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SLG South London Gallery

Istituzione Pubblica
SLG South London Gallery
65 Peckham Road
Londra SE5 8UH
Regno Unito
mappa della città
ricerca hotel
tel +44-(0) 207 703 6120
fax +44-(0) 207 703 9799
orario di apertura:
Ma, Me, Gio, Ve, Sa, Do  12:00-18:00
SLG South London Gallery

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Mark Titchner  2162 4
Tracey Emin  203 4

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  ICA - Institute of Contemporary Arts London, Regno Unito 130 160
  MoMA - Museum of Modern Art, USA 127 111
Lisson Gallery Lisson Gallery, Regno Unito 125 45
  MoMA PS1, USA 119 125
  Leo Castelli Gallery, USA 95 11

anno di fondazione: 1889
 Mostre anteriori   148
  Mostra personaliIsabelle Cornaro - Paysage avec poussin

  Mostra collettiveTomorrow: London
  Mostra personaliLawrence Weiner - All in due course
Description Mostra collettiveLast Seen Entering the Biltmore
  Mostra personaliJulia Crabtree and William Evans
  Mostra collettiveWelcome to Iraq

  Mostra personaliFive Minutes Before
  Mostra personaliOscar Murillo - If I Was to Draw a Line
  Mostra collettiveAt the moment of being heard
  Mostra personaliPae White: Too much night, again
  Mostra personaliEoghan Ryan: Oh wicked flesh!

  Mostra personaliSanja Ivekovic: Unknown Heroine
  Mostra personaliPauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz - Toxic Play in two Acts
  Mostra personaliRashid Johnson
  Mostra personaliStephen Willats: Surfing with the Attractor
  Mostra personaliAlice Channer: Out of Body
  Mostra personaliEdward Thomasson: Inside

  Mostra personaliDara Birnbaum
  Mostra personaliGabriel Kuri: before contingency after the fact
  Mostra personaliTue Greenfort: Where the People Will Go
  Mostra personaliPaul Etienne Lincoln: An Aurelian Labyrinth and other Explications
  Mostra personaliGeorge Shaw: The Sly and Unseen Day
  Mostra personaliSimon & Tom Bloor: Happy Habitat Revisited
  Mostra collettiveCharles Atlas, Mika Tajima and New Humans: The Pedestrians

  Mostra personaliManon de Boer: Framed in an Open Window
  Mostra personaliMassimo Bartolini: Cor
  Mostra personaliTatiana Trouvé
  Mostra personaliMichał Budny: Author
  Mostra collettiveNothing is Forever
Description and image Mostra personaliBallad of the Green Hoop
Description and image Mostra collettiveMichael Landy : Art Bin

Description and image Mostra personaliOmer Fast : Solo show
Description and image Mostra collettiveBeyond These Walls
Description and image Mostra personaliMarie Cool Fabio Balducci: Untitled 2006-2009
Description and image Mostra personaliWilliam Forsythe - Focus on Forsythe: Additive Inverse
Description and image Mostra personaliEllen Gallagher: An Experiment of Unusual Opportunity - Everybody's Got a Little Light Under the Door
  Mostra personaliSuperflex: Flooded McDonald's

  Mostra personaliRivane Neuenschwander: Suspension Point
Description and image Mostra collettiveGames & Theory
  Mostra personaliRyan Gander: Heralded as the New Black
  Mostra personaliAlfredo Jaar: Politics of the Image

  Mostra personaliThomas Zipp: Planet Caravan. Is There Life After Death? a Futuristic World Fair
  Mostra personaliEva Rothschild
  Mostra collettiveThe Weasel: Pop Music and Contemporary Art
  Mostra collettiveStay forever and ever and ever
  Mostra personaliJohn Armleder: About Nothing. Works On Paper 1962 - 2007

  Mostra personaliMelik Ohanian: Seven Minutes Before
  Mostra personaliChris Burden: The Flying Steamroller
  Mostra personaliChris Burden: 14 Magnolia Double Lamps
  Mostra personaliHarold Offeh: THE MOTHERSHIP COLLECTIVE
  Mostra collettiveAround the World in Eighty Days
  Mostra personaliNigel Cooke: A Portrait of Everything - Solo show
  Mostra personaliDaniel Roth - The Well

  Mostra collettiveHer Noise
  Mostra personaliMark Dion - Microcosmographia
  Mostra personaliMark Titchner: What if this present were the World's last night?
Description Mostra personaliSaskia Olde Wolbers: TRAILER
Description Mostra collettiveDEPTH OF FIELD
Description Mostra personaliHenrik Plenge Jakobsen : J'Accuse

Description Mostra collettiveShowCASe Preview
Description Mostra personaliSteve McQueen - Once Upon a Time
Description Mostra collettivePerfectly Placed
Description and image Mostra personaliTom Friedman
Description Mostra collettiveBeating About the Bush in the 'Secret Garden'
Description Mostra personaliOn Kawara - Reading One Million Years

Description and image Mostra collettiveIndependence
Description Mostra collettiveUK/Canadian Film and Video Exchange
Description Mostra personaliLa Ribot - Take Off
Description Mostra personaliSimon Starling - Djungel

Description Mostra personaliWilliam Furlong - To Hear Yourself As Others Hear You
Description Mostra collettive20 Million Mexicans Can't Be Wrong
Description Mostra collettiveAbout Belief
Description Mostra personaliJoelle Tuerlinckx - In Real Time: Space Parts, Solar Room, Night Cabin
Description Mostra personaliChristian Boltanski - Les Abonnés du Téléphone
Description Mostra personaliKeith Tyson - Supercollider

Description Mostra collettiveStation House Opera - Mare´s Nest
  Mostra personaliFranko B - Still Life
Description Mostra personaliA K Dolven - Solo Exhibition
Description Mostra collettiveNils Norman: Geocruiser
Description Mostra personaliWalter Crane Floor and Exhibition
Description Mostra collettiveUrban Nomads
Description Mostra personaliRoss Sinclair: Fortress Real Life (Peckham)
Description Mostra personaliBill Woodrow: The Beekeeper
Description Mostra personaliBarbara Kruger - Power Pleasure Desire Disgust
Description Mostra personaliLa Ribot - Still Distinguished

Description Mostra personaliLeon Golub - Echoes of the real
Description Mostra collettiveIsaac Julien & Javier de Frutos - Cinerama
Description Mostra collettiveDomestic Bliss
Description Mostra personaliKaren Kilimnik - Solo Exhibition
Description Mostra collettiveRoute 12: 36 / Open 2000
Description Mostra collettiveBecause a fire was in my head
Description Mostra personaliThomas Kilpper - The Ring
Description Mostra personaliAnn-Sofi Sidén - Who is invading my privacy, not so quietly and not so friendly?

Description Mostra collettiveBloomberg New Contemporaries 1999
  Mostra personaliFaisal Abdu' Allah - Route 12:36 - Project X
  Mostra personaliFranko B - Aktion 398
Description Mostra collettiveBrian Catling/Tony Grisoni : Vanished! A Video Séance
  Mostra collettiveWalter Crane Floor and Exhibition
Description Mostra personaliMimmo Paladino - Solo exhibition
Description Mostra collettiveNon Place Urban Realm
Description Mostra personaliSean Scully - New Paintings
  Mostra collettiveDrive By - New Art from LA
  Mostra collettiveBlast Theory / Simon Grennan / Christopher Sperandio - Route 12:36
Description Mostra collettiveEverald Brown / Stanley Greaves - The Elders
Description Mostra personaliJulian Schnabel - Solo Exhibition

  Mostra collettiveSite Construction
  Mostra personaliGavin Turk - The Stuff Show
Description Mostra personaliSound Factory
  Mostra personaliStephen Willats - Changing Everything
  Mostra personaliJorge Molder - Solo Exhibition
  Mostra collettiveLovecraft
  Mostra collettiveParallel Universe
  Mostra personaliMarc Quinn - Solo Exhibition

  Mostra personali(e.) Twin Gabriel - Floating Floccinaucinihilpilification
  Mostra personaliTom Phillips: Sacred and Profane
  Mostra personaliDonald Rodney : Nine Night in Eldorado
  Mostra collettiveSummer Collection '97
  Mostra personaliGary Stevens : AND
  Mostra collettiveSome Kind of Heaven
  Mostra personaliTracey Emin : I need Art like I need God
  Mostra personaliBill Viola : The Messenger

  Mostra personaliAnselm Kiefer : I hold all the Indias in my hand
  Mostra collettivePopocultural
  Mostra personaliSherri Levine : New Photography
  Mostra collettiveInside Bankside
  Mostra personaliStuart Brisley : Black
  Mostra collettiveDesert
  Mostra personaliDerek Ogbourne : What Makes You
  Mostra personaliBrian Catling : Cyclops
  Mostra personaliSimon Biggs : Document B

  Mostra personaliGilbert & George : The Naked Shit Pictures
  Mostra collettiveKaraoke
  Mostra personaliEttore Spalletti
  Mostra collettiveMinky Manky
  Mostra personaliZarina Bhimji

  Mostra personaliRasheed Araeen
  Mostra personaliShelagh Wakely : Rainsquare
  Mostra personaliShaheen Merali : Channels Echoes and Empty Chairs
  Mostra personaliMichael Petry : The Garden of Enlightenment
  Mostra personaliRose Garrard : Arena for Conversation
  Mostra collettiveTrue Colours – Aboriginal & Torres : Strait Islander Artists Raise the Flag
  Mostra personaliNicholas May : Solo Exhibition
  Mostra collettiveDistant Voices: Contemporary Art from the Czech Republic
  Mostra personaliVivan Sundaram : Map, Monument, Fallen Mortal

  Mostra collettiveRefusing to Surface
  Mostra collettiveSweet Home
  Mostra personaliRon Haselden : Golden Crescent

  Mostra personaliJohn Dodgson 1890-1969
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