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L.A. Louver Gallery

Private Gallery
L.A. Louver Gallery
45 N. Venice Blvd.,
Venice, CA 90291
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +1 (310) - 822 49 55
fax +1 (310) - 821 75 29
Opening hours:
Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa  10:00-18:00
and by appointment
Louver Gallery New York
130 Prince Street
New York City, NY
city map
hotel accommodation

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
David Hockney  50
Sean Scully  173
Per Kirkeby  218
Richard Deacon  545
Joël Shapiro  553

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
David Hockney  50 36
Charles Garabedian  8429 33
Peter Shelton  10474 32
Tony Berlant  6161 30
Tom Wudl  14171 27

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 110 13
  Pace Gallery - NY, USA 53 6
  Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), USA 30 14
  John Berggruen Gallery, USA 30 8
  Paula Cooper Gallery, USA 29 2

Foundation year: 1975
Director(s): Peter Goulds, Kimberly Davis
Employees: Media Contact: Eliyabeth East
 Art Fairs
The ADAA Art Show (, 07)
Art Basel Art Basel (03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12)
artLA (09)
Terry Allen  1943, US
Tony Berlant  1941, US
Tony Bevan  1951, UK
Deborah Butterfield  1949, US
Rebecca Campbell  1971, US
Dale Chihuly  1941, US
Richard Deacon  1949, UK
Gajin Fujita  1972, US
Charles Garabedian  1923-2016, US
David Hockney  1937, UK
Ben Jackel  1977
Edward & Nancy Kienholz  1927-1994, US
Per Kirkeby  1938, DK
Leon Kossoff  1926, UK
Guillermo Kuitca  1961, AR
Jonathan Lasker  1948, US
Jason Martin  1970, UK
Enrique Martínez Celaya  1964, CU
Michael C. McMillen  1946, US
Sandra Mendelsohn Rubin  1947, US
Gwynn Murrill  1942, US
Kenneth Price  1935-2012, US
Alison Saar  1956, US
Sean Scully  1945, IE
Joël Shapiro  1941, US
Peter Shelton  1951, US
Don Suggs  1945, US
Juan Uslé  1954, ES
Fred Williams  1927-1982, AU
Tom Wudl  1948, US
 Previous Exhibitions   468
  Solo showFrederick Hammersley
  Group showCharles Garabedian and his Contemporaries

  Group showRoll Call - 11 artists from L.A.
  Solo showDavid Hockney - The Yosemite Suite
  Solo showHeather Gwen Martin
  Solo showMatt Wedel
  Solo showAlison Saar - Silt, Soot, Smut
  Solo showDon Suggs - Paradise
  Solo showJason Martin - Counterfeit
  Solo showRichard Deacon - Siamese Metal #6
  Solo showKienholz Televisions
  Solo showMichael C. McMillen
  Solo showRebecca Campbell
  Solo showDeborah Butterfield - Heart Butte

  Solo showMatt Wedel - Peaceable Fruit
  Solo showCharles Garabedian - Sacrifice For The Fleet
  Solo showTom Wudl - Beginningless/
Description and image Solo showDavid Hockney: Painting and Photography
  Solo showGajin Fujita - Warriors, Ghosts and Ancient Gods of the Pacific
  Group showSculpture
  Solo showEnrique Martinez Celaya
  Solo showBen Jackel - American Imperium
  Solo showSandra Mendelsohn Rubin - A Common Thread

  Solo showRogue Wave projects- Chen Man
  Solo showTony Berlant: Close To Home
  Solo showRogue Wave Projects: Heather Gwen Martin
  Solo showSui Jianguo
  Solo showFrederick Hammersley: Organics And Cut-Ups, 1963-1965
  Solo showDavid Hockney: The Arrival Of Spring
  Solo showMark Di Suvero: Sculptures And Drawings
  Solo showBen Jackel: Grandpa's Knuckle Dusters (Bronze)
  Solo showRina Banerjee: Disgust
  Group showGroup Show
  Solo showGajin Fujita - drawings
  Solo showKienholz- Berlin/Hope
  Solo showMatt Wedel: Portrait
  Solo showLeon Kossoff - London Landscapes

  Solo showJoel Shapiro
  Solo showR.B Kitaj
  Solo showJason Martin: Serendipitia
  Solo showReflections of the Flowerbank World
  Solo showAlison Saar: Slough
  Group showRogue Wave '13 15 artists from Los Angeles
  Solo showJuan Usle - entre dos lunas
  Group showGroup Show
  Solo showSheep's Head
  Solo showRe:generation
  Solo showRichard Deacon - Beware of the dog
  Group showGroup show
  Solo showRogue Wave. Projects Grant Stevens: Supermassive
  Solo showThe Computer Drawings 1969

  Solo showEnrique Martínez Celaya
  Solo showMark Di Suvero
  Solo showDeborah Butterfield: New Sculptures
  Solo showTony Bevan
  Solo showShirazeh Houshiary - String Quintet
  Group showgroup exhibition
  Solo showZero Percent Contained
  Solo showThermal Pool Paintings And Paradise Prints
  Solo showCharles Garabedian: Works from 1965 - 1975
  Solo showMichael C. McMillen - Station 9
  Solo showMatt Wedel - Figure
  Solo showFrederick Hammersley
  Solo showTom Wudl: Works from 1971-1979
  Solo showKienholz Before Lacma

  Solo showPeter Shelton
  Solo showGajin Fujita. Made in L.A.
  Solo showAlison Saar
  Solo showTony Berlant - Works from 1962-1964
  Solo showLeon Kossoff - Recents Works 1999-2010
  Solo showJason Martin - Near by far
  Solo showJoel Shapiro - Five recent sculptures
  Solo showTom Wudl - Immensities and Infinities: Further Specimens from the Flowerbank World / South gallery
  Solo showEnrique Martínez Celaya - Wormwood / Second floor and Skyroom
  Group showGroup Show
  Solo showSandra Mendelsohn Rubin
  Solo showRichard Deacon
  Group showGroup Show
  Solo showTerry Allen
  Solo showRebecca Campbell
  Solo showJoel Shapiro
  Solo showSol LeWitt
  Group showPhotography

  Solo showRichard Deacon
  Solo showWilliam Brice - Drawings 1960 - 1985
  Group showFiguration
  Solo showMichael C. McMillen - Lighthouse
  Solo showAlison Saar - Foisen and Fallow
  Solo showTony Berlant
  Solo showMark di Suvero
  Solo showAlice Neel: Paintings
  Solo showCharles Garabedian: Recent Paintings
  Solo showRogue Wave Projects: Olga Koumoundouros
  Solo showJonathan Lasker - Recent Paintings
  Group show3 x 3

  Solo showTom Wudl - Specimens from the Flowerbank World
  Group showGroup Show
  Group showGroup Show
  Solo showGwynn Murrill - Early Wood Sculpture
  Group showRogue Wave '09
  Solo showDeborah Butterfield
  Solo showPoltergeist
  Solo showDrawing in a Printing Machine
  Solo showRogue Wave Projects
  Solo showJoel Sapiro

  Solo showDaybreak
  Solo showUntitle
  Solo showNancy Reddin Kienholz
  Solo showEduardo Sarabia: History of the World
   Group Show with Tony Bevan, Tony Berlant, Ben Jackel, Nancy Reddin Kienholz, Jason Martin, Alison Saar, Don Suggs, Mark
  Solo showRecent Paintings
  Solo showJason Martin
  Solo showPeter Shelton: "Dogstar"
  Solo showAlison Saar
  Solo showMarc di Suvero

  Solo showRichard Deacon
  Solo showEnrique Martinez Celaya
  Solo showTony Bevan
  Group showday and night
  Group showRogue Wave '07
  Solo showDon Suggs: Concentric
  Solo showGwynn Murrill
  Solo showHidden In Plain Sight
  Solo showFrom Classical to Baroque
  Solo showThe East Yorkshire Landscape - David Hockney
  Solo showCourtyard and Skyroom
  Solo showSandra Mendelsohn Rubin: views from home

  Solo showGajin Fujita
  Solo showDeborah Butterfield
  Group showSeven Rooms Seven Artists
  Solo showSean Scully
  Solo showJoël Shapiro
  Group showGroup Show
  Solo showAlison Saar - Coup
  Solo showPeter Shelton - Godspipes

  Solo showTom Wudl
  Solo showKen Price
  Solo showEdgard de Souza
  Solo showGwynn Murrill - Skyroom
  Solo showRebecca Campbell
  Group showRogue Wave 05 - 19 Artists from Los Angeles
  Solo showPer Kirkeby
  Solo showTony Berlant - Night Bloom
  Solo showFred Williams - The Later Landscapes, 1975 - 1981
  Solo showDavid Hockney - Hand Eye Heart
  Solo showKen Price - Sculpture from 2004
  Solo showPeter Shelton - gogglelipsandgeogobals for Celebs

  Solo showChihuly Los Angeles
  Solo showJason Martin
  Solo showFrederick Hammersley: Paintings Of The 1960's
  Solo showJohn Chamberlain
  Solo showCharles Garabedian
  Group showSculpture
  Solo showRichard Deacon: Beyond The Clouds
  Group showPainting
  Solo showRichard Deacon - Beyond the Clouds
  Solo showTony Berlant - New Terrain
  Solo showKen Price - Sculpture
  Solo showTerry Allen - Dugout
  Solo showJoel Shapiro - Recent Sculpture

  Solo showMichael C. McMillen
  Solo showSean Scully - Photographs
Description Solo showSandra Mendelsohn Rubin - Shapes and Shadows
  Solo showPeter Shelton - ovalglobal
Description and image Solo showDeborah Butterfield - New Sculptures
  Solo showDomenico Bianchi
  Solo showEdgard de Souza
  Solo showFrederick Hammersley - Organic Abstract Paintings
  Solo showJohn McCracken - New Sculpture
  Solo showR.B. Kitaj - Los Angeles Pictures
  Solo showGwynn Murrill: New Sculpture
  Solo showEd Moses
  Solo showDeborah Butterfield
  Solo showJohn Virtue - The Last Paintings Of The River Exe, 2000 - 2002

  Solo showRebecca Campbell: Thin Skin
  Solo showSean Scully
  Solo showGajin Fujita: Wicked Beauty
  Group showAugust 2002 Group Show
  Solo showJohn Virtue
  Solo showKen Price
  Solo showGuillermo Kuitca
  Solo showEd Moses
  Group showPeter Shelton, Domenico Bianchi
  Solo showCharles Garabedian
  Solo showTom Wudl
  Solo showFrederick Hammersley: Hard-Edged Paintings

  Group showSculpture
  Solo showMark Di Suvero
  Solo showTony Berlant And Joseph Cornell
  Group showRogue Wave '01: Eleven Artists From Los Angeles
  Group showJohn Chamberlain & Ed Moses
  Solo showKienholz Tableau Drawings
  Group showGroup Exhibition
  Solo showKen Price: New Work
  Solo showJoe Goode

  Solo showJason Martin: New Work
  Solo showRichard Deacon: Tomorrow, And Tomorrow, And Tomorrow
  Solo showJoe Goode
  Solo showDavid Hockney: Camera Lucida Drawings
  Solo showThe String It...sound? Yours As Ever, Marked Twine.
  Solo showJuan Uslé: Noche Abierta
  Group showJonathan Borofsky / Peter Shelton
  Solo showJohn Mccracken
  Solo showCharles Garabedian
  Solo showJohn Virtue

  Group showPainting Language
  Solo showFrederick Hammersley: I’Ve Been Here All The While
  Solo showPeter Shelton: Dmeananlean
  Solo showTom Wudl
  Solo showTony Berlant: Extended Ecstasy
  Solo showKen Price
  Solo showEd Moses - Vision Catcher
  Solo showGuillermo Kuitca
  Solo showMichael C. Mcmillen

  Solo showDale Chihuly
  Solo showWilliam Brice
  Solo showDavid Hockney: Looking At Landscape / Being In Landscape
  Group showPainting Language
  Solo showLeslie Wayne - Folding Time
  Solo showJoe Goode - Suns Of Bitches, Moons Of Dogs
  Solo showDavid Nash - Red And Black
  Solo showTony Bevan - Recent Paintings
  Solo showGeorg Baselitz
  Group showGroup Exhibition

  Solo showTerry Allen: Liquid Assets
  Solo showPeter Shelton: Sixtyslippers
  Solo showKen Price
  Solo showJohn Mccracken - New Dimensions
  Solo showMark Di Suvero: Queen’S Bishop 1991 - 1997
  Solo showEd Moses Gainst The Wall
  Solo showSuzanne Mcclelland - Tea Leaves
  Solo showKatarina Sieverding - Stauffenberg-Block
  Solo showMichael C. Mcmillen: The Laboratory Of Sleep
  Solo showMary Beyt - Double Visions
  Solo showJohn Virtue
  Solo showDavid Nash - Stoves, 1979 – 1994
  Solo showPer Kirkeby

  Solo showTom Wudl
  Solo showRichard Diebenkorn - Drawing From The Model 1954 – 1967
  Solo showCharles Garabedian: The Archipelago Of Time
  Solo showDoris Salcedo - Atrabiliarios
  Solo showPeter Shelton: Mčreubu
  Solo showDomenico Bianchi - Recent Work
  Solo showEd Moses - Elpoep Ebolg
  Solo showEd Moses - V.r.o.t. An Environment
  Solo showJoe Goode - Global Warming: Pollution Paintings
  Solo showJuan Uslé: Ojo Roto
  Solo showToshikatsu Endo
  Solo showDavid Hockney: Selected Drawings 1976 - 1988
  Solo showKen Price

  Solo showJohn Mccracken
  Solo showFabian Marcaccio - Paint-Zone L.a.
  Solo showPeter Shelton: Handbones And Thingsicanthrow
  Solo showLydia Dona - Occupants Without Surface In The Reflex Of Paradox
  Solo showMichael C. Mcmillen: Imperfect Objects
  Group showSummer Exhibition
  Solo showTony Berlant: Recent Miracles / Head And Other Recent Paintings
  Solo showEd Moses - Paint
  Solo showDavid Hockney: Some Very Large New Paintings With Twenty-Five Dogs Upstairs And Some Drawings Of Friends
  Solo showJonathan Lasker: Recent Paintings
  Solo showRichard Deacon: Not Yet Beautiful

  Solo showCharles Garabedian: The Labors Of Hercules
  Solo showEdward & Nancy Reddin Kienholz - 76 J.c.’S Led The Big Charade And Other Works
  Group showPainting Language
  Group showNew Sculpture
  Solo showKen Price: Recent Sculpture
  Solo showEd Moses: Recent Paintings
  Solo showSuzanne Mcclelland - New Paintings
  Solo showDavid Hockney: Some New Paintings, Drawings, Prints And Gouaches 1989 - 1994
  Solo showTherese Oulton - Marking Time
  Solo showJohn Mccracken - New Sculpture
  Solo showJoe Goode Pollution Paintings

  Solo showTony Berlant: Small Works
  Solo showMichael C. Mcmillen: Deliverance
  Solo showToshikatsu Endo - New Work
  Solo showTom Wudl: Recent Work
  Solo showJimmie Durham - Various Gates & Escape Routes
  Solo showJohn Virtue - The New Painting 1992 - 93
  Solo showTerry Allen: Voices In The Wilderness
  Solo showTony Berlant: New Work 1990 - 1993
  Solo showGiuseppe Gallo - Recent Works On Paper
  Solo showJohn Mccracken - Paintings
  Solo showDon Suggs: Photoworks - Old Genres

  Solo showPieter Laurens Mol - Selected Works 1983 - 92
  Solo showThe Merry-Go-World Or Begat By Chance And The Wonder Horse Trigger
  Group showDavid Nash, Therese Oulton, John Virtue
  Solo showEd Moses - Apparitions And What: Works On Paper
  Group showPoem Makers
  Solo showMary Beyt - Paintings
  Solo showWilliam T. Wiley - Modern As Hell
  Solo showTony Bevan: The Meeting And Other Recent Paintings
  Solo showCharles Garabedian: Studies For The Iliad
  Solo showTony Berlant: New Works
  Solo showChristopher Lebrun - The Muse Paintings
  Solo showSandra Mendelsohn Rubin: Pieces From Life

  Solo showPeter Shelton: Shirts And Monstermawbaggutheaderhead
  Solo showTom Wudl: Paintings
  Solo showJohn Walker - New Paintings And Works On Paper
  Solo showEd Moses - New Works
  Solo showTerry Allen: New Works
  Solo showDavid Nash - Sculpture
  Solo showWilliam T. Wiley - What Is Not Dancing In Time?
  Solo showTherese Oulton - Painting And Works On Paper
  Solo showMark Di Suvero: New Sculpture And Drawings

  Solo showTony Berlant - Recent Work
  Group showAbstract Painters
  Solo showDomenico Bianchi - Paintings
  Solo showDavid Nash - Drawings
  Solo showMichael C. Mcmillen - Engine Of Mercy
  Solo showPeter Shelton: Drawings
  Group showContemporary Assemblage - The Dada And Surrealist Legacy
  Solo showJohn Virtue - Large Works & Miniatures 1989 - 1990
  Group showSubversive Classicism Subverted
  Solo showEd Moses - Abstraktion & Apparition: Paintings
  Group showSculptors’ Drawings
  Solo showWilliam Brice: Watercolor Paintings
  Solo showGiuseppe Gallo - Paintings And Sculpture
  Solo showIan Falconer - Recent Paintings
  Solo showRichard Shaffer - Paintings And Other Evidence
  Solo showWesley Kimler - Recent Paintings
  Solo showCharles Garabedian: Paintings

  Solo showDavid Hockney: 72 New Pictures
  Solo showTony Bevan: Paintings
  Solo showDon Suggs: Paintings
  Solo showGeorg Baselitz ⁻ Graphic Works 1966 - 1989
  Solo showTony Berlant: Recent Work
  Solo showEd Moses - Works On Paper
  Group showPhotographs And Sculpture
  Solo showRichard Shaffer - Landscape Paintings
  Solo showEd Moses - Aintings
  Solo showPeter Shelton: Castings
  Solo showDennis Hopper - Photographs
  Solo showGeorge Herms - Recent Assemblage Works
  Solo showWilliam Brice: Drawings
  Solo showGianni Dessi - New Work
  Solo showCharles Garabedian: New York Paintings 1984 - 1987
  Solo showRick Stich - Painting

  Group showEuropean Painting And Sculpture
  Solo showJames Surls - Crossing Over
  Solo showEd Moses - Paintings
  Solo showFrank Stella - The Waves
  Solo showLee Jaffe - New Work
  Solo showDomenico Bianchi - Paintings
  Solo showJohn Virtue - Green Haworth 1978 - 1988
  Solo showTerry Allen: Fall Of Amarillo
  Solo showEduardo Carrillo - Recent Work
  Solo showTony Berlant: Recent Work
  Solo showJudith Linhares - Paintings
  Group showThe British Picture
  Solo showWallace Berman - Works From The Estate
  Solo showLee Jaffe - Works On Paper

  Solo showWilliam T. Wiley - What Is Not Drawing?
  Solo showK.H. Hödicke
  Solo showBert Long - Recent Work
  Solo showTerry Allen - Big Witness (Living In Wishes)
  Group showThree Solo Exhibitions By Artists Working In Rome
  Solo showEd Moses - Orks 1984 - 1987
  Solo showAvigdor Arikha - Paintings And Drawings
  Solo showMichael Goldberg - Recent Paintings
  Solo showJohn Walker - Recent Work
  Solo showRobert Janz - Instill Life
  Solo showTom Wudl: Recent Work

  Solo showDavid Hockney: Home Made Prints
  Solo showPeter Shelton: Recent Sculptures
  Solo showEdward & Nancy Reddin Kienholz - Grey Works
  Group showFour Books: The Union Of Word And Image
  Group showAmerican/european Painting And Sculpture 1986. Part II
  Group showAmerican/european Painting And Sculpture 1986. Part I
  Solo showGeorge Herms - Recent Sculpture
  Solo showBernd Koberling - Recent Paintings
  Solo showRichard Shaffer - Recent Paintings & Monoprints
  Group showSculpture & Drawings By Sculptors
  Solo showDavid Bomberg - A Survey Of Paintings And Drawings
  Solo showJohn Mason - New Ceramic Work
  Solo showCharles Garabedian: Tunneling Backwards

  Solo showDavid Hockney: Wider Perspectives are Needed Now
  Solo showLarry Bell - Vapor Drawings On Paper And Glass. New Sculpture
  Solo showJames Surls - New Work
  Group showAmerican/european Painting & Sculpture 1985. Part II
  Group showAmerican/european Painting & Sculpture 1985. Part I
  Solo showEd Moses - Recent Work
  Solo showRichard Shaffer - Italian Landscapes
  Solo showRick Stich - Landscape Reflection
  Solo showTony Berlant: Recent Work
  Solo showFrank Stella - Illustrations After El Lissitky’S Had Gadya
  Solo showDon Suggs: Paintings From 1982 - 84
  Solo showHoward Hodgkin - Works On Paper

  Solo showRichard Diebenkorn - Etchings/drypoints
  Solo showLeon Kossoff: Recent Work
  Solo showWilliam T. Wiley - New Work
  Group showAmerican/european Painting, Drawing, And Sculpture
  Solo showRichard Shaffer - Selected Work: 1979 - 83
  Solo showRobert Helm - Selected Work
  Solo showWilliam Brice: Recent Work
  Solo showPeter Shelton: Majorjoints, Hangers And Squat
  Solo showRobert Motherwell - America, La France Variations: Lithographic Collages
  Solo showHannah Hoch: Selected Works From 1919 - 1931

  Group showAmerican/european Painting And Sculpture Part II
  Group showCalifornia Current: Part II
  Group showCalifornia Current: Part I
  Solo showDavid Hockney: New Work With A Camera
  Solo showMax Cole - Paintings
  Solo showFrank Stella - Prints
  Solo showTom Wudl: Selected Paintings
  Solo showCharles Garabedian: Paintings 1978 - 82
  Solo showRoy Lichtenstein - Seven Woodcut Prints

  Group showA Selected Survey
  Solo showRichard Diebenkorn - New Etchings
  Solo showSandra Mendelsohn Rubin: Paintings & Drawings: 1980 - 82
  Solo showK.h. Hodicke - Selected Paintings 1979 - 82
  Group showPainting: American - European
  Solo showGus Foster - Panoramic Photographs
  Solo showDavid Hockney: Drawing With A Camera
  Solo showGeorge Herms - Pre-Rome Sacraments And/or Raw Tracks
  Solo showFrank Stella - Circuits
  Solo showLeon Kossoff: Paintings
  Solo showRick Stich - Paintings
  Group showBrooke Alexander Publications 1971 - 81
  Group showThe End Game: Opposition & Sister Squares Are Reconciled
  Solo showDon Suggs: Paintings From 1979 – 1981

  Solo showMichael Goldberg - Recent Paintings
  Solo showEdward & Nancy Reddin Kienholz - Sollie 17 And The White Easel Series
  Group showCalifornia: A sense of individualism Part II
  Group showCalifornia: A Sense Of Individualism Part I
  Solo showLarry Bell - New Works
  Solo showRobert Motherwell - A Survey Of Selected Graphics: 1970 - 1979
  Group showMajor Works By Six Artists
  Solo showFrederick Hammersley - Rules And Exceptions: Paintings And Drawings

  Solo showRichard Diebenkorn - Eight Color Etchings
  Solo showDavid Hockney - Twenty-Two Lithographs: Pools, Palm Trees, Portraits And Flowers 1978 - 1980
  Solo showCharles Garabedian: Collage And Ceramic Works: 1978 - 1980
  Group showGroup Show: Summer Exhibition Part II
  Group showGroup Show: Summer Exhibition Part I
  Group showThree Realist Painters
  Solo showFrank Stella - Polar Coordinates: For Ronnie Peterson
  Solo showJene Highstein - New Iron Castings
  Solo showDavid Trowbridge - Paintings

  Group showThis Knot Of Life: Current British Painting & Drawing, Part II
  Group showThis Knot Of Life: Current British Painting & Drawing, Part I
  Solo showRobert Janz - Relocation: Rearrangement: Sculpture & Drawings
  Solo showWallace Berman - Art Is Love Is God
  Solo showSculpture By George Herms From The Prometheus Archives
  Group showGraphics by...
  Solo showJohn Sturgeon - Uroborus: Video & Sculpture Installation
  Solo showWallace Berman
  Solo showJohn Cage - Etchings 1978 - 79
  Solo showCharles Garabedian: Paintings 1975 - 78

  Solo showDavid Hockney - Drawings & Prints: 1961 - 1977
  Solo showLoren Madsen - Wall Piece No. 1
  Solo showFrederick Hammersley: Paintings From 1970 - 78
  Solo showMax Cole - Recent Paintings
  Solo showMarcel Duchamp - The End Game

  Group showFoirades, Fizzles: Samuel Beckett/jasper Johns
  Group showGroup Show
  Solo showMilano Kay - An Exhibition Of Paintings
  Solo showScott Grieger - Paintings 1974 - 1977
  Solo showRobert Janz - Sculpture & Drawings
  Solo showDon Suggs - Paintings And Drawings
  Solo showJohn S. Gordon - Sculpture And Drawings

  Solo showPaula Sweet - Lovers Only: Paintings, Sculpture And Drawings
  Solo showGeorge Herms - Works Of Assemblage
  Group showSummer Exhibition: Drawings Video Studies
  Group showSummer Exhibition: Drawing, Photo And Video Studies
  Group showPaintings And Drawings
  Solo showKate Steinitz - Retrospective: 1889 - 1975
  Group showFive Video Artists
  Group showVida Hackman, Don Suggs - Paintings, Prints, Drawings
  Solo showLili Lakich - Neon Sculpture
Last update: 24 February 2017
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