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Zacheta National Gallery of Art

Public Institution
Zacheta National Gallery of Art
pl. Malachowskiego 3
00-916 Warsaw
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +48 (0) 22 827 58 54
fax +48 (0) 22 827 78 86
Opening hours:
Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su  12:00-20:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Artur Zmijewski  172
Katarzyna Kozyra  906
Stanislaw Drozdz  3721
Agnieszka Brzezanska  3780
Grzegorz Klaman  4803

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Janek Simon  1821 9
Katarzyna Kozyra  906 8

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Poland 30 7
  Wyspa Institute of Art, Poland 22 3
  Arsenal Gallery, Poland 12 5
  Gallery of Contemporary Art Bunkier Sztuki, Poland 11 6
  LAZNIA - Centre for Contemporary Art, Poland 11 4

 Public exhibitions   2
09.05. - 02.07. (10 days remaining)
  Group showBeyond the Pleasure Principle

09.05. - 06.08. (still more than 1 month)
  Solo showJarosław Kozakiewicz - The Spinning Head
Foundation year: 1922
Employees: Agnieszka Morawinska
Agnieszka Brzezanska  1972, PL
Marta Deskur  1962, PL
Wojtek Doroszuk  1980, PL
Stanislaw Drozdz  1939-2009, PL
Adad Hannah  1971, US
Grzegorz Klaman  1959, PL
Katarzyna Kozyra  1963, PL
Jacek Malinowski  1969, PL
Lukasz Skapski  1958, PL
Artur Zmijewski  1966, PL
 Previous Exhibitions   237
  Solo showZofia Gramz - Where Do Thoughts Come From?
  Solo showGordon Parks - I Use My Camera as a Weapon
  Group showPonovo upotrebiti: past as costume or inspiration
  Group showLIfe. A Manual
  Solo showJerzy Jarnuszkiewicz - Notes from the Expanse
  Group showReturning from Białowieża
  Group showAbraham Ostrzega

  Group showCollections
Description Group showSocial Calligraphies
  Solo showJacek Damięcki - Macro-forms
  Group showŁysa Góra Experiment - 50 Years Later
  Solo showIveta Pilařová - Show within Culture and Neuroscience conference
  Group showPoland — a Country of Folklore?
  Group showKrzysztof Wodiczko and Jarosław Kozakiewicz
  Solo showJacek Malinowski - Bi-Polar
  Group showBefore, after and in between
  Group showMoney To Burn
  Solo showAlicja Dobrucka - I Like You, I Like You A Lot And Others
  Group showAssembled, Disassembled
  Solo showRafał Bujnowski - May 2066
  Group showThe Travellers
  Solo showTeresa Kazimiera Murak-Rembielińska
  Solo showHabima Fuchs - Salt Sea Water Absorbed By Cloud Turns Sweet
  Group showI Read Here - Contemporary Polish Illustration For Children
  Solo showMagdalena Więcek - Affecting The Eye
  Solo showWojciech Zamecznik - Photo-Graphics
  Group showConverter

  Group showArt In Our Age
  Solo showMarek Sobczyk. “Museum” In Quotation Marks
  Solo showIeva Epnere - Pyramiden And Other Stories
  Group showNon-Martials
  Solo showJan Dziaczkowski - True And Untrue Stories
Description Group showJust After The War
  Group showViews - 2015 Deutsche Bank Award
  Solo showKarolina Grzywnowicz - The Weeds
  Group showGardens
  Group showExotic?
  Group showThe Wild West. A History Of Wrocław’S Avant-Garde
  Solo showJohn Lurie - I Am Trying To Think. Please Be Quiet
  Solo showFilko – Fylko – Phylko
  Solo showNatalia Bażowska - Lair
  Group showYoung Emerging Artists Eating And Fucking
Description Group showCannibalism? On Appropriation In Art
  Solo showAnna Jermolaewa - Good Times, Bad Times
  Group showWaiting For Better Times
  Solo showPrzemysław Matecki. Rough

Description Group showAdoration Of Sweetness
Description and image Solo showJustyna Wencel. Earth, Earth
Description and image Group showProgress And Hygiene
  Solo showGregor Schneider. Unsubscribe
  Group showLesson
Description Solo showKonrad Smoleński - Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More – Time Test
Description Solo showFlo Kasearu. We Are On The Way
  Solo showZbigniew Warpechowski. It
Description Group showCorpus
  Solo showSuzan Shutan - Becoming...
  Group showReal-Time Controller Vol. II
  Solo showVictor Man. Zephir
Description Group showCosmos Calling! Art And Science In The Long Sixties
  Solo showMonument. The Architecture Of Adolf Szyszko-Bohusz
  Solo showWłodzimierz Jan Zakrzewski. Alice At Saxon Garden
Description Group showAlice: Wonderland Across The Road
  Solo showAlicja Łukasiak - My Global Problems
  Solo showMonika Zawadzki. Cattle
  Group showMagda Franczak, Yael Frank. The Ice Is Melting, Ms Frankczak
  Solo showI’Ve Been Here; I Hope The Same For You. Henryk Tomaszewski
  Solo showPaulina Ołowska - The Spell Of Warsaw
  Solo showAnemona Crisan - Installation For The Interior
  Solo showKuba Dąbrowski. A Drama Feature Film Of Polish Production
  Group showBrasil: Arte/música / Brazil: Art/music

  Group showAmor E Ódio A Lygia Clark / Love And Hate To Lygia Clark
  Group showRobert Maciejuk, Honza Zamojski. Above And Below
Description Group showMap. Artistic Migrations And The Cold War
  Solo showA Smooth Transition From Storytelling To Casting A Shadow
  Group showHouses as Silver as Tents
  Group showViews 2013 - Deutsche Bank Foundation Award
  Group showIn God We Trust
  Solo showWojciech Gilewicz. Arcus
  Group showFree Time. Photographs
  Solo showKatarzyna Krakowiak - The Rise And Fall Of Air
  Group showGmos Kill Honey
  Group showJanicka & Wilczyk. Other City
  Solo showPeter Land. Naked
  Group showFreelancer
  Solo showChristian Hutzinger’s W/W
  Solo showBasia Bańda - Daily News - Warsaw
  Solo showAneta Grzeszykowska - Death And The Maiden
Description and image Group showThe Splendor of Textiles
  Group showYasia Khomenko, Gamlet - Contraband
  Group showA Few Practical Ways To Prolong One’s Life
  Solo showAntonisz: Technology For Me Is A Form Of Art

  Group showFragmentos
  Solo showIzabella Jagiello - A Beast
  Solo showMarlene Dumas - Love Hasn’t Got Anything To Do With It
  Group showHools
  Group showBeyond Corrupted Eye - Akumulatory 2 Gallery, 1972–1990
  Solo showHiding People Among People Without Contact With Nature Leads To Perversions
  Solo showKonrad Maciejewicz - Transform Me
  Group showDzikie•Wild
  Group showEmotikon
  Group showNew Sculpture?
  Group showDoubly Regained Territories
  Solo showRafał Milach. 7 Rooms
  Solo showKarolina Freino. Erase Boards

  Group showNo, No, I Hardly Ever Miss A Show
  Solo showGoshka Macuga - Untitled
  Solo showHypertext. 10 Years Of Centrala
  Solo showWolfgang Tillmans - Zachęta Ermutigung
  Group showSarai. City As Studio
  Group showPokolenie przemiany
  Solo showDiaries
  Solo showKama Sokolnicka - Gloom With A View
  Group showOpening the Door? Belarusian Art Today
  Solo showBartosz Mucha - 52 Lazy Weeks. Paraarchitecture
  Solo showBegleiter. The Myth of Realism
  Solo showPictures in Architecture
  Group showThree Women
  Solo showHousemates

  Solo showCasting
Description Solo showCity of Ambition
  Group showVideorama. Artclips from Austria
  Solo showJakub Julian Ziółkowski. Hokaina
  Solo showAnnette Messager. On Show (Faire parade)
  Solo showRajmund Ziemski - Landscape 1953–2005
  Solo showKrzysztof Zielinski. Briesen
  Solo showEva Weinmayr. I Wonder What the Silence Was About
  Solo showJan Lebenstein. Seal of Eros and Thanatos. Paris, 60's
Description Group showGender Check. Femininity and Masculinity in the Art of Eastern Europe

  Group showAll Creatures Great and Small
  Solo showAllan Sekula. Polonia and Other Fables
  Solo showPaweł Borkowski (Le Fafe) Punks/Banks
  Solo showZbigniew Libera. Works 1982–2008
Description Group showViews 2009 – The Deutsche Bank Foundation Award
  Solo showPaweł Jarodzki. The Best Of
  Solo showSzymon Kobylarz. ECHELON70
  Group showFreedom from Profit
Description Group showInvasion of Sound. Music and the Visual Arts
Description Group showPERFORMER
  Group showPaul McCarthy & Benjamin Weissman. Quilting Sessions

  Group showDisco Zachęta
  Group showUp Against the Wall
  Solo showMarek Piasecki. Fragile
  Solo showKuba Bąkowski. Powerful
  Group showRevolutions 1968
  Solo showWłodzimierz Pawlak. Self-portrait in After Images
  Solo showLuc Tuymans. Come and See
  Group showDada East? Romanian Context of Dadaizm
  Solo showHadassah Emmerich. The Salon
  Group showAnother City, Another Life
  Group showAnother City, Another Life
  Solo showAnna Myca. Playing with Ivy
  Solo showBarbara Zbrozyna
  Group showShe-Documentalists – Polish Women Photographers of the 20th Century
  Solo showZofia Lipecka. After Jedwabne

  Solo showWilhelm Sasnal. Years of Struggle
  Solo showPiotr Wysocki. Aldona
  Group showInterrupted connections
  Group showVariants - Grzegorz Kowalski’s Studio
  Group showViva Mexico!
  Group showViews 2007. The Deutsche Bank Foundation Award
  Group showGame. From the Zachęta Collection
  Solo showAnna Konik - Our Lady's Forever
  Solo showBill Viola
  Solo showAndrzej Bielawski
  Solo showIgor Przybylski Ikarus Total
  Solo showJarosław Kozakiewicz Transfer
  Solo showGustav Metzger Works 1995–2007
  Group showReality Effect. Photography and Video From Poland
  Solo showAndrzej Czarnacki Apriorical Barber
  Group showHere a Change Occurs

  Group showPolish Painting of the 21st Century
  Solo showWilkon's Ark
  Solo showThe City of the Pearl River
  Group showblack alphabet - conTEXTS of contemporary african-american art
  Solo showXawery Wolski Time - Here and There
  Solo showJarosław Kozakiewicz. Transfer
  Group showHot/Cold - Summer Loving
  Solo showAgnieszka Brzeżańska - Warsaw For Amateurs
  Solo showJosef Sudek - Dialogue with Silence
  Solo showŁukasz Gronowski - The Casting
  Solo showFernand Léger - From Painting to Architecture
  Solo showJulita Wójcik. With Hope and Impatience
  Group showThe Impossible Theatre
  Solo showJerzy Kujawski. Painting
  Solo showPaweł Susid - Pictures at School and Home
  Solo showMarek Sobczyk - “Museum” in Quotation Marks
  Solo showRobert Maciejuk - Day for Night
  Solo showWiktor Gutt - Viva la muerte
  Group showProjection - Michał Budny, Zbigniew Rogalski
  Group showOn Their Own - Graduates of Leon Tarasewicz's Atelier

  Solo showBoznańska Unknown
  Group showKunstMirOffSky - Robert Kuśmirowski, Michał Stachyra, Kamil Stańc
  Solo showKrzysztof Wodiczko - Monument Therapy
  Solo showThe Looks 2005 - Young Polish Artists
  Solo showAgnieszka Niziurska - It will be O.K.
  Group showEgocentric, Immoral, Outmoded
  Solo showNostalgia Embodied - Africa in the Photography of Casimir Zagourski
  Solo showOskar Hansen. To See the World
  Solo showJacek Niegoda - Amateurs of the Avant-Garde
  Solo showJózef Hałas - Painting
  Group showPanopticon - The Architecture and Theatre of Prisons
  Solo showAdam Myjak - Sculptures and drawings
  Solo showCai Guo-Qiang - Paradise
  Group showars viva 04/05 - Time
  Group showNever seen in ...Warzaw
  Solo showMichaela Höpfnera. Walking Artist - Artysta wędrujący
  Solo showKarol Radziszewski - OFFICE
  Solo showTadeusz Kantor - Interior of the Imagination
  Solo showPaweł Althamer at Zachęta
  Solo showI Just Make Documents – Photographs of Leonard Sempoliński
  Solo showContemplation and Dream - The Painting of Jan Spychalski
  Group showThe struggle between carnival and lent
  Solo showAndrzej Dłużniewski
  Solo showJanek Simon - Cracovians Like It Clean

  Solo showMathilde Papapietro - Garden Cultures
  Group showCollection of Shameful Gestures
Description and image Solo showYAYOI KUSAMA
  Group showBoys & Girls
Description Solo showIgor Mitoraj
  Solo showZofia Kulik - From Siberia to Cyberia
Description Group showIn a Norwegian Wood. Norwegian Art of the Last Decade

  Solo showAircraft Tests
  Group showRéalités. Collections sans frontiers II
  Solo showSailors Moon

  Solo showKatarzyna Górna - What the dead bodies trained pupil sees
  Solo show6 hungers - 13 words

  Solo showILoveYouToo
  Group showArte español de los años 80 y 90 en las colecciones del Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

  Group showUTOPIA I WIZJA - Utopia and Vision

  Group showFauna

  Solo showImplants

  Solo showRichard Serra: Props

  Group showJestesmy

  Group showAktualnosci brytyjskie

  Group showIX Exhibition of Polish Graphics
Last update: 14 June 2017
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