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P74 Gallery

P74 Gallery

Non-profit organization
Small but dangers, Personification of a sausage
Small but dangers
"Personification of a sausage", 2012

P74 Gallery
Trg Prekomorskih brigad 1
1000 Ljubljana
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tel +386 - 40 370 199
cellular +386 - 40 370 199
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Opening hours:
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr  12:00-18:00
and by appointment
P74 Gallery

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Sanja Ivekovic  207
Mladen Stilinovic  378
Tadej Pogacar  2657
Dalibor Martinis  3699
Bálint Szombathy  5888

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Tadej Pogacar  2657 15
Dejan Habicht  12082 15
Tanja Lazetic  12796 12
Polonca Lovsin  8844 7
Saso Vrabic  12925 7

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Galerija Skuc, Slovenia 21 8
  Moderna galerija Ljubljana, Slovenia 16 7
  Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art - Budapest, Hungary 13 4
  Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb (MSU), Croatia 12 5

Gallery news
Lecture “Bees in Art” by Christiane Erharter at P74 Gallery, Ljubljana
The P74 Center and Gallery is a nonprofit artist-run space in Ljubljana, Slovenia. For the past 17 years, it has promoted diverse programs of contemporary art and culture in support of young and innovative artists and curators.  [...]
Foundation year: 1997
Director(s): Tadej Pogačar
Employees: Uroš Legen - assistant manager and coordinator of programs
 Art Fairs
ARCO ARCO (14, 15, 16, 17)
Art Market Budapest (11, 16)
Art Rotterdam Art Rotterdam (13, 16)
Paris Photo Paris Photo (10)
Viennacontemporary Viennacontemporary (15, 16)
Viennafair (09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14)
VOLTAshow VOLTAshow (11, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17)
Joze Barsi  1955, SI
Tomaž Furlan  1978, SI
Dejan Habicht  1960, SI
Sanja Ivekovic  1949, HR
Polonca Lovsin  1970, SI
Dalibor Martinis  1947, HR
Tadej Pogacar  1960, SI
Uros Potocnik  1974, SI
Small but dangers  SI
Mladen Stilinovic  1947, RS
Bálint Szombathy  1950, RS
Slobodan Valentinčič / OM Production  
Art as Research
Old Masters
The Clandestine Histories of the OHO Group
The Renaming Machine / The Book
As in Real Life
Temporary Services: Public Phenomena
Tadej Pogačar & P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary Art: The Best is Yet to Come
Dalibor Martinis: October Re-evaluation
Sanja Iveković: Public Cuts
First 8 Years
 Previous Exhibitions   159
Description and image Group showThe Economy of Nature
Description and image Solo showDrago Dellabernardina
Description and image Solo showJaka Vatovec - Post-Christmas Depression
Description and image Solo showNika Rupnik - Feng šui
Description and image Group showThe End of the New

Description and image Group showThe Second Explosion – the ’90s
Description and image Group showLenka Đorojević & Matej Stupica - Free fall
  Solo showB-52: To bomo preživeli
Description and image Solo showPolonca Lovšin: Man Is Full, the Goat Is Whole
Description and image Group show26 Stages of Erection
Description and image Group showZinezine
Description and image Group showThis is not a book! Item: BOOK
Description and image Group showBoris Cvjetanović / Goran Trbuljak - Scenes without Significance and other
Description and image Solo showP74 Kino: Beatriz Santiago Muńoz
Description and image Group showIvana Bajec / Simon Kocjancic
Description and image Solo showTadej Vaukman: Spaghetti Boys

Description and image Solo showStaš Kleindienst: Unknown / Unrecognised
Description and image Solo showTotal Globalism – Tactical Networked Cognitivism
Description and image Solo showAnja Jelovsek - June
Description and image Group show-5 Minutes - The International Biennial Of Short Video
Description and image Solo showJosef Dabernig: Mute Society
Description and image Solo showDomčnec - Kolektivizacija vsega / The Collectivisation of Everything
  Solo showLeon Zuodar: 141%
Description and image Group showOHO Award 2015 - The 10th Anniversary of the OHO Award - Don´t eat yellow snow!
Description and image Group showAltri motivi di famiglia / Other Family Reasons
Description and image Solo showZoran Pungerčar: Lepo je imet izbiro / It´s Nice To Have A Choice
Description and image Solo showJosip Stošić
Description and image Solo showUntil the Last Button

Description and image Solo showVeli & Amos - Flipper is a dolphin
Description and image Solo showAntoni Muntadas - The Violence Of Games
Description and image Solo showTomislav Gotovac - Newspaper Art
Description and image Solo showUroš Potočnik: Holy Motors
Description and image Solo showAleksandra Domanović - From yu to me
Description and image Group showOHO Group Award 2014
Description and image Solo showLost Pop Art - Milena Usenik
Description and image Group showTHE ART OF BOMBING - New performative drawing
Description and image Group showThe New Wave Watch Out For Children!

Description and image Solo showTomaž Furlan: scratch the surface
Description and image Group showProtests 6 Case Studies
Description and image Solo showDavor Sanvincenti: La Cour du Domaine / Score for the Found Orchestra
Description and image Solo showKlemen Zupanc: From the Conveyor Belt to a Crash/Meeting
Description and image Solo showMiha Štrukelj: 1415 squares, approximately
Description and image Solo showTobias Putrih: An Ode to the Egg
Description and image Solo showPolonca Lovšin: Every Egg Matters
Description and image Group showOHO Group Award 2013
Description and image Solo showJenny Perlin: The Same Moon Everywhere
Description and image Solo showMetka Zupanič: Anti – Global?
Description and image Solo showBálint Szombathy: Telephotography of the 1980s
Description and image Solo showJaka Železnikar: No luck, no gain
Description and image Solo showSBD - Small But Dangers

Description and image Solo showMiha Perne / Leon Zuodar - Beli sladoled: Don’t look back
Description and image Solo showTomaž Tomažin: I’m gonna pop that fly
Description and image Solo showPilvi Takala - Aside
Description and image Solo showWarren Neidich: The Noologist’s Handbook
Description and image Solo showSlaven Tolj: Srđ je naš! / Srđ is ours!
Description and image Group showUlmske variacije – from the art collection of KD Group d.d.
Description and image Solo showMina Fina: Full Moon Empty Moon
Description and image Solo showMihael Giba: Trust me I trust you
Description and image Group show20 for 15
Description and image Solo showDejan Habicht: 200 Motels, Revolution, Retrospectives and Dark Star

Description Solo showMaja Hodošček: In the Background
Description and image Group showThe Other Museum
Description and image Solo showGyula Várnai: Micro-Universe
Description and image Solo showDan & Lia Perjovschi - Performance
Description and image Solo showJosef Dabernig: Bad script for a retrospective
Description and image Group showPaula Roush, Maria Lusitano: Classop (Varied Papers)
Description and image Group showGroup 143 – Radical Thinking
Description and image Group showfollow-ed (after hokusai)
Description and image Group showSBD, Matej Stupica, Rone84: Postvirtual
Description and image Solo showTomaž Furlan: WEAR IX-XII, Running to Stand Still

Description and image Solo showDalibor Martinis: Global Picture
  Solo showDalibor Martinis
Description and image Group showBosnia and Herzegovina Searching for Lost Identity
Description and image Solo showAna Čigon: Translations 1
Description and image Solo showVlado Martek: Poetry in Action
Description and image Group showFeminist Art in Slovenia
Description and image Solo showCristiano Berti: Fetish Club
  Solo showLilijana Praprotnik – Zupančič: Lila Prap ©
  Solo showTanja Lažetić: Migrants

Description and image Solo showHito Steyerl
Description and image Solo showMladen Miljanović - Occupational Therapy
Description and image Solo showHidden Histories of the OHO Group
Description and image Solo showGeris Magic Acid Bar
Description and image Solo showMladen Stilinovic - Insulting the Anarchy - Sold With Old Films
Description and image Solo showTadej Pogačar: This Is Not America

  Group showObviously, it's not obvious
Description and image Group showOld Masters
  Group showJoint Exhibition of Young Visual Artists Awards Winners and Symposium in Belgrade
  Group showThe Renaming Machine
  Group showThe OHO Award

  Solo showSašo Sedlaček: Rent-a-žicar
  Solo showDalibor Martinis: October Re-evaluation
  Group showSuitcase Illuminated#5 Parallel Economies
  Group showas in real life
  Solo showCity on Wheels

  Solo showf18 INSTITUTE: Stefan Doepner Reality Log / Environmental Scan
  Solo showSanja Iveković: Works on Street
Description and image Solo showTadej Pogačar & P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary Art: From the Street
  Solo showDialogue in the Kitchen, Volume I
Description and image Solo showNataša Skušek: Mommy the Wet Nurse, the Caregiver Wife
Description and image Solo showJaka železnikar: Changer
Description and image Group showPUBLIC SERVICES

  Group showROCK MUSIC
  Solo showJenny Perlin - Schumann Tree
  Solo showMarcus Decker: The Hidden Hand
  Group showRone84, Fak, Engelsberger
  Solo showIgor Toševski: Process
  Group showring
  Solo showTomaž Tomažin: Hero

  Solo showGoran Trbuljak: 1973-2004
  Group showTo think space
  Solo showMarija Mojca Pungerčar: At the Home Door
  Group showVuk Čosić, Davor Bauk: Big Slovenia
  Solo showBorut Peterlin: River Beaches
  Solo showPaula Roush: SOS:OK
  Group showB+B: Reunion (London-Ljubljana)
  Group showSound Explicit 02
  Group showReady 2 Change
  Group showShare! like a recipe
  Solo showJaka Železnikar: The Syntax of Silence
  Group showNika Oblak, Primož Novak: And Now for Something Completely Different
  Solo showcym: cym at home
  Solo showGorazd Krnc: Cats Fixation Points

  Group showDejan Habicht, Tanja Lažetić: Big Erotic Calendar 2003
  Solo showLada Cerar: Art as Therapy
  Solo showVesna Bukovec: Local Issues
  Group showTongue: Jezik
  Group showReplay
  Solo showMetka Zupanič: Here and Now
  Solo showViktor Bernik: A Thought About the Concorde Bridge
  Solo showSašo Vrabič: Privat(e)
  Solo showLara Badurina: Souvenirs Made In
  Solo showDavide Grassi: The Zois Machine
  Solo showBojan Salaj: Snapshot
  Solo showJaka Železnikar: Asciidarum (P74)

  Solo showDejan Habicht: The Trail of Memory and Comradeship
  Solo showDamijan Tomažin: C.A.G.T.
  Solo showPablo Helguera: Telenovas Institute
  Solo showIgor Štromajer: Breast-Feeding (317_kB_dojka.jpg)
  Solo showGorazd Krnc: PICTUS EX CAPITE - XXX
  Solo showViktor Rebernak

  Group showI Touch Myself II. - Autoerotics in Contemporary Art
  Solo showArjan Pregl: Breaking Out into sunny sunny mornings
  Group showRevisions. Painting 70 + 90

  Solo showKiki Lažetić: Good Morning, Kiki
  Solo showMiha Štrukelj: How Can We Know What Is Real?
  Group showPanoramics
  Group showNina Vojvoda, Lea Gorenšek: When will all this End?
  Group showI Touch Myself, Auto-Erotics in Contemporary Art

  Group showThe Taste of City
  Group showTanja Lažetić, Dejan Habicht: Traces
  Solo showGrega Mastnak: Works on Canvas
  Solo showMichael Ilg: The Linden Tree of Šentvid

  Solo showSašo Vrabič: Drive In
  Solo showMiha Štrukelj: First exhibitons by young artists

  Solo showMilan Erič: Objective ?
  Group showBiotop. (There, Where I Thrive)
  Group showThis Town Aint Big enough for Both of Us
  Group showFor The Quality of Life
Last update: 7 June 2017
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