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Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art

Public Institution
Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
1-1 Hijiyama Koen
Minami-Ku 732-0815 Hiroshima
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +81 082 264 1121
Opening hours:
Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su  10:00-17:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Andy Warhol  1
Robert Rauschenberg  11
Yayoi Kusama  35
Nam June Paik  50
Jasper Johns  56

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Taro Okamoto  3375 7
Yayoi Kusama  35 5
Hiroshi Sugimoto  59 5

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 393 26
  Leo Castelli Gallery, USA 191 8
  Pace Gallery - NY, USA 113 13
  Whitney Museum of American Art, USA 72 11

Foundation year: 1989
Ai-Mitsu  1907-1946, JP
Nobuyoshi Araki  1940, JP
Takako Araki  1921-2004, JP
Saburo Aso  1913-2000, JP
Fernando Botero  1932, CO
Alexander Calder  1898-1976, US
Lijun Fang  1963, CN
Shigeo Fukuda  1932-2009, JP
Masao Haitani  
Masuo Ikeda  1934-1997, JP
Bukichi Inoue  1930-1997, JP
Jasper Johns  1930, US
Donald Judd  1928-1994, US
Tadashi Kawamata  1953, JP
On Kawara  1933-2014, JP
Yasuo Kazuki  1911-1974, JP
Tatsuo Kondo  1933, JP
Yayoi Kusama  1929, JP
Lee Ufan  1936, KR
Morris Louis  1912-1962, US
Issei Miyake  1938, JP
Henry Moore  1898-1986, UK
Yasumasa Morimura  1951, JP
Takashi Murakami  1962, JP
Yoshiaki Murakami  1933, JP
Yoshitomo Nara  1959, JP
Masaaki Nishi  1946, JP
Oscar Oiwa  1965, US, BR
Taro Okamoto  1911-1996, JP
Tsuyoshi Ozawa  1965, JP
Nam June Paik  1932-2006, US, KR
Robert Rauschenberg  1925-2008, US
Yoshishige Saito  1904-2001, JP
Tomoko Sawada  1977, JP
Kurt Schwitters  1887-1948, DE
Frank Stella  1936, US
Kishio Suga  1944, JP
Hiroshi Sugimoto  1948, JP
Kiichi Sumikawa  1931, JP
Jiro Takamatsu  1936-1998, JP
Tadasu Takamine  1968, JP
Tadashi Tonoshiki  1942-1992, JP
Hiromi Tsuchida  1939, JP
Isamu Wakabayashi  1936-2003, JP
Andy Warhol  1928-1987, US
Kenji Yanobe  1965, JP
Tadanori Yokoo  1936, JP
 Previous Exhibitions   130
  Group showThe World Is Strange!: The Manga And Paintings Of Tiger Tateishi And Yuichi Yokoyama
  Group show1945±5: War and Reconstruction – How Artists Faced the Turbulent Period
  Solo show[The 50th Program] Dennis Hlynsky
Description Solo showDinh Q. Lę: Memory for Tomorrow
  Group showAn Abundance of Sei: Life, Vigor, Thrive, and Spirit

Description and image Group showDiscordant Harmony
  Group showForm and Feeling ―What Creates a Sense of Familiarity?
Description Group showA Bird’s-eye View of the World
  Solo showSamson Young
  Group showTeach Us to Outgrow Our Madness
  Group showLife=Work
Description and image Solo showThe Principles of Art by Akasegawa Genpei : From the 1960s to the Present
Description and image Group showWhen Documents Become Form
Description Group showA Bird’s-eye View of the World

  Group showGuess What? Hardcore Contemporary Art’s Truly a World Treasure
Description Group showWhite on White – Color, Scene, and Space
Description Group showLegendary Houses in Postwar Japan – Provocative / Introspective
  Group showNeither/Both
Description and image Solo showThe 9th Hiroshima Art Prize Doris Salcedo
  Group showSleeping Beauty
  Group showImaginative Geometry
  Solo showAtelier Bow-Wow: Micro Public Space

Description Solo showFrancis Al˙s
Description Group showSite: Places Of Memories, Spaces With Potential
  Solo showEyes on the street: Modernology and Beyond

  Solo showAy-O: Over the Rainbow Once More
  Solo showDo Ho Suh - In Between
  Group showAnatomia Metamorphosis: Czech Masters of Art Brut
  Solo show1,2,3 herring
  Group showWhat a Wonderful World: Visions in contemporary Asian art of our world today
  Group show2012-1 Building: Art in Relation to Architecture
  Solo showCharlotte Perriand et le Japon

  Solo showA Window to the World, A Space Exodus
  Group showYutokutaishi Akiyama & Kotobuki Shiriagari: Buriki no Hakobune
  Group showOpen Call for Art Project Ideas 2011 Exhibition
  Solo showYoko Ono Exhibition for the 8th Hiroshima Art Prize
  Solo showSpecial Viewing: Taro Okamoto,Myth of Tommorow
  Solo showTakamine Tadasu - To Far to See
  Group showCollection 2011-1 Words as window, Images as doors
  Solo showSimon Starling

Description and image Solo showRequiem: Art on Top of the Battlefield
Description Group showMore of an activity:the artist as choreographer
  Solo showHEAVEN: Japan seen from Kyoichi Tsuzuki's window on the world
  Solo showWilliam Kentridge - What We See & What We Know

  Group showArt of Power Born of Pleasure
  Group showSilent
  Solo show20th Anniversary Special Exhibition - The Faces of Japan
  Solo show20th Anniversary Special Exhibition "The Faces of Japan" Project HIROSHIMA by Nobuyoshi Araki
  Solo showTsuyoshi Ozawa - The Invisible Runner Strides On
  Solo showTaro Okamoto, Myth of Tomorrow
  Solo showMartin Creed
  Group showDorodoro, Doron--The Uncanny World in Folk and Contemporary Art in Asia
  Group showWhen Lives Become Form Creative Power From Brazil

  Solo showThe 7th Hiroshima Art Prize Cai Guo-Qiang
  Solo showMasuo Ikeda Revealed: A Retrospective
  Solo showOozu Tatzu -Outdoor Summer Project
  Solo showMiyako Ishiuchi: Hiroshima Strings of Time
  Solo showSori Yanagi -anonymous design-
  Group showSHELTER×SURVIVAL Alternative Homes for Fantaatic Lives

  Solo showlya & Emilia KABAKOV presents: Ilya KABAKOV ORBIS PICTUS - Children's Book Illustrator as a Social Character
  Solo showllustrator as a Social Character
  Solo showOHTAKE Shinro: New Universe, on the Road
  Group showPOP ART 1960's to 2000's
  Group showRe-Act New Art Competition 2007 at Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
  Solo showTANAKA Koki
  Solo showFUJIMOTO Yukio: ECHO-Virtual Sound
  Group showPortrait Session

  Group showArt in the Age of Social Darwinism
  Group showMountain village Kouji animation spreading/displaying
  Solo showTaro Okamoto's Proud Message: The Road to Completion of "Tomorrow's Myth
  Solo showVisible Fantasy
  Solo showYuichi Ito

  Group showPositioning
  Solo showMasao Okabe
  Solo showHiroshi Sunairi
  Solo showThe 6th Hiroshima Art Prize - Shirin Neshat
  Solo showMarie-Ange Guilleminot Nevers Hiroshima
  Group showToward the Future
  Solo showYayoi Kusama: Eight Places for Burning Soul

  Solo showMaywa Denki: THE NONSENSE MACHINES
  Solo shownoguchi: The Bollingen Journey 1949-1956
  Solo showKatsura Funakoshi Works:1980-2003
  Solo showYes Yoko Ono

  Solo showThe Robot Chronicles
  Group showNew Generation Japanese Painters
  Solo showMotonaga Sadamasa

  Solo showTadanori Yokoo: All Things in the Universe
  Solo showThe 5th Hiroshima Art Prize - Daniel Libeskind

  Solo showDiscoverer of JOMON Art
  Group showAlfred Hitchcock and Contemporary Art
  Solo showGerhard Richter/ATLAS
  Group showLight Transfigured—Contemporary Czech Glass Sculpture
  Solo showDomon Ken

  Solo showAkitsushima
  Solo showKisho Kurokawa: Retrospective
  Solo showAndy Warhol - From Collection of MUGRABI

  Group showPASSAGEh New French Art
  Solo showThe 4th Hiroshima Art Prize - Krzysztof Wodiczko
  Solo showDale Chihuly

  Solo showMasaaki Nishi
  Solo showMark di Suvero
  Group showREAL/LIFE New British Art
  Solo showMatsumi Kanemitsu

  Solo showKishio Suga
  Solo showGerman Darkness and Contemporary Symbol
  Group showArt in Southeast Asia 1997 Climpes into the Future
  Solo showHiroshi Teshigawara MAITAKE

  Solo showLe Corbusier
  Group showThe 3rd Hiroshima Art Prize - Leon Golub & Nancy Spero

  Solo showTaro Okamoto
  Solo showForest of Visions

  Solo showGeorge Lucas

  Solo showThe 2nd Hiroshima Art Prize
  Solo showAnselm Kiefer - Melancholia
  Solo showHockney's Opera
  Solo showHenry Moore Intime

  Group showBerlin Art Scene: A Double Mentality
  Solo showIRI MARUKI
  Solo showSelf:1961-1991
  Solo showUshio Shinohara

  Solo showAbakanowicz
  Solo showImages, Single and Multiple 1957-1990

  Solo showThe 1st Hiroshima Art Prize - Issey Miyake:Ten Sen Men
  Solo showRichard Estes
  Solo showFazzini
  Solo showSurrounded Islands Biscayne Bay Miami Florida

  Group showPictures for the Sky: Art Kites
  Solo showShu Takahashi
  Solo showKarel Appel
Last update: 3 December 2016
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