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Wiener Secession

Public Institution
Wiener Secession
Friedrichstraße 12
1010 Vienna
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +43-1-587 53 07
fax +43-1-587 53 07-34
Opening hours:
Mo, Tu, We, Fr, Sa, Su  10:00-18:00
Th  10:00-20:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Gustav Klimt  600
Hubert Scheibl  722
Manfred Erjautz  1250
Dubosarsky & Vinogradov  6133

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Thomas Baumann  2239 4

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Galerie St. Etienne, USA 61 1
  Galerie Eugen Lendl, Austria 20 2
  Museum der Moderne, Austria 19 3
  Belvedere, Austria 18 3
Galerie 422 Galerie 422, Austria 15 1

Foundation year: 1897
Dubosarsky & Vinogradov  RU
Manfred Erjautz  1966, AT
Gustav Klimt  1862-1918, AT
Hubert Scheibl  1952, AT
 Previous Exhibitions   267
  Solo showVincent Fecteau
  Solo showManon de Boer - Giving Time to Time
  Solo showValerio Adami
  Solo showOliver Laric
  Solo showGerald Domenig
  Solo showJames Lee Byars: Perfect Moments
  Solo showLutz Bacher: More Than This
  Solo showDike Blair: Floors/Doosr/Windows/Walls

Description Solo showJulia Haller - Smile from the Streets You Hold
Description Solo showVija Celmins
Description Solo showMark Leckey
Description Solo showEmily Roysdon
Description Solo showCao Fei
Description Solo showJosef Strau
Description Solo showKristin Oppenheim
Description Group showArtists And Poets

  Solo showChto Delat
  Solo showRenata Lucas
  Solo showPeter Bartoš
  Group showUtopian Pulse. Flares In The Darkroom. Salón De Belleza [Beauty Salon]
  Solo showDiana Al-Hadid - The Fates
  Solo showCinthia Marcelle - Dust Never Sleeps
  Group showUtopian Pulse– Flares In The Darkroom
  Group showA Singular Form
  Solo showHeinrich Dunst
  Solo showLittle Warsaw
  Solo showKerstin Von Gabain
  Solo showLisl Ponger
  Solo showIbon Aranberri
  Solo showUlrik Heltoft
  Group showSalon Klimbim

  Solo showSarah Lucas - Nob
  Solo showTobias Pils - Secession
  Solo showGuido Van Der Werve - At War With Oneself
  Solo showUlla Von Brandenburg - Innen Ist Nicht Außen
  Solo showSusi Jirkuff - Wild Wood
  Solo showHannes Böck
  Solo showThomas Locher - Homo Oeconomicus
  Solo showRobert Irwin - Double Blind
  Solo showRossella Biscotti - The Side Room
  Group showUnruhe der Form. Entwürfe des politischen Subjekts
  Solo showMathias Poledna
  Solo showMiriam Bajtala - In Meinem Namen
  Solo showDominik Lang - Expanded Anxiety

  Solo showYael Bartana
  Solo showLiz Deschenes
  Solo showFiona Rukschcio
  Solo showKerry James Marshall
  Solo showAnne Hardy
  Group showAnja Kirschner und David Panos
  Group showMutatis Mutandis
  Solo showDavid Claerbout - Diese Sonne strahlt immer
  Solo showStephan Dillemuth
  Solo showSlavs and Tatars
  Solo showGerwald Rockenschaub
  Solo showRudolf Stingel
  Solo showMichael Snow - Recent Works

  Solo showDavid Maljkovic
  Solo showAttila Csörgö
  Solo showLecia Dole-Recio
  Solo showStephen Prina
  Solo showSaskia Olde Wolbers
  Solo showWade Guyton
  Solo showInes Lombardi
  Solo showChristoph Meier
  Solo showAlfons Egger

  Solo showManfred Pernice - sculpturama
  Solo showTrevor Paglen
Description Solo showMaria Bussmann – Long Beach, NY
Description Solo showLara Almarcegui
  Group showwhere do we go from here?
  Solo showJiri Kovanda - White Blanket
  Solo showAnna Artaker
  Solo showFrancis Upritchard - In die Höhle
  Solo showNicole Six/Paul Petritsch
  Solo showChristoph Büchel

  Solo showMarc Camille Chaimowicz
  Solo showMichael Ashkin
  Solo showMona Vatamanu/Florin Tudor
  Solo showMicol Assael
  Group showCineplex
  Group showThe Death of the Audience
  Solo showPawel Althamer und Andere
  Solo showKatrin Plavcak
  Solo showKlaus Mosettig
  Solo showHannes Zebedin

  Solo showSolo Show
  Solo showKlaus Weber
  Solo showRalo Mayer
  Solo showSaso Sedlacek - Ö-U Immobilien
  Solo showHauptraum
  Solo showStage Diver
  Solo showmultiplex fiction
  Solo showMiklos Erhardt
  Solo showDas Auge
  Solo showGalerie
  Solo showThomas Hirschhorn
  Solo showIsa Rosenberger
  Solo showFrances Stark
  Solo showDave Allen
  Solo showJo Bear
  Solo showMiklos Erhardt
   A Torment od Follies
  Solo showWerner Feiersinger
  Solo showPhilippe Decrauzat

  Solo showGlossary
Description Group showPatrick Baumüller & Severin Hofmann - DIE WURSTHABERER
  Solo showAzra Aksamija - Kunstmoschee
  Solo showJens Haaning
  Solo showTom Burr - Moods
  Solo showAmong the things we touched
  Group showShandyismus. Autorschaft als Genre
  Solo showAndrea Bowers
  Solo showLeopold Kessler

  Solo showStan Douglas
  Solo showJudith Hopf
  Solo showMidori Mitamura
  Group showJulie Ault - Martin Beck
  Solo showIsa Genzken
  Solo showDavid Lamelas
  Solo showStefan Sandner
  Solo showDave Hullfish Bailey. Elevator
  Solo showKristina Leko. Beweis Nr. 4. Jede/r Mensch ist ein/e Künstler/in
  Solo showClegg & Guttmann. Mach vs. Boltzmann
  Solo showMaja Vukoje
  Solo showLone Haugaard Madsen. Raum #26 - Retrofleksive
  Solo showOswald Oberhuber

  Group showChristopher Williams & Jeroen de Rijke / Willem de Roij
  Solo showEdition Artelier
  Solo showEdition - En/Of
  Solo showEditionen - Pork Salad Press
  Group showEditionen - Pork Salad Press
  Solo showAngela Bulloch - To the Power of 4.
  Solo showKlub Zwei
  Solo showEditionen - General Idea
  Solo showMichael Krebber
  Solo showCatherine Sullivan - The Chittendens
  Solo showTerence Koh - Gone, yet still
  Solo showKirsten Pieroth
  Solo showBik Van der Pol
  Solo showEva Schlegel
Description Group showDIE REGIERUNG - Paradiesische Handlungsräume
  Solo showSean Snyder

Description and image Solo showAlbert Oehlen
Description and image Solo showJOSEPHINE PRYDE
Description and image Solo showNICOLE WERMERS - Chemie
Description and image Solo showSILVIA KOLBOWSKI - inadequate...Like...Power
Description and image Solo showREGINA MÖLLER - embodiment - dress plot
Description and image Group showBelgrad Art Inc., Momente des Umbruchs
Description and image Group showBODY DISPLAY Performative Installation #4 - Körper & Ökonomie
Description and image Solo showHenrik Olesen

Description and image Group showMonica Bonvicini / Sam Durant - Break it / Fix it
Description and image Group showKONTEXT, FORM, TROJA
  Solo showAndrea Geyer - Parallax
Description and image Solo showMARY HEILMANN. All Tomorrow's Parties
Description and image Solo showMEL ZIEGLER. Stuffed
Description and image Solo showNorbert Brunner, Lienz, Im Spiegel der Psyche
Description and image Group showFATE OF ALIEN MODES
Description and image Solo showHANS SCHABUS. Astronaut (Komme gleich)
Description and image Solo showMANFRED WILLMANN

Description and image Solo showSUE WILLIAMS
Description and image Solo showKOO JEONG-A
Description and image Solo showMICHAEL BEUTLER
Description and image Solo showHENRIK HÅKANSSON
Description and image Solo showRIRKRIT TIRAVANIJA
Description and image Solo showINES DOUJAK
Description and image Solo showCAROLINA CAYCEDO
Description and image Solo showAYSE ERKMEN
Description and image Solo showMANFRED ERJAUTZ
Description and image Group showHIER IST DORT 2

Description and image Group showAUSGETRÄUMT ...
Description and image Solo showCHRISTOPHER WOOL
Description and image Solo showLINDA BILDA
Description and image Solo showHANS WEIGAND
Description and image Solo showALICE CREISCHER
Description and image Solo showSIMON STARLING
Description and image Solo showTRINH T. MINH-HA
Description and image Solo showAXEL STOCKBURGER
Description and image Solo showMARTIN GOSTNER

Description and image Solo showWALTER OBHOLZER
Description and image Solo showDOUG AITKEN
Description and image Solo showAA BRONSON
Description and image Solo showMARK WALLINGER
Description and image Solo showRITA McBRIDE
Description and image Solo showMIRJAM KUITENBROUWER
Description and image Solo showANITA LEISZ
Description and image Solo showFLORIAN PUMHÖSL
Description and image Solo showMERLIN CARPENTER - "As a Painter I Call Myself the Estate of"
Description and image Solo showGREGOR SCHNEIDER
Description and image Solo showDIANA THATER
Description and image Solo showMUNTEAN/ROSENBLUM

Description and image Solo showJOHANNA KANDL
Description and image Solo showANN-SOFI SIDÉN
Description and image Solo showROMAN SIGNER
Description and image Solo showUDO WID
Description and image Solo showSTEVEN BROWER
Description and image Solo showURS FREI
Description and image Solo showANNIKA STRÖM
Description and image Group showGREG LYNN / FABIAN MARCACCIO
Description and image Solo showGITTE VILLESEN
Description and image Solo showLUCY ORTA
Description and image Solo showKENDELL GEERS
Description and image Solo showPIERRE HUYGHE
Description and image Solo showBARBARA HOLUB
Description and image Solo showOCTAVIAN TRAUTTMANNSDORFF
Description and image Solo showRENÉE GREEN

Description and image Solo showMARC ADRIAN
Description and image Solo showHERBERT BRANDL
Description and image Solo showMICHAEL ZINGANEL
Description and image Solo showROBERT LETTNER
Description and image Group showMIKE KELLEY & PAUL MCCARTHY
Description Solo showFABIO ZOLLY
  Group showJunge Szene 1998
  Group showDas Jahrhundert der Künstlerischen Freiheit
Description and image Solo showMARCUS GEIGER
Description and image Solo showELISABETH GRÜBL

Description and image Group showCities on the move
  Solo showGillian Wearing
  Solo showNobuyoshi Araki
  Group showx squared
  Solo showZoe Leonard
  Group showIt's a better world
  Solo showThomas Reinhold
  Solo showJames Coleman
  Solo showPeter Land
  Solo showMaurizio Cattelan - Dynamo Secession
  Solo showElke Krystufek

  Solo showSusanna Morgenstern
  Solo showDorothee Golz
  Solo showPhilip Taaffe
  Solo showHans Schabus - objects
  Solo showLarry Clark
  Solo showMartin Walde - storyboard, objects, installation
  Solo showAlexander Braun
  Solo showMarijke van Warmerdam
Description Group showJunge Szene
  Solo showDeutschbauers Bibelstunde
  Solo showManfred Erjautz
  Solo showCarsten Höller
  Solo showKarl Hikade
  Solo showBiefer / Zgraggen
  Group showTransformal
  Group showHigh Hoch Times Zeiten

  Group showHow is Everything
  Group showDieter Roth & Björn Roth, Bilder, Apparate, Bücher, Schallplatten, Filme

  Solo showSculpture dàmeublement

  Solo showPerceptual Cells

  Solo showRoyden Rabinowitch – 15 Skulpturen
  Solo showTony Cragg

  Solo showHans Kupelwieser

  Solo showDaniel Buren - Im Raum : Die Farbe
  Solo showAstrid Klein - Photoarbeiten 1984 - 1989
  Group showJunge Szene Wien ’89

  Solo showWalter Eckert

  Solo showFranz West : Ansicht : Wiener Secession

  Group showJunge Szene Wien '86

  Group showneue wege des plastischen gestaltens in österreich

  Solo showPaul Berger-Bergner - Gemälde, Graphik
  Group showOtto Beckmann und Alfred Graßl. Elektronische Computerkunst und cinematrische Abläufe
Last update: 25 July 2016
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