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Cornell Fine Arts Museum

Istituzione Pubblica
Cornell Fine Arts Museum
1000 Holt Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789-4499
mappa della città
ricerca hotel
tel +1 407 646 2526
fax +1 407 646 2524

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Henry Moore  422
Childe Hassam  4335
Audrey Flack  7228
John Frederick Kensett  14717
Alberto Pasini  52074

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Sam Gilliam  1929 4

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 78 4
  Osborne Samuel, Regno Unito 14 1
  Dallas Museum of Art, USA 13 3
  Waddington Custot Galleries, Regno Unito 12 1

Audrey Flack  1931, US
Lavinia Fontana  1552-1614, IT
Childe Hassam  1859-1935, US
Hermann Herzog  1832-1932, DE
John Frederick Kensett  1816-1872, US
Thomas Lawrence  1769-1830, UK
Jean-Baptiste Leprince  1734-1781
Pietro Liberi  1614-1687, IT
Henry Moore  1898-1986, UK
Francesco de Mura  1696-1782
Alberto Pasini  1825-1899, IT
Hiram Powers  1805-1873, US
Cosimo Roselli  1438-1507, IT
Alessandro Turchi  1578-1649
 Mostre anteriori   99
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  Mostra personaliKara Walker: Harper's Pictorial History of the Civil War (Annotated)

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  Mostra personaliJohn Hitchcock: Ghosts of Brutality

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  Mostra collettiveBest Impressions
  Mostra personaliBritish & Modern:
  Mostra collettiveA Room of One's Own
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  Mostra personaliLikewise, as technical experts, but not (at all) by way of culture
  Mostra personaliDust and Shade: Drawings by Charles Ritchie
  Mostra collettiveBritish & Modern: Art by the Bloomsbury Group and Their Contemporaries
  Mostra personaliSam Gilliam: Contingencies
  Mostra personaliTrade
  Mostra personaliFelrath Hines and the Question of Color

  Mostra personaliThe Very Queer Portraits of Heyd Fontenot
  Mostra collettiveSynchronicity: Studio Faculty Biennial Exhibition 2011
  Mostra personaliKim Russo: Family
  Mostra collettiveA Room of One's Own: Women Artists from the Permanent Collection
  Mostra personaliIt's Always Rock and Roll: The Work of Photojournalist Janet Macoska
  Mostra personaliThe Velvet Years: 1965-1967, Warhol's Factory Photographs by Stephen Shore
  Mostra personaliE. Brady Robinson: Transfer
  Mostra personaliDouglas Witmer: I Found a Reason
  Mostra collettivePiety & Magnificence: Themes in Italian Art circa 1300-1750
  Mostra collettiveThis is Art: Rollins Senior Art Student Exhibition
  Mostra personaliSharaku Interpreted by Japan's Contemporary Artists
  Mostra personaliJuxtaposing History: Salvador Dalí, the Hebrew Bible, and the Formation of Israel
  Mostra personaliChakaia Booker
  Mostra personaliBill Armstrong
  Mostra personaliRemix 2
  Mostra collettiveThe Edge of Vision: Abstraction in Contemporary Photography

  Mostra collettivePoetic Works as Metaphor
  Mostra collettiveMaster/plan: Visionary Architects And Their Utopian Worlds
  Mostra collettiveRemix: Old And New Acquisitions From The Permanent Collection
  Mostra personaliThe Senior Art Exhibition
  Mostra collettiveWonderful & Curious
  Mostra collettiveMan and the Machine
  Mostra collettiveOut of the Shadow

  Mostra personaliAndré Kertész: On Reading
  Mostra personaliMichael Phillips and the Infernal Method of William Blake
  Mostra personaliAndy Warhol: Personalities
  Mostra personaliPortraits of American Poets by Jack R. Smith
  Mostra personaliJess: To and From the Printed Page

  Mostra personaliL.c. Armstrong: The Paradise Triptychs
  Mostra personaliSordid And Sacred: The Beggars In Rembrandt's Etchings
  Mostra personaliJosef Albers: Color Genius
  Mostra collettiveSmall Paintings From The Collection
  Mostra collettive2008 Senior Art Exhibition
  Mostra personaliNevelson By Night
  Mostra collettiveOrly Genger And Gandalf Gavan
  Mostra collettiveCorps Exquis

  Mostra personaliRachel Simmons: Wonders
  Mostra personaliWinslow Homer: Joys Of The Day
  Mostra collettiveAmerican Portraits
  Mostra collettive16th - 20th Century European And American Paintings
  Mostra collettiveCrossing The Line
  Mostra personaliHenri Matisse's Jazz
  Mostra personaliNick Cave Soundsuits

  Mostra collettiveFour Decades of Contemporary Prints
  Mostra collettiveEye to Eye
  Mostra collettiveEuropean Art, 1345 to 1901
  Mostra personaliWinslow Homer: Illustrating War

  Mostra collettiveDouble Vision Artists' Responses to the Collection
  Mostra personaliDaumier's World: Realism to Impressionism from the Collection
  Mostra collettiveLet Us Now Praise Famous Men

  Mostra personaliIntrospections & Reflections: The Paintings & Drawings by Jabbur Rima
  Mostra collettiveNational Academicians at the Cornell
  Mostra collettiveAn American Collection: Paintings from the National Academy of Design
  Mostra collettiveUnexposed Identities: Five Contemporary Photographers

  Mostra personaliRobert Rivers: Drawings, Prints & Sculpture
  Mostra personaliTibor Pataky's Hungarian Rhapsody
  Mostra personaliCosimo Rosselli: Painter of the Sistine Chapel

  Mostra personaliLithographs of James McNeill Whistler
  Mostra collettiveThe Bloomsbury Circle
  Mostra personaliAnita Wooten: A Retrospective
  Mostra collettiveBizarro World! The Parallel Universes of Comics and Fine Art
  Mostra personali"Maus" by Art Spiegelman
  Mostra personaliPicasso's 'Vollard Suite'

  Mostra personaliKenneth Tyler: 25 Years of American Prints
  Mostra personaliBarbara Sorensen: Sculpture as Environment
  Mostra collettiveMonsters of the '80s
  Mostra collettiveDegas to Delaunay: Masterworks from the Robert and Maurine Rothschild Family Collection

  Mostra personaliThe Sculptor's Line: Henry Moore Prints & Maquettes
  Mostra personaliJasper Johns: The Seasons
  Mostra personaliThe Art of John O'Connor
  Mostra collettiveAccessions 1988-1998
  Mostra collettiveModern American Realism: The Sara Roby Foundation Collection
  Mostra personaliSandy Skoglund: Selected Works
  Mostra personaliCertain Grace: The Photography of Gary Monroe

  Mostra personaliMilton Avery's "Ebb & Flow"
  Mostra personaliBlakelock: Visionary in Context
  Mostra personaliNancy Jay: Life Cycles
  Mostra collettiveBeyond the Woodcut in Florida

  Mostra personaliNancy Graves: Excavations in Print
  Mostra personaliMaury Hurt: Time & Space
  Mostra collettiveFirst Photographs: 19th Century Images from the Drapkin Collection

  Mostra collettiveArt of Our Time: Works on Paper from the Olga Hirshhorn Collection
  Mostra personaliDoris Leeper: A Retrospective
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