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35436 institutions worldwide

20/21 British Art Fair
20/21 British Art Fair
London, United Kingdom

Gagosian Gallery
Gagosian Gallery
London, United Kingdom

The Saatchi Gallery
The Saatchi Gallery
London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

Pippy Houldsworth Gallery
Pippy Houldsworth Gallery
London, United Kingdom

Lychee One Gallery
Lychee One Gallery
London, United Kingdom

Private Galleries
Private Galleries
 10 Hanover  
 12 Star Gallery  
 Gallery 320  
 39 Gallery  
 Galleria 3D  
 4 Windmill Street  
 401LondonProjects (closed, 2010)  
 43 Inverness Street  
 50 Golborne  
 99 Mount Street  
 A Gallery  
 A&D Gallery  
 A22 Gallery (closed)  
 AA-Galleries - London (closed, 2007)  
 Abbott and Holder Ltd  
 Acoris - The Surrealist Art Centre (closed)  
 Mark Adams Fine Art Ltd.  
 Gallery of African Art  
 The Agency Gallery  
 Gina Agnew Contemporary Art (closed)  
 Agnew's Gallery  
 Agnew´s Contemporary  
 Aicon Gallery - London  
 Ainscough Contemporary Art Gallery  
 The Air Gallery  
 Aktis Gallery  
 Albemarle Gallery  
 Albion - London (closed)  
 Alchemy Gallery (closed, 2000)  
 Alexander Dellal´s 20 Projects (closed, 2012)  
 Alexia Goethe Arts & Co  
 Galerie Alfa (closed)  
 Lawrence Alkin Gallery  
 All Visual Arts  
 Pascal Allouard Contemporary Art (closed)  
 Allsopp Contemporary  
 Alma Enterprises (closed)  
 Alon Zakaim Fine Art  
 Am Nuden Da (closed)  
 Amadeus Gallery  
 Verner Amell Ltd  
 Anderson O'Day Gallery (closed, 1991)  
 Anderson Stewart Fine Art  
 William Angel Gallery  
 Anima Graphics (closed)  
 Anise Gallery  
 AP-AP Limited (closed)  
 The Apartment  
 Gallery Apollinaire (closed, 1951)  
 The approach  
 The Aquarium  
 The Aram Gallery  
 Arcadia Cerri Fine Art  
 Arcadia Missa  
 Arch 402 Gallery  
 Arebyte Gallery  
 Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art  
 Art Equity - London  
 Art First  
 Art In The Game  
 Art Lab  
 The Art Movement  
 Art Sensus Gallery  
 Art Space Gallery  
 artandphotographs ltd.  
 Arte Globale  
 Artek Gallery (closed)  
 ArteLia (closed)  
 Arthouse1 Art Gallery  
 Artificial Gallery  
 Artige Fine Art  
 Artisan Fine Art  
 ASAL Partners  
 aspreyjacques (closed, 2004)  
 Association of Photographers - AOP  
 Atlas Gallery  
 the centre of attention  
 Aubin Gallery  
 August Art  
 Austin/Desmond Fine Art  
 Ayyam Gallery - London  
 Babbington Fine Art  
 Emmanuel von Baeyer  
 The Bankrobber Gallery  
 Bankside Gallery  
 Rachael Barraclough - modernground  
 Mark Barrow Fine Art  
 Hannah Barry Gallery  
 Bartha Contemporary  
 Laura Bartlett Gallery  
 Tanya Baxter Contemporary  
 BCA Gallery Limited  
 Beach London  
 Beardsmore Gallery  
 Beautiful Crime  
 Beaux Arts  
 Beaux Arts Gallery (closed, 1965)  
 Charles Beddington Ltd  
 Chris Beetles Art Gallery  
 Barbara Behan  
 Belgravia Gallery  
 Jack Bell Gallery  
 Ben Janssens Oriental Art  
 John Bennett Fine Paintings  
 Berkeley Square Gallery  
 Bermondsey Project (closed, 2014)  
 Bernheimer-Colnaghi London  
 Anne Berthoud Gallery (closed)  
 Galerie Besson  
 Betts Project  
 BFI - British Film Institute Southbank Gallery  
 BHVU Gallery  
 Bicha Gallery  
 Zoe Bingham Fine Art  
 Birksted Gallery (closed)  
 Roman Black Gallery  
 Blain|Southern - London  
 H. Blairman & Sons Ltd  
 Tom Blau Gallery  
 Daniel Blau Ltd.  
 Blow de la Barra  
 The Blue Gallery  
 Bluetomato Gallery  
 Monika Bobinska (former Lounge Gallery)  
 Boetzelaer|Nispen - London (closed, 2012)  
 Bosse & Baum  
 Boundary Gallery  
 Robert Bowman Gallery  
 Matthew Bown Gallery (closed, 2007)  
 Lena Boyle Fine Art  
 Boyschool Gallery  
 Ivor Braka Ltd  
 The Brick Lane Gallery  
 Patrick Brillet Fine Art  
 Broadbent Gallery  
 Brook Street Gallery (closed)  
 Ben Brown Fine Arts  
 Browse & Darby  
 Cecilia Brunson Projects  
 CAA - Contemporary Applied Arts Gallery  
 Cabinet Gallery  
 Cadogan Contemporary  
 Camburn Fine Art  
 Camden Art Gallery (closed)  
 Marcus Campbell Art Books  
 Campbell Works  
 Campoli Presti - London  
 Capital Culture  
 Carpenters Workshop Gallery  
 Carroll / Fletcher  
 CARSLAW St* Lukes  
 Carter Presents  
 Catto Gallery  
 central space  
 Century Gallery  
 Hilary Chapman Fine Prints  
 Charles Everritt / The Air Gallery  
 CHART gallery  
 Bernard Chauchet Contemporary Art  
 Antoine Chenevière Fine Arts  
 Chenil Gallery (closed, 1927)  
 Chinese Contemporary - London (closed)  
 Christine Park Gallery  
 Christopher Kingzett Fine Art  
 Christopher Mendez Old Master Prints  
 Elisabetta Cipriani  
 CIRCA Gallery London  
 Civic Room (closed, 2010)  
 Clapham Art Gallery (closed, 2006)  
 Jonathan Clark & Co  
 Clase Fine Art  
 Clerkenwell Fine Art  
 Clink Wharf Gallery  
 Coates & Scarry  
 The Cob Gallery  
  Coldharbour London  
 Sarah Colegrave  
 James Coleman Gallery  
 Sadie Coles HQ  
 Coll & Cortés Fine Arts  
 Collyer Bristow Gallery  
 COMODAA | Contemporary Modern Australian Art  
 Connaught Brown  
 Contini Art UK  
 Jonathan Cooper  
 The Cynthia Corbett Gallery  
 The Gallery on the Corner  
 Pilar Corrias Gallery  
 Cortesi Gallery - London  
 Cosa Gallery  
 Coskun Fine Art  
 Counter Editions  
 County Hall Gallery (closed)  
 Crane Kalman Gallery  
 Christopher Crescent  
 Cricket Fine Art  
 Hilary Crisp Gallery (closed, 2013)  
 Ed Cross Fine Art  
 The Crypt Gallery  
 Cube Gallery - London  
 Curious Duke Gallery  
 Curwen & New Academy Gallery  
 E & R Cyzer  
 Damien Matthews Fine Art  
 Thomas Dane Gallery  
 Danusha Fine Arts  
 Darnley Fine Art  
 Alicia David Contemporary Art  
 Davies & Tooth  
 Day & Faber  
 Massimo De Carlo London  
 De Parma  
 Rob Dean Art  
 Decima Gallery  
 Delahunty Fine Art  
 Laurent Delaye Gallery  
 Delaye Saltoun  
 Derek Johns  
 Desmond Page  
 Vanessa Devereux Gallery (closed, 1992)  
 Simon C Dickinson Ltd  
 Dicksmith Gallery  
 Didier Ltd  
 Diemar/Noble Photogrphy  
 Gallery Different  
 Display Gallery  
 Dominic Kemp  
 Doré Gallery (closed, 1915)  
 Douwes Fine Art - London  
 The Drawing Gallery  
 Drian Galleries (closed, 1990)  
 Duncan Cargill Gallery (closed, 1999)  
 Durlacher Fine Art  
 Charlie Dutton Gallery  
 Eames Fine Art  
 East 2 Gallery  
 East West Gallery  
 EB&Flow (closed, 2013)  
 The Economist  
 Edel Assanti  
 Elevator Gallery  
 Eleven and a Half  
 Eleven Fine Art  
 Eleven Howland Ltd  
 Elms Lesters Painting Rooms  
 Ben Elwes Fine Art  
 Emanuel von Baeyer  
 Embassy Tea Gallery  
 Emerging World Art  
 England & Co  
 Entwistle Gallery  
 Envie D'Art  
 Erskine, Hall & Coe  
 Espacio Gallery  
 Eye Candy (closed)  
 Elastic Residence  
 Eykyn Maclean  
 FA Projects (closed, 2009)  
 Anne Faggionato  
 Faggionato Fine Arts  
 Fairfax Gallery - London  
 FAS Contemporary  
 Victor Felix Gallery  
 Selma Feriani Gallery - London  
 Stephanie Ferrario Contemporary  
 Ferreira Projects  
 Fieldborne Galleries (closed, 1973)  
 FIG (Fashion Illustration Gallery)  
 Simon Finch Rare Books  
 Fine Art Consultancy  
 Fischer Fine Art (closed)  
 Fiumano Fine Art  
 Flaere Gallery  
 Flawless & Co  
 Flow Gallery  
 Flowers Galleries - Cork Street  
 Flying Colours Gallery  
 Fold Gallery  
 Forster Gallery (closed)  
 Foss Fine Art  
 Fosterart (closed)  
 Four all Saints  
 Frameless Gallery  
 Francesca Galloway  
 Eric Franck Fine Art  
 Robert Fraser Gallery (closed, 1969)  
 Fred [London] Ltd. (closed, 2013)  
 Carl Freedman Gallery  
 The French Art Studio  
 French Fabric Designs  
 Stephen Friedman Gallery  
 Frith Street Gallery  
 Hildegard Fritz-Denneville Fine Arts Ltd  
 Frost and Reed Contemporary  
 Gagliardi Gallery  
 Gagosian Gallery (closed, 2005)  
recommended institutionGagosian Gallery  
 Gagosian Gallery  
 Gagosian Gallery  
 Gagosian Gallery (closed, 2000)  
 Galerie Magda Danysz - London  
 Gallery Elena Shchukina  
 Gallery Fumi  
 Gazelli Art House Ltd  
 GBS Fine Art Ltd  
 Geist (closed, 2013)  
 Jill George Gallery  
 Gerrish Fine Art  
 Thomas Gibson Fine Art  
 Gieves Gallery (closed)  
 Gilbert-Parr Gallery (closed, 1982)  
 Gilden's Arts UK  
 David Gill Gallery  
 Gimpel Fils  
 Gladwell & Patterson  
 Goedhuis Contemporary - London  
 Alexia Goethe Gallery (closed)  
 Golborne Gallery  
 Israel Goldman  
 Galleries Goldsteins at Goodhood  
 Gone Tomorrow Gallery  
 Gooden Gallery  
 Goodman Fine Art  
 Marian Goodman Gallery - London  
 The Grafton Galleries (closed, 1930)  
 Richard Green  
 Green Cardamom  
 The Green Room (closed, 2013)  
 Nigel Greenwood Inc Ltd (closed, 1992)  
 Gregg Baker Asian Art  
 Martyn Gregory  
 The Griffin Gallery  
 Camilla Grimaldi Gallery  
 Grob Gallery (closed, 1992)  
 Grosvenor Gallery  
 Dominic Guerrini Fine Art  
 Guggenheim Jeune (closed, 1939)  
 Guillochon Gallery  
 Louisa Guinness Gallery  
 GV art  
 Gwen Hughes - Modern British Art  
 HackelBury Fine Art Limited  
 HADA Contemporary  
 Johnny van Haeften Ltd  
 Bruce Haines Mayfair  
 Halcyon Gallery - Bruton Street  
 Halcyon Gallery - New Bond Street  
 Hales Gallery  
 Hamiltons Gallery  
 Hammer Sidi  
 Hampstead Gallery  
 Ceri Hand Gallery (closed, 2014)  
 Handel Street Projects  
 Hang-Up Gallery  
 Hanga Ten Contemporary Japanese Prints  
 Hanina Gallery  
 Hanmi Gallery  
 Hanover Gallery (closed, 1973)  
 Benjamin C Hargreaves  
 Harris Lindsay  
 Hart Gallery (closed, 2012)  
 Julian Hartnoll  
 Hats Plus  
 Haunch of Venison - London (closed, 2013)  
recommended institutionHauser & Wirth - London  
 Hay Hill Gallery  
 Hazlitt Gooden & Fox Ltd  
 Hazlitt Holland-Hibbert  
 Toni Heath Gallery  
 Patrick Heide Contemporary Art  
 Herald St  
 Herrick Gallery  
 The Hex (closed, 2008)  
 HF Contemporary Art - London  
 Hickmet Fine Arts  
 Purdy Hicks Gallery  
 Kashya Hildebrand  
 Emma Hill Fine Art / Eagle Gallery  
 Hirschl Contemporary Art  
 Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery  
 Tristan Hoare Gallery  
 Tim Hobart  
 Catherine Hodgkinson  
 Hofer Printroom (closed, 2005)  
 Holland Murray Fine Art  
 Hollybush Gardens  
 Holster Projects  
 Home House  
 Hoopers Gallery  
 Stephanie Hoppen Gallery  
 Michael Hoppen Gallery  
 Michael Hoppen Contemporary (closed, 2012)  
 Rebecca Hossack Gallery  
 Rebecca Hossack Gallery  
 Hotel Gallery (closed, 2012)  
 HotShoe Gallery  
recommended institutionPippy Houldsworth Gallery  
 House Gallery  
 House of Propellers  
 Hoxton Art Gallery  
 Hua Gallery  
 Michael Hue-Williams Fine Art Limited (closed)  
 David Hughes (closed)  
 Hundred Years Gallery  
 Sally Hunter Fine Art  
 Hus gallery  
 James Hyman Gallery  
 i-cabin (closed)  
 IAP Fine Art  
 IBID Projects  
 Manya Igel Fine Arts  
 Illuminate Productions  
 IMAGO Art Gallery - London  
 Imitate Modern  
 IMT Gallery  
 Gallery Indica (closed, 1966)  
 Lyndsey Ingram  
 Interim Art Gallery  
 Rose Issa Projects  
 Ivory & Black Soho  
 William Jackson Gallery  
 Jacob's Island Gallery  
 Nicola Jacobs Gallery (closed)  
 Bernard Jacobson Gallery - London  
 Alison Jacques Gallery  
 James Butterwick  
 James Freeman Gallery  
 Janus Avivson Gallery  
 Gillian Jason Modern & Contemporary Art  
 Mark Jason Gallery  
 Jealous Gallery  
 Jean-Luc Baroni  
 Theobald Jennings LLP  
 Jennings Fine Art  
 JHW Fine Art  
 Joanna Bird  
 Jonathan F. Kugel  
 Jonathan Pascoe Pratt  
 Katie Jones  
 Jorge Welsh Works of Art - London  
 Annely Juda Fine Art  
 Gallery K - London  
 Kahn Gallery  
 Gallery Kaleidoscope  
 Kallos Gallery  
 Kamal Bakhshi Modern Asian Art  
 Kamba Fine Art  
 kamel mennour  
 Kaplan Gallery (closed, 1973)  
 Karavil Contemporary  
 Karen Taylor Fine Art  
 Kasmin Gallery (closed, 1992)  
 Robin Katz Fine Art  
 Daniel Katz Ltd  
 Nevill Keating Pictures Ltd  
 Keith Chapman Gallery  
 King Street Fine Art Limited  
 Kings Place Gallery  
 Kings Road Art Gallery  
 James Kinmont Fine Art  
 Kinsman Morrison Gallery (closed, 1974)  
 Dan Klein Ltd. (closed)  
 Robert Kleiner & Co  
 Knoedler Gallery (closed, 1986)  
 Beverley Knowles Fine Art  
 Julia Korner Fine Art  
 Carl Kostyál - London  
 The Kowalsky Gallery  
 Francis Kyle Gallery  
 La Galerie London  
 La Galleria  
 La Scatola Gallery (closed, 2013)  
 Ladiray Gallery  
 Lahd Gallery  
 LAMB arts  
 Yvon Lambert - London (closed, 2009)  
 Lampronti Gallery  
 Large Glass  
 Enid Lawson Gallery  
 Lazarides Gallery  
 LD50 Gallery  
 Galerie Le Violon Bleu - London  
 Simon Lee Gallery  
 Lefevre Fine Art  
 Lefevre Gallery (closed, 2002)  
 Leinster Fine Art (closed)  
 The Lennox Gallery  
 Lévy Gorvy - London  
 Gallery Libby Sellers  
 Lowell Libson Ltd  
 Light Gallery  
 Light Contemporary  
 Josh Lilley  
 Limoncello (closed, 2017)  
 William Ling Fine Art  
 The Lion and Lamb Gallery (closed, 2014)  
 Liss Fine Art  
 Lisson Gallery  
 The Little Black Gallery  
 Loewe Contemporary  
 lokal_30_warszawa_london_project (closed, 2011)  
 London Contemporary Art  
 London West Bank Gallery  
 Long & Ryle  
 Lotta Hammer (closed, 2002)  
 Lubomirov / Angus-Hughes Gallery  
 Lucy Johnson  
 Caroline Le Luel Contemporary Art  
 Lumley Cazalet Ltd.  
 Luxembourg & Dayan  
 Daniella Luxembourg Art  
recommended institutionLychee One Gallery  
 L´Equipement des Arts  
 M+R Gallery  
 Maak Gallery (closed)  
 Maas Gallery  
 MacConnal-Mason Gallery  
 Kate MacGarry  
 Ian Mackenzie Fine Art  
 James Mackinnon  
 Maclean Fine Art  
 Martin MacLeish Ltd  
 Madder139 (closed, 2012)  
 Maddox Arts  
 Maddox Gallery - Mayfair  
 Magnani (closed, 2004)  
 Magnum Photos London  
 Maltzahn Gallery (closed, 1976)  
 Marc Jancou Contemporary (closed, 1999)  
 Marlborough Contemporary  
 Marlborough Fine Art London  
 John Martin Gallery  
 Master Piper  
 Matt's Gallery  
 The Matthiesen Gallery  
 Matt´s Gallery  
 Paul Mayhew Fine Art  
 The Mayor Gallery  
 The Mayor's Parlour Gallery  
 Mazzoleni London  
 Tracey McNee Fine Art - Mayfair  
 McRoberts & Tunnard Gallery (closed, 1966)  
 MD Flacks Ltd  
 Mead Carney Fine Art  
 Medici Gallery  
 Mercury Gallery Ltd. (closed)  
 Messum´s London  
 Clarence Mews  
 Mews42 Gallery  
 Michael Cane Art  
 Michael Goedhuis  
 Duncan R. Miller Fine Arts  
 Catharine Miller Fine Art  
 Lucy Milton Gallery (closed)  
 Victoria Miro Gallery  
 John Mitchell Fine Paintings  
 MMX Gallery  
 Moatti Fine Arts Ltd  
 Mobile Home (closed, 2004)  
 Stuart Shave / Modern Art  
 Modern Sculpture  
 Moeller Fine Art Ltd - London (closed, 1984)  
 Harry Moore-Gwyn  
 Moretti Fine Art  
 Wiebke Morgan  
 Guy Morrison  
 the Bettie Morton Gallery  
 Morton Metropolis  
 MOTInternational London  
 MOTInternational Project Sapce  
 Frederick Mulder  
 The Multiple Store  
 Mumford Fine Art  
 Mummery + Schnelle (closed, 2014)  
 Andrew Mummery Gallery (closed)  
 Murphy Machin  
 Museum 52 - London (closed, 2010)  
 MW Projects  
 Sarah Myerscough Fine Art  
 I-Myu Projects  
 Richard Nagy  
 Helly Nahmad Gallery  
 Nahmad Projects  
 Peter Nahum at the Leicester Galleries  
 Narrative Projects  
 The Narwhal Inuit Art Gallery  
 Richard Nathanson  
 Project Native Informant  
 Nettie Horn (closed, 2013)  
 Maurice Einhardt Neu Gallery  
 New Art Centre (closed, 1994)  
 New Art Projects  
 New Burlington Galleries (closed)  
 New Vision Centre Gallery (NVCG) (closed, 1966)  
 No Format  
 No More Grey Gallery  
 Nordic Art Works - London  
 Lisa Norris Gallery  
 Northcote Gallery  
 Gallery Nosco  
 Nylon Gallery (closed, 2002)  
 O'Hana Gallery (closed, 1961)  
 Obelisk Gallery (closed)  
 Oblong Gallery  
 October Gallery  
 Anthony d'Offay Gallery (closed, 2001)  
 Simon Oldfield Gallery  
 Olimpia Theodoli  
 Oliver Contemporary  
 Olyvia Fine Art  
 N R Omell Gallery  
 Gallery One (closed, 1963)  
 Gallery One  
 One in the Other (closed, 2009)  
 Open Gallery  
recommended institutionOpera Gallery  
 Orel Art UK (closed)  
 Orion Contemporary  
 Flavia Ormond Fine Arts Ltd  
 Osborne Samuel  
 The Osborne Studio Gallery  
 The Outside World  
 Ozenne & Prazowski Gallery  
 Pace Gallery - London  
 The Page  
 Julian Page Modern & Contemporary Prints  
 Paintbox Fine Art - London  
 Paisnel Gallery  
recommended institutionMAUREEN PALEY  
 Panter & Hall  
 Paradise Row (closed, 2014)  
 The Park Gallery  
 Park Walk Gallery  
 Michael Parkin Fine Art  
 Marjorie Parr Gallery (closed)  
 Paton Gallery (closed, 2005)  
 Patrick Boyd-carpenter  
 W. H. Patterson Gallery  
 St Pauls Artspace  
 Jeffrey Charles Henry Peacock  
 Peles Empire  
 Pepperton uk  
 Guy Peppiatt Fine Art  
 percy miller gallery  
 Perimeter Art & Design  
 Pertwee Anderson & Gold  
 Peter von Kant  
 Petley Fine Art  
 Petschek Arts (closed)  
 Photographic Collections Limited (closed)  
 Pi Artworks - London  
 Piano Nobile  
 Piccadilly Gallery Ltd. (closed, 2007)  
 Pierre Spake Fine Art  
 Plateaux Gallery  
 Plus One Gallery  
 George Polke Gallery  
 Alexandre Pollazzon Ltd (closed, 2008)  
 Pollock Fine Art  
 Pond Gallery  
 Poole Fine Art (closed)  
 Poppy Sebire  
 Portal Gallery  
 Catherine Porter Gallery  
 Portland Gallery  
 Portman Gallery  
 Historical Portraits (Philip Mould)  
 Post Box Gallery  
 Alexander Postan Fine Art (closed)  
 Postbox Gallery  
 Poussin Gallery  
 Prahlad Bubbar  
 Prenelle Gallery  
 Robert Prime (closed)  
 Gallery Primo Alonso  
 Benjamin Proust Fine Art Limited  
 Pyms Gallery  
 PynerContreras Contemporary Art  
 Quantum Contemporary Art  
 Rachmaninoff's Smith/Arnatt (closed, 2013)  
 Janet Rady Fine Art  
 The Rae-Smith Gallery  
 Ransom Fine & Decorative Art  
 Ravenscourt Galleries  
 Raw Gallery (closed)  
 Almine Rech Gallery - London  
 Red Dot Gallery (closed)  
 Red Gallery  
 Red Raven Arts  
 Redfern Gallery  
 REITER London prospect  
 The Reliance  
 Repetto Gallery  
 The Residence Gallery  
 Anthony Reynolds Gallery  
 Rhodes + Mann  
 Rich Gallery  
 Riflemaker Contemporary Art  
 Roaming ROOM  
 Robilant + Voena  
 Rod Barton  
 Rodeo London  
 Rollaversion Gallery (closed, 2015)  
 Rollo Contemporary Art  
 Roman Road  
 Ronchini Gallery  
 Rook & Raven  
 dalla Rosa Gallery  
 Rosenfeld Porcini  
 Rossi & Rossi Ltd  
 Rosy Wilde  
 Rowan Gallery (closed, 1981)  
 Rowntree Clark  
 RS&A Gallery (closed)  
 The Russell Gallery  
 Gallery S O  
 Sackville Gallery  
 Salama-Caro Gallery (closed)  
 SaLon Gallery (closed)  
 Richard Saltoun  
 Sam Fogg  
 Felicity Samuel Gallery (closed)  
 Robert Sandelson  
 Sara Pearce Fine Art  
 Sartorial Contemporary Art  
 Adrian Sassoon  
 Sassoon Gallery  
 Kenny Schachter / ROVE Projects LLP  
 Gallery Karsten Schubert  
 Scolar Fine Art  
 Scout Gallery  
 Scream London  
 SE9 Container Gallery  
 Patrick Seale Gallery (closed)  
 Seen Fifteen  
 Hidde van Seggelen Contemporary Art  
 Seventeen Gallery  
 Shapero Gallery  
 The Sheen Gallery  
 Sheridan Russell Gallery  
 Tim Sheward Projects (closed, 2014)  
 Shine Artists London  
 The Ship  
 Shizaru Gallery  
 Shtager Gallery London  
 Sid Motion Gallery  
 Sieff Gallery  
 Signal Gallery  
 Signals Gallery (closed, 1966)  
 Sim Smith Gallery  
 Skarstedt, London  
 Skylark Gallery  
 Sladmore 19th & 20th Century Sculpture  
 Sladmore Contemporary  
 Charlie Smith London  
 Sophia Contemporary Gallery  
 South Kiosk  
 Southard Reid  
 Space In Between  
 Space Station Sixty-Five (SS65)  
 Spectrum London (closed, 2008)  
 Sphinx Fine Art  
 John Spink  
 Spring Projects  
 Sprovieri - London  
 Sprüth Magers London  
 Square One Gallery  
 Squid & Tabernacle  
 Stair Sainty Gallery  
 Barbara Stanley Gallery  
 Stark Gallery - London  
 Stark Projects  
 StArt Space  
 Maria Stenfors (closed)  
 Stephen Ongpin Fine Art  
 The Steps Gallery  
 Stern Pissarro Gallery  
 Stolenspace Gallery  
 Paul Stolper Gallery  
 Danielle Stonyer, Works of Art (closed)  
 Stoppenbach & Delestre Ltd  
 Store Gallery (closed)  
 Store Street Gallery  
 Leonard Street Gallery  
 Strychnin Gallery - London  
 The Studio Glass Gallery @ Thomas Goode  
 Vanessa Suchar - Le Salon for Art Collectors (closed, 2006)  
 Sulger-Buell Lovell Gallery  
 Sumarria Lunn (closed, 2014)  
 Martin Summers Fine Art Ltd  
 The Sunday Painter  
 Supplement Gallery  
 Sutton Lane - London (closed)  
 SW1 Gallery  
 Swallow Street  
 Switch Art Library  
 Sydney L. Moss  
 t1+2 artspace  
 Tag Fine Arts  
 Take Courage Gallery  
 Keith Talent Gallery  
 James Taylor Gallery  
 Timothy Taylor Gallery  
 temporarycontemporary (closed, 2006)  
 Thackeray Gallery  
 The Crypt St Marylebone Parish Church  
 The Dazed Gallery  
 The Gallery Of Everything  
 The Great Unsigned  
 The Hallam Gallery  
 The London Institute Gallery Millbank (closed, 2002)  
 The RYDER  
 Simon Theobald  
 Thirteen Langton Street  
 Thompson's Gallery  
 Three Colts Gallery  
 Tiwani Contemporary  
 TJ Boulting  
 Todd Galleries (closed, 1994)  
 Toffler Pruskin Fine Art & Design  
 Tokarska Gallery  
 Nevill Keating Tollemache Ltd  
 Tomasso Brothers Fine Art  
 Tornabuoni Art London  
 Edward Totah Gallery (closed, 1994)  
 Transition Gallery  
 Trinity Buoy Wharf  
 Trinity Contemporary  
 Truck Art  
 Tryon Gallery  
 Emily Tsingou Gallery (closed, 2008)  
 Rob Tufnell  
 Tyburn Gallery  
 Underdog Gallery  
 Union Gallery  
 Union Pacific  
 Unit London  
 Unix Fine Art  
 Hester van Royen Gallery (closed, 1980)  
 Vegas Gallery  
 Gallery Vela  
 Salon Vert  
 Vertigo Gallery  
 The Video Art Gallery  
 Viewfinder Gallery (closed, 2011)  
 Vilma Gold  
 Jonathan Viner Gallery  
 VINEspace (closed)  
 Vitrine Gallery  
 VTO Gallery (closed, 2006)  
 Rupert Wace Ancient Art  
 Theo Waddington Fine Art Ltd. (closed)  
 Waddington Custot Galleries  
 Wagdas (closed)  
 The Wapping Project / Bankside  
 Waterhouse & Dodd  
 Waterloo Gallery  
 Offer Waterman & Co  
 waterside contemporary  
 Gordon Watson  
 The Wayward Canon  
 Knight Webb Gallery  
 Webber Gallery Space  
 Webbs Fine Art  
 Wedel Fine Art  
 The Weiss Gallery  
 Jack Wendler Gallery (closed, 1974)  
 Michael Werner Gallery - London  
 Kiki Werth Poster  
 West Two Gallery  
 Westbourne Studios  
 Westbrook Gallery (formerly RM Fine Arts)  
 Gallery Westland Place  
 William Weston Gallery  
 Alan Wheatley Art  
 White Cube  
 White Rainbow (closed, 2017)  
 White Space Gallery  
 Whitecross Gallery (closed, 2009)  
 Whitfield Fine Art Ltd  
 Whitford Fine Art  
 Max Wigram Gallery  
 Wildenstein & Co Ltd  
 Wilkinson Gallery (closed, 2017)  
 Anthony Wilkinson Fine Art (closed)  
 Will's Art Warehouse  
 William Benington Gallery  
 Thomas Williams Fine Art  
 Willow Gallery  
 Wilson Stephens & Jones  
 Caroline Wiseman  
 Christopher Wood Gallery  
 Woolff Gallery  
 WW Gallery  
 Wyer Gallery  
 Viktor Wynd Fine Art  
 Xerxes Fine Art  
 Xpo Gallery (closed)  
 Evelyn Yard  
 Richard Young Gallery  
 Gallery Yujiro (closed)  
 Zebra Gallery  
 Zelda Cheatle Gallery  
 Zero 10 Gallery  
 Zest Contemporary Glass  
 Aroldo Zevi Ltd  
 ZINGERpresents - London (closed, 2009)  
 Zizi Gallery - Mayfair  
 Jerome Zodo Gallery - London  
 Zwemmer Gallery (closed, 1968)  
 David Zwirner Gallery  

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