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Mark Moore Gallery

Private Gallery
Mark Moore Gallery
2525 Michigan Avenue A-1
Santa Monica, CA 90404
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +1 - 310 - 453 3031
fax +1 - 310 - 453 3831
cellular +1 - 310 - 266 2283
Opening hours:
Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa  11:00-18:00
and by appointment
Mark Moore Gallery

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Shaun Gladwell  1174
Penelope Umbrico  3230
Julie Heffernan  3483
Allison Schulnik  4056
Andrew Schoultz  5670

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Tim Bavington  9603 14
Mark Bennett  30389 12
Vernon Fisher  6453 12
Todd Hebert  24285 9
David Ryan  12331 8

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Joshua Liner Gallery, USA 20 9
  Peter Miller Gallery, USA 16 2
  Julie Saul Gallery, USA 11 3
  Richard Gray Gallery - Chicago, USA 11 1
  Talley Dunn Gallery, USA 11 1

Foundation year: 1994
Director(s): Mark Moore (Director)
Employees: Eric Mellencamp (Assistant Director), Catlin Moore (Accounts and Gallery Manager)
 Art Fairs
The Armory Show The Armory Show (00, 01, 02)
Art Chicago (07)
Art Cologne Art Cologne (04)
artMRKT San Francisco (12)
Dallas Art Fair (13, 14, 15)
Miami Project (13, 14)
Moving Image - London (13)
Moving Image - New York (13, 14)
Pulse - Los Angeles (11)
PULSE London (07)
PULSE Miami Beach PULSE Miami Beach (05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12)
PULSE New York (06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11)
Scope Art Fair NY Scope Art Fair NY (04)
Scope London (05)
Scope Los Angeles (04)
Scope Miami Beach Scope Miami Beach (02, 03)
Sydney Contemporary (15)
Texas Contemporary Art Fair (13, 14)
Josh Azzarella  1978
Tim Bavington  1966, UK
Clayton Brothers  US
Joshua Dildine  
Jeremy Fish  1974, US
Vernon Fisher  1943, US
Shaun Gladwell  1972, AU
Julie Heffernan  1956, US
Kiel Johnson  1975, US
David Klamen  1961, US
Dimitri Kozyrev  1967, RU
Kris Kuksi  1973, US
Lester Monzon  1973, US
Okay Mountain Collective  
Julie Oppermann  1982, US
Cheryl Pope  1980, US
David Rathman  1958, US
Kim Rugg  1963, CA
Christopher Russell  1974, US
David Ryan  1971, US
Jason Salavon  1970, US
Andrew Schoultz  1975, US
Allison Schulnik  1978, US
Ali Smith  1976, US
Penelope Umbrico  1957, US
Feodor Voronov  
Ryan Wallace  1977, US
Stephanie Washburn  
Ben Weiner  1980, US
Yoram Wolberger  1963, US, IL
Kenichi Yokono  1972, JP
 Previous Exhibitions   281
  Solo showZemer Peled
  Solo showMark Bennett
  Solo showKris Kuksi - New Rome
  Solo showBen Charles Weiner - Textures of You
  Solo showPenelope Umbrico
  Solo showChristopher Russell - Ersatz Infinities
  Solo showJason Salavon
  Solo showLester Monzon - Si vis pacem para bellum
  Solo showAllison Schulnik

  Solo showDavid Ryan - New York
  Solo showAndrew Schoultz - Cyclical Nature
  Solo showOkay Mountain - Staycation
  Solo showTim Bavington
  Solo showJoshua Dildine
  Solo showVernon Fisher
  Solo showJulie Heffernan
  Solo showDavid Maisel - The Fall
  Solo showStephanie Washburn
  Solo showJulie Oppermann
  Solo showJean Shin
  Solo showRyan Wallace
  Solo showMeghan Smythe

  Solo showKris Kuksi
  Solo showPreston Daniels - Over Under
  Solo showPenelope Umbrico - Mountains, Moving: Light Leaks, And Chemical Burns
  Solo showKiel Johnson - Walldayallday
  Solo showClayton Brothers - Open To The Public
  Solo showCheryl Pope
  Solo showKenichi Yokono
  Solo showDavid Klamen - New Work
  Solo showJoseph Hart - Kiss Idioms
  Solo showChristopher Russell - Grfalwkv
  Solo showJeremy Fish - Hunting Trophies
  Solo showBen Weiner - Maximumstrengthagedefy
  Solo showShaun Gladwell - Bmx Channel
  Solo showThomas Woodruff - The Legends Of The Mysterious Rocks
  Solo showLenae Day - Prescott Pictures

  Solo showJoshua Dildine - New Work
  Solo showPatti Oleon - Elsewhere
  Solo showKim Rugg - Patterns Of Landscape
  Solo showRyan Wallace - Redactor
  Solo showFeodor Voronov
  Solo showLester Monzon
  Solo showStephanie Washburn
  Solo showJulie Oppermann
  Solo showJosh Azzarella
  Group showEmpty Distances
  Solo showAnnelie McKenzie - "New Work"
  Solo showDavid Rathman New Work
  Solo showTow Package
  Solo showThe Long Road to Nowhere
  Solo showOkay Mountain
  Solo showDavid Ryan
  Solo showAndrew Schoultz
  Solo showNano Rubio

  Solo showSky's Falling
  Solo showTerraformer
  Solo showDimitri Kozyrev
  Solo showTomokazu Matsuyama
  Solo showGo West: David Ellis
  Solo showGo West: Kris Kuksi
  Solo showAllison Schulnik
  Solo showTwice Told
  Solo showTragedy Of The Commons
  Solo showAli Smith
  Solo showChristopher Davison
  Solo showFeodor Voronov - Word Paintings
  Solo showTim Bavington - Heart Above Head

  Group showRise of the Underground
  Group showUltrasonic VI
  Group showConstruct
  Solo showMark Fox - Statute
  Solo showCindy Wright - Reality Can Be the Strangest Fantasy
  Solo showJosh Azzarella - Works: 2004 - 2011
  Group showGreat Expectations
  Group showOpen

  Solo showYigal Ozeri - Lizzie in the Snow
  Group showUltrasonic V - It's Only Natural
  Solo showChad Person - Surviving the End of Your World
  Solo showBen Weiner - Material and Illusion
  Solo showTim Bavington - Decade
  Solo showKim Dorland - 1991
  Solo showJosh Azzarella - Untitled #100 (Fantasia)
  Solo showKim Rugg - Please Remain Calm
  Solo showAllison Schulnik

  Solo showCordy Ryman
  Solo showKiel Johnson
Works of art Group showUltrasonic IV: Fresh Perspectives
  Solo showTodd Hebert
  Solo showJennifer Nehrbass - Weep and Wonder
  Solo showJulie Heffernan
  Solo showGavin Nolan
  Solo showKenichi Yokono
  Solo showChad Person
  Solo showDimitri Kozyrev
  Solo showNobuhito Nishigawara
  Solo showDavid Hilliard - Being Like
Description, image and works of art Solo showAsgar/Gabriel - BUCOLICA OBSCURA

  Solo showCindy Wright
  Solo showJason Salavon
  Group showUltrasonic International III
  Solo showAli Smith - We Find Ways
  Solo showDavid Ryan
  Solo showCloud Music
  Solo showKiel Johnson
  Group showNew London School
  Solo showTim Bavington
Description Group showAngela Fraleigh, Allison Schulnik, Mike Peter Smith and Ken Weaver - ROMANCING THE SKULL
  Solo showMark Schubert

  Solo showAmy Robinson
  Solo showKendell Carter
Description and works of art Solo showKim Rugg - Don't Mention the War
  Solo showKenichi Yokono
  Solo showKlaus Wanker
  Solo showJennifer Nehrbass
Description  Ultrasonic International II
  Solo showBen Weiner - GlamTrance
Description and works of art Solo showChristoph Schmidberger - IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE
Description, image and works of art Solo showAllison Schulnik - Fools, Rejects, and Sanctuaries
Description, image and works of art Solo showBoo Ritson: Project Room
Description Solo showTodd Hebert - Bubbles and Snowmen

  Solo showVernon Fisher
  Solo showChris Tallon - Tool Shop
  Solo showSticks and Stones
  Solo showRyan Taber
  Solo showChristoph Schmidberger
Description and works of art Solo showJon Flack
Description and works of art Solo showLisa Stefanelli - Streaming Live
  Group showThis is Not a Test
Description Solo showCindy Wright
Description Solo showSimon Willems - Don't go weird on me
Description Solo showChan Chao
Description Group showTaking Inventory- Transformation through Compilation

Description and works of art Group showDavid Ryan
Description Solo showDiasuke Ueno
  Group showNice to Meet You
  Solo showMark Bennett
Description and works of art Group showTodd Hebert- Pretty Close
Description and image Group showSummer Pleasures 2005
Description, image and works of art Solo showDaniel Dove - Explosure
  Solo showJay McCafferty - On the Wall
Description and image Group showScott Anderson - Aneksi
  Solo showHubert Schmalix
  Solo showDavid Hilliard - Embellish
  Group showIn Bloom
  Solo showDon’t go weird on me
Description and image Solo showChristoph Schmidberger - Tears of Joy
Description and image Solo showShirley Kaneda - Works on Paper

Description and image Group showMike Paré
  Group showROCK
  Group showRichard Bosman
  Solo showYoram Wolberger
Description and image Solo showRyan Taber - Transient Concretions
Description and image Group showPainting & Sculpture
Description and image Solo showDavid Ryan
Description and image Solo showStephen Hendee - Silent Sector
Description and image Solo showTim Bavington
Description and image Solo showBrad Tucker
Description and image Group showNATURE
Description and image Solo showVernon Fisher - Sanded Text Pieces 1976-1982
Description and image Solo showGail Dawson
Description and image Solo showTill Freiwald

Description Solo showJosh Dov - Pulse
  Solo showAlex Blau - Paintings
Description Solo showTodd Hebert - New Paintings and Works on Paper
  Solo showChristoph Schmidberger
  Solo showRob and Nick Carter
  Solo showEric Freeman
  Solo showWayne White
  Solo showMichael Reafsnyder
  Solo showEllina Kevorkian - It's All Wrong But It's All Right
  Solo showAndreas Freitag - Human Nature

  Solo showDavid Hilliard - Catch & Release
  Group showAaron Parazette
  Solo showChristoph Wedding
Description and image Group showTim Bavington
  Solo showJohn Pomara
  Solo showChuck Ramirez - Pinata Series
  Solo showMark Bennett - As Seen On TV: The Stamp of Approval
  Solo showDavid Levinthal - Wild West
  Solo showVernon Fisher
  Group showWestern States
  Solo showDavid Ryan
  Group showYek
  Solo showEric Freeman

  Solo showAndreas Freitag
Description Solo showWayne White - Single Head Occupancy
Description Solo showTodd Hebert
  Solo showSush Machida Gaikotsu
Description Group showSome German Photography
  Group showI wanna be Joey Ramone
  Solo showAlex Blau
  Solo showMichael Reafsnyder
  Group showGroup Show
  Solo showMark Bennett - The Best of Barbara
  Solo showTom of Finland - Faces
  Solo showKen Kelly - Skinyard
  Solo showTony DeLap
  Solo showStephen Hendee

  Solo showRuss Meyer
Description Solo showDavid Hilliard
  Solo showJacob El Hanani
Description Solo showCarole Caroompas - Heathcliff and the Femme Fatale go on Tour
  Solo showYek - Smooth
  Solo showCraig Smith - The Ritual of the Game
  Solo showTim Bavington - New Paintings
  Solo showMark Dean Veca - Magnificent Compulsion
  Group showPaint American Style
  Solo showCaren Furbeyre
  Solo showDavid Levinthal - Blackface
  Group showHorror Vacuui

  Solo showMichael Reafsnyder
  Solo showSabina Ott
  Solo showMark Bennett - The Effects of Fords on Barbara
  Group showBuilt
  Solo showAnuschka Blommers & Niels Schumm - Class of 1998
  Solo showTom Of Finland - The Adventures of Kake
  Group showDrawing
  Solo showDan Flavin
  Solo showScott Covert - The Dead Supreme
  Solo showChristopher French - At One Extreme
  Solo showCarole Caroompas - Heathcliff and the Femme Fatale Go On Tour
  Solo showJay McCafferty - Flicker
  Solo showStephen Hendee - Shadow Proxy

  Group showWhipper Snapper Nerd
  Group showHollywood Satan
  Solo showDavid Levinthal - Barbie Millicent Roberts
  Solo showMark di Suvero - Four Small Sculptures
  Solo showTony DeLap - Recent Works
Description Group showBabes
  Solo showVernon Fisher - Zombies
Description Solo showMaurizio Pellegrini - The Monkey Room
  Solo showRoger Ackling
  Solo showCaren Furbeyre

  Solo showRobert Therrien - Chapels
  Group showPeople Gathering
  Solo showSabina Ott
  Solo showTom Of Finland
  Solo showSabina Ott
  Solo showWilly Heeks
  Solo showMark Bennett
  Solo showThomas Nakada
  Solo showKen Kelly
  Solo showCarole Caroompas - Hester and Zorro: In Quest of a New World

  Solo showJay McCafferty - Mosaic
  Solo showVernon Fisher - Works on Paper
  Solo showChristopher French - Priere de Toucher
  Solo showTony DeLap - Lunar
  Group showStuff
  Solo showDeborah Brown
  Group showGray Matter
  Solo showMaurizio Pellegrin - Red Night
  Solo showJay McCafferty
  Solo showTom Czarnopys

  Solo showMark Bennett - You Might Just Make It, After All
  Solo showSabina Ott - sub rosa
  Solo showVernon Fisher - Heart of Darkness
  Solo showGerhard Richter
  Solo showChung, Chang-Sup
  Solo showTomas Nakada
  Solo showWilly Heeks
  Solo showTony DeLap
  Solo showKen Kelly
  Solo showCaren Furbeyre

  Group showClassics
  Solo showDeborah Brown - Carousel
  Solo showChristopher French - Braille Paintings
  Solo showJay McCafferty - Psalms
  Solo showBruce Richards - Reflections & Revisitations
  Solo showCliff Benjamin - Sawing the Sky Open
  Solo showVernon Fisher
  Solo showSabina Ott
  Solo showTomas Nakada
  Solo showTony DeLap

  Solo showMaurizio Pellegrin
  Solo showPaul Laster
  Solo showKerrie Peterson
  Solo showKen Kelly
  Solo showCameron Shaw
  Group showKink
  Solo showMyriam Laplante
Last update: 28 July 2016
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