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Erie Art Museum

Istituzione Pubblica
Erie Art Museum
411 State Street
Erie, PA 16501
mappa della città
ricerca hotel
tel +1 814.459.5477
fax +1 814.452.1744

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Richard Estes  1764
Dan Mills  24307
Michiko Itatani  41567
George D. Green  63576
Claude Conover  114079

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Marlborough Chelsea, USA 16 1
  Marlborough Monaco, Monaco 7 1
  Bernarducci.Meisel.Gallery, USA 6 2
  Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH), USA 5 2

Moses Billings  
Claude Conover  
Neil Daugherty  
Richard Estes  1936, US
Grueby Faience  
George D. Green  1943, US
Michiko Itatani  1948, JP
Jack Lembeck  1942, US
Dan Mills  1956, US
Joseph Plavcan  1908-1981, US
Frederick Walrath  
 Mostre anteriori   113
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  Mostra personaliFull Exposure: The Uncompromising Life and Lens of Kathe Kowalski
  Mostra personaliOut & Inscapes, works by Ben Gibson
  Mostra personali Richard Anuszkiewicz, Paintings...Sculpture 1986 – 2012
  Mostra personali Justus Cotterill: The Sway
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  Mostra personali Backyard: Small Sculptures by Steven Dana
  Mostra personaliMinidoka On My Mind: Roger Shimomura

  Mostra personaliLake Effect Lace: Carol Posch Comstock
  Mostra personaliDoubleExposure & Politics of Snow
  Mostra personaliThe Passage North by Willie Jordon
  Mostra collettiveSculptureX: Six Sculptors of Ohio and Western Pennsylvania
  Mostra personaliGary Spinosa
  Mostra personaliLetís Ride a Bicycle Made of Friendship and Rainbows!

  Mostra personaliAuto-Intervention: Paintings by Chris Mars
  Mostra collettiveHidden in Plain Sight
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  Mostra personaliFluidity: Paintings by Heather Hertel
  Mostra personaliEleven Fingers: Works by Dick Lubinsky
  Mostra personaliPeaceful but Not Always: Paintings by Neil Daugherty
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  Mostra personaliObject as Color; Paintings by Malcolm Christhilf
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  Mostra personaliCappy Counard
  Mostra personaliRoger T. Hane - Art, Times and Tragedy
  Mostra personaliEden Revisited: The Ceramic Art of Kurt Weiser
  Mostra personaliThe End of All Dreams, paintings by Kris Risto
  Mostra personaliThe Notebooks of Frank Novel

  Mostra personaliTrevor Winkfield, A Survey of Paintings
  Mostra personaliFound Artists: Photography by Fred Scruton
  Mostra personaliJoseph Plavcan
  Mostra personaliIcons, new work by Jim Munn
  Mostra personaliWhen Trees Dream, recent work by Brian Pardini
  Mostra personaliKathe Umlauf
  Mostra personaliPatricia Bellan-Gillen

  Mostra personaliSpeculation On Nature: Lawrence Baker
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  Mostra personaliDichroic Color, Light and Space Sculpture
  Mostra personaliGregory Anderson: Works from an Unacceptable Portfolio
  Mostra personaliDiane Fox: Unnatural History
  Mostra personaliRecent Works by Ian Short

  Mostra personaliDuality, A Digital Dialogue: Recent Prints by John Lysak
  Mostra personaliCarol Cornelison: A Return to Nature
  Mostra personaliNew Orleans: A Beloved City Photographs by Michael A. Smith
  Mostra personaliViktor Schreckengost
  Mostra personaliMike Long - Accidental Documentaries

  Mostra personaliWaves... Clouds... Streams Photographs by Nancy Hellebrand
  Mostra personaliDawn Marr Portraits
  Mostra collettiveStone Soup
  Mostra personaliPiscatorial Investigations: by Alberto Rey
  Mostra personaliDavid Seitzinger

  Mostra personaliJose Guadalupe Posada
  Mostra collettiveOut of Print, an exhibition of recent works by eleven local printmakers
  Mostra personaliCharles Ventrello
  Mostra personaliRachael Burke
  Mostra personaliThomas Paquette
  Mostra personaliJohn Bavaro
  Mostra personaliHidden Citizens
  Mostra personaliRecent Nudes by John Edwards
  Mostra personaliAntonio Howard. Stillborn Reflections
  Mostra collettiveKen Graves and Eva Lipman

  Mostra personaliAncient Alloy: Recent Photographs by Don Joint
  Mostra personaliLissa Hunter
  Mostra collettiveOxymorons: Absurdly Logical Quilts!
  Mostra personaliSam Pees
  Mostra collettiveModern Masters: Works from the Collection of Mellon Financial Corporation
  Mostra personaliAnonymity - The Loss of Self installation by Cliff Lamoree
  Mostra personaliJoseph Allen Popp's Weirdo Theatre
  Mostra collettiveConvergence

  Mostra personaliKatzwinkel's Peerless Ornaments
  Mostra personaliOverprints: Portraits by Heinz Lechner
  Mostra personaliSimple Gifts by Peggy Brace
  Mostra personaliNursery of My Indecision by Kathy King
  Mostra personaliRon Bayuzick
  Mostra personaliToy Series
  Mostra personaliGarden of Icons by Kristina Faulkner
  Mostra personaliPamela Joseph - The Sideshow of the Absurd
  Mostra personaliMapped Facets
  Mostra personaliTaking Liberties: Photographs by David Graham

  Mostra personaliHooked: Fish works by David Seitzinger
  Mostra personaliCradle to Cradle: Wood turned sculptures by Michael Brolly
  Mostra personaliTerry McKelvey: Recent Paintings
  Mostra personaliEcce Homo: Paintings by Chawky Frenn
  Mostra personaliPots, Fish and More: Ceramic Works by Tom Hubert
  Mostra collettiveArtists of the Commonwealth: Realism in Pennsylvania Painting 1950-2000
  Mostra personaliZoltan Heya
  Mostra personaliFred Wilson
  Mostra collettiveLight on the Feet: Masters of Dance Photography
  Mostra personaliWondrous Songs in Mi: Photographs by Tom D. Lee

  Mostra personaliRecent Paintings by Terry Rodgers

  Mostra personaliOnce Upon A Picture: The Art of Marc Brown
  Mostra collettiveNocturnes - Last Full Moons of the Twentieth Century
  Mostra personaliTraveling Light: Photographs by Anna Tomczak

  Mostra collettiveThe Parthenon Project
  Mostra personaliAnimals are Good for Thinking: Paintings by Robert Bissell

  Mostra personaliJohn Silk Deckard

  Mostra personaliNancy Bacon Paintings
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