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  • Simon Schubert - Jenseits von Ideen

    24. Jun. 2016

    Simon Schubert - Jenseits von Ideen

    24.06.2016 – 30.07.2016 Vernissage: 24.06.2016, 19:00 - 22:00 WAGNER + PARTNER is pleased to announce Simon Schubert’s first exhibition with the gallery, whose unique paper folds push the limits of drawing. Schubert works across several mediums and his installation-oriented exhibitions are often inspired by literary and philosophical sources. In Jenseits

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  • Today at 7pm Artist Talk with Rockelmann & Momentum Worldwide

    23. Jun. 2016

    Today at 7pm Artist Talk with Rockelmann & Momentum Worldwide

    " & " ROCKELMANN & MOMENTUM a USArtBerlin collaborative event Thursday June 23rd, 7 PM @ Gallery ROCKELMANN & Schönleinstraße 5 10967 Berlin USArtBerlin is pleased to announce "&", an event in collaboration with Berlin gallery ROCKELMANN & and Berlin-based contemporary art platform MOMENTUM Worldwide. Gallery owner Alexandra Rockelmann and MOMENTUM Worldwide Founding Director Rachel Rits-Volloch discuss

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  • Darsena residency #2 - open studio #1

    22. Jun. 2016

    Darsena residency #2 - open studio #1

    Darsena Residency #2 open studio #1 APPROPRIATION Thursday 23 June, 5 - 8pm At the end of the first session of Darsena Residency #2, we invite you to meet the artists in residence at Galleria Massimodeluca. Agostino Bergamaschi, Isabel Legate, Regina Magdalena Sebald and Marco Strappato will show part of their research

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