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Rhona Hoffman Gallery

Private Gallery
Rhona Hoffman Gallery
118 North Peoria Street
Chicago, IL 60607
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +1-(312) 455 1990
fax +1-(312) 455 1727
Opening hours:
Tu, We, Th, Fr  10:00-17:30
Sa  11:00-17:30

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Sol LeWitt  8
Fred Sandback  251
Mel Bochner  332
Susan Hefuna  602
Tania Bruguera  644

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Sol LeWitt  8 20
Gordon Matta-Clark  43 10
Fred Sandback  251 10
Susan Hefuna  602 10

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 95 7
  Annemarie Verna Gallery, Switzerland 39 2
  Paula Cooper Gallery, USA 36 4
  Lisson Gallery, United Kingdom 32 4
  Pace Gallery - NY, USA 32 3

 Public exhibitions   2
14.07. - 08.11. (still more than 3 months)
  Group showCimarron

07.07. - 08.11. (still more than 3 months)
  Solo showAnne Wilson:a hand well trained
Foundation year: 1976
Director(s): Rhona Hoffman, Robert M. Tilendis
 Art Fairs
The ADAA Art Show (, 07, 14, 15, 16, 17)
The Armory Show The Armory Show (00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17)
Art Basel Hong Kong Art Basel Hong Kong (13, 14)
Art Basel Miami Beach Art Basel Miami Beach (02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)
Art Chicago (04, 07, 08, 09, 10)
Arte Fiera - BolognaFiere (09)
Artissima Artissima (16)
Dallas Art Fair (09)
Expo Chicago (12, 14, 15, 16)
Hong Kong International Art Fair (12)
PULSE London (07)
Lina Bertucci  1958, US
Mel Bochner  1940, US
Stephanie Brooks  1970, US
Tania Bruguera  1968, CU
Chris Dorland  1978, CA
Spencer Finch  1960, US
Julia Fish  1950, US
Chris Garofalo  , US
Luis Gispert  1972, US
Leon Golub  1922-2004, US
Jacob Hashimoto  1973, US
Susan Hefuna  1962, EG
Robert Heinecken  1931-2006, US
Judy Ledgerwood  1959, US
Sol LeWitt  1928-2007, US
Richard Rezac  1952, US
Fred Sandback  1943-2003, US
Nancy Spero  1926-2009, US
Brian Ulrich  1971, US
Siebren Versteeg  1971, US
Kehinde Wiley  1977, US
Anne Wilson  1949, US
 Previous Exhibitions   283
  Solo showThe Haas Brothers
  Solo showNatalie Frank: Dancers and Dominas
  Solo showDeana Lawson: New Photographs
  Solo showJulia Fish - Threshold II
  Solo showSusan Hefuna - Cityscapes
  Solo showDerrick Adams:Tell Me Something Good
Description Group showRhona Hoffman:40 Years: Part 3. Political

  Group showRhona Hoffman 40 Years, Part 2
  Group showRhona Hoffman 40 Years, Part 1
  Solo showMichael Rakowitz: The Flesh Is Yours, The Bones Are Ours
  Solo showJohn Preus - The Relative Appetite of Hungry Ghosts
  Solo showGordon Parks - A Segregation Story 1956

  Solo showJacob Hashimoto:In the Cosmic Fugue
Description Solo showSusan Hefuna - Afaz
  Group showImagining Space: Constructions of Text and Geometry
  Solo showNathaniel Mary Quinn - Back and Forth
  Solo showHaas Brothers - Ceramics Gallery
  Group showAbstraction - A Visual Language
  Group showEvoking Spirit: Contemporary Art in Dialogue with Keeping Secrets
  Solo showGordon Matta-Clark - Circus
  Solo showChris Garofalo - Edaphology of a Superterrestial Panmictic Population
  Group showLuke Batten and Jonathan Sadler - New Catalogue:This is a Present From a Small, Distant World
  Group showGroup Exhibition

Description Group showMaterials Gestures: Cut, Weave, Sew, Knot
  Solo showKutlug Ataman - Stefan’s Room
  Solo showPaula Hayes:This Bird Saved Me
  Solo showNatalie Frank:Interiors and Openings
  Solo showRichard Rezac - Signal
  Solo showNOTATIONS
  Solo showDavid Schutter: What Is Not Clear Is Not French
  Solo showDeana Lawson: Mother Tongue
  Solo showMichael Rakowitz: The Breakup

  Solo showAnne Wilson: Dispersions
  Solo showCarrie Mae Weems: Slow Fade to Black
  Solo showJudy Ledgerwood: Love, Power, Color
  Solo showSpencer Finch: Study for Disappearance
Description Group showThe 112 Greene Street Years
  Solo showConcrete Block Structure
  Solo showFred Sandback:Sculpture
  Solo showThe Incomparables Club
  Solo showZoophytosphere Vivaria
  Group showCeramic Sculpture

  Solo showVito Acconci:Vito Acconci
  Solo showLuis Gispert:Pin Pan Pun
  Solo showsuper-elastic collisions (origins, and distant derivations)
  Group showGroup Show
  Solo showCarmen McLeod
  Solo showSusan Hefuna
  Group showGroup Show:tête-à-tête
  Solo showAndré Butzer

  Solo showRobert Overby
  Solo showTodd Chilton: Angled
  Solo showSiebren Versteeg: : Inaction
Description Group showNever Let Me Go
  Solo showHuma Bhabha
  Solo showJudy Ledgerwood: Chromatic Patterns for Chicago & Blob Paintings
  Solo showAnne Wilson: Rewinds

Description Solo showHamish Fulton
  Solo showThe World Stage: India-Sri Lanka
  Solo showWall Drawing
  Solo showAquibotanous Zoolatry
  Solo showSol Lewitt
  Solo showArt & Language
  Solo showRichard Rezac

  Solo showFred Sandback
  Solo showLuis Gispert - You’re my favorite kind of American
  Solo showChris Garofalo
  Solo showMel Bochner - Blah, Blah, Blah
  Solo showSol Lewitt
  Solo showSpencer Finch - Light,Time, Chemistry
  Solo showStephanie Brooks - Tough and Sweet
  Solo showE.V. Day - New Work Under Tension

  Solo showGirlfriends, Lovers, Still Lifes and Landscape
  Group showReflections
  Group showAngles in America
   Summer Group Show
  Solo showJulia Fish, Between: Stairs and Landings
  Solo showChris Dorland: Simulations
  Solo showRobert Heinecken: "Dream/Circles/Cycles, Vintage Works 1964-1973"
  Group showCollaborative Performance: Wind-Up: Walking the Warp

  Solo showSiebren Versteeg: Press Enter to Exit
  Solo showChris Garofalo: zoophyta
  Solo showAdam Pendleton: Rendered in Black and Rendered
  Solo showJacob Hashimoto: Plumes and the Landscape Omnibus
  Solo showPaula Hayes
  Group showCommemorating 30 Years Part III: 1991-2007
  Group showCommemorating 30 Years Part II: 1981-1990
  Group showCommemorating 30 Years Part I: 1976-1980
  Solo showPaula Hayes
  Solo showFred Sandback : Sculpture and drawings

  Solo showThrift
  Solo showMel Bochner : Obscene, Money, Stupid, Meaningless and other recent paintings on black velvet
  Solo showKehinde Wiley: Scenic
  Solo showRichard Rezac: Recent Sculpture
  Solo showSpencer Finch: H20
  Solo showStefano Arienti: Mimetic
  Solo showChris Garofalo: Speculative Zoogeny
  Solo showTania Bruguera: Becket…Did you ever see my eyes?

  Solo showJacob Hashimoto: skip skitter start trip vault bounce - and other attempts at flight
  Solo showGordon Matta-Clark: Films Drawings Cibachromes
  Solo showSiebren Versteeg: determination
  Solo showJames Drake: City of Tells
  Solo showKutlug Ataman: Stefan´s Room, Video Installation
  Solo showAdam Pendleton: Gorilla, My Love

  Solo showLyle Ashton Harris: Blowup
  Solo showFred Sandback: Sculpture and Pastel works on paper
  Solo showStephanie Brooks: Down Time: New Sculptures and Paintings
  Solo showKenneth Josephson: Landscapes 1995-2003: Photographs
  Solo showKehinde Wiley: Easter Realness
  Group showGroup Exhibition
  Group showIt´s About Memory
  Solo showTania Bruguera: Dated Flesh
  Solo showTravelers

  Solo showSol LeWitt: New Wall Drawings and Gouaches
  Solo showJulia Mangold: Sculpture and works on paper
  Solo showJudy Ledgerwood: New Paintings
  Solo showRichard Rezac: Sculpture
  Solo showLeon Golub: Recent Paintings

  Group showStreet Smart
  Solo showKehinde Wiley: Passing/Posing
  Solo showLina Bertucci: Recent Photographic Works
  Solo showPeter Wegner: New Paintings and Works on Paper
  Solo showJulia Fish: [drawings for] Living Rooms and studies for Entry
  Solo showDawoud Bey: New Photographic Work
  Solo showFred Sandback: Sculpture

  Solo showDonald Lipski: Ah, Roma
  Solo showJames Lee Byars: Works on paper
  Solo showGhada Amer: Recent Work
  Solo showStephanie Brooks: Recent Work
  Solo showSpencer Finch: Here and There
  Solo showMark Lewis: Film Installation, North Circular, 2000

  Group showArt of the Scholar: The Ming Dynasty and Chinese Contemporary Art
  Solo showPaul Seawright: The Map
  Solo showSharon Louden: Agents
  Solo showSol LeWitt: Works on Paper, Structures
  Solo showJames Drake: Que Linda La Brisa (How Lovely the Breeze)
  Solo showJudy Ledgerwood: Basement Love
  Group showDrawing Spaces
  Solo showAmy Myers: Large Works on Paper
  Solo showWalter Niedermayer: Momentray Resorts

  Solo showKen Josephson: Photographs
  Solo showRobert Heinecken: Editions, Suites, Portfolio's, Artist Books 1964-1999
  Solo showSol LeWitt: Circles Arcs and Bands
  Solo showWes Mills: Drawings
  Solo showDawoud Bey: Recent Works
  Solo showRichard Tuttle: The Dust When You Come Over the Hill
  Solo showJenny Holzer: Blue
  Solo showCarrie May Weems: Ritual and Revolution
  Solo showTim Rollins + K.O.S.

  Group showPaintings and Drawings
  Solo showLiza Ryan: Displacement Series
  Solo showSharon Louden: Work on Paper
  Solo showMichal Rovner: Recent Work
  Solo showPaul Seawright: Cages, Fires, Walls: Photographs from Belfast Series
  Group showSculpture
  Solo showPat Steir: New Paintings

  Solo showLouise Bourgeois: Drawings 1947-1997
  Solo showDawoud Bey: Recent Work
  Solo showNancy Spero: Collages
  Solo showGordon Matta-Clark
  Solo showJames Drake: Tongue Cut Sparrows
  Solo showInigo Manglano-Ovalle, with Noel Rodriguez and the City Life Car Club
  Solo showSol LeWitt: New Work
  Solo showFred Sandback: Sculpture
  Solo showVictoria Bell: Sculpture and Drawings
  Solo showTim Hailand: Photographs

  Solo showCarla Preiss: New Work
  Solo showLeon Golub: Paintings
  Solo showMary Lucier: Aspects of the Fossil Record, or From Here On Dance
  Solo showCarrie Mae Weems: From Here I Saw What Happened and I Cried
  Solo showAdam Fuss: Mary and love machine

  Solo showRichard Tuttle: Source of Imagery
  Solo showMichal Rovner: New Work
  Solo showPeter Halley: Drawings 1991-1995
  Solo showSol LeWitt: Working drawings
  Solo showNancy Rubins
  Solo showGordon Matta-Clark

  Group showLeon Golub and Nancy Spero
  Solo showFlorence Pierce: Paintings
  Solo showAdam Brooks: Installation
  Solo showLorna Simpson: New Work

  Solo showMichal Rovner
  Group showLegend In My Living Room
  Solo showLarry Mantello
  Solo showTony Tasset
  Solo showTim Rollins + K.O.S.
  Solo showRichmond Burton: Paintings
  Solo showCarrie Mae Weems
  Solo showRoger Ackling: Sculpture
  Solo showJonathan Lasker: Paintings
  Solo showRachel Lachowicz

  Solo showKen Josephson
  Solo showKay Rosen
  Solo showMike Lash: An Act of Appropriation
  Solo showRichard Devore: Stoneware and Drawings
  Solo showDara Brinbaum: The Damnation of Faust, 1984/1992
  Solo showMichael Jenkins
  Solo showLorna Simpson: Wigs
  Solo showGordon Matta-Clark

  Solo showHaim Steinbach: A Duchess, a movie queen, and a prince of a guy
  Group showTim Rollins + K.O.S. and Aldo Rossi
  Solo showDonald Lipski
  Solo showVictor Skrebneski: New Works
  Solo showPedro Cabrita Reis
  Solo showPeter Halley
  Solo showRichard Artschwager: Complete Multiples
  Solo showRichard Tuttle
  Solo showDara Birnbaum: Tiananmen Square: Break-In Transmission
  Group show"Retrospective" Mike Hill / Scott Kester. A collaborative Installation
  Solo showTony Tasset

  Solo showWolfgang Laib
  Solo showFranz West
  Solo showFariba Hajamadi
  Solo showElaine Sturtevant
  Solo showAnnette Lemieux
  Solo showVictor Skrebneski: New Works
  Solo showBarbra Kruger
  Solo showSol LeWitt: New Structures
  Solo showRichard Haas

  Solo showMeyer Vaisman
  Solo showJo Baer: Paintings
  Solo showLouise Bourgeois: Selected Works 1946-1989
  Solo showCindy Sherman: New Work
  Solo showNancy Dwyer
  Solo showScott Burton: Sculpture
  Solo showChristian Eckart: Regular Paintings #1203 - #1206, 1989 Icon - Type #806, 1989
  Group showProblems with reading and rereading
  Solo showEd Ruscha: New Paintings and Works on Paper
  Solo showLeon Golub: New Paintings
  Solo showAllan McCollum
  Solo showTony Tasset: New Work

  Group showThe Outside and the Inside
  Solo showSaint Clair Cemin: Sculpture
  Solo showDonald Lipski: Sculpture
  Solo showNancy Spero: War Series 1966-1969, Artaud Paintings 1969-197
  Solo showAnnette Lemieux
  Solo showPeter Halley: New Paintings
  Solo showVito Acconci: Part 2, Sculpture, Installations and Video 1972-1987
  Solo showVito Acconci: Part 1, Early Works, Photographs 1969-1970

  Solo showAllan McCollum: Perfect Vehicles
  Solo showChristian Eckart
  Solo showTim Rollins + K.O.S
  Solo showHaim Steinbach
  Group showLight Works 1965-1986
  Solo showJenny Holzer: Under a Rock
  Solo showMichael Hoskins: Paintings and Works on Paper
  Solo showClaire Zeisler: A Fiber Environment

  Solo showDonald Judd: Sculpture/Furniture
  Solo showBarbara Kruger: New Work
  Group showGroup Exhibition
  Group showGroup Exhibition
  Solo showHaim Steinbach
  Solo showJames Brown: Paintings and Works on Paper
  Solo showIan Wilson, That which is both known and unknown: a disussion
  Solo showSol LeWitt: New Wall Drawings
  Solo showNancy Spero: New Work
  Solo showRobert Wilson: Drawings for "the CIVIL warS"

  Group showAllan McCollum & Laurie Simmons: A Collaboration
  Solo showVito Acconci
  Group showInvitational
  Solo showRobert Ryman: New Paintings
  Solo showSylvia Plimack Mangold: Works on Paper
  Solo showLeon Golub: Paintings

  Solo showJene Highstein: Sculpture
  Solo showMike Glier: New Paintings
  Solo showItalo Scanga: Sculpture
  Solo showMichael Hoskins: Paintings and Works on Paper
  Solo showDonald Lipski: Building Steam
  Solo showSam Pappas: Musical Scores and Instruments
  Solo showRalph Humphrey: Paintings
  Solo showSteven Campbell: Paintings and Drawings
  Solo showMichael Hoskins
  Solo showBarbara Kruger: New York
  Solo showClaire Zeisler: Work from 1962-1984
  Group showGeorge Baselitz, Walter Dahn, Jiri Dokoupil, Jorg Immendorf, Anselm Kiefer, A.R. Penck

  Solo showCindy Sherman: New Work
  Solo showRichard Hass: Recent Projects
  Solo showNancy Spero: 1974 - 1983
  Group showGroup Exhibition

  Solo showRobert Ryman: Paintings

  Solo showBruce Nauman: New Iron Casting, Plaster, and Drawings

  Solo showRichard Tuttle: New Work

  Group showSculpture Paintings Drawings
Last update: 29 June 2017
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