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The Corcoran Gallery of Art

Institution Publique
The Corcoran Gallery of Art
17th Street NW
Washington, DC 20006
plan de ville
réservation hôtel
tel +1 202 639 1700
heures d'ouverture:
Lun, Mer, Ven, Sam, Dim  10:00-17:00
Jeu  10:00-21:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Andy Warhol  1
Pablo Picasso  2
Bruce Nauman  3
Man Ray  20
Ellsworth Kelly  103

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
John Singer Sargent  1016 9
Childe Hassam  4392 7

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Etats-Unis 644 49
  Leo Castelli Gallery, Etats-Unis 179 11
  Whitney Museum of American Art, Etats-Unis 136 41
  The Art Institute of Chicago, Etats-Unis 94 37
  The National Gallery of Art, Etats-Unis 89 30

Ligne directrice
Année de fondation: 1869
Richard Artschwager  1923-2013, US
Thomas Hart Benton  1889-1975, US
Wallace Berman  1926-1976, US
Harry Callahan  1912-1999, US
Robert Colescott  1925-2009, US
Joseph Cornell  1903-1972, US
Peter Coyne  
Stuart Davis  1894-1964, US
Richard Diebenkorn  1922-1993, US
Kim Dingle  1951, US
Jason Dodge  1969, US
Arthur Dove  1880-1946, US
William Eggleston  1939, US
Walker Evans  1903-1975, US
Vernon Fisher  1943, US
Sam Gilliam  1933, US
Marsden Hartley  1877-1943, US
Childe Hassam  1859-1935, US
Edward Hopper  1882-1967, US
Ellsworth Kelly  1923-2015, US
André Kertész  1894-1985, HU
Jacob Lawrence  1917-2000, US
David Levinthal  1949, US
Sally Mann  1951, US
John Marin  1870-1953, US
Kerry James Marshall  1955, US
Claude Monet  1840-1926, FR
Bruce Nauman  1941, US
Paul Outerbridge  1896-1958, US
Pablo Picasso  1881-1973, ES
Martin Puryear  1941, US
Fiona Rae  1963, CN
Man Ray  1890-1976, US
Peter Reginato  1945, US
Albert Renger-Patzsch  1897-1966, DE
Pierre-Auguste Renoir  1841-1919, FR
Auguste Rodin  1840-1917, FR
Torbjorn Rodland  1970, NO
Michal Rovner  1957, IL
August Sander  1876-1964, DE
John Singer Sargent  1856-1925, US
Julião Sarmento  1948, PT
Sean Scully  1945, IE
Andrés Serrano  1950, US
Laurie Simmons  1949, US
Lorna Simpson  1960, US
John Sloan  1871-1951, US
Hassel Smith  1915-2007, US
Julian Stanczak  1928, PL
Doug & Mike Starn  US
Saul Steinberg  1914-1999, US, RO
Jennifer Steinkamp  1958, US
Frank Stella  1936, US
Wayne Thiebaud  1920, US
Richard Tuttle  1941, US
Lane Twitchell  1967, US
James Van Der Zee  1886-1983, US
Andy Warhol  1928-1987, US
Garry Winogrand  1928-1984, US
 Expositions précédentes   592
  Exposition individuelleNOW at the Corcoran—Mark Tribe: Plein Air
  Exposition de groupeTerra Firma: Landscapes from the Photography and Media Arts Collection
  Exposition individuelleAmerican Metal: The Art of Albert Paley
  Exposition individuelleRineke Dijkstra: The Krazyhouse
  Exposition de groupeJennifer Steinkamp and Jimmy Johnson: Loop

  Exposition de groupeRecent Acquisitions: American Art from the Johns Collection
  Exposition de groupeQuestion Bridge: Black Males
  Exposition individuelleAlex Prager - Face in the Crowd
  Exposition individuelleMia Feuer - An Unkindness
  Exposition de groupeArt Cart: Cherishing the Legacy
  Exposition individuelleEllen Harvey: The Alien’s Guide To The Ruins Of Washington, D.c.
Description Exposition de groupeWar/Photography: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath
  Exposition individuelleDavid Levinthal: War Games
  Exposition de groupeRoots and Links
  Exposition de groupeHow Is the World?
  Exposition individuelleCynthia Connolly: Letters on Top of Buildings
  Exposition individuelleShooting Stars: Publicity Stills from Early Hollywood and Portraits by Andy Warhol

  Exposition individuelleFrom the Collection: Victor Burgin
  Exposition individuelleTaryn Simon: A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters
  Exposition individuelleNOW at the Corcoran – Enoc Perez: Utopia
  Exposition individuelleIvan Sigal - White Road
  Exposition individuelleContinuing Education 2012 Juried Exhibition
  Exposition individuelleCharlotte Dumas: Anima
  Exposition individuelleRichard Diebenkorn: The Ocean Park Series
  Exposition de groupeThe Deep Element: Photography at the Beach
  Exposition de groupeMA in Art Education Exhibition
  Exposition de groupeCrossing the Line: 2012 Alumni Exhibition
  Exposition individuelleTim Hetherington: Sleeping Soldiers
  Exposition de groupeShadows of History: Photographs of the Civil War from the Collection of Julia J. Norrell

  Exposition individuelleClaire Healy and Sean Cordeiro: Are We There Yet?
  Exposition de groupePrix Pictet: Growth
Description Exposition de groupe30 Americans
  Exposition individuelleGordon Parks: Photographs from the Collection
  Exposition individuelleHank Willis Thomas: Strange Fruit
  Exposition individuelleMads Gamdrup: Renunciation
  Exposition individuelleCharles Sandison: Rage, love, hope, and despair
  Exposition de groupeWashington Color and Light
  Exposition individuelleChris Martin: Painting Big
  Exposition de groupeRecent Photography Acquisitions
  Exposition individuelleRichard Gordon: Meta Photographs
  Exposition de groupeFramed: Street Photography from the Collection

  Exposition de groupeWashington Color and Light
  Exposition individuelleRobert Irwin, Gypsy Switch, 2010
Description Exposition individuelleSpencer Finch - My Business, with the Cloud
  Exposition individuelleChuck Close Prints: Process and Collaboration
  Exposition individuelleHelios: Eadweard Muybridge in a Time of Change
  Exposition individuelleAmerican Falls: Phil Solomon
  Exposition de groupeTurner to Cézanne: Masterpieces from the Davies Collection, National Museum Wales
  Exposition de groupeA Love of Europe: Highlights from the William A. Clark Collection

Description Exposition individuelleEdward Burtynsky: Oil
  Exposition individuelleSargent and the Sea
Description et image Exposition individuelleWilliam Eggleston: Democratic Camera, Photographs and Video, 1961–2008
  Exposition individuelleMaya Lin - Systematic Landscapes

  Exposition individuelleRichard Avedon - Portraits of Power
  Exposition individuelleElena del Rivero: Home Suite
  Exposition de groupeAccess to Life
  Exposition individuelleStandard Operating Procedure: Photographs by Nubar Alexanian
Description Exposition de groupeChance Encounters
  Exposition de groupeThe American Evolution - A History through Art
  Exposition de groupeFotoViajeros: International Experience / Transnational Identity

  Exposition de groupeLooking for the “There There” California Art from the Collection, 1950–2000
  Exposition individuelleWild Choir - Cinematic Portraits by Jeremy Blake
  Exposition individuelleAnnie Leibovitz - A Photographer’s Life, 1990—2005
  Exposition de groupeKyoko Ibe & Mark Lander: Indigenous Paper
  Exposition individuelleAnsel Adams
  Exposition de groupeModernism - Designing a New World 1914-1939
  Exposition de groupeMasterpieces - European Art from the Collection
  Exposition de groupeOlga Hirshhorn Collects: Selections from the Permanent Collection

  Exposition individuelleJoan of Arc
  Exposition de groupeSight/Insight: Contemporary Photography from the Heather and Tony Podesta Collection
  Exposition individuelleThe Paradise Institute
  Exposition individuelleRobert Weingarten - Palette Series
  Exposition de grouperedefined
  Exposition de groupeBotanical Treasures of Lewis& Clark
  Exposition individuelleredefined: Modern and Contemporary Art from the Collection
  Exposition individuelleReflections from the Heart - Photographs by David Seymour
  Exposition individuelleRobert Bechtle - A Retrospective
  Exposition de groupeSenior Thesis Exhibition
  Exposition individuelleRonald Gonzales - Fated Objects and Strange Progeny
  Exposition individuelleJohn Singer Sargent: Portraits and Models

Description Exposition de groupePicturing the Banjo
Description Exposition individuelleSam Gilliam - A Retrospective
Description Exposition individuelleThe Warhol Legacy - Selections from the Warhol Museum
  Exposition individuelleWilliam MacLeod - Painter and Curator
Description Exposition de groupeEncouraging American Genius
  Exposition individuelleAntoine-Louis Barye Bronzes
  Exposition individuelleCombining sight and sound, Jennifer Steinkamp’s Loop installation
Description Exposition individuelleSelected Prints by William T. Wiley
Description Exposition individuelleShomei Tomatsu - Skin of the Nation
  Exposition individuelleSara Pomerance: Tall Tales & Short Stories
Description Exposition de groupeThe Corcoran 2005 Print Portfolio - Drawn to Representation
  Exposition individuelleCca+D: Allyn Massey: Lament

  Exposition de groupeThe Body Politic: Portraits of American Presidents
Description Exposition individuelleCCA+D - Michelle Repiso STILLS
  Exposition individuelleChermayeff & Geismar Inc: designing over four decades
Description Exposition individuelleSacrifices and Sorrows: Selected Bronzes by Jeffrey Meizlik
Description Exposition de groupeCommon Ground - Discovering Community in 150 Years of Art
Description Exposition individuelleSacrifices and Sorrows - Selected Bronzes by Jeffrey Meizlik
Description Exposition individuelleInventions - Recent Paintings by Caio Fonseca
  Exposition individuelleCCA+D - Rie Tabata
Description Exposition individuelleFrank Gehry - Architect: Designs for Museums
  Exposition individuelleThe Furniture of Frank Gehry
  Exposition individuelleCCA+D - Arash Mokhtar
  Exposition de groupeCCA+D: Three: Recent Corcoran Photography Graduates
  Exposition de groupe2004 Corcoran Faculty Biennial Exhibition
  Exposition individuelleThinking Inside the Box - The Art of Andrew Krieger
  Exposition de groupeThe Impressionist Tradition in America
  Exposition individuelleSally Mann: What Remains
  Exposition individuelleIn Search of Self - Paintings and Drawings by Anil Revri
  Exposition individuelleNorman Rockwell's Four Freedoms: Paintings that Inspired a Nation
  Exposition individuelleMemento: Muriel Hasbun Photographs
  Exposition de groupeFrom Folk to Funk: Selections from the Robert A. Lewis Collection
  Exposition de groupeAmerican Paradigms

  Exposition individuelleAtomic Time - Pure Science and Seduction - An Exhibition by Jim Sanborn
  Exposition individuelleFashioning Art: Handbags by Judith Leiber
  Exposition individuelleImpressionism Revisited - The Sculptures of J. Seward Johnson, Jr.
  Exposition individuelleBeyond The Frame: The Sculpture of J. Seward Johnson, Jr.
  Exposition individuelleFront Page - The Photographs of Arthur Ellis
  Exposition individuellePortraits of Places - The Prints of Childe Hassam, an American Impressionist
  Exposition individuelleRobert Frank - London/Wales
  Exposition individuelleJoseph Mills - Inner City
  Exposition individuelleWhistler and his Circle in Venice
  Exposition de groupeBlack is a Color - African-American Art at the Corcoran Gallery of Art

  Exposition de groupeFantasy Underfoot - The 47th Biennial Exhibition
  Exposition individuelleEmmet Gowin - Changing The Earth
  Exposition individuelleFashioning Art: Handbags by Judith Leiber
  Exposition individuelleThe Shape of Color - Joan Miró's Painted Sculpture
  Exposition de groupehere is new york: a democracy of photographs
  Exposition de groupeThe Gilded Cage - Views of American Women, 1873 - 1921
  Exposition de groupeThe Eyes of History 2002
  Exposition individuelleLarry Rivers - Art and the Artist
  Exposition de groupeJasper Johns to Jeff Koons - Four Decades of Art from the Broad Collections
  Exposition de groupeIn Process - Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the BFA Program
  Exposition individuelleSecret Games - Wendy Ewald Collaborative Works With Children, 1969 - 1999
  Exposition de groupeCelebrating the Legacy III - African-American Art at the Corcoran

  Exposition de groupeAntiquities to Impressionism: The William A. Clark Collection
  Exposition de groupeConfronting Nature - Icelandic Art of the 20th Century
  Exposition individuelleRestructured Reality - The 1930s Paintings of Francis Criss
  Exposition de groupeAndré Kertész and Theodore Fried
  Exposition individuelleArthur Tress - Fantastic Voyage, Photographs 1956-2000
  Exposition de groupePainters and the American West - The Anschutz Collection
  Exposition individuelleWillem de Kooning - In Process
  Exposition individuelleThe Icing on the Cake - Selected Prints by Wayne Thiebaud

  Exposition de groupeMedia Metaphor - The 46th Biennial Exhibition
  Exposition individuelleIntimate Impressions - Monotypes and Paintings by Jack Boul
  Exposition individuelleAndy Warhol - Social Observer
  Exposition individuelleFood Chain - Photographs by Catherine Chalmers
  Exposition individuelleStrange But True - The Arizona Photographs of Allen Dutton
  Exposition individuelleNorman Rockwell - Pictures for the American People
  Exposition individuelleArnold Newman - Breaking Ground

  Exposition individuelleTara Donovan
  Exposition de groupeA Tribute a Jacob Kainen on his 90th Birthday
  Exposition de groupeArmin and Dorothea Hofmann
  Exposition individuelleEvan Summer
  Exposition individuelleAt the Edge - A Portuguese Futurist - Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso
  Exposition individuelleRoy Lichtenstein - Sculpture and Drawings
  Exposition individuelleNew Acquisitions - Major Works by Dennis Oppenheim
  Exposition individuelleAnnie Leibovitz - Women
  Exposition individuelleSam Bookatz
  Exposition individuelle"Sketch Everything and Keep Your Curiosity Fresh"
  Exposition individuelleReuben Nakian - Centennial Retrospective
  Exposition individuelleHemicycle - Expressions - Art by DC Youth
  Exposition individuelleBenedict J. Fernandez - Photographs of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  Exposition individuelleHemicycle - Jyung Mee Park
  Exposition individuelleRoy DeCarava - A Retrospective
  Exposition de groupeCassandra Kabler - Jeanne Genry Keck - Gail Watkins
  Exposition individuelleCynthia Littlefield
  Exposition individuelleFrankenthaler - The Darker Palette
  Exposition de groupeAlchemy - Lyle Ashon Harris and Thomas Allen Harris
  Exposition individuelleIda Applebroog - Nothing Personal, Paintings 1987-1997
  Exposition individuelleNancy Chunn - Front Pages 1996

  Exposition individuelleGene Young: Photographs
  Exposition individuelleKen Aptekar: Talking to Pictures
  Exposition individuelleDavid Levinthal: Playing with History
  Exposition individuelleHalf Past Autumn: Gordon Parks
  Exposition individuelleTwenty-Four Paintings: Thomas Nozkowski
  Exposition individuelleMark Bennett: TV Sets and the Suburban Dream
  Exposition de groupeKeeping Time: Photographs of Musicians by John Cohen and Milt Hinton
  Exposition individuelleChihuly Over Venice
  Exposition individuelleLari Pittman
  Exposition individuelleManuel Neri: Early Work, 1953-1978

  Exposition individuellePetah Coyne: black/white/black
  Exposition individuelleVessels/Containers: An Installation by Genna Watson
  Exposition de groupeTemple of Confessions: Guillermo Gomez-Pena and Roberto Sifuentes
  Exposition individuelleSigmar Polke Photoworks: When Pictures Vanish
  Exposition individuelleDavid Mordini - Heads
  Exposition individuelleThomas Eakins and The Swimming Picture
  Exposition individuelleStructuring Energy: Martha Jackson-Jarvis
  Exposition individuelleUrsula Schulz-Dornberg: Sonnenstand
  Exposition individuelleDale Chihuly: Seaforms
  Exposition de groupeWashington Velvets (from Flanders): Berlinde de Bruyckere and Philip Huyghe

  Exposition individuelleGodfrey Frankel: Photographs
  Exposition individuelleMaurice Prendergast, American Painter and Printmaker
  Exposition individuelleIn the Spirit of the Land: Recent Works by William Dunlap
  Exposition individuelleRichard Bolton, Community: Exchange
  Exposition individuelleIvan Chermayeff - Collages 1982-1995
  Exposition individuelleSculpture by Niek Kemps
  Exposition individuelleRaised by Wolves: Photographs and Documents of Runaways by Jim Goldberg
  Exposition individuelleDiscovering Ellis Ruley
  Exposition individuelleCharles Platt at the Corcoran
  Exposition de groupeThe Pervasiveness of Memory
  Exposition individuelleArthur B. Davies
  Exposition individuellePedro Meyer: Truths & Fictions, A Journey from Documentary to Digital Photography
  Exposition individuelleAlphonse Legros and Developments in Printmaking
  Exposition individuelleCountdown to Eternity, Photographs of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the 1960s by Ben Fernandez

  Exposition de groupeFamily Lives, Photographs by Tina Barney, Nic Nicosia, and Catherine Wagner
  Exposition individuelleLarry Sultan: Pictures from Home
  Exposition individuelleLouise Bourgeois: The Locus of Memory, Works 1982-1993
  Exposition de groupeLuxor v1.0: An Interactive Installation by Y. David Chung, Matt Dibble, and Renee Stout
  Exposition individuelleThe World of Lois Mailou Jones
  Exposition individuelleFarewell to Bosnia: New Photographs by Gilles Peress
  Exposition individuelleDanny Lyon: Photo-Film, 1959-1990

  Exposition individuelleDorothy Dehner: 60 Years of Art
  Exposition individuelleJacob Kainen: Seven Paintings and Three Drawings
  Exposition individuelleRescuers of the Holocaust: Portraits by Gay Block
  Exposition individuelleMarinus Boezem
  Exposition individuelleFables and Fantasies: The Art of Felix Lorioux
  Exposition individuelleAntony Gormley, Field

  Exposition de groupeReverberations: L.C. Armstrong, Michele Blondel, Suzan Etkin, Lisa Hoke
  Exposition individuelleThe Art of Archibald J. Motley, Jr
  Exposition individuelleWashington by Night: Vintage Photographs from the 1930s by Volkmar Wentzel
  Exposition individuelleCovert Obsolescence: Installations by Jim Sanborn
  Exposition individuelleFATA MORGANA USA: The American Way of Life: Photomontage by Joseph Renau
  Exposition individuelleA Brush with Disney: The Art of Herbert Dickens Ryman
  Exposition individuelleFrom Sea to Shining Sea: A Portrait of America, Photographs by Hiroji Kubota
  Exposition de groupeKeith Haring, Andy Warhol, Walt Disney
  Exposition individuelleMax Weber: The Cubist Decade, 1910-1920
  Exposition individuelleGuillermo Kuitca
  Exposition individuelleFranz Bader Photographs
  Exposition individuelleMaurizio Pellegrin
  Exposition individuelleAn Uncertain Grace: The Photographs of Sebastiao Salgado

  Exposition de groupeThe Body Electric: Zizi Raymond and Kiki Smith
  Exposition individuelleLou Stovall: Heroes, Teachers, and Friends
  Exposition individuelleAlfred Hutty and the Charleston Renaissance
  Exposition individuelleGALLERY ONE: Joyce Scott: I-con-no-body/I-con-o-graphy
  Exposition individuelleBernice Abbott: Photographer: A Modern Vision
  Exposition individuelleRobert Rauschenberg: The Early 1950s
  Exposition individuelleWilliam T. Wiley: Struck! Sure? Sound/Unsound
  Exposition individuelleStow Wengenroth Prints
  Exposition individuelleReckoning with Winslow Homer: His Late Works and Their Influence
  Exposition individuelleThomas Kovachevich: Seeing Invisible Things
  Exposition individuelleTony Cragg: Sculpture, 1975-1990

  Exposition individuelleThe Democratic Forest: Photographs by William Eggleston
  Exposition individuelleInability to Endure or Deny the World: Representation and Text in the Work of Robert Morris
  Exposition de groupeTransgressions: Donald Lipski and Buzz Spector
  Exposition individuelleJames Drake: Place and Passage
  Exposition individuelleWorthington Whittredge: Hudson River Artist
  Exposition de groupeMemory, Time, and Recognition: Paintings by Greg Hannan and Sabina Ott
  Exposition individuelleSusan Hauptman: The Obsessive Image

  Exposition individuelleAntoine-Louis Barye
  Exposition individuelleDaumier Lithographs
  Exposition individuelleTo Make It Home: Living in the American West: Photographs by Robert Adams
  Exposition individuelleJohn Torreano, Natural Models and Material Illusions
  Exposition individuelleMarcel Bardon
  Exposition individuelleLee Miller: Photographer

  Exposition individuelleOscar Bluemner: Landscapes of Sorrow and Joy
  Exposition individuelleGene Kloss: Images of the American Southwest
  Exposition de groupeEdelson, Puryear, Scanga, Stackhouse
  Exposition individuelleThe Drawings of Roy Lichtenstein
  Exposition individuelleVanity: Photographs by Holly Wright
  Exposition individuelleCharles Simonds
  Exposition individuelleJoan Mitchell: Thirty-Six Years of Natural Expressionism
  Exposition de groupeClifford Ross and William Willis

  Exposition individuelleMaurice Boutet de Monvel: Master of French Illustration and Portraiture
  Exposition individuelleRichard Pare: Photographs
  Exposition de groupeThree Sculptors
  Exposition individuelleAlex Castro: Platform

  Exposition individuelleGoya: Selected Prints from the Collection of the Arthur Ross Collection
  Exposition individuelleEugene Atget: Modern Times
  Exposition individuelleEadweard Muybridge: Extraordinary Motion

  Exposition individuelleJonathan Borofsky
  Exposition individuelleIn the American West: Photographs by Richard Avedon
  Exposition individuelleGolub
  Exposition individuelleDiane Arbus: Magazine Work, 1960-971
  Exposition individuelleChen Yifei
  Exposition individuelleWilliam Dunlap: The Corcoran Panorama
  Exposition individuelleRobert Henri: Painter

  Exposition individuelleGladys Nelson Smith
  Exposition individuelleDan Flavin: "Monuments" to V. Tatlin
  Exposition individuelleAd Reinhardt: Seventeen Works
  Exposition individuelleRobert Motherwell
  Exposition individuelleWinslow Homer: The Croquet Game
  Exposition individuelleClifford Kennedy Berryman
  Exposition individuelleArthur B. Carles: Painting with Color
  Exposition individuelleConstance Stuart Larrabee: Tribal Photographs
  Exposition individuelleNicholas Nixon: New Contact Prints

  Exposition individuelleRockne Krebs: A Retrospective of Drawings: 1965-1982
  Exposition individuelleDaumier: Selections from the Gift of Dr. Armand Hammer
  Exposition individuelleEmmet Gowin
  Exposition individuelleMalcolm Morley
  Exposition individuelleWegman's World
  Exposition individuelleJohn Singer Sargent: Drawings from the Corcoran Gallery of Art
  Exposition individuelleAnsel Adams: An American Place, 1936
  Exposition individuelleShiloh: Lee Friedlander
  Exposition individuelleWilliam Christenberry: Southern Views
  Exposition individuelleModern Painters at the Corcoran: Sam Gilliam
  Exposition individuelleTime Pieces: The Photographs and Words of Wright Morris
  Exposition individuelleSouthern Roads/City Pavements: Photographs of Black Americans by Roland L. Freeman

  Exposition individuelleAugust Sander: Photographs of an Epoch
  Exposition individuelleLinda Connor: Photographs
  Exposition individuelleWilliam Eggleston: Troubled Waters
  Exposition individuelleWhistler's World: The Master's Etchings
  Exposition individuellePhotography at the Corcoran: Charles Pratt

  Exposition de groupeOngoing Dialogue: Andrew Hudson/Blaine Larson
  Exposition individuelleMark Cohen
  Exposition individuelleNeil Jenney: Painting and Sculpture, 1967-80
  Exposition individuelleBob Timberlake
  Exposition individuelleCharles Peale Polk
  Exposition individuelleFrank Wright: Paintings, 1968-1980
  Exposition individuelleFrederick Sommer at Seventy-Five
  Exposition individuelleAdolph Gottlieb: A Retrospective
  Exposition individuelleHenri Cartier-Bresson: Photographer
  Exposition individuelleP. H. Polk
  Exposition individuelleLeonardo da Vinci: The Codex Leicester
  Exposition individuelleBilly Al Bengston

  Exposition individuelleJerome Liebling
  Exposition de groupeWilfred Robert Brunner/John Ryan
  Exposition individuelleGuy Pene du Bois: Artist About Town
  Exposition individuelleVija Celmins
  Exposition individuelleFrank Gillette
  Exposition individuellePhilip Guston Retrospective
  Exposition de groupeRecent Aquisitions: Photographs
  Exposition individuelleRosalind Solomon: Photographs
  Exposition individuelleGeorges Vantongerloo
  Exposition individuelleModern Painters at the Corcoran: John Alexander
  Exposition individuelleHelen Levitt: Photography
  Exposition de groupeImages of the 70s: 9 Washington Artists

  Exposition individuelleGregory Connif: Photographs
  Exposition individuelleMitchell Jamieson: Two Wars
  Exposition individuelleChristo: Urban Projects
  Exposition individuelleThe Graphic Work of George Biddle
  Exposition individuelleMark Power: Beauty and the Beast
  Exposition individuelleDaumier in Retrospect, 1808-1879
  Exposition individuelleLangdon Clay: Photographs
  Exposition individuelleClose Observations: Selected Oil Sketches by Frederic E. Church
  Exposition individuelleStella Since 1970
  Exposition individuelleJohn McIntosh: Photographs
  Exposition individuelleJanica Yoder: Photographs

  Exposition individuelleWilliam Christenberry: Color Photographs
  Exposition individuelleGene Davis Recent Paintings (1970-1978)
  Exposition de groupePhotographs of Mexico: Modotti, Strand, Weston
  Exposition individuelleManuel Alvaraez Bravo
  Exposition individuelleJohn Mason - Installation from the Hudson Rivers Series
  Exposition individuelleModern Painters at the Corcoran - Melville Price
  Exposition individuelleJerry Burchard
  Exposition individuelleArnold Kramer/Interior Views
  Exposition individuelleModern Painters at the Corcoran - Norman Zammitt

  Exposition individuelleDuane Hanson Sculptures
  Exposition individuelleElection Eve: Photographs by William Eggleston
  Exposition individuelleHoward Mehring: A Retrospective Exhibition
  Exposition individuelleKenneth Noland: A Retrospective
  Exposition individuelleAline Fruhauf: Caricatures
  Exposition individuelleMike Mitchell/Other Lights
  Exposition individuelleSally Mann - The Lewis Law Portfolio
  Exposition individuelleDaniel Brush
  Exposition individuelleMartin Puryear
  Exposition individuelleFrank DiPerna Color Photographs
  Exposition individuelleGabriel Kohn 1910-1975
  Exposition individuelleNorman Bluhm
  Exposition individuellePaul Outerbridge, Jr.
  Exposition individuelleRichard Diebenkorn: Paintings and Drawings 1943-1976
  Exposition individuelleMaurice Becker
  Exposition individuelleGene Davis: Rectangle Paintings

  Exposition individuelleKnocks Folly on Turner's Creek: Peter Thomas
  Exposition de groupeAndre/Le Va/Long
  Exposition de groupeFive Plus One (Contemporary Washington Art, Part II)
  Exposition de groupeThe Nation's Capital in Photographs, 1976: John Gossage and Jan Groover
  Exposition de groupeThe Washington Room: Paul Kennedy, Ed Love, Joe Shannon
  Exposition de groupeThe Washington Room: Helene Herzbrun, John Robinson, Alma Thomas
  Exposition individuelleThe Historic Photographs of Addison N. Scurlock
  Exposition individuelleNation's Capital in Photographs, 1976: Anthony Hernandez
  Exposition individuelleNation's Capital in Photographs, 1976: Lewis Baltz
  Exposition de groupeThe Washington Room: Willem DeLooper, Sheila Isham, Kevin McDonald
  Exposition de groupeThe Washington Room: Leon Berkowitz, Jennie Lea Knight, Carrol Sockwell
  Exposition individuelleRobert Cumming
  Exposition individuelleSeth Eastman's Mississippi
  Exposition de groupeNation's Capital in Photographs, 1976: Robert Cumming and Roy DeCarava

  Exposition individuelleBill Yates: Photographs
  Exposition individuelleMax Bill
  Exposition individuelleJacob Frymire: American Limner
  Exposition individuelleEd McGowin's True Stories
  Exposition individuelleDrawings by Joan Danziger
  Exposition individuelleMarcel Bardon: Photographs 1975-1975
  Exposition de groupeFour Los Angeles Artists
  Exposition individuelleLouise Nevelson: Graphics
  Exposition individuellePortraits by Gardner Cox
  Exposition individuelleHelen Frankenthaler: Paintings 1969-1975
  Exposition individuelleLee Krasner: Collages and Works on Paper
  Exposition individuelleJacques Lipchitz: A Retrospective of Sculpture and Drawings
  Exposition individuelleEdward Curtis: The North American Indian

  Exposition individuelleJo Hanson: Crab Orchard Cemetery
  Exposition individuelleJoseph Sudek: Photographs
  Exposition individuelleAgnes Denes: Perspectives
  Exposition individuelleJonas Dos Santos with the Bird and the Dirt
  Exposition individuelleAnsel Adams
  Exposition individuelleRichard Baltzer: Two Views
  Exposition individuelleRobert Smithson Drawings
  Exposition individuelleKen Young: Recent Paintings
  Exposition de groupeYoung Washington Photographers
  Exposition individuelleFrank DiPerna Photographs: "Bush Series"
  Exposition individuelleJoyce Tenneson Cohen: "Tree Series"
  Exposition individuelleWang Ming
  Exposition individuelleEllen Gelman Drawings
  Exposition individuelleRichard Klank Drawings
  Exposition individuelleCarroll Sockwell
  Exposition individuelleMark Tobey Graphics, 1961-1971
  Exposition individuelleMargo Lang Watercolors
  Exposition individuelleAnne Truitt: Sculpture and Drawings 1961-1973
  Exposition individuelleRevival! Photographs by Eleanor Dickinson
  Exposition individuelleElliott Thompson: Painting, 1967-74
  Exposition individuelleTribute to the Arts of the Americas: Raquel Forner: Space Mythology
  Exposition individuelleTribute to the Arts of the Americas: Jose Benitez Sanchez
  Exposition individuelleTribute to the Arts of the Americas: William Featherston: Prints
  Exposition individuelleTribute to the Arts of the Americas: Edgar Negret
  Exposition individuelleSheila Isham: Paintings 1969-1973
  Exposition individuelleLewis Baltz, Tract Houses
  Exposition individuelleJules Olitski: Life Drawings
  Exposition individuelleMark Power: Photographs
  Exposition individuellePatrick Ireland: The Duchamp Portrait 1966-1967
  Exposition individuelleArnold Crane Photographs
  Exposition individuelleMan Ray: Photo Graphics
  Exposition individuelleYuri Schwebler Sculpture

  Exposition individuelleRobin Hill Watercolors
  Exposition individuelleThomas Doughty
  Exposition individuellePaul Kennedy: Photographs
  Exposition de groupeWashington Figurative Artists
  Exposition individuelleSculpture of Jacob Epstein
  Exposition individuelleThe Photography of Dr. Roman Vishniac
  Exposition de groupeThree New York Artists
  Exposition individuelleRobert Stackhouse
  Exposition individuellePat Steir: Recent Paintings
  Exposition individuelleNeil Maurer: Photographs
  Exposition individuelleTom Green: New Work
  Exposition individuelleKurt Kranz: Bauhaus and Today
  Exposition individuelleJoan Miro: Prints
  Exposition individuelleDavid Hayes Sculpture
  Exposition individuelleA Tribute to Franz Bader
  Exposition individuelleLeon Berkowitz: The Sound of Light
  Exposition individuelleNancy Rexroth: Photographs
  Exposition individuelleEmmet Gowin: Photographs
  Exposition individuelleEd Love
  Exposition individuelleRobert Morris: Sculpture
  Exposition individuelleHans Hofmann: 52 Works on Paper
  Exposition individuelleTim Scott: The Bird in Arras Series
  Exposition individuelleMichael Tyzack: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleTrevor Bell: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleBrassai Photographs
  Exposition individuelleStanley William Hayter: Paintings, Drawings and Prints 1928-1950
  Exposition individuelleEric Rudd: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleWilliam Christenberry: Photographs
  Exposition individuelleLowell Nesbitt: The Flower Series 1964-1973
  Exposition de groupeThe Washington Color Pencil School
  Exposition individuelleFranklin White: Paintings and Drawings
  Exposition individuelleMilton Avery: Prints 1933-1955
  Exposition individuelleRon Anderson: Paintings for Projection
  Exposition individuelleEnid Sanford: Spatial Illusions

  Exposition individuelleJoan Thorne: Paintings
  Exposition individuelleEd McGowin: An Environment
  Exposition individuellePaul Jenkins: Works on Paper
  Exposition individuelleRoman Vishniac
  Exposition individuelleFood -- Photographs by Ron Stark
  Exposition individuelleRodin Sculptures, Drawings and Watercolors
  Exposition individuelleShalom of Safed Retrospective
  Exposition individuelleSam Francis: Paintings 1947-1972
  Exposition individuelleSally Hazelet Drummond
  Exposition individuellePhilip Wofford: Woven Way Drawings
  Exposition individuelleJoseph P. White: Watercolors
  Exposition individuelleAlma W. Thomas: Retrospective Exibition
  Exposition individuelleRalph W. Woehrman: Prints and Drawings
  Exposition individuelleJulian Stanczak 1970-1972
  Exposition individuelleCeramics by Turker Ozdogan
  Exposition de groupeGordon Riggle, David Staton, David Stevens
  Exposition individuelleBill Lombardo: Ceramics and Drawings
  Exposition individuelleSonja Delaunay Tapestries

  Exposition individuelleWayne Thiebaud: Graphics 1964-71
  Exposition individuelleAlexander Calder Tapestries
  Exposition individuelleMovie Palace Modern: Drawings by A. B. Heinsberger
  Exposition individuelleDennis Hopper: Black and White Photographs
  Exposition individuelleWalker Evans
  Exposition individuelleJerry McMillan
  Exposition individuelleDrawings by Michael Clark
  Exposition individuelleThomas Wilfred: Lumia
  Exposition individuelleJohn E. Dowell, Jr.: Prints and Drawings
  Exposition de groupeThe Washington Room

  Exposition individuelleGene Davis Early Paintings
  Exposition individuelleRevival! (Drawings by Eleanor Dickinson)
  Exposition individuelleLloyd McNeil
  Exposition individuelleAlexander Liberman
  Exposition individuelleThe Architectural Vision of Paolo Soleri
  Exposition individuelleVincent Longo

  Exposition individuelleKenneth Patchen: The Painter of Poems
  Exposition individuelleRobert Morris
  Exposition individuelleJoseph Shannon: Paintings and Drawings
  Exposition individuelleDavid Smith
  Exposition individuelleGeorge Lee: Color Photography
  Exposition individuelleThe Sculpture of Thomas Eakins
  Exposition individuelleYousuf Karsh
  Exposition individuelleNorman Bluhm: Recent Paintings
  Exposition individuelleRecent Paintings by Leon Berkowitz
  Exposition individuelleJuan Downey

  Exposition individuelleJohn McLaughlin
  Exposition individuelleAn Exhibition of Sculpture and Drawings by Gaston Lachaise
  Exposition individuelleSun Ra Exhibition
  Exposition individuelleTeruo Hara: Ceramics
  Exposition individuelleAdolph Gottlieb Retrospective
  Exposition individuelleAl Held
  Exposition individuelleClarence John Laughlin: Photographs of Victorian Chicago
  Exposition individuelleColin Greenly

  Exposition individuelleWalter Murch Retrospective
  Exposition individuelleDavid Park: Selected Paintings, 1935-1960
  Exposition individuelleHarold Isen: Graphics
  Exposition individuelleJules Olitski: Recent Paintings
  Exposition individuelleRichard Caton Woodville: An Early American Genre Painter
  Exposition individuelleEugene Feldman: Prints

  Exposition individuelleThomas Downing Recent Paintings
  Exposition individuellePrints by Michael Ponce de Leon
  Exposition individuelleGeorge Rickey: Sixteen Years of Kinetic Sculpture
  Exposition individuelleMildred Hayward
  Exposition individuelleJames Twitty
  Exposition individuelleWillia Baziotes: A Memorial Exhibition
  Exposition individuelleMelvin Buckner
  Exposition individuellePaul Reed

  Exposition individuellePedro A. Sanjuan
  Exposition individuelleAlfred McAdams
  Exposition individuelleJack Davis
  Exposition individuelleRomare Bearden: Projections
  Exposition individuelleChilde Hassam
  Exposition individuelleGeorge L. K. Morris
  Exposition individuelleNorman Annis
  Exposition individuelleGil Cuatrecasas
  Exposition individuelleDouglas Teller

  Exposition individuelleWilliam Walton
  Exposition individuelleLowell Nesbitt
  Exposition individuelleJozef Pielage: XXXVIII Paintings About the Death of a Son
  Exposition individuelleAlexander Russo
  Exposition individuelleThe Private World of John Singer Sargent
  Exposition individuelleTony Bader
  Exposition individuelleJohn Chapman Lewis
  Exposition individuelleLouis I. Kahn
  Exposition individuelleGabor Peterdi
  Exposition individuelleRichard C. Lafean

  Exposition individuelleGene Davis
  Exposition individuelleBenjamin Abramowitz
  Exposition individuelleWilliam Bechhoefer -- Design in LIght
  Exposition individuelleMimi Bolton
  Exposition individuelleAndrew Wyeth
  Exposition individuelleRichard Lahey
  Exposition individuelleStephen Greene
  Exposition individuelleJacob Kainen
  Exposition individuelleClare Ferriter
  Exposition individuelleJean Cocteau: Themes of Orpheus

  Exposition individuelleEd McGowin
  Exposition individuelleRobert Gates
  Exposition individuelleRudolf von Huhn
  Exposition individuelleWilliam Ranney
  Exposition individuelleDavid Park
  Exposition individuelleLeonard Maurer
  Exposition individuelleWilliam Calfee
  Exposition individuelleJohn Marin in Retrospect
  Exposition individuelleJane Frank

  Exposition individuellePeter Thomas
  Exposition individuelleJack Perlmutter
  Exposition individuelleJose Bermudez
  Exposition individuelleHerman Maril
  Exposition individuelleAlbert Pinkham Ryder
  Exposition individuelleArthur Hall Smith
  Exposition individuelleJozef Pielage

  Exposition individuelleAbraham Blustein
  Exposition individuelleCharles Forsythe
  Exposition individuelleThe Art of Seth Eastman
  Exposition individuelleMitchell Jamieson
  Exposition de groupeBernice Cross, Reuben Kramer, Benjamin Lawless
  Exposition individuelleJacques Lipchitz

  Exposition de groupeAnne E. Baum, Helene McKinsey, Amalie Rothschild

  Exposition individuelleContemporary American Artists Series #31: Loren MacIver
  Exposition individuelleContemporary American Artists Series #30: John Hultberg
  Exposition individuelleWilliam Getman
Description Exposition individuelleHans Richter
  Exposition individuelleContemporary American Artists Series #32: Theodoros Stamos
  Exposition individuelleContemporary American Artists Series #29: Hugo Robus
  Exposition individuelleContemporary American Artists Series #27: Alexander Calder
  Exposition individuelleContemporary American Artists Series #28: Abraham Rattner

  Exposition de groupeFour Washington Artists: Marcella Comes, Helen Costello, Walter Gretschel, Alfred McAdams
  Exposition individuelleTito Saubidet
  Exposition individuelleWoodblock Prints by Kiyoshi Saito
  Exposition individuelleContemporary American Artists Series #26: Heinz Warneke

  Exposition individuelleArmando Reveron
  Exposition de groupeFour Washington Artists: Mimi DuBois Bolton, Jacob Kainen, Lothar Brabant, Richard Cooper
  Exposition individuelleContemporary American Artists Series #25: Paintings by Jack Perlmutter
  Exposition individuelleHarold Weston's United Nations Paintings
  Exposition individuelleSculptured Jewels by Dali
  Exposition individuelleContemporary American Artists Series #24: Paintings by I. Rice Pereira
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