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Stills Gallery

Private Gallery
Stills Gallery
36 Gosbell Street
NSW 2021 Sydney, NSW
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +61 2 9331 7775
fax +61 2 9331 1648
Opening hours:
We, Th, Fr, Sa  11:00-17:00
and by appointment

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Roger Ballen  684
Polixeni Papapetrou  2729
Pat Brassington  3879
Trent Parke  5546
Anne Ferran  6214

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Trent Parke  5546 24
Narelle Autio  12593 22
Pat Brassington  3879 21
Robyn Stacey  9848 17
Polixeni Papapetrou  2729 16

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Australian Centre for Photography, Australia 32 19
  Monash Gallery of Art (MGA), Australia 24 17
  Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia 19 12
  Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP), Australia 18 13
  The Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art, Australia 18 11

 Public exhibitions   1
24.05. - 30.06. (3 days remaining)
  Group showCurtain Call
Foundation year: 1991
 Art Fairs
Art Cologne Art Cologne (05, 06, 07)
Melbourne Art Fair (02, 08, 10, 12, 14)
Paris Photo Paris Photo (08, 14, 15, 16)
Sydney Contemporary (15)
Paul Adair  
Narelle Autio  1969, AU
Roger Ballen  1950, US
Pat Brassington  1941, AU
James Bryans  
Christine Cornish  , AU
Brenda L. Croft  1964, AU
Ian Dodd  
Sandy Edwards  
Merilyn Fairskye  1950
Anne Ferran  1949, AU
Chris Fortescue  
Gilbert Garcin  1929, FR
Tim Georgeson  
Petrina Hicks  1972, AU
Megan Jenkinson  
Mark Kimber  1953, AU
Willam Lamson  
Michael Light  1963, US
Markéta Luskacov  1944, CZ
Ricky Maynard  1953, AU
Anne Noble  1954, NZ
Polixeni Papapetrou  1960, AU
Trent Parke  1971, UK
Brownwyn Rennex  
George Schwarz  
Rebecca Shanahan  
Glenn Sloggett  1964, AU
Van Sowerwine  , AU
Robyn Stacey  1952, AU
Danielle Thompson  
Warwick Thornton  1970, AU
Stephanie Valentin  , AU
Justine Varga  , AU
Beverley Veasey  1968, AU
William Yang  1943, AU
 Previous Exhibitions   249
  Solo showJane Brown - Sporting Country
  Solo showGlenn Sloggett - Down in the dumps
  Group showGroup Exhibition

  Solo showStephen Dupont - White Sheet
  Solo showRobyn Stacey
Description and image Solo showEden
  Solo showBrenda L Croft
  Solo showKawita Vatanajyankur - Machinized
  Solo showEmmaline Zanelli - Please Touch
  Solo showDavid Collins - Pony
  Solo showPat Brassington – Just So
  Solo showPatrick Pound – Photography And Air
  Group showEver Fresh
  Solo showRicky Maynard - Saddened Were The Hearts of Many Men
  Solo showJames Tylor – Aotearoa My Hawaiki
  Solo showNova Paul – This is Not Dying
  Solo showWilliam Yang - Stories of Love and Death

  Group showFeast
  Solo showTrent Parke – The Black Rose
  Solo showJustine Varga – Accumulate
  Solo showJackson Eaton – Melfies 2
  Solo showMerilyn Fairskye
  Group showK A L E I D O R A M A
  Solo showJames Tyler – DeCookolisation
  Solo showKawita Vatanajyankur – Work
  Group showPatrick Pound & Jane Brown
  Group showBookmarked

  Group showSeason 24
Description Solo showPolixeni Papapetrou - Lost Psyche
Description Solo showStephanie Valentin - Closer
Description Solo showDeb Mansfield - And Dive Into The Sea
Description Solo showMark Kimber - Side Show Valley
Description Solo showMegan Jenkinson - Transfigurations
Description Solo showPat Brassington
Description Group showTotally Looks Like
  Solo showMary Ellen Mark
  Solo showLisa Garland
  Solo showThe Camera is God (street portrait series)
  Solo showSounding Silence
  Solo showPeople who look dead but (probably) aren't

  Group showTo the Sea
  Solo showRobyn Stacey
  Solo showThe Shadows
  Solo showDie Antwoord
  Solo showQuill
  Solo showBox of Birds
  Group showTim Hetherington and Doug Rickard
  Group showThe Big Picture
  Solo showAnne Noble - White Shadow White Shine
  Solo showHome
  Group showSummer Exhibition
  Group showECONOMY

  Group showSeason 12 - Garden Of Earthly Delights
  Solo showJustine Varga
  Solo showHarry Nankin - Syzygy
  Solo showA Pale Mirror
  Solo showThey Call me Niigarr
  Solo showon The Level
  Solo showNarelle Autio
  Group showMostly Agree
  Solo showA heartbeat away & The Pressings
  Solo showThe Dreamkeepers
  Solo showTrent Parke - Magnum Contact Sheets
  Solo showGlenn Sloggett - A White Trash (lost) Love Story
  Solo showLinsey Gosper - Object Love

  Group showSeason 11
  Solo showStephanie Valentin
  Solo showMegan Jenkinson
  Solo showWarwick Thornton
  Solo showPaul Adair
  Solo showMerilyn Fairskye
  Group showBad Angle
  Solo showTall Tales and True
  Solo showSongbirds are Everywhere
  Solo showFortress
  Solo showBeautiful Creatures
  Solo showOld New Borrowed Blue

  Group showSeason10
  Group showLove Sick
  Solo showAnne Noble
  Solo showGeorge Schwarz
  Solo showPetrina Hicks - Every Rose Has its Thorn
  Solo showMaleonn (Ma Liang) - Second hand Tang Poem No. 5
  Solo showPolixeni Papapetrou - Between Worlds
  Solo showMark Kimber - All That Glisters
  Solo showRoger Ballen - Boarding House
  Solo showPat Brassington - A Perfect Day
  Group showGroup Emerging Show

  Group showSeason09
  Solo showPlease step quietly everyone can hear you
  Solo showEmpire Line
  Solo show100
  Solo showHold My Hand and We'll Be Safe
  Solo showRicky Maynard
  Solo showAnne Ferran
  Solo showearthbound
  Solo showActions
  Group showThirteen
  Solo showNarelle Autio - The Summer of Us
  Solo showFleet Light
  Solo showDorota Mytych

  Group showSeason08
  Solo showPaul Adair - Three-Hole Mountain Inn
  Solo showMartin Smith - In response to knowing when something is finished
  Solo showMark Kimber - Edgeland
  Solo showChris Fortescue - naturalism08
  Solo showGames of Consequence
  Solo showBeverley Veasey - Habitats
  Solo showRobyn Stacey - The Great and the Good
  Solo showChristine Cornish - Stretto
  Solo showPetrina Hicks - The Descendants
  Solo showPete Volich - 2012: E9E10
  Solo showPat Brassington - The Best Move
  Solo showElla Dreyfus - scumbag
  Solo showJames Bryans - Figments
  Solo showMichael Riley - flyblown
  Solo showVita Brevis Est
  Group showEliza Hutchison, Deb Mansfield & Murray McKeich

  Group showSeason 07
  Solo showMaureen Burns - Garden Interiors
  Solo showChris Fortescue - Rectified Searches: Road, Chris, Fog
  Solo showGlenn Sloggett - Decrepit
  Solo showRebecca Anne Hobbs - Up with the fall, down on the diagonal
  Group showMagnum Photos 60th Anniversary
  Solo showMerilyn Fairskye - Aqua
  Solo showMark Kimber - Sun Pictures
  Group showBLOOD; or A Long Weekend with my Wife´s Family
  Solo showVan Sowerwine - Small Beast
  Solo showWilliam Lamson - flight 2005-2007
  Solo showPat Brassington
  Solo showCherine Fahd - Trafalgar Square
  Solo showPaul Adair - Decoy
  Solo showDaniel Kojta
  Solo showPete Volich - Tales from the rear view mirror, here we go again

  Group showGroup Show
  Solo showStephanie Valentin - Ether
  Solo showMythic - Ian Dodd
  Solo showRobyn Stacey - Beau Monde
  Solo showRoger Ballen - Shadow Chamber
  Solo showPolixeni Papapetrou - Haunted Country
  Solo showPetrina Hicks
  Solo showAndrew Best
  Group show2 Danks St Waterloo
  Solo showAnne Ferran - Backwater
  Solo showAnne Noble
  Solo showPat Brassington - Wacked and Tripper?
  Solo showBeverley Veasey - Natural History
  Solo showSophie Kahn - Strange to inhabit the earth no longer
  Solo showVan Sowerwine - What Big Eyes You Have
  Solo showMartine Corompt - Land of the Lost

  Solo showTrent Parke
  Solo showRobyn Stacey - Supermodels
  Solo showVan Sowerwine - Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth
  Solo showMark Kimber - Fictive Landscapes
  Solo showRebecca Shanahan - Near Breath
  Solo showBrook Andrew - Hope & Peace
  Solo showMerilyn Fairskye - Stati d'Animo
  Solo showMichael Riley - Cloud &Sacrifice
  Solo showPat Brassington - You´re so vein
  Solo showPatrina Hicks

  Solo showNarelle Autio - Watercolours
  Solo showStephanie Valentin - fathom
  Solo showShayne Higson - Attachment
  Solo showChristine Cornish - treshold
  Solo showBronwyn Rennex - small fires
  Solo showBrook Andrew - photography and neon
  Solo showHighlights of the Road
  Solo showPolixeni Papapetrou - Mystical Places
  Solo showGlenn Sloggett - Lost Man
  Solo showAnne Noble - Ruby's Room
  Solo showSandy Edwards - Indelible
  Group showMAKEbelieve photographic fictions

  Solo showSteven Lojewski - Boulevard of Dreams
  Solo showPeter Elliston - Red Heart
  Solo showAnne Ferran - 1-38
  Solo showBrenda L. Croft - Man about town
  Solo showGeorgina Smith - threads
  Group showStills on Campus
  Solo showRobyn Stacey - The Collectors Nature
  Solo showPeter E Charuk - Kustom Kars
  Solo showPaul Blackmore - L'Eaux
  Solo showPat Brassington - A little waltz
  Solo showMark Kimber - Night Falls
  Solo showMerilyn Fairskye - Connected
  Solo showStephen Jones - Constructed Memories
  Solo showPhantomwise
  Solo showPeter Milne - When Nature Forgets
  Solo showBette Mifsud - The Living Room
  Solo showRuth Maddison - A River Went Out of Eden
  Solo showLiz Thompson - Mackeral Beach
  Group showRePRESENTING the REAL Documentary Photography

  Group showGroup Exhibition
  Solo showWilliam Yang - miscellaneous obsessions
  Solo showStephanie Valentin - Pollinate
  Solo showSusan White Golzar
  Solo showMaylei Hunt - ...the space in between
  Solo showPeter Callas - Vinculum
  Solo showPhilip Gostelow - Travel Journals 1999-2000
  Solo showGlenn Sloggett - Abandon
  Solo showPam Kleemann - COOKED + Hairball Café
  Solo showCraters of the Moon
  Solo showSasha Woolley - Family Secrets 1908-1999
  Solo showEugenia Raskopoulos - Ostinato
  Solo showGeorge Schwarz - Recuerdos
  Solo showJon Rhodes - Traces
  Solo showMichelle Eabry - Summer Camp
  Solo showTrent Parke - Dream/Life & Beyond
  Solo showNarelle Autio - Not of this Earth
  Group showAutio & Parke - Dva Pivo Prosim (Two Beers Please)
  Solo showLili Almog - A Room of One's Own
  Solo showDonna Bailey - Zoë
  Solo showCal MacKinnon - The Main Drag
  Group showLeica/CCP

  Solo showJon Lewis - Retratu Timor Lorosae
  Solo showRuby Davies - The Darling - Known to the Barkindji as the Barka
  Solo showSuellen Symons - Another Time, This Place
  Solo showJohn A Williams - After Tom/ Paradise Creek
  Solo showRobyn Stacey - Hot House 1
  Solo showRicky Maynard - Returning to Places that Name Us
  Solo showGayle Maddigan - Displacement/Embracement
  Solo showMervyn Bishop - A Dubbo Day with Jimmy
  Solo showAnne Ferran - Lost to Worlds
  Solo showBonita Ely - Inside Mawson's Sleeping Bag
  Solo showSteven Lojewski - Urban Dilemmas
  Solo showAnthony Browell - The Waterfront
  Solo showShadowlands - Arthur Georgeson
  Solo showPat Brassington - Gentle
  Solo showBronwyn Rennex - Always Hungry
  Solo showChristine Cornish - Datum
  Solo showRebecca Shanahan - The Acclimatisation Project
  Solo showXiao Xian Liu - My Other Lives
  Solo showTiet Ho - Boys will be Girls - Tales from Kuching
  Solo showElla Dreyfus - Transman

  Solo showTranzlution
  Solo showBlemish
  Solo showPhotographs 1969-2000
  Solo showHands That Rock My Country
  Solo showSurrender
  Solo showPlus + Minus
  Group showThe Seventh Wave
  Solo showFever (you give me)
  Solo showMen's Work (III): Iron Hans
  Solo showLadies and Gentleman, Mr. Bernie McGann ... A Jazz Life
  Solo showChiasma
  Solo showSweet Dreams
  Solo showIntimacy
  Solo showSilent Breath
  Solo showPhotographs 1995-1999

  Solo showRoaring Days
Last update: 22 April 2017
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