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Einzelausstellung: Thea Gvetadze - Schlossherrinnen (vorbei)

24 Juni 2005 bis 30 Juli 2005
  Thea Gvetadze - Schlossherrinnen
Thea Gvetadze, "Metaphysical Composition", 2004, Mischtechnek auf Leinwand, 175 x 145 cm
  Nusser & Baumgart

Nusser & Baumgart
Steinheilstr. 18
80333 München
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Thea Gvetadze erregte Aufsehen mit ihrer Teilnahme bei der letzten Biennale in Venedig 2003, bei der sie zusammen mit Tamara K.E. das Projekt ‘Museum of Fundamental Archeology’ im Georgischen Pavillon realisierte.

In der Ausstellung “Schlossherrinnen” zeigen wir neue Gemälde und Arbeiten auf Papier der Künstlerin:

“The cosmic dark background of my paintings (for this purpose instead of canvas I began using black velvet with its marvellous depth) attempts to swallow all compositional elements of the painted images. It is this conflict that I seek to investigate. The images I paint remain linked to human nature, even if they are stripped of their enviromental setting. From the photo material which I use as a primary source for my paintings (they are mostly taken by me from my native surrounding) I mainly select the ones that essentially convey human condition in terms of habit, emotion and interaction. The photographic image describe a superficial and representational status. Only through painting these figures they reveal another quality: their symbolic nature as signs, resembling qualities of sadness, joy or nostalgia. The geometrical elements I use in my compositions anchor these symbolic figures in their spatial relationship. (to which they truly belong). Peeled from superficiality, they sing a song of their resistance through love and solidarity, being since immemorial time lost in a place whose true value or name nobody could ever recollect.“
(Thea Gvetadze, 2005)

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