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Krannert Art Museum

Institution Publique
Krannert Art Museum
500 East Peabody Dr
Champaign, IL 61820
plan de ville
réservation hôtel
tel +1 217 333 1861
fax +1 217 244 0516
heures d'ouverture:
Mar, Jeu, Ven, Sam  09:00-17:00
Jeu  09:00-21:00
Dim  14:00-17:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Andy Warhol  1
Max Beckmann  135
Mark Rothko  300
Philip Guston  321
William Wegman  329

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Carrie Mae Weems  342 6
Andy Warhol  1 6

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Etats-Unis 334 25
  George Adams Gallery, Etats-Unis 76 4
  Whitney Museum of American Art, Etats-Unis 69 19
  The National Gallery of Art, Etats-Unis 57 14
  The Art Institute of Chicago, Etats-Unis 48 16

 Expositions   1
11.11. - 25.03. (encore plus de 3 semaines)
  Exposition individuelleZina Saro-Wiwa: Did You Know We Taught Them How to Dance?
Ligne directrice
Année de fondation: 1961
Robert Arneson  1930-1992, US
Guanghua Bai  1972, CN
Amy Barkow  
Luke Batten  1968, US
William Baziotes  1912-1963, US
Max Beckmann  1884-1950, DE
François Boucher  1703-1770, FR
Manuel Carrillo  1906-1989, MX
Greg Colson  1956, US
Harold Edgerton  1903-1990, US
Donna Ferrato  1949, US
Adolph Gottlieb  1903-1974, US
Philip Guston  1913-1980, US
Childe Hassam  1859-1935, US
Hans Hofmann  1880-1966, US
Winslow Homer  1836-1910, US
Sam Jury  1969
André Kertész  1894-1985, HU
Annette Lemieux  1957, US
Danny Lyon  1942, US
Maria Martinez  1887-1980, US
Santana Martinez  1909-2002, US
Gabriele Münter  1877-1962, DE
Camille Pissarro  1830-1903, FR
Susan Rankaitis  1949, US
Joel Ross  1966, US
Mark Rothko  1903-1970, US
Art Sinsabaugh  1924-1983, US
Julian Stanczak  1928, PL
Alfred Stieglitz  1864-1946, US
Tamen  CN
Yves Tanguy  1900-1955, FR
Andy Warhol  1928-1987, US
Carrie Mae Weems  1953, US
William Wegman  1942, US
Edward Weston  1886-1958, US
Karl Wirsum  1939, US
Yu Haibo  , CN
Zhao Bandi  1966, CN
 Expositions précédentes   259
  Exposition individuelleBorderland Collective: Northern Triangle
  Exposition de groupeTime / Image
  Exposition de groupeCollage: Moving Beyond Paper
  Exposition de groupeCollecting Photography

  Exposition de groupeAttachment
  Exposition individuelleNkata: An Installation by Nnenna Okore
  Exposition de groupeTamarind Institute and the Rebirth of Lithography
Description et image Exposition de groupeMetaModern
  Exposition individuelleArtists Including Me: William Wegman
  Exposition de groupeVersions and Revisions

  Exposition de groupeGlobal Groove 1973/2012
  Exposition individuelleGoya's War: Los Desastres de la Guerra
  Exposition de groupeAfter the Front Line: Artists Who Served in the World Wars
  Exposition individuelleNot Ready to Make Nice: Guerilla Girls in the Artworld and Beyond
  Exposition individuelleAuto-Graphics: Recent Drawings by Victor Ekpuk
  Exposition individuelleMandala Flea Market Mutants
  Exposition de groupeArt as Provocation

Description Exposition de groupeReturn to Sender: Ray Johnson, Robert Warner and the New York Correspondence School
  Exposition individuelleYun-Fei Ji: Selected Works
  Exposition individuelleCounterpoints: Moshekwa Langa, In and Out of Africa
  Exposition de groupeBlind Field
  Exposition individuelleJacob Lawrence: Toussaint L'Ouverture Series
  Exposition de groupeProcessing the Everyday

  Exposition de groupeRising Dragon
  Exposition de groupeWalking in Paris: Viewing the City and Its Denizens in the 19th Century
  Exposition de groupeExpressions in Color: Selections from the Museum's 20th Century Collection
  Exposition individuelleCarolee Schneemann: Within and Beyond the Premises
  Exposition de groupeFifty Years: Contemporary American Glass from Illinois Collections
  Exposition de groupeAfter Abstract Expressionism

Description Exposition de groupeAt Fifty: Krannert Art Museum, 1961–2011
  Exposition de groupeRecent Acquisitions, 2006–2011
Description Exposition individuelleThe Kangarok Epic
  Exposition individuelleiona rozeal brown

  Exposition individuelleThe Strange Life of Objects: The Art of Annette Lemieux
  Exposition individuelleAllan deSouza: The Farthest Point
  Exposition individuelleThe Bikeriders: Danny Lyon
  Exposition individuelleLida Abdul
  Exposition de groupeTurn of the Century Posters: Toulouse-Lautrec and Others
  Exposition de groupeFigures in Chicago Imagism
  Exposition individuelleStranger in Paradise: The Works of Reverend Howard Finster
  Exposition individuelleBaggage Allowance
  Exposition individuelleWilliam Kentridge: Ambivalent Affinities

Description Exposition de groupeUnder Control
  Exposition de groupeOn-Screen: Global Intimacy
  Exposition de groupeGestures in Space and Light
Description et image Exposition individuelleEffacement: Huang Yan's China in the 21st Century
Description Exposition de groupeConfronting Identity
  Exposition de groupeVivid Lines in Graphic Times
  Exposition individuellePolaroids and Portraits: A Photographic Legacy of Andy Warhol
  Exposition individuelleJean-Luc Mylayne
  Exposition individuelleWOWdesign: Marloes ten Bhömer

  Exposition de groupeWide Open: Pixel Pops 2008
  Exposition de groupeOut of Sequence: Underrepresented Voices in American Comics
   The Rise of Abstraction in Post-War Japan: Sosaku Hanga Woodblock Prints
   Collecting East Asia: The Lee Wonsik Collection
  Exposition de groupeFinding the Self in Abstract Expressionism
  Exposition individuelleMusiVerse
  Exposition de groupeBlown Away
  Exposition individuelleJay Ryan: Animals and Objects In and Out of Water
  Exposition individuelleThe World of Yugen: Japanese Paper Artworks by Kyoko Ibe

  Exposition de groupeFACADES
  Exposition individuelleBerni Searle: Approach
  Exposition de groupeBranded and On Display

Description Exposition individuelleDavid Svensson - SpaceLight
Description Exposition individuelleCosmic Consciousness: The Work of Robert Bannister
  Exposition de groupeCALCUL*RT
  Exposition individuelleUninterrupted Flux - Hedda Sterne, A Retrospective
  Exposition de groupePattern Language: Clothing as Communicator

  Exposition de groupeBalance and Power - Performance and Surveillance in Video Art

  Exposition individuelleOf Books and Tales - Salvador Dali and the World of Imagination
  Exposition de groupeBill Traylor, William Edmondson, and the Modernist Impulse
  Exposition individuelleJamming with the Man - Allen Stringfellow, A Retrospective
  Exposition de groupeSocial Studies - Eight Artists Address Brown v. Board of Education
  Exposition individuelleChanging Rooms - The Creation of Cinematic Space in the Works of Harry Horner
  Exposition de groupeBeyond East And West - Seven Transnational Artists

  Exposition de groupeThe eShow
  Exposition de groupeVisualizing the Blues - Images of the American South, 1862 - 1999
  Exposition individuelleThe Spirit of Mediterranean Pathos - The Early Work of Pierre Daura
  Exposition individuelleCreativity in Print - Artistic Interactions through the Work of Edward Weston
  Exposition individuelleThe Beginning of Seeing: Tribal Art and the Pictographs of Adolph Gottlieb

  Exposition individuelleSummoning the Sacred - The Art of Lorena Johnson, 1993 - 2002
  Exposition de groupeDrawings of Choice from a New York Collection
  Exposition individuelleThe Dream of the Audience - Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
  Exposition individuelleLouise Bourgeois - The Early Work

  Exposition individuelleDavid Wojnarowicz - The Elements, Fire and Water, Earth and Wind
  Exposition individuelleEdward Weston - The Point Lobos
  Exposition de groupeLipchitz and the Avant-Garde - From Paris to New York
  Exposition individuelleToulouse-Lautrec - Artist of Montmartre

  Exposition individuelleVoices in Ruins - A Sound Installation by Insook Choi

  Exposition individuelleTerry Adkins - Contemporary Art Series #20
  Exposition individuelleGlen Davies - Contemporary Art Series #19

  Exposition individuelleIlya Kabakov - The Boat of My Life
  Exposition individuelleMichael De Jong - Borrowed Paradise Contemporary Art Series #17
  Exposition individuelleEros Botanicus - Watercolors by Jacqui Morgan
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Art Series #16 - Bill Viola
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Art Series #15 - Gael Stack

  Exposition individuelleA Lifetime of Beauty: Paintings by Marajen Stevick Chinigo
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Art Series #14: Yong Soon Min
  Exposition individuelleArnaldo Roche-Rabell: The Uncommonwealth
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Art Series #13: Rainer Gross
  Exposition individuelleThe body and the object: Ann Hamilton, 1984-1996
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Art Series #12: Wendy Jacob
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Art Series #11: Michele Blondel
  Exposition individuelleAlvin Langdon Coburn and H.G. Wells: The Photographer and the Novelist Treasures from the Moore Collection of Decorative

  Exposition individuelleContemporary Art Series #10: Greg Colson
  Exposition individuelleBeatrice Riese: Carpet Pages
  Exposition individuelleIn Our Time: A Billy Morrow Jackson Retrospective
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Art Series #9: Jenni Lukac
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Series #8: Elliott Green
  Exposition individuelleCarrie Mae Weens: Sea Islands and Africa Series
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Art Series #7: Jean-Michel Basquiat
  Exposition individuelleMemory of Water: Paintings by Knighton Hosking

  Exposition individuelleContemporary Art Series #6: William Larson
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Art Series #5: Steven Hudson
  Exposition individuelleWilliam Stumpf: Chairs (and Other Ideas)
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Art Series #4: Richard Greenberg
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Art Series #3 Dorit Cypis

  Exposition individuelleVernon Fisher: Return to Base
  Exposition individuelleMargaret Burroughs: Tribute to a Life in Art
  Exposition individuelleTom Otterness: Recent Drawings and Small Objects
  Exposition individuelleChen Zhongsen: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleSuspended Realities: Recent Sculpture by Gam Klutier
  Exposition individuelleEdgar Payne: Painter of the Southwest

  Exposition individuelleAl Held: The Italian Watercolors
  Exposition individuelleMeredith Monk: Silver Lake and Dolmen Music
  Exposition individuelleNell Sinton: The Social Development of An American Female
  Exposition individuelleReconstructions: Paintings by Roberto Oliviera
  Exposition individuelleHiroshi Sugimoto: Seascapes
  Exposition individuelleThe Great Divide: A Series of Lithographs by Anthony Davies
  Exposition de groupeAnother Song: A Susan Barron/ John Cage Collaboration
  Exposition individuelleThe Black Woman in America: Prints by Elizabeth Catlett

  Exposition individuelleJulio Larraz: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleColor Photographs by Nathan Lerner
  Exposition individuelleEllen Lanyon: Endangered Species
  Exposition individuellePhotographs by Joel-Peter Witkin
  Exposition individuelleIlya Kabakov: He Lost His Mind, Undressed, Ran Away Naked
  Exposition individuelleAdrian Piper: What It's Like, What it is, #2

  Exposition individuelleRichard Upton: Italian Landscapes
  Exposition individuelleBarbara Rossi: Paintings and Drawings
  Exposition individuellePhilipp Fehl: Birds of a Feather
  Exposition individuellePeter Saul: The Political Paintings
  Exposition individuelleDrawings and Objects by Josef Hoffmann
  Exposition individuelleHans Bellmer: A Photographic Retrospective
  Exposition individuelleKarl Wirsum: A Retrospective Exhibition
  Exposition individuelleJay DeFeo: Works on Paper

  Exposition individuelleLois Conner: Landscape Photographs East and West
  Exposition individuelleJean Dubuffet Prints
  Exposition individuelleLeon Golub: Figurative Paintings
  Exposition individuelleCouplings: Photographs of Edward Weston
  Exposition individuelleArnulf Rainer: Drawings
  Exposition individuelleTemples of Illusion: The Atmospheric Theatres of John Eberson
  Exposition individuelleUlrich Ruckriem: Recent Sculptures
  Exposition individuellePaul Kelpe: Abstractions and Constructions, 1925-1940
  Exposition individuelleDon Baum: Domus
  Exposition individuelleCarlotta Corpron: Photographs
  Exposition individuelleKenneth J. Hale: Recent Prints

  Exposition individuelleChiarenza: Landscapes of the Mind
  Exposition individuelleWill Insley: Passage Space Spiral
  Exposition individuelleCalligraphy by Wang Dongling
  Exposition individuellePhotographs by Diane Blell
  Exposition individuelleStephen De Staebler: The Figure
  Exposition individuelleBill Allen: Small Pastels
  Exposition individuelleThe Bikeriders: Photographs by Danny Lyon

  Exposition individuelleFrancesca Woodman: Photographic Work

  Exposition individuelleThe Art of Jin Soo Kim
  Exposition individuelleThe Extraordinary Art of Henry Darger
  Exposition individuelleThe Art of Ellen Lanyon
  Exposition individuelleRobert Turner: A Potter's Retrospective

  Exposition individuelleSlices of Life: the Work of Barbara Kruger
  Exposition individuelleWood Engravings by Winslow Homer
  Exposition individuelleAlice Stallknecht
  Exposition individuelleRobert Arneson: Nuclear Visions
  Exposition individuelleLucas Samaras: Polaroid Photographs, 1969-1983
  Exposition individuellePeter Eisenman: Transformation Drawings for House IV
  Exposition individuelleJacques Callot and the Theater
  Exposition individuelleAlexander Rodchenko Photographs

  Exposition de groupeThree Sculptors: John Duff, Joel Shapiro, Richard Tuttle
  Exposition individuelleJudy Chicago: The Birth Project
  Exposition individuellePortrait Busts by Lorado Taft
  Exposition individuelleThe Art of Fred Sandback: A Retrospective Exhibition

  Exposition individuellePhotographs by Walker Evans
  Exposition individuelleThe Beggar's Opera by Abraham Rattner
  Exposition individuelleThe Art of Seymour Rosofsky
  Exposition individuelleRobert von Neumann: Jewelry and Ceramics
  Exposition individuelleCarlos Martins: Ten Years of Etching
  Exposition individuelleRobert Venturi: A Generation of Architecture (1964-1984)
  Exposition individuellePhotographs by Art Sinsabaugh
  Exposition individuelleThe Graphic Art of Carl Regehr

  Exposition individuelleRichard DeVore: Ten Years of Ceramics
  Exposition individuellePhotographs of Photographers by Arnold Crane
  Exposition individuellePrints and Drawings by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

  Exposition individuelleIn China: Photographs by Eve Arnold

  Exposition individuelleHarry Callahan Photographs in Color

  Exposition individuellePiero Dorazio Retrospective
  Exposition individuelleAnsel Adams and the West
  Exposition individuelleGeorge Cruikshank, Printmaker
  Exposition individuelleJerry Dantzic and the Circuit Camera

  Exposition individuelleSol LeWitt

  Exposition individuellePhotography of the American Wilderness by Dean Brown
  Exposition individuelleImmense and Glowing Images: Painting by Cleve Gray
  Exposition individuelleImpresario: Ambroise Vollard

  Exposition individuelleHenry Moore Prints

  Exposition individuelleDe Kooning Lithographs
  Exposition individuelleGraphics by Rolf Nesch

  Exposition individuelleWinslow Homer's Work in Black and White
  Exposition individuellePhotographs by Diane Arbus

  Exposition de groupeDavid Colley / Robert Flick / Robert Youngman
  Exposition individuelleDanny Lyon

  Exposition individuelleKurt Schwitters
  Exposition individuelleHarold Paris: Souls
  Exposition individuelleSheila Hicks: Wall Hangings

  Exposition individuellePaintings and Drawings by Warren Doolittle

  Exposition individuelleElijah Pierce
  Exposition individuelleArchipenko: The Parisian Years
  Exposition individuelleCharles White: Drawings, Lithographs, and Drypoints
  Exposition individuelleChristopher Wren, Architect
  Exposition individuelleMiro Prints

  Exposition de groupeEdward Betts/Peter Bodnar, 1969-70
  Exposition individuelleJ. William Kennedy: A Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings
  Exposition individuelleJo Mielziner Designs for the Theater

  Exposition individuelleLithographs by John Dowell
  Exposition de groupeYoung British Artists: Six Painters, Six Sculptors
  Exposition individuelleGaston Lachaise: Sculpture and Drawings

  Exposition de groupeTwo Happening Concepts: Allan Kaprow and Wolf Vostell
  Exposition individuelleEnrique Castro-Cid

  Exposition individuelleClaes Oldenburg Drawings: Projects for Monuments
  Exposition individuelleLouis Bunce

  Exposition individuelleFredrick Law Olmstead
  Exposition individuelleRawliston Crawford
  Exposition individuelleRobert Cremean, Sculptor

  Exposition individuelleJohn Levee
  Exposition individuelleBourdelle Sculpture and Drawings
  Exposition individuelleAlbert Gleizes, Cubist, 1881-1953: A Retro-spective Exhibition

  Exposition individuelleKlee: Paintings, Drawings, and Prints by Paul Klee in the James Gilvarry Collection
  Exposition individuelleHoward Dearstyne Photographs
  Exposition individuellePaintings by Sam Adler
  Exposition individuelleRouault's Miserie
  Exposition individuellePicasso's Ceramics and Prints

  Exposition individuelleThe Camera as a 3rd Eye: Photographs by Charles Laughlin
  Exposition individuelleAlbert Bloch: A Retrospective of his Work from 1911 to 1956
  Exposition individuelleHogarth's England (prints)
  Exposition individuellePaintings And Drawings By Morris Kantor

  Exposition individuelleDavid Park, 1911-1960: A Retrospective
  Exposition individuelleRecent Paintings by Jannis Spyropoulos
  Exposition individuelleMilton Avery Retrospective
  Exposition individuelleDrawings and Watercolors by Abraham Rattner
  Exposition individuelleMirko: Recent Sculpture

  Exposition individuelleEugene Atget, the Strolling Photographer
  Exposition individuellePaintings by Wayne Timm
  Exposition individuelleRecent Work by Nathan Oliveira

  Exposition individuelleSamuel Adler: A Retrospective of His Paintings and Drawings

  Exposition individuelleWorks by Abraham Rattner
  Exposition individuelleWorks by Rico Lebrun
  Exposition individuelleWorks by Jean Woodham

  Exposition individuelleDrawings by Rico Lebrun

  Exposition individuellePaintings and Sculptures by Ziroli Martin

  Exposition individuelleHelen Sawyer Exhibition

  Exposition individuelleJerry Farnsworth Exhibition

  Exposition individuellePaintings by Robert Philipp
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