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Ikon Gallery

Public Institution
Ikon Gallery
1 Oozells Square, Brindleyplace
Birmingham B1 2HS
United Kingdom
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +44-(0)121-248 0708
fax +44-(0)121-248 0709
Opening hours:
Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su  11:00-18:00
Ikon Gallery

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Patrick Killoran  15472 4
Cornelia Parker  925 4
Gillian Wearing  283 4
Graham Gussin  4224 4

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 381 76
  Lisson Gallery, United Kingdom 106 36
  Leo Castelli Gallery, USA 105 7
  Institute of Contemporary Arts London (ICA), United Kingdom 104 76
  MoMA PS1, USA 103 87

Director(s): Jonathan Watkins
 Art Fairs
Art - London’s global art fair (15)
 Previous Exhibitions   261
  Solo showJean Painlevé

  Solo showRoger Hiorns
  Solo showMitti Ka Ghar – Clay House
  Solo showŽilvinas Kempinas
  Solo showSara Barker
  Solo showPhilippine Hamen For The Man Who Wouldn’t Get Up – Hommage to David Lodge
  Solo showJesse Bruton
  Solo showKan Xuan
  Solo showPatrick Killoran - Observation Deck (Birmingham)
  Solo showPamela Scott Wilkie - Journey
  Solo showDan Flavin - It is what it is and it ain’t nothing else
  Solo showJanet Mendelsohn - Varna Road
  Solo showDinh Q. Lê - The Colony

Description Solo showFiona Banner - Scroll Down And Keep Scrolling
  Solo showVanley Burke: At Home with Vanley Burke
  Solo showTakehisa Kosugi: Spacings
Description and image Solo showPigment
Description and image Solo showPavel Büchler - (Honest) Work
  Solo showJacques Nimki: Seen / Unseen
  Solo showA K Dolven - please return
  Solo showNástio Mosquito - Daily Lovemaking
  Solo showRobert Groves - Golden Years

  Solo showJulian Opie - Ikon Icon 2000s
Description and image Solo showLee Bul
Description Solo showYinka Shonibare Mbe - Ikon Icon 1990S
  Solo showCornelia Parker - Ikon Icons
  Group showAs Exciting As We Can Make It: Ikon in the 1980s
  Solo showMichel Francois- Pieces of Evidence
  Solo showIan Emes
  Solo showImran Qureshi - Deutsche Bank’s Artist of the Year
  Solo showJamal Penjweny- saddam is here
  Solo showJohn Salt
  Solo showGraham Gussin - Spill

  Solo showTim Johnson - The Luminescent Ground
  Solo showDavid Tremlett - 3 Drawing Rooms
  Solo showAmikam Toren - Carrots
  Solo showDean Kelland - The Englishman’s Panacea
  Solo showLife:Still
  Solo showNina Könnemann Bann
  Solo showHurvin Anderson reporting back
  Solo showShimabuku - Something that Floats / Something that Sinks
  Solo showGiorgio Sadotti - This This Monster This Things
  Solo showFrançois Morellet
  Solo showTimur Novikov
  Solo showJohn Flaxman - Line to Contour
  Solo showNástio Mosquito - Nástia Answers Gabi
  Solo showMosa’ab Elshamy - Defiance: Two years on from the Egyptian revolution

  Solo showBeat Streuli
  Group showAutumn Almanac - The voice and the Lens
  Solo showAnd Europe will be stunned
  Solo showArefin & Arefin - The graphic design of Tony Arefin
  Solo showAnn Veronica Janssens - Oscar
  Solo showRiffs. Deutsche Bank´s Artist Of The Year 2011
  Solo showMy Bad
  Solo showGillian Wearing - A Real Birmingham Family
  Solo showSarah Browne - How to Use Fool's Gold
  Solo showHamish Fulton
  Solo showGillian Wearing - A Real Birmingham Family

  Solo showStuart Whipps - Why Contribute to the Spread of Ugliness?
  Solo showJohn Myers - Middle England
  Solo showDean Kelland - Living Room Series (Episode 2): The Desperate Hours
  Solo showNedko Solakov - All in Order, with Exceptions
  Solo showAtsuko Tanaka - The Art of Connecting
  Solo showTadasu Takamine - Too far to see
  Solo showJohn Salt
  Solo showKristoffer Myskja - Machine that uses a 1000 years to shut itself down
  Solo showGillian Wearing - A Real Birmingham Family
  Solo showEndless façade
  Solo showTheatrum Orbis Terrarum
  Group showWhite as Snow

  Solo showLen Lye – The Body Electric
  Solo showHitchcock Hallway
  Solo showKitagawa Utamaro
  Solo showA good chair is a good chair
  Solo showNail Biter
  Solo showTraining
  Solo showMadeln: Seeing One's Own Eyes
  Solo showRon Terada - Who I think I am
  Solo showShurq Harb - A Book of Signatures
  Solo showSince I fell for you
  Solo showClare Rojas - We They, We They
  Solo showOn the Movement of the Fried Egg and Other Astronomical Bodies

  Solo showShocked into Abstraction
  Solo showProjector
Description Solo showRyoji Ikeda
Description Solo showThe Collection
  Solo showRazgulyai
  Solo showTo Trample Down An Arable Land
  Solo showCarmen Herrera
Description Solo showHey for Lubberland!
  Solo showWhen the Scales Fall From Your Eyes
  Solo showThe Last Few Mosquitoes
  Solo showMy Very Own Cinema
Description Solo showDrawn Onward
  Solo showTale-pieces
Description and image Solo showSome words. Some more words
Description Solo showZhang Enli
Description Solo showArmando Andrade Tudela
  Solo showManthia Diawara - Maison Tropicale

  Solo showDarcy Lange
  Solo showHarminder Singh Judge
  Solo showVictor Man - Attebasile
  Solo showBalena Project/ Birmingham'08
  Solo showMartin Creed
  Solo showThe Eternal Now: Warhol and Film '63 - '68
  Solo showMartin Boyce - Out Of This Sun, Into This Shadow
Description Solo showTercerunquinto - I Am What I Am
Description Solo showHe An
  Solo showShahzia Sikander - Intimate Ambivalence
  Solo showCinthia Marcelle - Fonte 193, Confronto, Volta ao Mundo
  Solo showLutz and Guggisberg. Impressions from the interior
  Solo showIsland
   Soi Project: Fruits
  Group showSaburo Teshigawara and KARAS
  Solo showCornelia Parker: Mali, Lima, Peru
  Solo showRuth Claxton
  Solo showJürgen Partenheimer
  Solo showUtagawa Hiroshige: The Moon Reflected
  Solo showAlice Cattaneo
  Solo showTim Maguire . Snow, water and flowers
  Solo showRyan Gander - Heralded as the new black
  Solo showPamela Scott Wilkie - Passing Through

  Solo showUtagawa Hiroshige
  Solo showAlice Cattaneo
  Solo showChandelier
  Solo showMarjolijn Dijkman
  Solo showCornelia Parker - Never Endings
  Solo showDamián Ortega - Being
  Solo showMassimo Bartolini: Triple Loop
  Solo showFrédéric Bruly Bouabré
  Solo showYuri Leiderman: Birmingham Pattern
  Solo showGonzalo Lebrija: Lights On and Aranjuez
  Solo showMarie Lorenz: Icknield Port Loop
  Group showPlease excuse our appearance
  Solo showLisa Milroy: Making Sense
  Solo showGary Stevens - Wake up and hide
  Solo showSteven Shearer - Poems
  Solo showJacques Nimki - Florilegium
  Solo showArturo Herrera
  Solo showAria Mobile
  Solo showFirst Light
  Solo showRichard Deacon
  Solo showSofia Hulten - Familiars

  Solo showPerry Roberts
  Solo showSuchan Kinoshita
  Solo showAdad Hannah - Stills
  Solo showMarijke van Warmerdam
  Solo showPatrick Killoran
  Solo showYang zhenzhong
  Solo showGraham Gussin - Spill
  Solo showSurasi Kusolwong - Bangmingham (Come as you are)
Description Solo showOn Kawara - Eternal Return
Description Solo showOlafur Eliasson - Your Uncertainty of Colour Matching Experiment
  Solo showChristina Kubisch
  Solo showJohn Smith - Selected Videos
  Solo showTakefumi Ichikawa
  Solo showSarah Wilson - White Noise
  Solo showIgnasi Aballi - 0-24h
  Solo showMarcel Dzama
  Solo showVladimir Logutov - Twilight
  Group showMarcela Levi and Michel Groisman - Fierce! 2006
  Solo showSimon & Tom Bloor - The wide world is all about you
  Solo showjuneau/projects/
  Solo showFranz Gertsch
  Solo showRoy Arden

  Solo showStolen White Goods
  Solo showDing Yi
  Solo showMike Marshall - Not far From Here
  Solo showLifeguards
  Solo showRita Donagh
  Solo showSimon Blackmore
Description and image Group showChristiane Baumgartner and Max Baumgartner
Description and image Solo showSimon Patterson - High Noon
Description and image Solo showCaro Niederer - Living with Art
Description and image Solo showAyşe Erkmen - Under the Roof
Description and image Solo showHappiness in Mitte
Description and image Solo showGiovanni Anselmo

Description and image Solo showGeorges Adeagbo
Description and image Solo showJohn Murphy - And things throw light on things…
Description and image Group showBrian Duffty / June Bum Park
Description and image Solo showIan Davenport
Description and image Solo showCatherine Chalmers - Video Works
Description and image Group showSome of the best things...
  Solo showZhao Bandi
Description and image Solo showNoguchi Rika
Description and image Solo showPaul Ramirez Jonas
Description and image Solo showElizabeth Magill
  Solo showSusan Philipsz - Songs from films sung in a cinema
Description and image Solo showLonnie Holley
Description and image Solo showDavid Batchelor

Description and image Solo showRirkrit Tiravanija
  Solo showKevin Reid - Ring of Fire
  Solo showAhlam Shibli - Lost Time
  Solo showDavid Cunningham - The Listening Room
  Solo showAlicia Framis - Anti-Dog
  Solo showPaul Rooney - There Are Two Paths
  Solo showGeorge Shaw - What I did this Summer
  Solo showSundaribai
  Solo showJohn Rogers
Description and image Solo showJohn Smith - Girl Chewing Gum
Description and image Solo showBernard Frize - Hands On
  Solo showPatrick Killoran - Lost & Found
  Group showFabienne Audeoud & John Russell - The Withdrawal from Conversation
Description Solo showAnya Gallaccio
Description Solo showKelly Mark - everything is interesting
Description and image Solo showAA Bronson
Description and image Solo showPaydirt - Joe Scalan

Description and image Solo showOn Kawara - Consciousness. Meditation. Watcher on the Hills.
Description and image Solo showDavid Batchelor - Electric Colour Picture
Description Solo showAdam Dade & Sonya Hanney - Stacked Hotel Room No.10
Description and image Solo showAnri Sala
Description and image Solo showAnn Veronica Janssens
  Solo showVladimir Arkhipov - Post-Folk Archive
Description Solo showHayley Newman
Description and image Solo showJean-Frédéric Schnyder
Description Solo showMarc Camille Chaimowicz - Shoe Waste
Description Solo showDavid Brinkworth - Cleaning the Institution
Description Solo showRikuo Ueda - Wind Drawings
  Solo showTadasu Takemine - Kimura-san
Description Solo showGraham Gussin
Description Solo showIvan Morison - Various projects
  Solo showKatharina Grosse
Description and image Solo showSantiago Sierra

Description and image Solo showRichard Hamilton - Polaroid Portraits
Description and image Solo showAndrea Zittel - A-Z Compartment Units
  Solo showAnthony Howell, with the Theatre of New Mistakes - Waterfall 9
Description and image Solo showJulian Opie
  Solo showShigenobu Yoshida - Gathering Rainbows
Description and image Group showBirmingham
Description and image Solo showNobuyoshi Araki - Tokyo Still Life
Description and image Solo showBraco Dimitrijevic - Triptychos Post Historicus
  Solo showOleg Kulik - Two Kuliks
  Solo showTatsumi Orimoto - Bread Man
Description and image Solo showBeatriz Milhazes
Description and image Solo showDayanita Singh - I am as I am
Description Solo showCeal Floyer

Description Group showBritish Art Show 5
Description Solo showSimon Patterson - Manned Flight
Description and image Solo showMariele Neudecker - Until Now
Description Solo showColin Pearce - Doppelgänger
Description Solo showPatrick Killoran - Observation Deck.
Description Group showas it is
Description Solo showShimabuku - Cucumber Journey
Description Solo showKane Do - Untitled (Car park Drawings)
Description Solo showGuy Bar-Amotz - Positive Vibration
Description Solo showMargaret Barron - And forever shall be
Description and image Solo showRichard Billingham
Description Solo showTadashi Kawamata - Canal Boat
  Solo showFranko B - I Miss you
Description and image Solo showLyndal Jones - Demonstrations and details from the facts of life
Description and image Solo showSimryn Gill
Description and image Group showLost

Description and image Solo showGordon Bennett
  Solo showAdam Chodzko

  Solo showMartha Rosler : positions in the life world

  Group showV-topia: Visions of a Virtual World
  Solo showMark Wallinger

  Solo showAnsuya Blom

  Solo showSuzanne Treister

  Solo showTim Rollins + K.O.S

  Solo showSean Scully, paintings 1971-1981
Last update: 27 January 2017
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