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Private Gallery
Wolfgang Tillmans, The State We’re In A
Wolfgang Tillmans
"The State We’re In A", 2015

21 Herald Street
London E2 6JT
United Kingdom
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tel +44 (0)207 - 729 41 12
fax +44 (0)207 - 729 41 13
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Opening hours:
We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su  11:00-18:00
and by appointment

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Wolfgang Tillmans  26
Liam Gillick  94
James Welling  266
Gillian Wearing  280
Deimantas Narkevicius  399

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Kaye Donachie  7028 8
Wolfgang Tillmans  26 8
Hannah Starkey  3881 7
Paul Winstanley  3107 7

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 54 16
  MoMA PS1, USA 29 15
  Regen Projects, USA 29 7

 Public exhibitions   1
28.04. - 28.05. (begins tomorrow)
  Solo showLawrence Abu Hamdan
The gallery programme began in 1984 in a Victorian terraced house in London’s East End. Initially named Interim Art the gallery changed its name to Maureen Paley in 2004 as a celebration of its 20th anniversary. Since September 1999 the gallery has been situated in its present location in Herald Street, Bethnal Green. Since it’s inception the gallery’s aim has remained consistent: to promote great and innovative artists in all media. [...]
Foundation year: 1984
Director(s): Maureen Paley
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LISTE Art Fair Basel LISTE Art Fair Basel (96)
AA Bronson  1946, CA
Kaye Donachie  1970, UK
Thomas Eggerer  1963, DE
Gardar Eide Einarsson  1976, NO
Morgan Fisher  1942, US
Hamish Fulton  1946, UK
Maureen Gallace  1960, US
General Idea  CA
Liam Gillick  1964, UK
Andrew Grassie  1966, UK
Anne Hardy  1970, UK
Peter Hujar  1934-1987, US
Sarah Jones  1959, UK
Michael Krebber  1954, DE
Lars Laumann  1975, NO
Erik van Lieshout  1968, NL
Daria Martin  1973, US
Deimantas Narkevicius  1964, LT
Saskia Olde Wolbers  1971, NL
Paul P.  1977, US
Stephen Prina  1954, US
James Pyman  1962
Tim Rollins & K.O.S.  US
David Salle  1952, US
Maaike Schoorel  1973, NL
Hannah Starkey  1971, UK
Dirk Stewen  1972, DE
David Thorpe  1972, UK
Wolfgang Tillmans  1968, DE
Gert & Uwe Tobias  RO
Donald Urquhart  1963, UK
Banks Violette  1973, US
Rebecca Warren  1965, UK
Gillian Wearing  1963, UK
James Welling  1951, US
 Previous Exhibitions   225
  Group showGardar Eide Einarsson and Oscar Tuazon
Description and image Solo showDeimantas Narkevičius
Description and image Group showCondo 2017: Maureen Paley Hosting Dépendance

Description and image Group show...hounded by external events...
Works of art Solo showMaureen Gallace
Description and image Solo showOlivia Plender
Description, image and works of art Solo showWolfgang Tillmans
Description, image and works of art Solo showLawrence Abu Hamdan: Project
Description, image and works of art Solo showPaulo Nimer Pjota - Synthesis of Contradictory Ideas, and the Plurality of the Object as Image Part 2
Works of art Solo showPaul P: The Rex Prisms
Description and image Solo showDaria Martin

Description and image Solo showHannah Starkey
Description, image and works of art Solo showLiam Gillick: The Thought Style Meets The Thought Collective
Description and image Solo showMichael Krebber
Description, image and works of art Solo showThomas Eggerer: Ozone
Description and image Solo showDonald Urquhart
Description and image Solo showAA Bronson: Hexenmeister
Description and image Solo showMaaike Schoorel - Sub-Lo

Description, image and works of art Solo showMorgan Fisher
Description, image and works of art Solo showGillian Wearing
Description, image and works of art Solo showGert & Uwe Tobias
Description and works of art Solo showDirk Stewen
Description and works of art Solo showPeter Hujar
Description, image and works of art Solo showGardar Eide Einarsson - He likes the fiestas. He likes the music. He likes to dance.
Description, image and works of art Solo showDavid Salle
  Solo showSarah Jones
Description, image and works of art Solo showErik van Lieshout

Description and works of art Group showProject: Salvatore Arancio / Rachel Cattle & Steve Richards / James Pyman
Description Solo showKaye Donachie
Description Solo showWolfgang Tillmans - Central Nervous System
Description and works of art Solo showJames Welling
Description and works of art Solo showHamish Fulton
Description and works of art Solo showTim Rollins and K.O.S.
Description and works of art Solo showAnne Hardy
Description and works of art Solo showMorgan Fisher - Screening
Description and works of art Solo showMichael Krebber
Description Group showDaria Martin / Erik van Lieshout - screenings

Description and works of art Solo showKeith Arnatt - Works 1967 – 1996
Description, image and works of art Solo showLiam Gillick - Margin Time
Description, image and works of art Solo showMaaike Schoorel - Tribute
Description and image Solo showDavid Thorpe - A Rare And Gentle Beast
  Solo showA Rare and Gentle Beast
Description, image and works of art Solo showStephen Prina
Description, image and works of art Solo showThomas Eggerer - The Sound and The Scent
Description, image and works of art Solo showSaskia Olde Wolbers
Description, image and works of art Solo showGardar Eide Einarsson

Description, image and works of art Solo showGert & Uwe Tobias
  Solo showRebecca Warren
  Solo showThek’s Studio 1967
  Solo showDavid Salle
  Solo showJames Welling
  Solo showAndrew Grassie
  Solo showMichael Krebber

  Solo showMuntean/Rosenblum
  Solo showLars Laumann - project
  Solo showDirk Stewen
  Group showMale
  Solo showHannah Starkey
  Solo showDonald Urquhart
  Solo showKaye Donachie
  Solo showJames Pyman

  Solo showSeb Patane
  Solo showAnne Hardy
  Solo showEric Wesley
  Solo showLars Laumann
  Solo showDavid Ratcliff
  Solo showGraham Durward
  Solo showRuth Root

  Solo showDaria Martin
  Solo showBanks Violette
  Solo showPeter Hujar
  Solo showPaul P. when ghost meets ghost
  Solo showSARAH JONES
  Group showTHE HIDDEN

  Solo showDonald Urquhart
  Solo showJames Welling
  Solo showMaureen Gallace
  Solo showHannah Starkey

  Solo showAndrew Grassie
  Solo showGillian Wearing
  Solo showSEB PATANE
  Solo showDICK EVANS
  Solo showANNE HARDY

  Solo showKAYE DONACHIE - Monte Verità
Description and image Solo showMUNTEAN / ROSENBLUM - Disco
  Solo showWOLFGANG TILLMANS - Truth study center
  Solo showMALERIE MARDER - Irland Empire
  Solo showDAVID THORPE - The defeated jolly fellows march in True Majesty
  Group showGROUP SHOW - Alex Bircken, Mari Eastman, Maaike Schoorel

  Solo showRUTH ROOT
  Solo showPaul Noble
  Solo showSaskia Olde Wolbers
  Solo showHannah Starkey
Description and image Solo showNew Painting - Mark Francis
  Solo showKaye Donachie

  Solo showJochen Klein
Description and image Solo showGILLIAN WEARING - Album
  Solo showPaul Winstanley
  Solo showRebecca Warren
  Solo showMuntean / Rosenblum
  Solo showEwan Gibbs
  Solo showMaureen Gallace

  Solo showMichael Landy
  Solo showSarah Jones
  Solo showDavid Thorpe
  Solo showHannah Starkey
  Solo showDavid Rayson
  Solo showWolfgang Tillmans

  Solo showMalerie Marder
  Solo showPaul Noble
  Solo showMichael Krebber
  Solo showMuntean / Rosenblum
  Solo showEwan Gibbs
  Group showGroup Show
  Solo showKaren Knorr

  Solo showPaul Winstanley
  Solo showRoss Bleckner
  Solo showRebecca Warren
  Solo showMark Francis
  Solo showHannah Starkey
  Solo showDavid Rayson
  Solo showPaul Seawright

  Solo showDavid Thorpe
  Solo showGillian Wearing
  Solo showSarah Jones
  Solo showWolfgang Tillmans
  Solo showEwan Gibbs
  Solo showJessica Craig-Martin
  Solo showPaul Winstanley

  Solo showPaul Noble
  Solo showHannah Starkey
  Solo showDavid Rayson
  Solo showMark Francis
  Solo showMaureen Gallace
  Solo showKaye Donachie

  Group showPortrait
  Group showInterior
  Solo showMade in London
  Solo showAcademies
  Solo showTypical Interiors
  Solo showSarah Jones

  Solo showGillian Wearing
  Solo showAlessandro Raho
  Solo showBe Me
  Solo showMaggie Poor
  Solo showDoley
  Solo showMarkus Hansen

  Solo showPaul Winstanley
  Solo showWolfgang Tillmans
  Group showJean Baptiste Bruant, Sharon Lockhart, Paul Noble, Giorgio Sadotti
  Solo showRita Ackermann
  Solo showMark Francis
  Solo showAlessandro Raho
  Solo showJulie Roberts
  Solo showToby Mott

  Group showMatthew Antezzo, Liam Gillick
  Solo showJim Hodges
  Solo showGillian Wearing
  Solo showMark Francis
  Solo showPaul Winstanley

  Solo showSarah Charlesworth
  Solo showProject: Graham Gussin
  Solo showGeorg Herold
  Solo showPaul Winstanley
  Group showAngela Bulloch, Sarah Seager, Craig Wood, Nicholas May, Nicolas Rule
  Group showHannah Collins, Hirsch Perlman, Peter Fraser, Pamela Golden, Markus Hansen
  Solo showLanglands & Bell

  Solo showChristian Marclay
  Solo showCharles Ray
  Solo showPamela Golden
  Solo showRudolf Stingel
  Solo showMarkus Hansen
  Group showJessica Diamond, Mike Kelley
  Solo showAngela Bulloch
  Solo showFlora Natapoff

  Solo showTim Rollins + K.O.S.
  Solo showEnfleshings
  Solo showGerwald Rockenschaub
  Solo showTriptychs
  Group showInterim Jeune II
  Group showInterim Jeune I
  Solo showSarah Charlesworth
  Solo showVernon Fisher
  Solo showGeorg Herold
  Solo showLauren Ewing

  Solo showPlaques - The Living Series 1980-82; The Survival Series 1983 — 85
  Solo showFariba Hajamadi
  Solo showGünter Förg
  Solo showYves Lomax
  Solo showOutdoor Retrospective 1968 - 88
  Solo showLynn Cohen
  Solo showThomas Grünfeld
  Solo showPeter Fischli and David Weiss
  Solo showConrad Atkinson

  Solo showThomas Locher
  Solo showSugar and Soil
  Solo showA House Abandoned in Haste
  Group showJames Casebere, Barbara Ess
  Group showDenkpause
  Group showAudio Arts
  Solo showClaire Joy

  Group showInterim Jeune
  Solo showTraces of Living
  Solo showBettina Semmer
  Solo showGerard Williams
  Group showWalking & Falling

  Group showImpostors
  Solo show279 Sincere, Attractive, Lonelyhearts
  Solo showThe Return of Jimmy the Nail
  Solo showRough Notes Towards a Sentence etc
  Group showWindow, wall, ceiling, floorshow
  Group showA Sense of Place
  Solo showMario Rossi

  Group showArmed: The Gun as a Cultural Icon in the Twentieth Century,
  Solo showSusan Hiller
  Solo showHannah Collins
Last update: 29 March 2017
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