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Queens Museum of Art (QMA)

Institution Publique
Queens Museum of Art (QMA)
Flushing Meadows Corona Park
New York, NY 11368
plan de ville
réservation hôtel
tel +1 718 592 9700

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Salvador Dalí  111
Louis Comfort Tiffany  7174
D. Dominick Lombardi  21824
Eric Schaal  26184

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao  7396 5

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Etats-Unis 91 4
  Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Espagne 26 2
  Galerie Jeanne, Allemagne 19 1
  Salvador Dalí Museum, Etats-Unis 12 1

Ligne directrice
Année de fondation: 1972
 Salons d'Art
Frieze Art Fair New York (16)
Salvador Dalí  1904-1989, ES
D. Dominick Lombardi  1954, US
Eric Schaal  1905-1994, US
William Sharp  1900-1961, UA
Louis Comfort Tiffany  1848-1933, US
 Expositions précédentes   216
  Exposition individuelleBearing Witness - Drawings by William Gropper

Description et image Exposition individuelleZhang Hongtu
  Exposition individuelleRobert Seydel - The Eye in Matter
  Exposition de groupeAfter Midnight. Indian Modernism To Contemporary India 1947/1997

Description Exposition individuellePolit Sheer Form!
  Exposition individuelleCommonly Newcomer: Jewyo Rhii
Description et image Exposition de groupeAnonymous Contemporary. Tibetan Art
  Exposition de groupeShades of Time: An Exhibition from the Archive of Korean American Artists, Part Two, 1989-2001
Description Exposition de groupeBringing the World into the World
  Exposition individuelle13 Most Wanted Men: Andy Warhol and the 1964 World’s Fair
  Exposition individuelleThe Islands of New York: Photographs by Accra Shepp

  Exposition individuellePeter Schumann: The Shatterer
  Exposition individuellePedro Reyes: The People’s United Nations (pUN)
  Exposition de groupeCitizens of the World: Cuba in Queens
  Exposition de groupeQueens International 2013
  Exposition individuelleNew York City Building Time Lapse, 2009 – 2013: Photographs by Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao
  Exposition individuelleContact Sheet by Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao
  Exposition de groupeArte Útil Lab

  Exposition de groupeCaribbean: Crossroads Of The World
  Exposition individuelleAda Bobonis: Stages, Mountains, Water
  Exposition individuelleFrank Oscar Larson: 1950s New York Street Stories
  Exposition individuelleFifteen Islands for Robert Moses

  Exposition individuelleWonderstruck in the Panorama: Drawings by Brian Selznick
  Exposition individuelleNiyeti Chadha: A Script for a Landscape
  Exposition individuelleDetroit Disassembled: Photographs by Andrew Moore
  Exposition de groupeNOT THE WAY YOU REMEMBERED
Description Exposition individuelleSung Hwan Kim: From the Commanding Heights...*

  Exposition de groupeAbsence
  Exposition individuelleLuis Márquez in the World of Tomorrow: Mexican Identity and the 1939-40 New York World's Fair
  Exposition individuellewaterLINE: Porto Alegre - New York

  Exposition de groupeFaces & Facts: Korean Contemporary Art in New York
  Exposition individuelleDuke Riley: Those About to Die Salute You
  Exposition individuelleDaniel Bozhkov: A Republic of Perpetual Reconstituting and Rebuilding
  Exposition individuelleO Zhang: Cutting the Blaze to New Frontiers
  Exposition individuelleRed Lines Housing Crisis Learning Center
Description et image Exposition de groupeTarjama/Translation
Description Exposition individuelleLaunch Pad Artist Project: Johanna Unzueta - Iron Folklore
  Exposition de groupeQueens International 4

  Exposition de groupeErasing Borders 2008: An Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora
  Exposition individuellePedro Meyer: Heresies
  Exposition de groupeReason's Clue
  Exposition individuelleJane South: Deceptive Volume
  Exposition individuelleStephen Talasnik - Panorama: The Mapping of Prediction
  Exposition individuelleMarigold, Marigold, Marigold – A Mobile Yellow Garden for Corona Plaza
  Exposition de groupe475 Kent Lives
  Exposition de groupe"This Case of Conscience”: Spiritual Flushing and the Remonstrance
  Exposition individuelleAnthony Auerbach, Empire State Pavilion

  Exposition individuelleJaishri Abichandani: Reconciliations
  Exposition de groupeNew York States of Mind
  Exposition individuelleNicolas Dumit Estevez: Sowing Seeds
  Exposition individuelleYue Minjun
  Exposition individuelleIL Lee - Ballpoint Drawings
  Exposition de groupeGeneration 1.5
  Exposition individuelleMacro to Micro: Grimshaw in New York
  Exposition individuelleRobert Moses and the Modern City - The Road to Recreation
  Exposition de groupeErasing Borders - Indian Artists in the American Diaspora
  Exposition individuelleLillian Ball - GO ECO

Œuvres d'art Exposition de groupeQueens International 2006 - Everything All at Once
  Exposition individuelleCarlos Amorales
  Exposition de groupePropia Visión / Our Vision
  Exposition individuelleGraciela Fuentes
  Exposition individuelleDiego Medina
  Exposition individuelleDulce Pinzón
  Exposition individuelleJeff Chien-Hsing Liao - Habitat 7
  Exposition de groupeABCDF - Portraits of Mexico City

  Exposition individuelleThe Gift - Fernando Renes -
  Exposition individuelleSomething Borrowed, Something New
  Exposition de groupeFatal Love: South Asian American Art Now

  Exposition de groupeQueens International 2004
  Exposition individuelleThe Red Wall: An Installation by Terence Gower
  Exposition de groupeNexus: Taiwan in Queens

  Exposition individuelleMonika Goetz - Indefinite Blue
  Exposition individuelleYung Shu Chao: Pondering Pond
  Exposition individuelleJoan Jonas: Five Works
  Exposition de groupeNostalgia Today - Kim Dae-won, Ha Chul-kyung, Kim Young-sam
  Exposition individuelleResistance and Meditation - Hong Sung-dam
  Exposition de groupe¡Proyectos Especiales!
  Exposition individuelleSalvador Dalí - Dream of Venus
  Exposition individuelleHarumi Ori - I Was Here
Description Exposition individuelleSecret Games - Wendy Ewald

  Exposition de groupe637 Running Feet - Black on White Wall Drawings by 14 Artists
  Exposition individuelleMasayuki Kawai
Description Exposition de groupeQueens International
  Exposition individuelleThe Dave McKenzie Show
  Exposition individuelleWilliam Steiger
  Exposition individuelleYale Strom - The Rom of Ridgewood
  Exposition de groupeAbout the Mind (Not Everything You Always Wanted To Know)
  Exposition de groupeIn the Flow - Artists from The Living Museum
  Exposition individuelleThe Pointed Pen - William Sharp
  Exposition individuelleEzra Shalesí - Cosmic Views of Queens, An Arcade Project

  Exposition individuelleRaymond Saá
  Exposition de groupeTranslated Acts: Performance and Body Art from East Asia 1990 to 2001
  Exposition individuelleCharley Friedman - Big Eyes
  Exposition de groupeVideo Café: E/Motion Studies
  Exposition individuelleSilver Clouds by Andy Warhol
   QMA Members Exhibition, Paper Products
  Exposition individuelleJacob Lawrence - The Legend of John Brown
  Exposition individuelleJane Benson - Great Expectations
  Exposition de groupeCrossing the Line
  Exposition individuelleRobert Martinez - Departures
  Exposition individuelleTiffany’s Bugs and Beyond
  Exposition individuelleSun K. Kwak - Tidal Wave
  Exposition individuelleSusan Wolsborn - Kinesthesia
  Exposition individuelleGio Ponti - A Metaphysical World
  Exposition de groupeHeart of Glass
Description Exposition individuelleLuca Buvoli & composer Jeffrey Lependorf - Around, Around, and Away
  Exposition individuelleLucas Monaco - Parallel Plane-Mapping Corona
  Exposition individuelleNancy Friedemann - Threshold
Description  Long Walk to Freedom

  Exposition individuelleJeff Konigsberg
  Exposition individuelleTiffany: Behind the Glass
  Exposition individuelleMaureen Connor - Seductions and Games
  Exposition individuelleToshihiro Komatsu - Adjoining Spaces
  Exposition individuelleSol LeWitt - Wall Work
  Exposition individuelleValerie Atkisson - Family in Norway
  Exposition individuelleCosta Picadas - Investigations
  Exposition individuelleNic Hess - Swinging Swindle
  Exposition individuelleMatthew Bakkom - Recorded At
  Exposition de groupeArt at Work: Forty Years of the Chase Manhattan Collection
  Exposition individuelleJoan Linder - When? Now.
  Exposition individuelleWilliam Glackens - Realist and Impressionist
  Exposition de groupeNew York Noir: Crime Photos from Daily News Archive
  Exposition individuelleLeung Chi Wo - Something About City Sky

  Exposition de groupeModern Odysseys: Greek American Artists of the 20th Century
  Exposition individuelleMatt Harle
  Exposition de groupeGlobal Conceptualism: Points of Origin 1950s–1980s
  Exposition individuelleLisa Sigal
  Exposition individuelleIsidro Blasco - The Room as I Touch It
  Exposition individuelleLife Cycles: The Charles E. Burchfield Collection
  Exposition de groupeBefore the Lens: Images of the Imagemakers

  Exposition individuelleCreighton Michael
Description Exposition de groupeLooking at the 90s / Mirando los 90s
  Exposition individuelleLillian Ball
  Exposition individuelleDawoud Bey
  Exposition individuelleRobert Colescott
  Exposition individuellePeter Garfield

  Exposition de groupeOut of India
  Exposition individuelleMing Fay
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Currents – Cai Guo-Qiang: Cultural Melting Bath: Project for the 20th Century
  Exposition individuelleJames Hyde

  Exposition de groupeContemporary Art in Asia: Traditions/Tensions
  Exposition individuelleJack B. Yeats
  Exposition individuelleLarry Sultan, Pictures from Home
  Exposition individuelleDennis Adams, Ederle

  Exposition individuelleJack B. Yeats: visions of Ireland
  Exposition individuelleDeborah Masters
  Exposition individuelleMargot Lovejoy: Parthenia
  Exposition individuelleRichard Tsao
  Exposition individuelleBenny Andrews: People
  Exposition individuelleYukinori Yanagi: Article 9

  Exposition individuelleGreg Drasler
  Exposition individuelleAdam Licht
  Exposition individuelleReginald Marsh
  Exposition individuelleChristopher Gallagher

  Exposition individuelleRoy Colmer
  Exposition individuelleSuzanne Bocanegra
  Exposition individuelleBarbara Ess

  Exposition individuelleLeslie Dill
  Exposition individuelleKeith Haring: Radiant Energy
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Currents – Regina Silveira
  Exposition individuelleJan Sawka
  Exposition individuelleSergei “Africa” Bugaev
  Exposition individuelleRobin Stanaway
  Exposition individuelleCarol Goebel
  Exposition de groupeFocus on the Figure: Willy Lenski and Henrietta Mantooth
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Currents – Sarah Charlesworth
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Currents – Ik Joong Kang

  Exposition individuelleKim Keever
  Exposition individuelleMel Chin
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Currents – Kenny Scharf
  Exposition individuelleSylvia Plachy: Unguided Tour
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Current – Christian Boltanski
  Exposition individuelleReginald Marsh: Photographs
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Currents – Candida Alvarez
  Exposition individuelleMelissa Chaney
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Currents – Robert Draffen
  Exposition individuelleAmy Hill
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Currents – John Bowman: Shoreham and Other Paintings
  Exposition individuelleBerenice Abbott: Changing New York
  Exposition individuelleTatana Kellner
  Exposition individuelleLuis Cruz Azaceta: The AIDS Epidemic Series
  Exposition individuelleContemporary Currents – Thomas Woodruff: Loon Ballade Paintings

  Exposition individuelleDan Rice
  Exposition individuelleKeith Haring: Future Primeval
  Exposition individuelleGreg LeFevre
  Exposition individuellePaul Villinski
  Exposition individuelleCynthia Carlson: Installation 1979 – 1989 (A Decade, More or Less)
  Exposition individuelleCris Cristofaro

  Exposition individuelleJohn Murphy: Coney Island
  Exposition individuelleFred McDarrah: Greenwich Village – The Fifties and Sixties
  Exposition individuelleCarolee Thea
  Exposition individuelleAnna Biaolobroda
  Exposition individuelleBob Chaplain
  Exposition individuelleLou Bernstein: Coney Island

  Exposition individuelleFrancesc Torres: Name Any City
  Exposition de groupeNew Visions: James Little, Whitfield Lovell, Alison Saar
  Exposition individuelleAbraham Joel Tobias

  Exposition individuelleErrietta Vordoni

  Exposition individuelleBruce Davidson Subway
  Exposition individuelleJoe Giordano
  Exposition individuelleTom Kenny: Paintings and Work on Paper
  Exposition individuelleBurris Jenkins, Jr.: Illustrations from the 1930s to the 1960s
  Exposition individuelleRobert Younger: Newholmesinoming
  Exposition individuelleBert Kupferman: Sculpture
  Exposition individuelleJoey Scaggs: Fish Condos
  Exposition individuelleThe Richmond Hill Series: Paintings by Irene Buszko
  Exposition individuelleMargeret Rosengren: Paintings and Drawings
  Exposition individuelleDennis Farber: Painted Photographs
  Exposition individuellePhil Sims

  Exposition de groupeActivated walls

  Exposition individuelleMichelangelo: a sculptor's world

  Exposition individuelleAlex Katz: scale and gesture

  Exposition de groupeJose Clemente Orozco and Diego Rivera: paintings, drawings and prints

  Exposition individuelleSymcho Moszkowicz - portrait of the artist in postwar Europe

  Exposition individuelleFairfield Porter - retrospective exhibition

  Exposition individuelleMaurice Sievan retrospective
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