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Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Institution Publique
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
118 N. Broad St.
Philadelphie, PA 19102
plan de ville
réservation hôtel
tel +1 215 972 7600
fax +1 215 569 0153
heures d'ouverture:
Mar, Mer, Jeu, Ven, Sam  10:00-17:00
Dim  11:00-17:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Vik Muniz  86
Sherrie Levine  110
Kara Walker  170
Mark Rothko  297
Robert Ryman  479

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Elizabeth Osborne  10219 6
Thomas Eakins  4014 5

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Etats-Unis 119 51
  Whitney Museum of American Art, Etats-Unis 108 69
  Indianapolis Museum of Art - IMA, Etats-Unis 91 55
  The National Gallery of Art, Etats-Unis 84 29
  Paula Cooper Gallery, Etats-Unis 68 7

 Expositions   1
02.07. - 11.10. (encore 5 jours)
  Exposition individuelleTraction Company
Ligne directrice
Année de fondation: 1805
Edwin Austin Abbey  1852-1911, US
Grace Albee  1890-1985, US
Adam Emory Albright  1862-1957, US
John White Alexander  1856-1915, US
Karl Anderson  1874-1956, US
Lennart Anderson  1928, US
Walter Anderson  1903-1965, US
Edna Andrade  1917-2008, US
Benny Andrews  1930-2006, US
Thomas Anshutz  1851-1912, US
John Taylor Arms  1887-1952, US
John James Audubon  1785-1851, US
George Ault  1891-1948, US
Milton Avery  1893-1965, US
William Bailey  1930, US
Joseph Alexis Bailly  1825-1883
Will Barnet  1911-2012, US
Bo Bartlett  1955, US
Jennifer Bartlett  1941, US
Leonard Baskin  1922-2000, US
Romare Bearden  1911-1988, US
Cecilia Beaux  1855-1942, US
Judith Belasco  1942, US
Hilda Belcher  1881-1963
George Bellows  1882-1925, US
Henry Benbridge  1744-1812, US
Alfred Bendiner  1899-1964, US
Frank Weston Benson  1862-1951, US
Thomas Hart Benton  1889-1975, US
Helen Murrin Berry  1900, US
Albion B. Bicknell  1837-1915
George Biddle  1885-1973, US
George Caleb Bingham  1811-1879, US
Thomas Birch  1779-1851, UK, US
William Birch  1755-1834
Willie Birch  1942, US
Isabel Bishop  1902-1988, US
Morris Blackburn  1902-1979, US
Nell Blaine  1922-1996, US
Julius Bloch  1888-1966, US
Oscar Bluemner  1867-1938, DE, US
Robert Frederick Blum  1857-1903, US
George R. Bonfield  1805-1898
Jack Bookbinder  1911-1993
Adolphe Borie  1877-1934, US
Ross Eugene Braught  1898-1985, US
Robert Braun  1921
Hugh Breckenridge  1870-1937, US
Emily Brown  1943
George Loring Brown  1814-1889
William Mason Brown  1828-1898, US
George de Forest Brush  1855-1941, US
Alice Standish Buell  1892-1964
Charles Burchfield  1893-1967, US
Mary Butler  1865-1946
Arthur B. Carles  1882-1952, US
Mary Cassatt  1844-1926, US
Elizabeth Catlett  1915-2012, US, MX
William Merritt Chase  1849-1916, US
Stuart Davis  1894-1964, US
Richard Diebenkorn  1922-1993, US
Guy Pène Du Bois  1884-1958, US
Thomas Eakins  1844-1916, US
Helen Frankenthaler  1928-2011, US
William Glackens  1870-1938, US
Leon Golub  1922-2004, US
Adolph Gottlieb  1903-1974, US
Marsden Hartley  1877-1943, US
Childe Hassam  1859-1935, US
Robert Henri  1865-1929, US
Judithe Hernandez  1948, US
Edward Hopper  1882-1967, US
Yvonne Jacquette  1934, US
Lee Krasner  1908-1984, US
Jacob Lawrence  1917-2000, US
Alfred Leslie  1927, US
Jack Levine  1915-2010, US
Jill Levine  1953, US
Sherrie Levine  1947, US
George Luks  1867-1933, US
Reginald Marsh  1898-1954, US
Virgil Marti  1962, US
James McNeill Whistler  1834-1903, US
Vik Muniz  1961, BR
Elizabeth Murray  1940-2007, US
Alice Neel  1900-1984, US
Jim Nutt  1938, US
Georgia O'Keeffe  1887-1986, US
Philip Pearlstein  1924, US
Isaac Resnikoff  1980, US
Theodore Robinson  1852-1896, US
Mark Rothko  1903-1970, US
Robert Ryman  1930, US
John Singer Sargent  1856-1925, US
Ben Shahn  1898-1969, US
Everett Shinn  1876-1953, US
John Sloan  1871-1951, US
Julian Stanczak  1928, PL
Florine Stettheimer  1871-1944, US
Henry O. Tanner  1859-1937, US
John Henry Twachtman  1853-1902, US
Kara Walker  1969, US
HC Westermann  1922-1981, US
Andrew Wyeth  1917-2009, US
 Expositions précédentes   322
  Exposition individuelleRobert Taplin: Punch

  Exposition individuellePeter Blume: Nature and Metamorphosis
Description Exposition individuelleEiko: A Body in Station and A Body in Fukushima
Description Exposition individuelleDavid Lynch: The Unified Field
Description Exposition de groupeSomething Clicked in Philly: David Lynch and His Contemporaries
  Exposition de groupeSpiritual Strivings: A Celebration of African American Works on Paper
  Exposition individuelleMarkus Linnenbrink: Therideneverends

  Exposition individuelleKaws @ Pafa
  Exposition individuelleJennifer Bartlett: History of the Universe - Works 1970-2011

  Exposition de groupeThe Female Gaze: Women Artists Making Their World
  Exposition individuelleA Mine of Beauty Landscapes by William Trost Richards
  Exposition individuelleOlive Thomas - Charms
  Exposition individuelleDive Deep: Eric Fischl and the Process of Painting
  Exposition individuelleOf, To, and From Ray Yoshida
  Exposition individuelleCynthia Norton: Freedom Rings Placed Within
  Exposition individuelleMoe Brooker: The Evidence of Things Not Seen
  Exposition de groupeAfter Tanner: African-American Artists Since 1940
  Exposition individuelleHenry Ossawa Tanner: Modern Spirit

  Exposition individuelleHennessy Youngman & Nathaniel Snerpus Present: The Grand Manner
  Exposition de groupehere.
  Exposition de groupeUrbanism: Reimagining the Lived Environment
  Exposition de groupeAbstract Expressionism and its Discontents
  Exposition de groupeKatie Dillon Low & Reza Ghanad
  Exposition individuelleHiro Sakaguchi: No Particular Place To Go
  Exposition de groupePictures of the Body
  Exposition individuelleOliver Grimley: Menagerie
  Exposition de groupeAnatomy Now

  Exposition individuelleTom LaDuke: run generator
  Exposition de groupeSame: Difference
  Exposition de groupeNarcissus in the Studio: Artist Portraits and Self-Portraits
  Exposition de groupeThe Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection: Fifty Works for Fifty States
  Exposition individuelleAndy Warhol Polaroids and B&W Prints
  Exposition individuelleJasper Johns : Flag
  Exposition individuelleRoxana Pérez-Méndez: Este Es Mi Pais

  Exposition individuelleMalcolm McLaren: Shallow 1-21
  Exposition individuelleBarkley L. Hendricks: Birth of the Cool
  Exposition individuelleElizabeth Osborne: The Color of Light
  Exposition individuelleSidney Goodman: The man in the pink suit
  Exposition individuelleCommunion with Nature: Paintings by William Gannotta
  Exposition individuelleGeorge Tooker: A Retrospective
  Exposition de groupeContemporary Video Art

  Exposition individuelleLouis B. Sloan: A Particular Vision
  Exposition individuellePeter Saul: A Retrospective
  Exposition individuelleJacob Lawrence’s Hiroshima
  Exposition individuelleCecilia Beaux, American Figure Painter

  Exposition de groupeThis Place is Ours! Recent Acquisitions at the Academy
  Exposition individuelleDreaming of a Speech Without Words: The Paintings and Early Objects of H.C. Westermann
  Exposition individuelleLaylah Ali - Drawings from the Typology Series
  Exposition individuelleDaniel Garber: Romantic Realist

  Exposition individuelleBetye Saar - Extending the Frozen Moment
  Exposition individuelleAlex Katz in Maine
  Exposition individuelleElizabeth Leister - Everyone is Nowhere
  Exposition individuelleNadia Hironaka - The Late Show

  Exposition individuelleNan Goldin - Fantastic Tales
  Exposition individuelleEllen Harvey - Mirror
  Exposition individuelleVik Muniz
  Exposition individuelleDo-Ho Suh - Paratrooper II
  Exposition individuelleEamon Ore-Giron - Mirage

  Exposition individuellePaul Swenbeck - Specter of the Brocken
  Exposition individuelleAdam Cvijanovic

  Exposition individuelleMichelle Oosterbaan
  Exposition individuelleMonique van Genderen

  Exposition individuelleEdwin W. Dickinson - Dreams and Realities
  Exposition individuellePhil Frost
  Exposition individuelleRestructured Reality: The 1930s Paintings of Francis Criss

  Exposition individuelleRoswell Weidner - Academy Instructor
  Exposition individuelleQuita Brodhead - Lifework

  Exposition individuelleJeremy Blake - Digital Projections
  Exposition individuelleRobert Gwathmey - Master Painter
  Exposition individuelleAndy Warhol - Social Observer

  Exposition individuelleJohn Henry Twachtman - An American Impressionist
  Exposition individuelleMaxfield Parrish
  Exposition individuellePeter Milton - Recent Acquisitions
  Exposition individuelleJasper Johns' Map, 1961

  Exposition individuelleNothing Personal - Ida Applebroog, 1987-97
  Exposition individuelleRobert Motherwell's Graphics II
  Exposition individuelleMorgan Russell - The Evolution of Synchromy in Blue-Violet
  Exposition individuelleEmbodied Landscapes - Selected Works on Paper by April Gornik

  Exposition individuelleViolet Oakley
  Exposition individuelleReconstruction: William Christenberry's Art
  Exposition individuelleEmilio Cruz: The "Homo Sapiens" Series
  Exposition individuelleArnaldo Roche-Rabell: The Uncommonwealth

  Exposition individuelleNelson Shanks
  Exposition individuelleArtist's Choice: Sidney Goodman

  Exposition individuelleElectronic Superhighway: Nam June Paik in the '90s
  Exposition de groupeWhistler vs. Sargent: Cosmopolitan Aesthetic Dialogues
  Exposition individuelleArthur Dove Watercolors
  Exposition individuelleEakins and the Photograph

  Exposition individuelleRobert Motherwell's Graphics I
  Exposition individuelleI Tell My Heart: The Art of Horace Pippin

  Exposition de groupeCassatt, Degas and Pissarro: A State of Revolution

  Exposition individuelleThomas Eakins Rediscovered: At Home, At School, At Work
  Exposition individuelleFrank Lloyd Wright: Preserving An Architectural Heritage

  Exposition individuelleSculpture by Duane Hanson
  Exposition individuelleAfternoon of a Faun: Alfred Bendiner

  Exposition individuelleRaphaelle Peale Still Lifes
  Exposition individuelleMary Frank: Natural Histories

  Exposition individuelleJudith Rothschild

  Exposition individuelleMonotypes by Maurice Prendergast from the Terra Museum
  Exposition individuelleBoundless Cubic Lunar Aperture by Lowry Burgess
  Exposition individuelleSentimental Sojourn: Betye Saar
  Exposition individuelleJack Tworkov: Paintings, 1928-1982

  Exposition individuelleThe Vital Gesture: Franz Kline
  Exposition individuelleBurnt Wood Decorations by J. William Fosdick

  Exposition individuelleRed Grooms: A Retrospective, 1956-1984
  Exposition individuelleAlice Neel: Paintings Since 1970

  Exposition individuelleFrank Stella: Prints, 1967-1982

  Exposition individuelleArthur B. Carles: Painting With Color
  Exposition individuellePhilip Pearlstein, A Retrospective
  Exposition individuelleThe Painter and The Printer: Robert Motherwell's Graphics, 1943-1980

  Exposition individuelleWilliam Rush: American Sculptor

  Exposition individuelleJamie Wyeth
  Exposition individuelleDaniel Garber

  Exposition individuelleThe Travel Sketches of Louis I. Kahn

  Exposition de groupe8 contemporary American realists

  Exposition individuelleCecilia Beaux: Portrait of an Artist
  Exposition individuelleEdwin Austin Abbey

  Exposition individuelleThomas Doughty
  Exposition individuelleWilliam Trost Richards
  Exposition individuelleThe Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts: A Photographic Essay by George Krause
  Exposition individuelleSusan Macdowell Eakins
  Exposition individuelleThomas P. Anshutz, 1851-1912

  Exposition individuelleAlbert Bierstadt
  Exposition individuelleJohn Sloan
  Exposition individuelleA Salute to Franklin Watkins
  Exposition individuelleWalter Steumpfig: Memorial Exhibition
  Exposition individuelleAllen Harris: Memorial Exhibition

  Exposition de groupeCounterpoint
  Exposition individuelleEdward Hopper
  Exposition de groupeTwo Artists of 1971 From The Common Ground: Edward Morais and George Ettl
  Exposition individuelleVictor Riu

  Exposition individuelleFumio Yoshimura: Aerial Fantasies
  Exposition individuelleThomas Eakins: His Photographic Works

  Exposition individuelleAdam Peiperl: Light Sculpture
  Exposition individuelleJacob Eicholtz: Pennsylvania Painter

  Exposition individuelleBenton Spruance, 1904 - 1967: Memorial Exhibition

  Exposition individuelleEdith Longstreth Wood, 1885-1967: Memorial Exhibition
  Exposition individuelleGilbert Stuart: Portraitist of the Young Republic

  Exposition individuelleAndrew Wyeth
  Exposition individuelleLeonard Baskin: Sculpture and Drawings

  Exposition individuelleCharles Morris Young
  Exposition individuelleMary Townsend Mason
  Exposition individuelleAlfred Bendiner: Memorial Exhibition

  Exposition individuelleAbraham P. Hankins, 1900-1963: Paintings and Sculpture

  Exposition individuelleMorton L. Schamberg: Paintings
  Exposition individuellePortraits by Gilbert Stuart
  Exposition individuelleBenjamin West and His Famous American Proteges in London
  Exposition individuelleJ.G. Clonney: Drawings for Militia Training from the Karolik Collection
  Exposition individuelleBenton Spruance: Murals for the Philadelphia Detention Center

  Exposition individuelleJohn Sloan: Oil Paintings

  Exposition individuelleMichael Mayor: Paintings

  Exposition individuellePaintings by John Frederick Peto from the Collection of James Moore Bryant
  Exposition individuelleGeorge Harding: Retrospective Exhibition
  Exposition de groupeWalter Hood and Oliver Nuse: Paintings

  Exposition individuelleReginald Marsh: Memorial Exhibition
  Exposition de groupeHenry Mitchell and Paul Greenwood
  Exposition de groupeBen Kamihira and J. C. Lueders
  Exposition individuelleYoshimatsu Onaga: Memorial Exhibition

  Exposition individuelleKathryn Fligg: Water Colors and Drawings from Italy
  Exposition individuelleWilliam Trost Richards: 1833-1905
  Exposition individuelleBenton Spruance: Recent Lithographs and Drawings
  Exposition individuelleCharles Sheeler: Retrospective Exhibition

  Exposition individuelleCatherine Grant: Memorial Exhibition
  Exposition individuellePer Krohg, Retrospective Exhibition
  Exposition de groupePeter Miller and Earle Miller: Paintings, Sculpture and Prints

  Exposition individuelleLucius Crowell: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleJoseph J. Greenberg, Jr.: Sculpture
  Exposition individuelleThomas F. Meehan: Recent Paintings
  Exposition individuelleMorris Berd: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleArthur B. Carles: Memorial Exhibition

  Exposition individuelleVirginia Armitage McCall: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleHumbert Howard: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleBen Eisenstat: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleStella Drabkin: Paintings and Drawings
  Exposition individuelleRaphael Sabatini: Paintings, Prints and Sculpture
  Exposition individuelleJoseph T. Pearson, Jr.: Memorial Exhibition
  Exposition individuelleAlice T. Roberts: Retrospective Exhibition

  Exposition de groupeRita Wolpe Barnett and William Barnett: Paintings
  Exposition individuellePaul Darrow: Oils and Goauches
  Exposition individuelleVera White: Water Colors
  Exposition individuelleA Regional Exhibition of Oil Painting and Sculpture

  Exposition individuelleDaniel Rasmusson: Drawings
  Exposition individuelleAbraham Hankins: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleMemorial Exhibition of Paintings by Maurice Molarsky
  Exposition de groupeJohn A. Hanlen and A. Brockie Stevenson: Sketches and Paintings from a trip to Peru
  Exposition individuelleJessie Drew-Bear: Oils and Crystoluem Paintings on Glass
  Exposition individuelleCharles Coiner: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleMemorial Exhibition of Sculpture and Drawings by Alexander Portnoff
  Exposition individuelleN.C. Wyeth: Drawings
  Exposition individuelleViolet Oakley: Portrait Drawings of Delegates and Visitors to the World Assembly for Moral Re-Armament

  Exposition individuellePaul Westcott: Marine Paintings
  Exposition individuelleJune Groff: Paintings and Fabric Designs
  Exposition individuelleMartin Jackson: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleAlice Kent Stoddard: Portraits
  Exposition individuelleOliver Grimley: Drawings and Lithographs
  Exposition individuelleDoris Kunzie Weidner: Paintings and Lithographs
  Exposition individuelleMemorial Exhibition of Water Colors by John J. Dull
  Exposition individuelleHenry Pitz: Paintings, Drawings, and Prints
  Exposition individuelleNancy Maybin Ferguson: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleRetrospective Exhibition of the Work of Alfred Bendiner

  Exposition individuelleAlbert Gold: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleCharles Rudy: Sculpture
  Exposition individuelleJack Bookbinder: Paintings and Prints
  Exposition individuelleWalter Reinsel: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleHenry Clews: Sculpture
  Exposition individuelleMargaret Gest: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleElizabeth Sparhawk-Jones: Water Colors
  Exposition individuelleJulius Bloch: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleAlexander Russo: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleRoswell Weidner: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleRoswell Weidner: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleMary Whittman: Paintings

  Exposition individuelleCharles Morris Young: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleLeon Karp: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleCarroll Tyson: Paintings
  Exposition individuellePaul Froelich: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleJohn W. McCoy: Water Colors and Tempera Paintings
  Exposition individuelleAntonio P. Martino: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleAlbert Serwazi: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleMary Townsend Mason: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleEdward Shenton: Illustrations
  Exposition individuelleJohn Lear: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleAndrew Wyeth: Water Colors and Tempera Paintings
  Exposition individuelleViolet Oakley: The United Nations Drawings
  Exposition individuelleWalter Steumpfig: Paintings

  Exposition individuelleRoy C. Nuse: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleBenton Spruance: Lithographs
  Exposition de groupeCatherine Morris Wright and Adrian Siegel: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleHobson Pittman: Pastels
  Exposition individuelleFrancis Speight: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleEmlen Etting: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleWalter Emerson Baum: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleWilliam W. Swallow: Ceramic Sculpture
  Exposition individuelleMorris Blackburn: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleMaurice Molarsky: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleSidney Simon: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleRobert Riggs: Lithographs and Oils
  Exposition individuelleA. Brockie Stevenson: War Sketches
  Exposition individuelleAllan Jones: Water Colors

  Exposition individuellePortraits of Children and Other Recent Sculpture by Harry Rosin
  Exposition individuelleDaniel Garber

  Exposition individuelleSketches by Herbert Johnson
  Exposition de groupeFour American Watercolorists: Homer, Sargent, Dehn, Burchfield
  Exposition individuelleSixteen Pictures on Wartime Transportation by Thornton Oakley
  Exposition individuelleKatherine Milhouse, Book Illustrations

  Exposition individuelleMemorial Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by Henry McCarter

  Exposition individuelleDaniel Garber: Etchings Presented to the Collection by the Artist and Drawings Loaned by the Artist
  Exposition individuelleRetrospective Exhibition of the Paintings of Mary Butler
  Exposition individuelleColor Etchings and Wood Engravings by George Roualt

  Exposition individuelleSketches of Guatemala by Allan Jones
  Exposition individuelleMartin Hyman: Photographs

  Exposition individuelleArthur Carles: Oil Paintings

  Exposition individuelleSculpture by Anna Hyatt Huntington
  Exposition individuelleSergeant Kendall: Memorial Exhibition

  Exposition individuelleHenry McCarter
  Exposition individuelleEtchings by Lewis C. Daniel illustrating Whitman's Song of the Open Road
  Exposition individuelleLithographs by Joseph Pennell: Panama Canal Series

  Exposition individuelleJessie Wilcox Smith: Memorial Exhibition

  Exposition individuelleHugh H. Breckenridge Exhibition

  Exposition individuelleSilverpoints by Ercole Cartotto and Watercolors from the Permanent Collection

  Exposition individuelleJohn Lambert: Memorial Exhibition
  Exposition individuelleCharles Grafly: Memorial Exhibitio

  Exposition individuelleWilliam F. Boogar: Watercolors and Drawings

  Exposition individuelleJohn Neagle

  Exposition individuelleMartin J. Hyman: Photographs

  Exposition de groupeExhibition of Portraits by Charles Willson, James, and Rembrant Peale

  Exposition individuelleMemorial Exhibition of Portraits by Thomas Sully

  Exposition individuelleIgnacio Zuloaga

  Exposition individuelleThomas Eakins: Memorial Exhibition

  Exposition individuelleHoward Gardiner Cushing: Memorial Exhibition
  Exposition individuelleLeon Bakst Water Colors

  Exposition de groupeAlexander and Birge Harrison

  Exposition individuelleOriginal Sculpture by Anna Coleman Ladd

  Exposition individuelleBirge Harrison
  Exposition individuelleCharles Walter Stetson
  Exposition individuelleJoseph Pennell's Lithographs of the Panama Canal

  Exposition individuelleCharles Morris Young
  Exposition individuelleSarah Ball Dodson
  Exposition individuelleDrawings by Philip L. Hale
  Exposition individuelleDrawings by Helene Iungerich

  Exposition de groupeCharles W. Hawthorne and Hermann Dudley Murphy: Paintings

  Exposition individuelleAlfred East
  Exposition individuelleEdward W. Redfield

  Exposition individuelleJohn Lambert
  Exposition individuelleBirge Harrison

  Exposition individuelleOil Portraits by Cecilia Beaux
  Exposition individuellePaintings by Dr. Angelo Heilprin
  Exposition individuellePaul Dougherty: Landscapes
  Exposition individuelleErnest Lawson: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleMaria Oakey Dewing: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleWood Engravings after the Old Masters by Timothy Cole

  Exposition individuelleElizabeth Wentworth Roberts
  Exposition individuelleGeorge Wharton Edwards: A New England Fishing Village

  Exposition individuelleHugh H. Breckenridge: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleLillian M. Genth

  Exposition individuelleHendrik Willem Mesdag
  Exposition individuelleCharles P. Gruppe: Oil Paintings and Water Colors of Scenes in Holland

  Exposition individuelleRobert Henri
  Exposition individuelleGaylord Sangston Truesdell

  Exposition individuelleTeijiro Hasekana: Watercolors

  Exposition individuelleEverett Shinn: Pastels
  Exposition individuelleByam Shaw
  Exposition individuelleBirge Harrison: Works in Oil
  Exposition individuelleJean-Francois Raffaelli: Paintings, Dry Points, and Etchings Printed in Color

  Exposition individuelleAlice Mumford: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleWorks Illustrating The Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ, by J. James Tissot
  Exposition individuelleBoutet de Monvel
  Exposition individuelleEdward W. Redfield: Landscapes

  Exposition individuelleAlbert W. Barker Work in Charcoal

  Exposition individuelleExhibition of Pictures by Robert Henri
  Exposition de groupeFour Groups of Paintings by American Artists

  Exposition individuelleSculpture of Samuel Murray

  Exposition individuellePictures by Mr. Marcy Pendleton
  Exposition individuelleJean-Francois Raffaelli
  Exposition individuelleE. A. Abbey
  Exposition individuelleTheodore Robinson

  Exposition individuelleJames P. Kelly: Memorial Exhibition

  Exposition individuelleRobert W. Vonnoh: Recent Works

  Exposition individuelleExhibition of Works by Vassili Verestchagin

  Exposition individuelleEtchings by J. M. Whistler

  Exposition individuelleDomes of the Yosemite by Albert Bierstadt

  Exposition individuelleHeart of the Andes by Frederick Edwin Church
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