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  • 28. Jan. 2015

    Patrick Lichty @ Dam Gallery Berlin

    Patrick Lichty is presenting his first solo show in Europe. Lichty is part of a second generation of artists, after the early pioneers, who responded to the emergence of the World Wide Web in the early 1990s, although he first went on the Internet as a college student in

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  • 28. Jan. 2015

    Opening 29 January / Christoph Weber/Sonia Leimer/Luisa Kasalicky

    Vienna-based artist Christoph Weber chose the tongue - in - cheek title “ Not yet titled ” for a concrete floor sculpture gently laid on a steel plate, thus playing with the idea of the moment when something is determined, i.e. takes form. Weber is fascinated by the qualities

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  • Performance Programme: Janneke Raaphorst / Sarah van Lamsweerde

    27. Jan. 2015

    Performance Programme: Janneke Raaphorst / Sarah van Lamsweerde

    27 - 31 January 2015 Janneke Raaphorst - Cover/Story On her journey in India Janneke Raaphorst introduced herself to Swami G. as Janika. He explained her name means flying carpet in Sanskrit. What is a flying carpet if not a vehicle for fantasy, storytelling or travelling? It is an airplane blanket

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