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Künstlerhaus Bethanien

Istituzione Pubblica
Künstlerhaus Bethanien
Kottbusser Straße 10
10999 Berlino
mappa della città
ricerca hotel
tel +49 (0)30 6169030
fax +49 (0)30 61690330
orario di apertura:
Ma, Me, Gio, Ve, Sa, Do  14:00-19:00

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Via Lewandowsky  684 7
Ralf Ziervogel  1641 6

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 240 71
  Metro Pictures Gallery, USA 112 19
  MoMA PS1, USA 97 97
  Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Polonia 84 76
  ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, Germania 79 147

anno di fondazione: 1974
 Fiere d'Arte
Art Beijing (10)
ART FORUM Berlin (06)
 Mostre anteriori   376
  Mostra personaliWu Chuan-Lun - Schäferhund
  Mostra personaliShubigi Rao - Written in the Margins
  Mostra personaliCéline Burnand - Saints and Lovers
  Mostra personaliLyndal Walker - Changing Room
  Mostra personaliKasper Akhøj - Welcome (To The Teknival)
Description Mostra personaliStijn Ank - Fresco
Description and image Mostra personaliStijn Ank - Fresco
  Mostra personaliAkiko Utsumi - Cryptophasia
  Mostra personaliAnahita Razmi - Term and Reversion
  Mostra personaliSong Sung Jin - Postures
  Mostra personaliHan Seok Hyun - Pumpkins in Berlin, A.D. 2016
  Mostra personaliHeba Y. Amin - The Earth is an Imperfect Ellipsoid

  Mostra personaliWindow Display - Theodore J Tagholm
  Mostra collettiveVitales Echo
  Mostra personaliThe Space Between
  Mostra collettiveEnde Vom Lied
  Mostra personaliSalwa Aleryani - Intending Probability
  Mostra personaliAline Alagem - Skin, Tone
  Mostra personaliAnn Oren - The Supreme Spasm
  Mostra personaliCharles Van Otterdijk - Double Centre. Situation Report #3
  Mostra personaliRuey Shiann Shiu
  Mostra personaliFalkenrot Preis 2016
  Mostra personaliNguyen Thi Thanh Mai - Another World
  Mostra personaliDan Stockholm - House
  Mostra personaliChen Sai Hua Kuan - Sounds Like... ...
  Mostra personaliJuuso Noronkoski - This Place Is Nowhere
  Mostra personaliEeva Hannula - The Choreography Of Uncertainty
  Mostra personaliYasutaka Kojima
  Mostra personaliHanae Utamura - Holiday At War
  Mostra personaliDae Hong Kim - Zoo / Lab
  Mostra personaliKijin Park - Path

  Mostra personaliRamiro Guerreiro
  Mostra personaliKhvay Samnang - Footprints of Yantra Man
  Mostra personaliBodil Furu
  Mostra personaliPatrik Elgström - obstacle
  Mostra personaliJenny Magnusson - Table sculpture, floor piece and a photo
  Mostra personaliBenyamin Reich - Backwards
  Mostra collettivePassion - Fan behavior and art
  Mostra personaliSusa Templin - Room Service
  Mostra personaliRoland Boden - Strategien der Defensive - Bilder und Objekte
  Mostra personaliGreg Semu - Two Bodies, two landscapes Zwei Körper, zwei Landschaften
  Mostra personaliYouki Hirakawa - Close Your Eyes
  Mostra personaliOlaf Brzeski - Half
  Mostra personaliKatie Torn / Im Schaufenster
  Mostra personaliPeter Krauskopf - Falkenrot Preis 2015
  Mostra personaliLea Porsager - Cut-splice Supercluster
  Mostra personaliOlaf Kühnemann - Malerei, A4 und ein paar Dinge
  Mostra personaliChoy Ka Fai - The Choreography of Things
  Mostra personaliElizabeth Willing Shades of Yellow
  Mostra personaliStary Mwaba - Life on Mars
  Mostra personaliSandra Boeschenstein - Vierzig Versuche Materie Zu Soufflieren
  Mostra personaliKaori Yamashita - Letter From The Distant Beyond
  Mostra personaliLucas Foletto Celinski - Bedded-Down Knot
  Mostra personaliDeok Yeoung Gim - Communicating Art
  Mostra personaliTanja Koljonen - Waiting For The Clouds To Vanish
  Mostra personaliMikko Rikala - Ten Weeks By The Sea

  Mostra personaliChia-Wei Hsu - On the Margin of Places
  Mostra personaliFalkenrot Preis 2014 - Michaela Meise
  Mostra personaliPrajakta Potnis - the kitchen debate
  Mostra personaliMasashi Echigo - All is fish that comes to the
  Mostra collettiveRon Tran
  Mostra personaliPriscila Fernandes - Against the Enamel
  Mostra personaliEmma Waltraud Howes - Ankyloglossia (n. tongue-tie)
  Mostra personaliAlexei Kostroma - Anticipation
  Mostra personaliJenny Lindblom
  Mostra personaliVera Kox - Reassuring inertia
  Mostra personaliHans Kristian Borchgrevink Hansen - Life in the Undergrowth
  Mostra personaliSofia Bäcklund - On (I mean come on)
  Mostra collettiveIn Furs.
  Mostra collettiveDas Mechanische Corps
  Mostra personaliIza Tarasewicz - Collaborating Objects - Radiating Environments
  Mostra personaliAlona Rodeh - Safe and Sound
  Mostra personaliSøren Thilo Funder - The Adaptation (No-thing me-lanch-oly 'bout us)
  Mostra personaliSofie Bird Møller - The Spirit of Places and other Spaces
  Mostra personaliTibor Horváth - the Prime Monister of Hungary
  Mostra collettiveAdam Saks / Fabrizia Vanetta
  Mostra personaliCarla Zaccagnini - Impossible But Necessary
  Mostra personaliDonna Ong - The Forest Speaks Back
  Mostra personaliSam Smith - Form Variations
  Mostra personaliZsu Szabó - Nothing Personal
  Mostra personaliSven Marquardt - Nachtblende
  Mostra personaliAsako Shiroki
  Mostra personaliThabiso Sekgala
  Mostra personaliSaskia Noor Van Imhoff
  Mostra personaliHyun Na
  Mostra personaliJörg Mandernach

  Mostra personaliMaki Na Kamura - Falkenrot Preis 2013
  Mostra personaliMahony- The many happenings
  Mostra collettiveEmmanuel Maden, Jumana Manna, Panayiotis Michael, Kevin Schmidt, Carsten Fock
  Mostra personaliCarsten Fock - Landschaft Und Vergessen
  Mostra personaliDörte Kraft- Maleri
  Mostra personaliIsabel Carvalho-
  Mostra collettiveStuart A. Staples & Suzanne Osborne- singing skies
  Mostra personalinon cover
  Mostra personaliFlavio de Marco- Stella
  Mostra personaliBen Cauchi One's own grey
  Mostra collettiveTarantel 2
  Mostra collettiveBerlin.Status (2)
Description Mostra personaliRoey Heifetz - The Teacher
Description Mostra collettiveTarantel 1
Description Mostra personaliMichael Lee
Description Mostra personaliErina Matsui
Description Mostra personaliJasper Sebastian Stürup
Description Mostra personaliMarie Zolamian
Description Mostra collettiveGerry Bibby
  Mostra personaliSharon Houkema - Why Tidy My Exhibition Space When The Whole World Is In A Mess?
  Mostra personaliHyein Lee - Sketch Book
  Mostra personaliJoris van de Moortel - Schwarz oder weiß, es ist mir gleich Es gibt keine Farben in diesem blauen Reich

  Mostra collettiveFlying
  Mostra personaliConstantinos Taliotis - Casting Modernist Architecture
  Mostra personaliMauro Cerqueira
  Mostra personaliLinn Pedersen
  Mostra personaliRichard Mosse
  Mostra collettiveZuspiel
  Mostra personaliYoung & Giroux
  Mostra personaliTobias Zielony - Zuspiel
  Mostra personaliFrançois Martig - The Dawn
  Mostra collettiveSUPER 8 - Part 2
  Mostra personaliYlva Westerlund
  Mostra personaliDavid Armstrong Six - Civil Elegies from the Vacuum State
  Mostra collettiveAusstellung in Kostrzyn/ Küstrin
  Mostra personaliSensorium/ Go Into This Space - Mark Themann -
  Mostra collettiveCaraota von Moules
  Mostra collettiveReise nach Jerusalem - 10 Künstlerische Positionen zwischen Religion, Tradition und Tabu
  Mostra personaliSlawomir Elsner - Falkenrot-Preis 2012
  Mostra personaliAssaf Gruber - That Would Be Telling
  Mostra collettiveBerlin.Status (1)
  Mostra personaliStine Marie Jacobsen - Direct Approach
  Mostra personaliRobert Lippok
  Mostra personaliGabrielle de Vietri - Mysterema
  Mostra personaliSong-Ming Ang - Cover Versions
  Mostra personaliEat The Magic Lions
  Mostra collettiveSUPER 8 - Part 1
  Mostra personaliAleksandra Domanovic
  Mostra personaliMaryam Najd - Happy New Year my love
  Mostra personaliGuido van der Werve - Emotional Poverty
  Mostra personaliAyoung Kim - PH Express

  Mostra collettiveHALLELUHWAH! - Hommage à CAN
  Mostra collettivePOLISH!
Description Mostra personali"Matthias" BAADER Holst
  Mostra collettiveJassica Buhlmann & Franziska Goes
  Mostra personaliJudith Schwinn: planet earth rebirth
  Mostra personaliKajsa Dahlberg
  Mostra personaliGuillaume Lachapelle: entre-temps
  Mostra personaliJulien Grossmann: Vibrating Revivals
  Mostra personaliFalkenrot Preis 2011: Tony Matelli
  Mostra collettivePoints of Departure
  Mostra personaliPeggy Franck
  Mostra personaliKimberly Clark
  Mostra personaliAharon Ozery
  Mostra personaliSoda_Jerk - Astro Black
  Mostra personaliAmorph
  Mostra personaliÜbst Du noch, oder spielst Du schon?

  Mostra personaliAwst & Walther - The Hole
  Mostra personaliSophie Bélair Clément
  Mostra personaliGoing Mainstream
  Mostra personaliMai Yamashita + Naoto Kobayashi
  Mostra collettiveThe Garden As A Mirror
  Mostra personaliThe Random Series -berliner trato-
  Mostra personaliLars Mikkes
  Mostra personaliSimon Le Ruez - As Poison Leaks Away
  Mostra personaliYoba Valombola - Exhitain
  Mostra personaliJasper Sebastan Stürup
  Mostra personaliAndré Romão - "The Vertical Stage"
  Mostra personaliAndreas Schulze - "U.S. TRILOGY I, Vegas"
  Mostra personaliChua Chye Teck - "City Landscape"
  Mostra personali50º60'59,50''N/8º40'35,30''O
  Mostra personaliPatrick Bernatchez
  Mostra personaliWe will meet again but don't know when
  Mostra personaliRobert Quint
  Mostra collettiveAll my lovin'
  Mostra personaliPernille Koldbech Fich - Selected Photography
  Mostra personaliMichael Kutschbach - Callooh! Callay!
  Mostra collettiveThe Touch of History
  Mostra personaliWafae Ahalouch el Keriasti - The Greatest Show in the World
  Mostra personaliDafni Barbageorgopoulou - Floating Islands
  Mostra personaliSoo Jung Choi - No Man's Land
  Mostra personaliThomas Lerooy - Something In Between

  Mostra collettiveund jetzt. Künstlerinnen aus der DDR
  Mostra personaliDirceu Maués - Somewhere - Alexanderplatz / Studio 2
  Mostra personaliStephan Kaluza – Das Mauerprojekt – complexe 16
  Mostra personaliTomasz Kowalski – gniazdo
  Mostra personaliAne Graff - Sliding
  Mostra personaliJost Kirsten - Rodung
  Mostra personaliAndré Sousa – FABEL (Fábula/Fable)
  Mostra personaliGuy Zagursky: Syncope
  Mostra personaliBjörn Perborg: Geschichten aus dem Koffer
  Mostra personaliCynthia Girard – Tous les oiseaux sont ici
  Mostra personaliSarah Ryan – the clearing
  Mostra personaliSara Hughes – Feedback Runaway
  Mostra personaliChristodoulos Panayiotou
  Mostra personaliBecoming Blue
  Mostra personaliIves Maes
  Mostra personaliAleksandra Polisiewicz . Urban Art
  Mostra personaliJungju An

  Mostra personaliSophia Tabatadze
  Mostra personaliPia Lindman
  Mostra collettiveAndreas Tellefsen / Jorinde Voigt / Ralf Ziervogel
  Mostra personaliChristian Niccoli – An steilen Hängen Laufen lernen
  Mostra personaliPatrick Tuttofuoco – Dandelion
  Mostra personaliFalkenrot-Preis 2008 – Torben Giehler
  Mostra collettiveTales of Flames
  Mostra personaliMatter
  Mostra personaliServants Swept the Sand Smooth
  Mostra collettivePjöngjang Pjöngjang
  Mostra collettiveOstPunk - too much future
  Mostra personaliDaniel Barroca – Soldier Playing with Dead Lizard
  Mostra collettiveZAUM MATERIAL II
  Mostra personaliNo Matter How Hard You Work To Bring Things Up, There's Someone Out There Working Just As Hard, To Bring Them Down...
  Mostra collettiveNeverthless
  Mostra personaliMarkus Degerman
  Mostra personaliPhotographie
  Mostra personaliEat Fear
  Mostra personaliAngst Essen/Eat Fear
  Mostra personaliHaris Epaminonda
  Mostra personaliSafeguarding – A Work in Progress
  Mostra personaliLuca Trevisani
  Mostra collettiveDaydreams & Dark Sides
  Mostra personaliCatherine Bolduc – My life without gravity
  Mostra personaliSøren Lose – Abendland
Description Mostra personaliHadassah Emmerich. "Casino Exotique"
  Mostra personaliHans-Joachim Schulze. "Göttinnen un Götter / Malerei"
  Mostra personaliCharlotte Schleiffert. "Schlüsselszene"
  Mostra personaliRecent Works
Description Mostra personaliCan Altay. "Setting a Setting/Forecasting a Broken Past"
  Mostra personaliMoonjoo Lee – Urban Detritus
  Mostra collettiveNico Dockx & Douglas Park
  Mostra collettiveNico Dockx & Helena Sidiropoulos
  Mostra personaliEquilibrits

  Mostra personaliSven Drühl - Falkenrot Preis 2007
  Mostra personaliArrangements of beautiful Resemblance
  Mostra personaliNO pipeline NO Exotic
  Mostra collettivedisobedience
  Mostra personalipulsation/Cross-setions
  Mostra personaliAdriana Molder - Der Traumdeuter
  Mostra collettiveFluxus East
  Mostra personali1+1-1
  Mostra personaliTom Sandberg
  Mostra personaliLisa Jonasson
  Mostra collettiveVIideo Screenings
  Mostra collettiveOpen Studios
   infratentativ - Kornél Szilágyi
  Mostra personaliDer Versteller - Anita Di Bianco
  Mostra personaliRoland Boden - Traum des schläfers
  Mostra personaliThe Book Of Back
   New Harmony
  Mostra personaliStadium - First Cut
  Mostra personaliTakahiro Suzuki
  Mostra personaliMladen Bizumić
  Mostra personaliNicolás Robbio
  Mostra personaliLast Supper
  Mostra personaliPlanet of the planets
  Mostra collettiveNormal Love
  Mostra personaliThe magic manual
  Mostra personaliThe fifth travel

  Mostra personaliJannicke Låker
  Mostra personaliWim Catrysse
  Mostra personaliFalkenrot Preis 2006 - Maik Wolf
  Mostra personaliLuzia Simons - Stockage
  Mostra personaliArturas Raila - Kraft der Erde
  Mostra collettiveSigns & Surfaces
  Mostra personaliMarten Janssen
  Mostra personaliFilippa Arrias
  Mostra personaliJesper Nordahl
  Mostra collettiveGegen den Strich
  Mostra personaliJános Fodor
  Mostra personaliSerkan Özkaya
  Mostra collettiveWilloughby Sharp / Pamela Seymour Smith
  Mostra personaliClaire Healy
  Mostra personaliErla Haraldsdóttir
  Mostra collettivePainting as Presence
  Mostra personaliYoshiaki Kaihatsu
  Mostra personaliMichel de Broin
  Mostra personaliTea Mäkipää
Description Mostra personaliThomas Kapielski
  Mostra personaliShin il Kim
  Mostra personaliLucas Lenglet

  Mostra collettiveMontenegrin Beauty
  Mostra personaliAhmad Motiee
  Mostra personaliCharif Benhelima
  Mostra personaliJán Mancuska
Description Mostra collettivePOLISHED - Goldrausch 2005
  Mostra personaliLeonor Antunes
Description Mostra collettive13. Oktober
  Mostra personaliBenoît Goupy
  Mostra collettiveThe Helsinki School - A New Approach
  Mostra personaliGermaine Koh
  Mostra personaliLisa Strömbeck
  Mostra collettive"OstPunk - too much future"
  Mostra personaliFalkenrot Preis 2005
  Mostra personaliKristina Bræin
  Mostra personaliRonnie van Hout
  Mostra personaliShiro Masayama
  Mostra personaliLisi Raskin
Description Mostra personaliAndrew Hurle - Excavating
  Mostra collettivecome closer/video festival
Description Mostra personaliFrank Kalero
Description Mostra personaliDaniela Brahm
Description Mostra personaliJosée Dubeau
Description Mostra personaliIris van Dongen - She is the night
Description Mostra personaliTamás Komoróczky - Dr. Sample & Mr. Shooter
Description Mostra personaliDamien Deroubaix
Description Mostra personaliGert Robijns

Description Mostra personaliEgill Saebjörnsson
Description Mostra personaliErasmus Schröter
Description Mostra personaliReynold Reynolds
Description Mostra personaliBull.Miletic
Description Mostra personaliMonika Sosnowska
Description Mostra personaliJorge Queiroz
Description Mostra personaliEvanthia Tsantila
Description and image Mostra collettiveDorf in die Metropole
Description Mostra collettiveKatarina Löfström - Mathieu Mercier
  Mostra collettiveBanyan-Project
Description and image Mostra
  Mostra personaliQuadratmeter - 15 small exhibitions
Description Mostra personaliPash Buzari
Description Mostra personaliAlex Morrison - Free Room
  Mostra collettiveDepicting Love
Description Mostra personaliRichard Grayson - If God be for us Who can be against us?
Description Mostra personaliBreyer p-orridge - Painful But Fabulous
Description Mostra personaliSuzanne Treister - Operation Swanlake
Description Mostra personaliRoderick Hietbrink - Corner Corone
Description Mostra personaliJan Zakrzewski - Niebo Berlinem
Description Mostra personaliMitra Tabrizians - Jenseits der Grenzen
  Mostra collettive.ipeg, bild.ton.maschine
Description Mostra collettiveWhen Love Turns To Poison
Description Mostra collettiveGure Artea
Description Mostra personaliSergio Belinchón
Description Mostra personaliMarike Schuurman
Description Mostra personaliEva-Maria Bogaert
Description Mostra personaliKaren Yasinsky

Description and image Mostra collettiveHeman Chong / Gerson Bettencourt Ferreira
Description and image Mostra collettiveAronsson / Brekte / Lund / Jörres / Velkov
Description and image Mostra collettiveNevin Aladag / Rui Calçada Bastos / RELAX
Description and image Mostra personaliIRWIN Retroprincip 1983-2003
Description and image Mostra collettiveCor Dera - Dufte / Johan Zetterquist
Description and image Mostra collettiveElias Hassos / Salla Tykkä
Description and image Mostra personaliKarl Hans (Joachim) Janke_Ein Brevier
  Mostra collettivedoublebind.kunst_kinder_karriere
Description Mostra collettiveRest in Space

Description and image Mostra collettiveSue de Beer / Friederike Klotz / Joël Verwimp
  Mostra personaliCandice Breitz
  Mostra collettiveSeptember Horse
Description and image Mostra collettiveNachtschicht
Description and image Mostra collettiveChristian Jankowski / Sean Snyder
Description and image Mostra personaliFernando Bryce - Turismo / El Dorado - Alemania 98
Description and image Mostra collettivePeter Geschwind / Gunilla Klingberg
Description and image Mostra personaliMarc Bijl - PORN
Description Mostra personaliMarkus Huemer - Das Leben z.B. / The Life e.g.
  Mostra collettiveElvis Has Just Left the Building
Description Mostra collettive+64
  Mostra personaliHajnal Németh - Fetish-Diagram
Description and image Mostra collettiveVanessa Jane Phaff / Scott Redford / Jörgen Erkius
Description and image Mostra personaliPhilip Huyghe - EAST MOTHER - WEST MOTHER
Description and image Mostra personaliJon Mikel Euba - K.Y.D.
  Mostra collettiveTarakan Ball

  Mostra personaliGlobal Soap
  Mostra personaliRonald de Bloeme - Worldwide

  Mostra personaliOliver Ressler: Sustainable Propaganda

  Mostra personalia moving memorial
  Mostra collettiveSichtverhältnisse Madrid-Berlin

  Mostra personaliAndreas Reiter Raabe
  Mostra personaliAnne Schneider ...the last we can do is wave to each other...
  Mostra collettiveBeckett Implantate
  Mostra collettiveThe Cinema Project (Das Tarantino Syndrom)
Description Mostra personaliNorbert Bisky

  Mostra collettiveDisneyland After Dark
  Mostra personaliPeter Friedl: FRACK

  Mostra personaliIch habe die Apokalypse verpasst

  Mostra personaliChristian Stock
  Mostra personaliAttila Richard Lukacs

  Mostra personaliAxel Lieber: Auswärtsspiel
  Mostra personaliKünstlerhaus Potemkin

  Mostra personaliJakob Mattner: Zwielicht

  Mostra personaliMarianne Pohl: Treppen im Künstlerhaus Bethanien

  Mostra collettiveAspekt Großstadt
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