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National Art Museum of China - NAMOC

Istituzione Pubblica
National Art Museum of China - NAMOC
No.1 Wusi Dajie, Dongcheng District
mappa della città
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to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Hubert Scheibl  745
Xing Danwen  2333
Bruno Pacheco  3498
Qi Baishi  25299
Liang Guan  44561

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Li Keran  25464 4

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
Galerie 422 Galerie 422, Austria 15 1
  Galerie Schmidt, Austria 13 1
Centro de Arte Moderna - CAM -  Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian Centro de Arte Moderna - CAM - Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Portogallo 11 2
  Essl Museum - Kunst der Gegenwart, Austria 9 1
  Galleria Torbandena, Italia 9 1

 Mostre   3
24.11. - 04.12. (ancora per 1 giorno)
  Mostra personaliThe stove is burning brightly--- Art Works Exhibition of Wang Jianzhong

23.11. - 04.12. (ancora per 1 giorno)
  Mostra personaliNo Boundary for Those on the Way—Chinese Painting Works Exhibition of Du Ziling

23.11. - 04.12. (ancora per 1 giorno)
  Mostra personaliRealm of Doors—Print Works Exhibition of Hao Ping
 Fiere d'Arte
FINE ART ASIA - Hong Kong International Arts and Antiques Fair (10, 11)
Ai Zhongxin  
Chang Shuhong  
Chang Yu  
Chen Qiucao  1906-1988, CN
Feng Gangbai  1884-1984, CN
Liang Guan  1900-1986, CN
Guan Zilan  1903-1986
Jiang Zhaohe  
Liu Huanzhang  
Liu Wei  1954, CN
Sibai Lv  1905-1973, CN
Bruno Pacheco  1974, PT
Pan Yuliang  1899-1977, CN
Qi Baishi  1864-1957, CN
Hubert Scheibl  1952, AT
Sha Qi  1914, CN
Situ Qiao  
Sun Jiyuan  
Tang Yihe  
Wang Henei  
Wang Linyi  
Wang Yachen  1894-1983, CN
Wang Yuezhi  
Wu Zuoren  1908-1997, CN
Xia Xiaomin  1924-1984
Xing Danwen  1967, CN
Yan Wenliang  1893-1990, CN
Yan Zhenduo  
Yu Ben  1905-1995
Zhang Chongren  
Zhang Xian  
Zhi Lin  1959, CN
 Mostre anteriori   532
  Mostra personaliArtistic Conception in Painting--Contemporary Meticulous Painting
  Mostra personaliMorning Sunlight in the Immense Forest--Landscape Painting Works Exhibition of Wang Qinghuai
  Mostra personaliTrue Joy Inside Here—Art Exhibition in Memory of Chen Banding’s 140th Birthday
  Mostra personaliA Trip in the mountains
  Mostra personaliGreen Hills Asking Tao ---An Exhibition of Chinese Painting by Xu Jun
  Mostra collettiveMind and Pictures---An Exhibition of Paintings
  Mostra personaliSong of A Blue Boat——An Exhibition of Oil Paintings by Zhang Chongqing
  Mostra personaliCraggy Ink – Exhibition of Shuimo Paintings by Yuan Wu
  Mostra personaliA Series Of Artworks Donated To Namoc: Marks In Mind - Wen Lipeng - Oil Paining
  Mostra personaliDream seeking: Sun Lu´s Tempera Art Exhibition
  Mostra personaliA Series of Artworks Donated to NAMOC: Inspiration Strikes - Chen Beixin - Oil Painting

  Mostra personaliSpectacular Panorama – Wang Yuechuan Calligraphy
  Mostra personaliZhang Xizhong - I am His Hostage
  Mostra collettiveState of Life. Polish Contemporary Art within a Global Circumstance

  Mostra personaliChen Chengbo - Bright Sun Of The South-
  Mostra personaliChen Zhisheng - Cross-strait Calligraphy Exchange
  Mostra collettiveHarmony In Diversity-Four Professors
  Mostra personaliLong Chinsan
  Mostra personaliYang Canjun - Visual Cohesion
  Mostra personaliXu Daqing · Real Magic
  Mostra personaliFan Zhou- The Rhythm of Mountains and Rivers
  Mostra personaliLi Shenghong - Here I Am
  Mostra collettiveDimensions of Concerns
  Mostra personaliFang Yujie · My Heart
  Mostra personaliYao Sicheng - Trace to Light and Shadow
  Mostra personaliWang Dehui - Rosy Clouds of Chicheng
  Mostra collettiveBrushwork with Han Culture
  Mostra personaliWang Yuezhi
  Mostra collettivePainting by Sense-Art Exhibition of Eight Wuhan Artists
  Mostra collettivePainting Charm of Chu Kingdom• Excellent Works of Hubei Traditional Chinese
  Mostra collettiveWang Jida and Jin Gao’s Art Exhibition
  Mostra personaliLiu Sifen
  Mostra personaliZhao Qi - What a Land
  Mostra personaliShen Xinggong — Andante Cantabile
  Mostra collettiveChiFra China-France Art Touring Exhibition
  Mostra personaliZhang Daqian - Vast Territory Of The Motherland
  Mostra collettiveArt Exhibition On Artistic Conception Of Mao Zedong’s Poetry

  Mostra personaliHuang Jun - With A Strong Willpower
  Mostra personaliCui Jian - Chinese Painting Exhibition
  Mostra personaliGong Jianxin - Chinese Painting Exhibition
  Mostra personaliLi Yebing - Charm of Ink and Color
  Mostra personaliZhang Wei - Dazzling Image
  Mostra personaliSu Guowei Lacquer - Lacquer Painting In Southern Style
  Mostra personaliZhang Leping - Wanderings Of Sanmao
  Mostra personaliZhao Wenyuan - Whipping, Galloping
  Mostra personaliZhong Han - Culture Accumulation
  Mostra collettiveThe 9th Anniversary Exhibition Of China Realism Oil Painting
  Mostra personaliDeng Wei - Collections of National Art Museum of China
  Mostra personaliLvShufeng - Reality and Transcending
  Mostra collettiveShanghai Art Exhibition In Beijing
  Mostra personaliChen Zhangji - As Time Goes By
  Mostra personaliHan Jingting - Four Dreams In Painting
  Mostra personaliDeng Jianqiang - East Sichuan Landscape
  Mostra collettiveArt Exhibition Of Zhan Hongchang And Chen Hang-Miss And Hesitate
  Mostra personaliSun Boxiang - Calligraphy Exhibition
  Mostra personaliLi Yi — Art is the Quant
  Mostra personaliHaoHejun - Pave in the Magnificent Land
  Mostra personaliShao Fei - Return Homeland In Dream-Exhibition
  Mostra personaliLong Jingshan — Great Charm of Silent Moutains
  Mostra personaliShi Hu - Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition
  Mostra personaliChen Jinrong
  Mostra personaliHan Shuli - Painting Exhibition
  Mostra personaliYu Huiwen —— Beauty Nourishes Soul
  Mostra personaliWang Chunxin —— Greatest Way is the Simplest Way
  Mostra personaliDai Pingjun — Behind the Easel
  Mostra personaliTianjin Nirenzhang - Beijing Show Of Excellent
  Mostra personaliHuang Yongchuan - Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition
  Mostra personaliZhou Bo - Beauty of Life
  Mostra personaliLu Fusheng Know A Little Or More
  Mostra personaliWang Kaifang — Originating from Heaven
  Mostra personaliXia Funing —— Rationalized Vision
  Mostra personaliChen Yaqiang - Keliya People Living in Daliyabuyi
  Mostra personaliCao Chunsheng - Literary Talent And Moral Integrity
  Mostra personaliLin Xiangxiong - Fusion of East & West
  Mostra personaliXu Huijun - Water of the Yellow River Drops from the Sky
  Mostra collettiveInvestigate Things To Extend Knowledge
  Mostra collettiveSound of Nature
  Mostra personaliXu Xi - Art Exhibition
  Mostra personaliWang Houxiang - Calligraphy Works
  Mostra personaliHou Yimin - Academic Analysis Show on Two History Paintings
  Mostra personaliYang Yao - The 68th anniversary of victory of the war of Resistance
  Mostra personaliLi Keran - Valuable Courage to Innovate
  Mostra personaliLuo Yingqiu - Iron Pens like Rafters
  Mostra personaliZhou Lingzhao - The Republic never forgets
  Mostra personaliJin Hongjun - Bright Future
  Mostra personaliFan Miao - Mind Landscape
  Mostra personaliChen Wencan - Vast and Romantic
  Mostra personaliViewing A Floating World: The Art of Pang Maokun
  Mostra personaliYou Guanglin Photography Exhibition
  Mostra personaliRenzhong - So Fast, A Thousand
  Mostra personaliLiu Xian
  Mostra personaliLiu Jiutong - Eastern Abstractionism
  Mostra collettivePaint China with Color
  Mostra collettiveRetrospect with Holding the Plough
  Mostra collettiveUncovering Liuli In This Mortal World
  Mostra personaliBai Lang — The Wing occurs, the cloud flies
  Mostra personaliQin Xuanfu — A Embrace of Plain Nature
  Mostra personaliZhang Jiangzhou - Life Whispers
  Mostra personaliChen Yuxian - Ink Dancing in China
  Mostra personaliWang Qi - Wash Painting New Journey
  Mostra collettiveWashing Painting New Dimension
  Mostra collettiveMajestic Island
  Mostra personaliFang Jun - Against Jiang Nan Region
  Mostra personaliXu Hongfei - Civilian Epic and Plump Portrait
  Mostra personaliTian Weiqian - Innovation emerges from old calligraphy
  Mostra personaliLiang Rujie - Tao Imitates the Nature
  Mostra personaliTong Naishou - Excellent masters Creation
  Mostra personaliDai Dudu - Oil Paint Exhibition
  Mostra collettiveThree’s Company
  Mostra personaliYu Xining - Three souls in one hearts
  Mostra personaliYang Ermin - His epic
  Mostra personaliMyohseki Shimura
  Mostra personaliHe Jia’an - Current Works Exhibition
  Mostra personaliWang Yunxiang - Entertainment stays at ease
  Mostra personaliFadiah Tahiri - Introspection
  Mostra collettivePaint again and abstract together
  Mostra personaliWerner Berg — from Expressionism to Pop Art

  Mostra personaliWorld of Colors
  Mostra collettiveXu Xiaodong & Lin Mao
  Mostra personaliYang Xiaoning
  Mostra personaliZhao Hongfu
  Mostra personaliLi Xiaocheng
  Mostra personaliWang Kuohai
  Mostra personaliTan Ping - A Line
  Mostra personaliLi Jiangfeng
  Mostra personaliTalin Tuoya
  Mostra personaliHuang Gesheng
  Mostra personaliZhang Feng´s Sculptural Art / Hall 5
  Mostra personaliYan Keqin’
  Mostra personaliZhang Feng
  Mostra personaliLi Xiangqun
  Mostra personaliYang Chengguo
  Mostra personaliDu Dakai
  Mostra personaliZhang Songnan
  Mostra personaliDing Guanjia
  Mostra personaliLu Yushun
  Mostra personaliEarth · Unexpected
  Mostra collettiveStarting from Modern
  Mostra personaliWang Huaiqi
  Mostra personaliZhang Yangxi
  Mostra personaliYang Xiaojun
  Mostra personaliSun Changfei
  Mostra personaliLoneliness Fruit
  Mostra personaliThe Rainbow of Love
  Mostra personaliCentennial Xiongcai
  Mostra personaliYou Zhonghui
  Mostra personaliReal self
  Mostra personaliLocal Dialect
  Mostra personaliSun Hao
  Mostra personaliTruly Great Men in History
  Mostra personaliConcept Transcendence
  Mostra personaliHome of Ink Wash Paintings
  Mostra collettiveJinshui Changde
  Mostra collettiveFrom Malewich to Kandinsky
  Mostra personaliChen Fenwu
  Mostra personaliHan Weiguo
  Mostra personaliRecreation of Tang Style
  Mostra collettiveInk Mental Imagery
  Mostra personaliEndless Road
  Mostra personaliZhang Jingbo
  Mostra personaliCai Jin
  Mostra personaliHan Jingsheng
  Mostra personaliLiu Xilin
  Mostra personaliFeng Qiyong
  Mostra personaliSong Huimin
  Mostra personaliBohuslav Reynek
  Mostra personaliLian Shihe
  Mostra personaliEarthly Love of Chinese Paintings
  Mostra personaliColorless Big Color
  Mostra personaliKong Boji
  Mostra personaliBoundless momentum
  Mostra personaliTianshan Spirit
  Mostra personaliZhao Chengmin
  Mostra personaliYang Yimo
  Mostra personaliHuang Laiduo
  Mostra personaliNo End for Art
  Mostra personaliDairaku Kasetsu
  Mostra personaliZhang Baozhu
  Mostra personaliWang Xia
  Mostra personaliLiu Aben
  Mostra personaliWang Hanshan
  Mostra personali20 Years of Nurturing
  Mostra collettiveBeauty of Great Master
  Mostra personaliDream Vist to Dongting Lack
Description and image Mostra personaliChen Yongqiang - Ceiba·Lingnan Style
  Mostra personaliLiu Guangyun
  Mostra collettiveSpecial Exhibition of Masterpieces in Chinese Ancient

  Mostra collettiveBeyond the Tradition
  Mostra personaliYan Han
  Mostra personaliLi Pingfan
  Mostra collettiveOil Painting Exhibition
  Mostra personaliXue Baoxia - Mobile Reality
  Mostra personaliFlower and Bird Painting
  Mostra personaliWang Qian
  Mostra personaliWang Zhongnian
  Mostra personaliYu Endong — My Calligraphy Dream
  Mostra personaliLiang Yu’
  Mostra personaliZhou Lingzhao
  Mostra personaliLiu Bojun
  Mostra personaliWilly Eisenschitz
  Mostra personaliZheng Xinquan
  Mostra personaliZhao Xiaohai
  Mostra personaliHe Duoling
  Mostra collettiveGathering Waters into River
Description Mostra personaliZhao Dalu - Reading Memory
  Mostra personaliHeng Fu
  Mostra personaliLiu Songyan
  Mostra personaliHe Xiangning
  Mostra personaliBody Exploration
  Mostra personaliZhao Qing
  Mostra collettiveExhibition of Excellent
  Mostra collettiveHong Kong Ink Painting
  Mostra personaliMa Jizhong
  Mostra personaliLi Guangming’
  Mostra personaliLan Tianye
  Mostra personaliWet Land Soul
  Mostra personaliChen Zhengming
  Mostra personaliLi Xinxiang
  Mostra personaliCai Bing
  Mostra personaliMa Guoqiang
  Mostra personaliDu Jianmin
  Mostra personaliDuan Chenggui
  Mostra personaliBamboo Reports Peace
  Mostra personaliTrack of Time
  Mostra personaliYu Jun Jian
Description and image Mostra collettiveContemporary Art Exhibition of Hungary
Description Mostra personaliChen Xi - Be Memorized
  Mostra personaliCao Ming Ran
  Mostra personaliHan Le Ran
Description Mostra personaliGuo Yicong - Beautiful Spring scenery
  Mostra personaliBigger than lif
  Mostra personaliZhuang Zedong
  Mostra personaliMu Jiashan
  Mostra personaliChang’an’s spirit
  Mostra personaliPark Dae-sung
  Mostra personaliYin Yanjiang
  Mostra collettiveHe Yunlan and Liu Jie
  Mostra personaliCui Zhian
  Mostra personaliLi Lanqing
  Mostra personaliLee Dooshik
  Mostra personaliLi Hongfeng
  Mostra personaliYang Zaichun
  Mostra personaliHu Mingzhe
  Mostra personaliRen Shuaiying
  Mostra collettiveLight from Light
  Mostra personaliLong Rui
  Mostra personaliXu Liao Yuan
  Mostra personaliTie Yang
  Mostra personaliHeart Print
  Mostra personaliEternal lacquer Painting
  Mostra personaliJiang Bao Lin
  Mostra personaliZhou Yi Bo
  Mostra personaliHuang Xinxia
  Mostra personaliLiu Guosong
  Mostra personaliWang Jianguo
Description and image Mostra personaliWei Liang - Observe History and Consider Today
  Mostra personaliYing Tianqi
  Mostra personaliZhang Liguo
  Mostra personaliLiao Bingxiong
  Mostra personaliChen Wenzeng
  Mostra personaliLove for Pamir
  Mostra personaliQu Leilei
  Mostra personaliWang Shanheng
  Mostra personaliTheme Art Exhibition of Chinese Famous Streets with Historical and Cultural Value
  Mostra personaliXu Zhi Guang
  Mostra personaliChen Zuo Ding
  Mostra personaliZhao Yu Han
  Mostra personaliZhang Gui Lin

  Mostra personaliSi Tiao Ping
  Mostra personaliDeke Erh
  Mostra personaliPiao Chunzi
  Mostra collettiveDeep Love for Painting
  Mostra personaliZhao Li
  Mostra personaliShang Tao
  Mostra collettiveThe 30th Anniversary
  Mostra personaliCai Jimin - As Time Goes By
  Mostra personaliYang Xin
  Mostra personaliPursuit of Meaning
  Mostra personaliFee Wa Hill
  Mostra personaliThe Sky Is high and the Clouds are Pale
  Mostra personaliOil Painting Exhibition of Ukraine Painter Mykhailo Guida
  Mostra personaliShen Peng
  Mostra personaliCecilia Paredes
  Mostra personaliZou Chuan
  Mostra personaliHou Dechang
  Mostra personaliWang Changkai
  Mostra personaliHong Chao
  Mostra personaliGuizhi Chen
  Mostra personaliDaoping Zhu
  Mostra personaliIce Light and Snow Shadow
  Mostra collettiveArt Exhibition of Qingdao Fine Art Academy
  Mostra personaliZengxian Fang
  Mostra personaliMengfang Ding
  Mostra personaliZhang Jianzhong
  Mostra collettiveIn Between. Austria Contemporary
  Mostra collettiveRoad of Futurism
  Mostra personaliFavored Famous Historic Literature
  Mostra personaliStill Elegant
  Mostra personaliHuang Songjian
  Mostra personaliCentury Fable
  Mostra personaliHistory and Reminiscence
  Mostra personaliNaturally - Solo Exhibition of Xuesong
  Mostra personaliAttention in the West of China Always - Exhibition of Li Baofeng’s Chinese Paintings
  Mostra personaliArt Exhibition of Dai Wei
  Mostra personaliYe Jian Qing
  Mostra personaliJu Ming
  Mostra personaliZhou Shunkai
  Mostra personaliShu Jianxin
  Mostra personaliZhong Zhangfa
  Mostra collettiveCalligraphic Bearing of Poyang
  Mostra personaliAll His Life with Cartoons
  Mostra personaliWorthy Painting
  Mostra collettiveThe First Nine-Dragon-Mountain Art Exhibition
  Mostra collettiveBeibu Gulf Brush Style —— Beihai Watercolor Paintings
  Mostra personaliXu Peichen
  Mostra personaliCharm of South Wind
  Mostra personaliCalligraphy Exhibition of Chi Jingjie
  Mostra personaliAncient Hongjiang Town - Photo Exhibition of Ouyang Xingkai
  Mostra personaliOil Painting Exhibition of Yuli-Kaliuta
  Mostra personaliOuyang Xingkai
  Mostra collettive60-year Retrospective Art Exhibition of Lin Gang and Pang Tao
  Mostra personaliPedro Meyer
  Mostra collettiveLu Chen and Zhou Sicong
  Mostra personaliFootprints of Youth
  Mostra personaliThe Art of Jin Zhilin
  Mostra personaliHsing Yun
  Mostra personaliPursuit · Innovation
  Mostra personalithe Grace of Heaven
Description and image Mostra collettiveThe State of Things, Brussels/Beijing
  Mostra personaliThe Bravura Of Changing Life:Zhang Hai’s Calligraphy Exhibition
  Mostra personaliA Style of Integrating Ancient Charm with Fresh Mode: Wang Qinsheng Art Work Exhibition
  Mostra personaliGuo Xiaoguang Landscape Oil Paintings Exhibition
  Mostra personaliHumanity and Love
  Mostra collettive20 Artists’ Chinese Claborate-style Painting Works Exhibition
Description and image Mostra personaliSun Xiaoyun - Calligraphy Has Rule
  Mostra personaliYan Zhenduo Oil Painting Exhibition
  Mostra personaliChina Publishing Group
  Mostra personaliYimeng Folkways & Scenery
  Mostra personaliHideo Mori
  Mostra personaliQiao Shiguang
  Mostra personaliFang Shao Hua
  Mostra personaliJunjie Lv
  Mostra personaliHis spirit will live forever
  Mostra personaliMinds, Collided
  Mostra personaliFeng-Chen Yang
  Mostra personaliHaris Kambouridis
  Mostra personaliMy Sea
  Mostra personaliChu The-Chun, Retrospective
  Mostra collettiveSpring Festival Celebration for the Year of the Tiger

  Mostra personaliLi Tieying
  Mostra collettiveShui Mo Xing Xiang
  Mostra personaliWang XingJun
  Mostra collettiveImage of Chu Arts-Exhibition of Hubei calligraphy and seal cutting
Description Mostra collettiveMedia Art China 2009: Timelapse, A Swiss-China Media Art Exhibition
  Mostra collettiveThe First China’s Cartoon & Animation Artistic Exhibition
  Mostra collettiveThe fifth Anniversary Exhibition of China Realism School
  Mostra personaliGao Hong
  Mostra personaliZhang Li–Chen
  Mostra personaliHuang Junbi
  Mostra collettiveEcological Jiangxi
  Mostra personaliLi Mingzhong
  Mostra personaliLi Keran
  Mostra personaliChen Jinzhang
  Mostra personaliProfound & Integrative Nature
  Mostra personaliOu Guang An
  Mostra personaliZeng Laide
  Mostra personaliPure Tao
  Mostra personaliOil Painting Exhibition of Chikako Ikeguchi
  Mostra personaliCui Zhimo
  Mostra personaliShao Bingren
  Mostra personaliSu ShiShu
  Mostra personaliZhang Wenxin
  Mostra personaliLi Maozong
  Mostra personaliNi Zaiqin
  Mostra personaliJiang Caiping
  Mostra personaliUp & Down the Pamir Mountains
  Mostra collettiveSilent Call
  Mostra personaliGuan Bu
  Mostra personaliKim Kang Yong
  Mostra personaliLiao Xiuping
  Mostra personaliZhang Tongsheng
  Mostra personaliJin Shangyi
  Mostra personaliWang Jinyuan
  Mostra personaliHaixing Liu
  Mostra personaliWei Chuanyi
  Mostra collettiveChina May 12 Earthquake Relief Themed Sculpture Exhibition
  Mostra personaliLooking into the future
  Mostra personaliJ.M.W Turner
  Mostra personaliLim Tze Peng
  Mostra personaliFeng Dazhong
  Mostra personaliColors of Mongolia
  Mostra personaliHuang Zhengdong
  Mostra personaliZdeněk Sklenář
  Mostra personaliWang Shucun
  Mostra personaliZhang Zhixian
  Mostra personaliYeh Chu Sheng
  Mostra collettiveThe proceeding of Painting-Chinese Expressionism Oil Painting Exhibition of 8 Artists
  Mostra personaliChai Zushun
  Mostra personaliWitnessing Tibet’s Democratic Reform
  Mostra personaliGuo Shaogang
  Mostra personaliTradition and Innovation
  Mostra personaliGuo Beiping
  Mostra personaliWang Gaimin
  Mostra personaliCultivation and Dedication
  Mostra personaliGuan Wu Ya
  Mostra personaliLet New Zealand Knows China
  Mostra personaliLiu Guang-wen
  Mostra personaliYongan Yang
  Mostra personaliWisdom in Satire

  Mostra personaliLi Dongxia
  Mostra personaliHou Benren
  Mostra personaliSoile Yli-Mayry
  Mostra personaliJohn Kingerlee
  Mostra personaliLu Yanshao
  Mostra personaliManolo Valdés
  Mostra personaliPedro Meyer
  Mostra personaliSu Tianci
  Mostra personaliLiu Yiyuan
  Mostra personaliLi Baoquan
  Mostra personaliDal Jae Huh
  Mostra personaliThe Grist Between the Stones
  Mostra personaliWeng Qianyu
  Mostra personaliClan of the World Edge
  Mostra personaliFeng Guotang
  Mostra collettiveLiu Yuan
  Mostra personaliMarlend Tseng Yu
  Mostra personaliHe Haixia
  Mostra personaliYan Xinsheng
  Mostra personaliFang Fengfu
  Mostra personaliZou Yu
  Mostra personaliI Want to Believe
Description and image Mostra personaliJian Wang - Full Circle
  Mostra personaliSelected paintings of Ming and Qing Dynasties
  Mostra personaliGerhard Richter - Paintings 1963-2007
  Mostra collettiveLiving Landscapes: A Journey through German Art
  Mostra personaliExtension & Stretching
  Mostra personaliGarden Utopia
  Mostra personaliZhan Wang
  Mostra personaliCao Jigang
  Mostra personaliLi Zhen'
  Mostra personaliTai Wuqi
  Mostra personaliXia Yuxiang
  Mostra personaliDuan Zhengqu and Duan Jianwei
  Mostra personaliSculptures and Sketches by Li Weisi
  Mostra collettiveFacing the Reality: Chinese Contemporary Art
  Mostra personaliShi Qi
  Mostra collettiveFour Old Painters
  Mostra personaliChen Xiandong
  Mostra personaliGuo Runwen
  Mostra personaliSun Jiabo
  Mostra personaliCheng Shizeng
  Mostra personaliGreat Jade Needs not Carving
  Mostra collettiveSplendid World

  Mostra personaliBeauty is the Life
  Mostra collettiveThe Relation Made in the Collection
  Mostra collettiveExpressing and Writing
  Mostra personaliShare the Peripateticism
  Mostra collettiveArt Exhibition by the Member of China Democratic League
  Mostra personaliBending the Time and Space: in Beijing
  Mostra personaliCourse
  Mostra personaliI Trudged in the Wild
  Mostra personaliThe Heart Image of the Modern Time
  Mostra personaliThe Vigorous Style of Tibet
  Mostra personaliShen Wansheng
  Mostra personaliWang Qi
  Mostra personaliColorful Life
  Mostra personaliYoko Makoshi
  Mostra personaliPoetry of East Wind · Aesthetics of Plant
  Mostra personaliLiu Renjie
  Mostra collettiveEncounters, Journeys and Art
  Mostra collettiveExhibition of Chinese Paintings of Suzhou Academy of Traditional Chinese Painting
  Mostra personaliGuang Jun
  Mostra personaliWang Zhenzhen
  Mostra personaliKerim Nasridin
  Mostra personaliGuo Moruo and Yu Liqun
  Mostra personaliHan Feng
  Mostra collettiveJiang Kun and Zheng Xiaojuan
  Mostra personaliHe Muqun
  Mostra personaliBai Yunteng
  Mostra personaliKe Xijie
  Mostra collettiveWhen Vision Interacts with Painting
  Mostra personaliZhou Brothers
  Mostra personaliDeep Ridge and Endless Path
  Mostra personaliLiu Mingwu
  Mostra personaliZhou Yong
  Mostra personaliChen Jialing
  Mostra personaliWu Yifeng
  Mostra personaliRunning Script
  Mostra personaliZhu Boxiong
  Mostra personaliChen Jialing
  Mostra personaliWu Jingshan
  Mostra personaliWu Qi
  Mostra personaliThe Place Without Winter
  Mostra collettiveDunhuang Watch
  Mostra personaliWang Zhaomin
  Mostra collettiveCalligraphy Invitation Exhibition for Olympics in National Art Museum of China
  Mostra personaliWu Xinkun
  Mostra personaliHuang Guanyu
  Mostra personaliZhao Zhitian
  Mostra personaliGuo Gongda
  Mostra personaliZhao Hong
  Mostra personaliCorresponding & Responding
  Mostra personaliGao Guanhua
  Mostra personaliTu Zhiwei
  Mostra personaliThe Footstep in Empty Vale
  Mostra personaliYe Qianyu
  Mostra personaliLou Shibai
  Mostra collettiveOut West: The Great American Landscape
  Mostra personaliShen Shengqiu
  Mostra personaliJi Qingyuan's & Lu Ping'
  Mostra personaliGuo Xiyuan
  Mostra personaliXiao ChangZheng

  Mostra personaliWen Zuyun
  Mostra personaliBoundless Ceramics
  Mostra personaliBoundless Ceramics
Description Mostra collettiveThe First Annual Exhibition in 2006 of the Oriental Imagination
  Mostra personaliImagination of Space: the Penetrating Sculpture of Xiao ChangZheng
  Mostra personaliZhao Yannian
  Mostra personaliA Drop in the Bucket
  Mostra personaliLiu Haisu
  Mostra personaliSun Xinchuan
  Mostra personaliSun Xinchuan
  Mostra personaliWan Jiyuan
  Mostra collettiveChinese Paintings, Paint China-Step into Hong Kong
  Mostra personaliWu Guanzhong
  Mostra personaliWang Qi
  Mostra personaliExhibition of Mountain and River Washing Paintings
  Mostra personaliYang Kai - Tour in France

  Mostra personaliFrantisek Kupka: Man and Earth
  Mostra personaliGuy Bourdin
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