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South London Gallery (SLG)

Istituzione Pubblica
South London Gallery (SLG)
65 Peckham Road
Londra SE5 8UH
Regno Unito
mappa della città
ricerca hotel
tel +44-(0) 207 703 6120
fax +44-(0) 207 703 9799
orario di apertura:
Ma, Me, Gio, Ve, Sa, Do  12:00-18:00
South London Gallery (SLG)

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Mark Titchner  2467 4
Tracey Emin  195 4

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 284 130
  Institute of Contemporary Arts London (ICA), Regno Unito 135 166
  Lisson Gallery, Regno Unito 129 50
  MoMA PS1, USA 126 139
  Leo Castelli Gallery, USA 97 12

anno di fondazione: 1889
 Fiere d'Arte
Art - London’s global art fair (16)
 Mostre anteriori   149
  Mostra collettiveUnder the same sun: Art from Latin America today

  Mostra personaliIsabelle Cornaro - Paysage avec poussin

  Mostra collettiveTomorrow: London
  Mostra personaliLawrence Weiner - All in due course
Description Mostra collettiveLast Seen Entering the Biltmore
  Mostra personaliJulia Crabtree and William Evans
  Mostra collettiveWelcome to Iraq

  Mostra personaliFive Minutes Before
  Mostra personaliOscar Murillo - If I Was to Draw a Line
  Mostra collettiveAt the moment of being heard
  Mostra personaliPae White: Too much night, again
  Mostra personaliEoghan Ryan: Oh wicked flesh!

  Mostra personaliSanja Ivekovic: Unknown Heroine
  Mostra personaliPauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz - Toxic Play in two Acts
  Mostra personaliRashid Johnson
  Mostra personaliStephen Willats: Surfing with the Attractor
  Mostra personaliAlice Channer: Out of Body
  Mostra personaliEdward Thomasson: Inside

  Mostra personaliDara Birnbaum
  Mostra personaliGabriel Kuri: before contingency after the fact
  Mostra personaliTue Greenfort: Where the People Will Go
  Mostra personaliPaul Etienne Lincoln: An Aurelian Labyrinth and other Explications
  Mostra personaliGeorge Shaw: The Sly and Unseen Day
  Mostra personaliSimon & Tom Bloor: Happy Habitat Revisited
  Mostra collettiveCharles Atlas, Mika Tajima and New Humans: The Pedestrians

  Mostra personaliManon de Boer: Framed in an Open Window
  Mostra personaliMassimo Bartolini: Cor
  Mostra personaliTatiana Trouvé
  Mostra personaliMichał Budny: Author
  Mostra collettiveNothing is Forever
Description and image Mostra personaliBallad of the Green Hoop
Description and image Mostra collettiveMichael Landy : Art Bin

Description and image Mostra personaliOmer Fast : Solo show
Description and image Mostra collettiveBeyond These Walls
Description and image Mostra personaliMarie Cool Fabio Balducci: Untitled 2006-2009
Description and image Mostra personaliWilliam Forsythe - Focus on Forsythe: Additive Inverse
Description and image Mostra personaliEllen Gallagher: An Experiment of Unusual Opportunity - Everybody's Got a Little Light Under the Door
  Mostra personaliSuperflex: Flooded McDonald's

  Mostra personaliRivane Neuenschwander: Suspension Point
Description and image Mostra collettiveGames & Theory
  Mostra personaliRyan Gander: Heralded as the New Black
  Mostra personaliAlfredo Jaar: Politics of the Image

  Mostra personaliThomas Zipp: Planet Caravan. Is There Life After Death? a Futuristic World Fair
  Mostra personaliEva Rothschild
  Mostra collettiveThe Weasel: Pop Music and Contemporary Art
  Mostra collettiveStay forever and ever and ever
  Mostra personaliJohn Armleder: About Nothing. Works On Paper 1962 - 2007

  Mostra personaliMelik Ohanian: Seven Minutes Before
  Mostra personaliChris Burden: The Flying Steamroller
  Mostra personaliChris Burden: 14 Magnolia Double Lamps
  Mostra personaliHarold Offeh: THE MOTHERSHIP COLLECTIVE
  Mostra collettiveAround the World in Eighty Days
  Mostra personaliNigel Cooke: A Portrait of Everything - Solo show
  Mostra personaliDaniel Roth - The Well

  Mostra collettiveHer Noise
  Mostra personaliMark Dion - Microcosmographia
  Mostra personaliMark Titchner: What if this present were the World's last night?
Description Mostra personaliSaskia Olde Wolbers: TRAILER
Description Mostra collettiveDEPTH OF FIELD
Description Mostra personaliHenrik Plenge Jakobsen : J'Accuse

Description Mostra collettiveShowCASe Preview
Description Mostra personaliSteve McQueen - Once Upon a Time
Description Mostra collettivePerfectly Placed
Description and image Mostra personaliTom Friedman
Description Mostra collettiveBeating About the Bush in the 'Secret Garden'
Description Mostra personaliOn Kawara - Reading One Million Years

Description and image Mostra collettiveIndependence
Description Mostra collettiveUK/Canadian Film and Video Exchange
Description Mostra personaliLa Ribot - Take Off
Description Mostra personaliSimon Starling - Djungel

Description Mostra personaliWilliam Furlong - To Hear Yourself As Others Hear You
Description Mostra collettive20 Million Mexicans Can't Be Wrong
Description Mostra collettiveAbout Belief
Description Mostra personaliJoelle Tuerlinckx - In Real Time: Space Parts, Solar Room, Night Cabin
Description Mostra personaliChristian Boltanski - Les Abonnés du Téléphone
Description Mostra personaliKeith Tyson - Supercollider

Description Mostra collettiveStation House Opera - Mare´s Nest
  Mostra personaliFranko B - Still Life
Description Mostra personaliA K Dolven - Solo Exhibition
Description Mostra collettiveNils Norman: Geocruiser
Description Mostra personaliWalter Crane Floor and Exhibition
Description Mostra collettiveUrban Nomads
Description Mostra personaliRoss Sinclair: Fortress Real Life (Peckham)
Description Mostra personaliBill Woodrow: The Beekeeper
Description Mostra personaliBarbara Kruger - Power Pleasure Desire Disgust
Description Mostra personaliLa Ribot - Still Distinguished

Description Mostra personaliLeon Golub - Echoes of the real
Description Mostra collettiveIsaac Julien & Javier de Frutos - Cinerama
Description Mostra collettiveDomestic Bliss
Description Mostra personaliKaren Kilimnik - Solo Exhibition
Description Mostra collettiveRoute 12: 36 / Open 2000
Description Mostra collettiveBecause a fire was in my head
Description Mostra personaliThomas Kilpper - The Ring
Description Mostra personaliAnn-Sofi Sidén - Who is invading my privacy, not so quietly and not so friendly?

Description Mostra collettiveBloomberg New Contemporaries 1999
  Mostra personaliFaisal Abdu' Allah - Route 12:36 - Project X
  Mostra personaliFranko B - Aktion 398
Description Mostra collettiveBrian Catling/Tony Grisoni : Vanished! A Video Séance
  Mostra collettiveWalter Crane Floor and Exhibition
Description Mostra personaliMimmo Paladino - Solo exhibition
Description Mostra collettiveNon Place Urban Realm
Description Mostra personaliSean Scully - New Paintings
  Mostra collettiveDrive By - New Art from LA
  Mostra collettiveBlast Theory / Simon Grennan / Christopher Sperandio - Route 12:36
Description Mostra collettiveEverald Brown / Stanley Greaves - The Elders
Description Mostra personaliJulian Schnabel - Solo Exhibition

  Mostra collettiveSite Construction
  Mostra personaliGavin Turk - The Stuff Show
Description Mostra personaliSound Factory
  Mostra personaliStephen Willats - Changing Everything
  Mostra personaliJorge Molder - Solo Exhibition
  Mostra collettiveLovecraft
  Mostra collettiveParallel Universe
  Mostra personaliMarc Quinn

  Mostra personali(e.) Twin Gabriel - Floating Floccinaucinihilpilification
  Mostra personaliTom Phillips: Sacred and Profane
  Mostra personaliDonald Rodney : Nine Night in Eldorado
  Mostra collettiveSummer Collection '97
  Mostra personaliGary Stevens : AND
  Mostra collettiveSome Kind of Heaven
  Mostra personaliTracey Emin : I need Art like I need God
  Mostra personaliBill Viola : The Messenger

  Mostra personaliAnselm Kiefer : I hold all the Indias in my hand
  Mostra collettivePopocultural
  Mostra personaliSherri Levine : New Photography
  Mostra collettiveInside Bankside
  Mostra personaliStuart Brisley : Black
  Mostra collettiveDesert
  Mostra personaliDerek Ogbourne : What Makes You
  Mostra personaliBrian Catling : Cyclops
  Mostra personaliSimon Biggs : Document B

  Mostra personaliGilbert & George : The Naked Shit Pictures
  Mostra collettiveKaraoke
  Mostra personaliEttore Spalletti
  Mostra collettiveMinky Manky
  Mostra personaliZarina Bhimji

  Mostra personaliRasheed Araeen
  Mostra personaliShelagh Wakely : Rainsquare
  Mostra personaliShaheen Merali : Channels Echoes and Empty Chairs
  Mostra personaliMichael Petry : The Garden of Enlightenment
  Mostra personaliRose Garrard : Arena for Conversation
  Mostra collettiveTrue Colours – Aboriginal & Torres : Strait Islander Artists Raise the Flag
  Mostra personaliNicholas May : Solo Exhibition
  Mostra collettiveDistant Voices: Contemporary Art from the Czech Republic
  Mostra personaliVivan Sundaram : Map, Monument, Fallen Mortal

  Mostra collettiveRefusing to Surface
  Mostra collettiveSweet Home
  Mostra personaliRon Haselden : Golden Crescent

  Mostra personaliJohn Dodgson 1890-1969
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