari Steihaug: Rest
  Solo showPekka Persson: Beauty hurts the Heart
  Solo showKjell Erik Killi Olsen: The Beginning
  Group showThe Expression of Angst
  Group showCarnegie Art Award
  Solo showGünter Grass: The Magic of Lines
  Solo showSteinar Jakobsen: Cryptonized Seconds I & II
  Solo showSverre Wyller: The Paterson Project
  Solo showChristine Istad: Elevator
  Group showMunch Revisited
  Solo showPatrick Huse: Intimate Absence
  Solo showBULL.MILETIC: Sighting Unseen
  Solo showKenneth Blom
  Solo showBjørn Opsahl: Deadscapes
  Solo showAsger Jorn: Cobra from the Collection
  Solo showUlf Valde Jensen: Paradigms
  Solo showKalle Runeson: Bunker Buster & The Shelob’s Crib
  Solo showJohn Pilger: Reporting the World

  Solo showØrnulf Opdahl
  Solo showFinn Graff
  Solo showDaniele Buetti: Will Beauty Safe the World?
  Solo showMagne Furuholmen
  Group showTorine Helland, Siv Bugge Vatne: Mikropia
  Solo showVigdis Fjellheim
  Solo showGeoffrey Hendricks: From the Collection
  Solo showHåvard Vikhagen
  Solo showMorten Krogvold: Woman Care
  Group showPostkort fra Cuba

  Solo showMorten Krogvold: Face to Face
  Solo showOlav Strømme
  Solo showMaria Magdalena Campos-Pons: One Thousand Ways to say Goodbye
  Solo showUlf Nilsen: A Sense of Time
  Solo showFirst time We Live
  Solo showRyszard Warskinski: Ono mato poe tikon
  Group showThe Tree From The Seed, Contemporary Art from India

  Solo showBirthe Marie Løveid: Kuben
  Group showRefuge
  Solo showJakob Weidemann
  Solo showMichael O'Donnell: Lighting
  Solo showAnne Katrine Dolven: Headlights
  Solo showMarianne Heske
  Solo showThe Film Art of Isaac Julien

  Solo showHanne Tyrmi: The World became a Sentence
  Solo showLiza Lou
  Solo showPeter Bosch & Simone Simons: Cantan un Huevo
  Solo showGhada Amer
  Solo showMarie Jo Lafontaine: Babylon Babies
  Solo showIda Lorentzen: Views of a Room
  Group showArt Through the Eye of the Needle

  Solo showKeith Piper: Machine. The Mechanised Body
  Group showCarnegie Art Award 2000
  Group showRhizomes of Memory: Three South African Photographers
  Solo showEduardo Chillida: Hommage à Johan Sebastian Bach
  Solo showMarlene Dumas
  Solo showMar Goman
  Solo showGordon Bennett
  Solo showHerbert Döring-Spengler
  Solo showCarlos Capelan

  Solo showRoger Ackling
  Group showFour Women, Four Languages
  Solo showBosch & Simmons
  Solo showAlberto Korda
  Solo showArnold Haukeland
  Solo showShirin Neshat
  Solo showVirginia Verran
  Solo showCorneille
  Solo showYinka Shonibare
  Solo showAase Texmon-Rygh
  Solo showPierre Alechinsky
  Solo showSusan Hiller

  Solo showDan Young
  Solo showJacky Penot: Journey Photography
  Solo showMarian Heyerdahl
  Solo showEinar Berger
  Group showKnut Rumohr and Håvard Vikhagen: Dialogue
  Solo showPatrick Huse: Rift
  Solo showTore H. Røyneland
  Solo showZdenka Rusova
  Solo showAuguste Rodin
  Solo showIsabella Sveinsen: Genius Loci
  Solo showFin Serck-Hanssen

  Solo showPrunella Clough
  Solo showAnita Huitfeldt: Magic Knots
  Group showJan Erik Vold and Steffen Kverneland: Not
  Solo showSverre Fehn
  Solo showLeif Heiberg Myrdam
  Solo showTove Strømme
  Solo showOlav Ringdal: Narratives
  Solo showFrida Kahlo
  Solo showGunnvor Advocaat: Memorial Exhibition
  Group showMagne Furuholmen and Henning Kramer Dahl: Boulevards of Blue
  Solo showRobert Rauschenberg
  Solo showJakob Weidemann
  Solo showHallgeir Tveitan
  Group show(Un)blind
  Solo showSean Scully: Between the Lines
  Solo showHallgeir Tveitan
  Solo showKjeld Rasmussen
  Group showFotografi (s)om forskning

  Solo showAnna-Eva Bergman
  Solo showHans Hartung
  Solo showLeif Heiberg Myrdam
  Solo showCarl-Henning Pedersen
  Solo showJosé Guadalupe Posada
  Solo showArne Ekeland
  Solo showEllinor Flor: Industry Design for Håg Møbler
  Solo showOlav Strømme: Light Falls in
  Solo showKarel Appel
  Solo showBorghild Røed Lærum
  Solo showTrygve Lie
  Group showThorvald Erichsen and Oluf Wold-Torne: In Praise of Summer
  Solo showRoy Lichtenstein
  Solo showKjell Erik Killi Olsen
  Solo showGuttorm Nordo
  Solo showGraham Clarke
  Group showIn Forbidden Landscapes
  Solo showEdvard Munch and Harald Sohlberg: Landscapes of the Mind
  Solo showHarvey Quaytman
  Solo showSverre Wyller: Six Piece Flat Box
  Solo showKain Tapper
  Solo showRune Dyrøy

  Solo showRobert A. Robinson: Captured
  Solo showKjell Nupen: Emblem
  Solo showPer Inge Bjørlo
  Solo showJens Bjørneboe
  Solo showRolf Aamot
  Solo showG.B. Alessandri: Garderobe
  Solo showLudvig Karsten
  Solo showMagne Furuholmen
  Solo showErich Lessing
  Solo showFrank Stella
  Solo showHanna Höch
  Solo showSergio Camargo
  Solo showAndràs Mengyán
  Solo showDick Higgins: retrospective

  Group showJakob Weidemann and Kjell Nupen: An Encounter
  Solo showMay Bjerk
  Solo showThor Sandborg
  Solo showArve Rød: Leviatan
  Solo showNikolai Astrup from the Jon Chr. Brynildsen's Collection
  Solo showVictor Lind - malerier
  Solo showKristian Blystad - Forord av Herald Flor
  Solo showJoão Câmara: Scenes from Brazilian Life
  Solo showWarhol - celebrities
  Solo showNicholas Mokuberanwa
  Solo showOdd Tandberg
  Solo showOdd Kristian Steenberg: malerier gjennom 30 år

  Solo showKalle Løchen
  Solo showJo Michael
  Solo showVictor Vasarely
  Solo showFrancisco de Goya: hans grafiske verk fra Eberhard W. Kornfelds samling
  Solo showMark Tobey
  Solo showRados Dedic - woodcut
  Solo showFernand Léger and the North
  Solo showRichard Mortensen

  Solo showAase Texmon Rygh
  Solo showMouche Thomsen
  Solo showAnne Katrine Dolven
  Solo showPablo Picasso
  Solo showJørg Immendorff: Peer Gynt
  Solo showJakob Weidemann
  Solo showYngve Zakarias
  Solo showSonja Krohn
  Solo showPramila Giri

  Solo showJoseph Beuys
  Solo showArvid Pettersen
  Solo showPer Inge Bjørlo
  Solo showSynnøve Anker Aurdal
  Solo showPer Barclay: Oil-room
  Solo showInghild Karlsen
  Solo showJim Bengston: Empty Landscapes
  Solo showLudvig Eikaas: Illustrating Henrik Ibsen
  Solo showHarald Sohlberg
  Solo showFelix Valloton
  Solo showYoko Ono: Hommage to Nora
  Solo showJohannes Rian: 100 Years

  Solo showLudwig Eikaas - tresnitt
  Solo showOlav Christopher Jenssen: Drawings relating to Knut Hamsun's Sult
  Solo showRichard Mortensen
  Solo showFerdinand Finne: Manifest
  Solo showYoko Ono: retrospective
  Solo showToshikatsu Endo
  Solo showAnna-Eva Bergman
  Solo showChristo: works 1959-1989 from the Lilja Collection
  Solo showPierre Alechinsky
  Solo showOlli Lyytikäinen
  Solo showHans Hartung: Memorial Exhibition

  Solo showHiroji Kubota: Photography from China

  Solo showInger Sitter - Arbeider, 1984-1987
  Solo showAnna-Eva Bergman: Memorial Exhibition
  Solo showReidar Aulie - malerier og tegninger
  Solo showMaurice Estève

  Solo showBjørn Nørgaard
  Solo showMarianne Heske: Voyage Pittoresque
  Solo showEli Gabrielsen
  Solo showGeorg Baselitz: Motives for a Battle
  Solo showYoshiaki Tono: Underwater Photography
  Solo showArne Ekeland
Description Group showVan Abbe museum Besøker Høvikodden
  Group showThree Pioneers of the Polish Avantgarde

  Solo showTom Sandberg
  Solo showJasper Johns' Monotypes
  Solo showJoseph Beuys
  Solo showThe Boyle Family Archives
  Solo showFinn Alnæs: Game of Powers
  Solo showKlee and the Music
  Solo showZdenka Rusova

  Solo showPer Kleiva
  Group showBaselitz, Penck, Immendorff, Lüpertz, Dine
  Solo showPer Inge Bjørlo
  Solo showChristo: Surrounded Islands
  Solo showCarin Hartmann: Men's Women/ Men
  Group showArvid Pettersen / Bård Breivik / Jim Bengston
  Group showJan Groth / Kjell Bjørgeengen
  Solo showStåle Vold
  Solo showKaare Rafoss
  Group showGeoffrey Hendricks / Therese Nortvedt
  Solo showBernard Pagès
  Solo showKarel Appel
  Solo showRichard Hamilton
  Solo showGeneviève Asse
  Solo showInghild Karlsen
  Solo showRené Magritte

  Solo showKjell Sten Tollefsen
  Solo showAnselm Kiefer
  Solo showGoya's Prints
  Solo showKlaus Staeck
  Solo showJean Bazaine
  Solo showJohn Aiken

  Solo showHelge Röed: Tanum Winter Project
  Solo showCarl Fredrik Hill
  Solo showCharlotte Salomon: Life or Theatre
  Solo showVladimir Sisjov: Russia's Faces
  Solo showJoseph Beuys. Multiplisert Kunst. Fra Sammlung Ulbricht
  Solo showPaul Strand
  Solo showJacob Weidemann
  Solo showGeneviève Asse
  Solo showRuth Francken: tegninger
  Solo showGeer van Velde

  Solo showJean Bazaine
  Solo showGerard Titus-Carmel tegninger 1975-1981
  Solo showDouwe Jan Bakker
  Solo showFelix Mann
  Solo showBård Breivik
  Solo showJim Bengston
  Solo showHans Hartung: malerier, tegninger og grafiske arbeider
  Solo showBram van Velde 1940-80
  Solo showOlaf Gulbransson
  Solo showPicasso's 347-Series
  Solo showWilli Baumeister 1889-1955: Paintings - Drawings
  Solo showVladimir Velickovic: malerier, tegninger
  Solo showDavid Hockney
  Group showNorwegian Participants at Youth-Biennale in Paris 1980

  Solo showDario Villalba
  Solo showArnold Haukeland
  Solo showHundertwasser
  Solo showFernando Botero: malerier, tegninger, skulpturer

  Solo showJuan Soriano: malerier
  Solo showChristian Jaccard - brannserier 1976-1978
  Solo showAnna Eva Bergman
  Solo showGünther Grass
  Solo showFritz Behrendt
  Solo showAlfred Manessier
  Solo showAlbert Bitran
  Solo showHiroshige
  Solo showNobuo Sekine

  Solo showBjarne Ness: retrospective
  Solo showWifredo Lam: retrospective
  Solo showJan Groth
  Solo showZdenka Rusova
  Solo showMark Boyle: Journey to the Surface of the Earth
  Solo showWolfgang Troschke
  Solo showSonja Ferloy Mancoba: retrospective
  Solo showTim Head: Environment
  Solo showChristo: Running Fence
  Solo showEdgar Knoob
  Solo showZoran Music

  Solo showHåkon Stenstadvold
  Solo showAbakanowicz
  Solo showDewasne
  Solo showBertoia
  Solo showKai Fjell: retrospective
  Solo showMorten Kristiansen
  Solo showAlberto Giacometti
  Solo showAlechinsky

  Solo showHowardena Pindell: Video Drawings
  Solo showEric Bowen
  Solo showPierre Soulages
  Solo showJørgen Haugen Sørensen
  Solo showWalker Evans
  Solo showDavid Hockney
  Solo showSerge Poliakoff
  Solo showTadeuz Kantor: emballages

  Solo showRafael Canogar
  Solo showOlav Strømme: retrospective
  Solo showShusaku Arakawa
  Solo showBernhard Luginbühl
  Solo showPer Kirkeby
  Solo showJakob Weidemann: retrospective
  Solo showHenry Moore: retrospective

  Solo showWilhelm Freddie
  Solo showBjørn Erling Evensen
  Solo showRichard Francisco
  Solo showHelen Frederick
  Solo showJan Groth
  Solo showChristo: Valley Curtain Project
  Solo showJean Dubuffet
  Solo showEisenstein
  Solo showHåkon Bleken
  Solo showAntoni Tapies

  Solo showMark Boyle
  Solo showJoan Miró

  Solo showPalle Nielsen
  Solo showKjell Bjørgeengen

  Solo showZdenka Rusova
  Solo showNaum Gabo
  Solo showCésar
  Solo showMark Boyle
  Solo showJoe Tilson
  Solo showJulio Gonzalez

  Solo showSidney Nolan
  Solo showLucien Clergue: The Woman and the Sea
  Group showWeidemann / Haukeland
Last update: 11 April 2017
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