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  • 18. Oct. 2016

    Curator´s Tour With Lívia Nolasco-rózsás: Dóra Maurer / Kurt Kren 19.10. 6pm

    Wednesday, 19 October, 6pm Curator's tour with Lívia Nolasco-Rózsás through the Atrium's exhibition: Dóra Maurer / Kurt Kren. Relative Swingings With "Dóra Maurer / Kurt Kren. Relative Swingings", Badischer Kunstverein is showing a second part on structural film until 27 November. In this presentation the work of Hungarian artist Dóra Maurer is explored

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  • 10. Oct. 2016

    FIAC 2016 — Darío Villalba

    FIAC 2016 - Booth 1.K06 Solo Presentation of Dario Villalba Darío Villalba (San Sebastian, 1939) is a compulsory reference for understanding the development of art after the informalist generation of the 1950fs, as well as the main link in Spanish art, with the international vanguard movements. Since the middle

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  • 7. Oct. 2016

    Autumn Celebration + Artist talk + Piano music

    Dear friends of Lausberg Contemporary, we would be pleased to welcome you and your friends to our autumn celebration within the exhibition 'Mein Grün ist ein Blau' on Sunday, October 16th, 4-9 pm. An artist talk, starting at 5pm, will give you the opportunity to meet Susanna Neunast in

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