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Margo Leavin Gallery (closed, 2012)

Private Gallery
Margo Leavin Gallery
812 North Robertson Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA CA90069
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +1 310 273 06 03
fax +1 310 273 91 31

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
John Baldessari  7
Sol LeWitt  9
Claes Oldenburg  79
Tony Oursler  124
Joseph Kosuth  136

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
John Baldessari  7 33
Claes Oldenburg  79 30
Donald Judd  85 29
Alexis Smith  3455 25
Allen Ruppersberg  383 25

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Metro Pictures Gallery, USA 64 5
  Pace Gallery - NY, USA 63 3
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 62 11
  Leo Castelli Gallery, USA 61 7
  Paula Cooper Gallery, USA 61 6

Foundation year: 1970
Director(s): Margo Leavin - Wendy Brandow
 Art Fairs
The ADAA Art Show (07, 08, 09, 12)
Art Basel Art Basel (04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12)
Art Basel Miami Beach Art Basel Miami Beach (02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10)
John Baldessari  1931, US
Lynda Benglis  1941, US
Sarah Charlesworth  1947-2013, US
Roy Dowell  1951, US
Joseph Kosuth  1945, US
William Leavitt  1941, US
Sol LeWitt  1928-2007, US
Robert Longo  1953, US
John M. Miller  1939, US
Claes Oldenburg  1929, SE, US
Tony Oursler  1957, US
Allen Ruppersberg  1944, US
Alexis Smith  1949, US
David Smith  1906-1965, US
Jeffrey Vallance  1955, US
 Previous Exhibitions   252
  Group showArctic Summer
  Solo showDouble Bill
  Solo showWilliam Leavitt
  Solo showPerformance: The Particles (of White Naugahyde)
  Group showDrawn

  Group showCelebrating Hilldale, 1984-1995
  Solo showJohn M. Miller: Yesterdays
  Group show150 Small Works on Paper & 5 Small Sculptures
  Solo show5 Small Sculptures
  Solo showDavid Smith: Drawing Space
  Group showUntitled

  Group showThe City Proper
  Solo showAllen Ruppersberg: No Time Left to Start Again
  Solo showJohn Baldessari: Sediment
  Group showWorks in Edition
  Solo showBlue Line (Holbein)

  Group showGroup Installation
  Solo showRoy Dowell: New Work
  Solo showJeffrey Vallance - Special Project: Lapland Shaman Drum
  Group showGroup Show
  Group showSculpture
  Group showRoy Dowell, William Leavitt, Alexis Smith
  Solo showAlexis Smith - Imitation of Life
  Solo showWilliam Leavitt: Molecules and Buildings
  Group showReading Standing Up

  Solo showRobert Longo: nights bright days
  Group showRoy Dowell / John M. Miller / Brenna Youngblood
  Solo showGary Simmons: Smoke
  Solo showBrenna Youngblood
  Group showSummer 2008
  Solo showMungo Thomson
  Solo showAllen Ruppersberg
  Solo showDavid Smith

  Solo showJeffrey Vallance
  Solo showDan Flavin
  Group showWilliam Leavitt, Allen Ruppersberg and Mungo Thomson
  Solo showBrenna Youngblood
  Solo showJohn Baldessari: Noses & Ears, Etc., Part III
  Solo showJohn M. Miller: Now and Then

  Solo showSarah Charlesworth - Concrete Color
  Solo showTony Oursler - Spaced
  Group showLocale
  Solo showDelia Brown: Double Self-Portraits and Step & Repeat
  Solo showRoy Dowell: A Survey Exhibition 1981-2005
  Solo showAllen Ruppersberg: Photoworks 1970 1973
  Solo showWilliam Leavitt: New Paintings
  Solo showEd Moses: Monochrome Paintings 1975-1976

  Solo showSol LeWitt: Splotches and Gouaches
  Solo showDavid Smith: Paintings and Drawings 1955-1958
  Solo showGary Simmons
  Solo showJohn Baldessari: Prima facie
  Solo showPatricia Faure: Photographer
  Group showS.E.R.I.E.S
  Solo showJason Middlebrook: Past, Present, Future

  Solo showCindy Bernard
  Solo showMungo Thomson
  Group showSummer Show
  Solo showNew Works by Tony Oursler
  Solo showAllen Ruppersberg: The New Five Foot Shelf and Other New Projects
  Group showH2O (x) + 6
  Solo showRoy Dowell

  Solo showAlexis Smith : Living Dangerously
  Group showDesigns For Living
  Solo showSol LeWitt
  Solo showWilliam Leavitt
  Solo showGary Simmons: Wishing
  Group showRaid the Icebox
  Solo showDonald Judd - Woodcuts and Woodblocks

  Solo showJohn Baldessari: Junctions and Intersections
  Group showSculpture
  Solo showMungo Thomson
  Group showRoy Dowell, Daniel Mendel-Black, Alexis Smith

  Solo showSol LeWitt
  Group showSeeing or Believing
  Solo showSherrie Levine: Cei nest pas une pipe
  Solo showAllen Ruppersberg: The Novel that Writes Itself; Honey I Rearranged the Collection
  Solo showDavid Smith - Ink Drawings from 1957

  Solo showGary Simmons: Country Grammar
  Solo showMungo Thomson
  Group showLibrary
  Solo showRoy Dowell: like love, built on precedent
  Solo showTony Oursler - Through the Whole
  Group showtoo early too late
  Solo showSarah Charlesworth - 0 + 1

  Solo showAlexis Smith - Words to Live By
  Solo showDaniel Mendel-Black: Black, Color, Line and Language
  Solo showWilliam Leavitt: Combine Drawings and Bar Paintings
  Solo showStephen Prina: Push Comes to Love

  Solo showChristopher Williams - Transform the World! Poetry Must be Made by All!
  Group showStill and Otherwise
  Solo showRudolf Stingel: New Work
  Solo showGary Simmons - If Memory Serves
  Solo showStephen Prina / Acropolis: Thanksgiving Day, 1989 / November 4, 1995-February 12, 1998
  Solo showAllen Ruppersberg - Letter to a Friend
  Solo showLarry Johnson: New Work
  Group show90069

  Group showMaxwell's Demon
  Solo showRoy Dowell, William Leavitt, Alexis Smith
  Group showEtchings of the Twentieth Century
  Solo showJohn Baldessari
  Solo showTony Oursler - Colors, Heads, and Organs
  Solo showDan Flavin - Tribute Exhibition

  Solo showSherrie Levine
  Solo showRudolf Stingel: New Works
  Group showLynda Benglis, John Chamberlain, James Welling and Rudolf Stingel
  Solo showAllen Ruppersberg
  Group showSarah Charlesworth/William Leavitt
  Solo showStephen Prina: Retrospection Under Duress

  Solo showRoy Dowell
  Group show25 Years: An Exhibition of Selected Works
  Solo showAlbert Oehlen: Recent Work
  Group showUntitled (Reading Room)
  Solo showAlexis Smith - Cherished Notions
  Solo showJohn Baldessari: New Work
  Solo showSherrie Levine: New Work

  Group showIn the Field: Landscape in Recent Photography
  Group showInstallations
  Solo showDavid Smith - The Charcoal Drawings: 1958
  Solo showLarry Johnson - The Spring of 1994
  Group showThe Wonder Years, 1973-1983

  Solo showJoseph Kosuth: Double Reading: An Allegory of Limits
  Solo showStephen Prina
  Group showInstallations
  Group showSalad Days
  Solo showDan Graham: Pools and Pavilions
  Group showChristian Marclay, Alexis Smith
  Solo showRoni Horn: Recent Sculpture

  Solo showRita McBride: There would be no leaves to rake on Sunday
  Solo showJonathan Borofsky: String of Consciousness
  Group showFelix Gonzalez-Torres, Albert Oehlen, Christopher Williams
  Solo showJohn Baldessari
  Group showJasper Johns, Brice Marden, Terry Winters: Drawings

  Solo showDan Graham: Photographs and Models
  Solo showLynda Benglis: Sculpture
  Group showSculpture Installation
  Solo showRobert Morris: The I-Beam Suite
  Group showSculpture: Andre, Judd, LeWitt
  Group showTwentieth-Century Collage

  Solo showRita McBride: New Work
  Solo showMark Lere: New Sculpture
  Solo showJoseph Kosuth: An Exhibition On, About, or Using Ludwig Wittgenstein
  Solo showJohn Baldessari - New Works
  Solo showAlexis Smith - Eldorado (On the Road Part II)
  Solo showDavid Smith - Works on Paper

  Solo showDonald Judd
  Solo showLynda Benglis: New Sculpture
  Group showInstallation
  Group showSculpture
  Solo showRobert Morris

  Solo showDavid Lloyd
  Solo showJohn Chamberlain
  Group showInstallation of Works
  Group showRichard Milani/Peter Nagy: Recent Work
  Solo showJohn Baldessari New Works
  Solo showAlexis Smith - On The Road
  Solo showClaes Oldenburg - Props, Costumes and Designs for the Performance "Il Corso del Coltello"

  Solo showJoseph Kosuth: New Work
  Solo showMark Lere: New Sculpture
  Group showNothing Sacred
  Group showSculpture of the Sixties
  Solo showDavid Lloyd
  Solo showLynda Benglis
  Group showObjects of Desire
  Group showAcquisitions: Painting and Sculpture
  Group showDonald Judd / Peter Halley
  Solo showBurgoyne Diller
  Solo showWillem de Kooning
  Group showInstallation of Works

  Group showJannis Kounellis, Giulio Paolini
  Solo showJohn Baldessari
  Group showSculpture Installation
  Solo showJohn Chamberlain: Sculpture
  Group showParavision II
  Solo showAlan Saret: Recent Sculpture and Drawings
  Solo showDan Flavin - Fluorescent Circles and Strips Cornered
  Solo showMark Lere: Recent Sculpture
  Solo showNot Vital: Sculpture and Drawings
  Group showAcquisitions

  Solo showMel Kendrick: Recent Sculpture
  Solo showAgnes Martin - Recent Paintings
  Solo showAlexis Smith - Jane
  Group showAn Installation of Outdoor Sculpture
  Group showAmerican Abstract Painting: 1960-1980
  Solo showJohn Chamberlain: Recent Sculpture
  Solo showLynda Benglis: Works in Glass

  Solo showJohn Duff: Recent Sculpture in Fiberglass
  Group showEccentric Images
  Solo showDonald Judd - Painted Wall Sculptures
  Solo showJohn Baldessari
  Group showAmerican Sculpture
  Solo showDan Flavin - spanning corners
  Solo showAd Reinhardt: Paintings 1973-1952
  Solo showEllsworth Kelly: Wall Sculpture

  Solo showMel Kendrick: New Sculpture
  Solo showGary Stephan: New Paintings
  Group showNuclear Weapons Freeze Benefit Exhibition
  Group showBlack and White
  Solo showBryan Hunt: Recent Sculpture
  Solo showJohn Duff: Recent Sculpture
  Solo showLynda Benglis: Recent Sculpture

  Group showGroup Show
  Solo showTom Wesselmann: Sculpture
  Solo showAlexis Smith - Christmas Eve, 1943
  Group showWorks in Wood
  Solo showEllsworth Kelly: The Concord Series
  Solo showJulian Schnabel: Recent Paintings and Drawings
  Solo showDorothea Rockburne: Recent Watercolors and Drawings
  Solo showLynda Benglis: Flux and Fusion

  Group showChanging Visions: An Invitational Exhibition
  Group showCast, Carved & Constructed
  Solo showJoe Goode: Drawings 1981
  Solo showJasper Johns: Drawings 1970 - 1980
  Solo showRobert Moskowitz - Paintings and Drawings: 1966-70

  Solo showRobert Moskowitz - Recent Drawings
  Solo showEdda Renouf Recent Paintings and Drawings
  Group showAn Exhibition of Important Contemporary Drawings, Paintings and Sculpture
  Solo showJannis Kounellis: New Work
  Solo showCharles Gaines: Shadows (Sets II-IV)
  Solo showHap Tivey: New Paintings
  Solo showLucas Samaras: Reconstructions
  Solo showLynda Benglis
  Solo showBryan Hunt
  Solo showSaul Steinberg

  Group showSelected Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture
  Group showSummer 1979: An Exhibition of Selected Acquisitions
  Solo showSol LeWitt - Photogrids
  Solo showTom Wudl: Recent Paintings and Works on Paper

  Solo showArakawa: Recent Paintings
  Solo showClaes Oldenburg - Sculpture 1971-1977
  Group showWorks on Paper
  Solo showJasper Johns - After Untitled 1974-1977: The Development of Two Graphic Images
  Group showThree Generations: Studies in Collage

  Solo showEd Moses: Drawings 1976-1977
  Solo showLynda Benglis: 7 come 11, Recent Sculpture
  Solo showJohn Chamberlain: Views from the Cockpit
  Group showFine Paintings and Drawings

  Solo showRauschenberg in Los Angeles: His Graphic Work
  Solo showClaes Oldenburg - The Soft Screw
  Solo showDavid Hockney: Etchings Illustrating Six Fairy Tales after the Brothers Grimm
  Solo showHannah Wilke: Drawings and Sculpture

  Solo showJames Rosenquist: Paintings
  Solo showHenri Matisse: an exhibition of selected drawings in homage to Frank Perls
  Solo showDavid Hockney: Drawings & Selected Prints
  Solo showAndy Warhol: Mao, My Mother, and Other Friends
  Solo showClaes Oldenburg - The Alphabet in LA

  Solo showSam Francis: Retrospective of Prints
  Solo showHannah Wilke: Drawings from The Flower Series 1967-1973

  Solo showArakawa: Paintings and Drawings
  Solo showMarcel Duchamp: Works in Edition

  Group showSculptors' Drawings
  Solo showDavid Hockney: Etchings Illustrating Six Fairy Tales after the Brothers Grimm

  Group showPace in Los Angeles
Last update: 12 March 2016
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