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Help! Pippy´s 10k run for Amber Foundation!
  I am going to run 10k on Monday 30 May, which is 10k further than I have run for as many years as I can remember, and am doing this because Amber helps young people to reclaim their lives and offers them a future which they had never thought possible in their wildest dreams.

• Every day Amber is helping some young person somewhere in the UK to stop living on the street
• Every day Amber is providing refuge for a teenager who has been bullied or abused throughout their childhood, and giving him the support to rebuild his life
• Every day Amber is giving a young person who had given up all hope of ever getting a job, or having a home over their head, the opportunity to learn, the energy to become motivated, and the education to reclaim their lives
• Every day Amber is changing the path of some youngster's life from one peopled with criminals and addicts to a life worth living, a life with a future
• After a period spent at one of Amber's three residential homes, 80% of these young people go out to fend for themselves and get a job, having had the training and regained their self esteem
• Imagine your own child, your best friend, your teenage brother or younger sister lying in the street, without a home to go to, with no-one to turn to, without a penny in their pockets - think how grateful you would be if those who can help, would help; those who can make a difference, do make a difference; those who can afford to put their hand in their pockets were to do so.
• For only a very little effort, you will enable a young person to live a life - this life - their only life.

Every penny of every donation goes straight to Amber Foundation whose staff work tirelessly to give disadvantaged young people a future.

I hope you will be able to help, and, incidentally, I have been doing the training so will definitely get to the finish line - even if it takes a while (so that can't be an excuse not to sponsor me - sorry)!

To make a donation, please click

Thank you hugely in advance - every penny counts.

Pippy xx

Check out Amber's website - (but don't disappear - please don't forget to come back to!

"If it hadn't been for Amber I'd either be dead or spending the rest of my life in prison, through drugs and crime and just various things I was getting in to..." Amberteer, John

"With my Dad and brothers into drugs it was hard to escape, particularly when my brother spiked my drink with drugs. I was just 16. By the time I came to Amber I was in the gutter and as low as I could get, living in a tent and getting into more and more hard drugs. Amber was the saving of me." Amberteer, W

"I started at Amber after coming of heroin. I found it hard at first, especially if I was having a bad day, but being able to recognise I was having a bad day and being able to say to the staff how I felt was a great breakthrough. After a while the bad days got less and I was having more good ones. My 30th birthday was definitely a good one. It was the cleanest birthday I had had for years and I even had a chocolate cake made for me, which was really nice." Amberteer, C
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