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Carbon 12

Carbon 12

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News delle gallerie
(6.1.2015) Ghazel - Centre Pompidou - January 19th 2015 (soltanto in francese)
(10.12.2014) La Carbon 12 Gallery de Dubaï était la première galerie de la région ... (soltanto in francese)
(9.10.2014) Lecture - Sara Rahbar: Art & Life | British Museum, UK (soltanto in inglese)
(29.9.2014) Carbon 12 at Viennafair - 2 - 5 October 2014 (soltanto in inglese)
(24.2.2014) Press release - Art Brussels - 25 - 27 April 2014 (soltanto in inglese)
(29.1.2014) Art Dubai 2014 19th – 22nd Of March 2014 (soltanto in inglese)
(20.1.2014) Press Release | Andre Butzer 17th Of March — 30th Of April, 2014 (soltanto in inglese)
(10.10.2013) Invitation - Vienna Fair 2013 - October 10th - 13th, 2013 (soltanto in inglese)
(29.9.2013) James Clar at Aurora 2013 (soltanto in inglese)
(27.8.2013) Press Release - abc 2013 - Anahita Razmi - September 19th - 22nd, 2013 (soltanto in inglese)
(20.3.2013) Carbon 12 at Art Dubai - Booth A14 - March 20th - 23rd, 2013 (soltanto in inglese)
(30.12.2012) Automatic Assembly Actions (soltanto in inglese)
(11.12.2012) Hazem Mahdy in The National "Old Images, New World" by Chris Lord (soltanto in inglese)
(27.11.2012) Pas un Autre-Interview with Kourosh Nouri of Carbon 12 (soltanto in inglese)
(20.11.2012) One, Wahed, Yi, Eins, Alpha (soltanto in inglese)
(17.11.2012) "Reflections on a Creative Movement"- The Gulf News (soltanto in inglese)
(17.10.2012) « Forward/ Vorwärts », une exposition collective de sept artistes multinationaux à la Q Contemporary (soltanto in inglese)
(18.9.2012) Carbon 12 at Viennafair 2012 (soltanto in inglese)
(6.9.2012) Carbon 12 at abc - 13th — 16th of September, 2012 (soltanto in inglese)
(2.9.2012) "Coming Home"-Gil Heitor Cortesao, Highlights from the 100 Spring best shows (soltanto in inglese)
(28.7.2012) "Significance of Mundanity"- Gulf News (soltanto in inglese)
(1.7.2012) Ibraaz features Anahita Razmi's new project (soltanto in inglese)
(19.6.2012) "Wet Dog" in The National- article by Chris Lord (soltanto in inglese)
(21.5.2012) "Palette of Concerns"- Gulf News (soltanto in inglese)
(17.4.2012) Carbon 12 @ Art Cologne Hall 11.3 Stand E 26 (soltanto in inglese)
(17.4.2012) Iranian artist Sara Rahbar featured at Dubai's Carbon 12 gallery (soltanto in inglese)
(27.3.2012) "Perpetually at War", Gulf News, article by Jyoti Kalsi (soltanto in inglese)
(3.3.2012) Critics' Picks-André Butzer in Artforum (soltanto in inglese)
(20.2.2012) "Die dunkle Seite des Mondes" at Carbon 12 (soltanto in inglese)
(4.2.2012) Birgit Graschopf in THE NATIONAL (soltanto in inglese)
(1.2.2012) Carbon 12 @ VIP Art Fair 2.0 (soltanto in inglese)
(21.1.2012) "Lost in Space", Gulf News, review by Jyoti Kalsi (soltanto in inglese)
(10.1.2012) "Space Forward" by Birgit Graschopf (soltanto in inglese)
(20.11.2011) "Maps that defy Borders", Gulf News (soltanto in inglese)
(13.11.2011) James Clar in THE NATIONAL, Chris Lord (soltanto in inglese)
(29.10.2011) André Butzer at CAC, in Vienna (soltanto in inglese)
(8.10.2011) "Daring to Dance", The Financial Time, article by Liz Jobey (soltanto in inglese)
(27.9.2011) "High Tension exhibition features dramatically wound-up art", The National (soltanto in inglese)
(18.9.2011) Erwin Olaf's "High Tension" at Carbon 12, Dubai (soltanto in inglese)
(25.8.2011) "A Lesson in Art" (soltanto in inglese)
(25.4.2011) (soltanto in tedesco)
(14.4.2011) CARBON 12 @ Vienna Fair 2011 (soltanto in inglese)
(29.3.2011) "There is no big idea" (soltanto in inglese)
(17.3.2011) Carbon 12 at Art Dubai 2011 (soltanto in inglese)
(13.3.2011) André Butzer's first solo exhibition in the Middle-East @ Carbon 12 (soltanto in inglese)
(19.2.2011) Philip Mueller unveiled (soltanto in inglese)
(9.10.2010) Iranian Artist Sara Rahbar's Textile Revolution (soltanto in inglese)
(6.4.2010) Carbon 12 @ Vienna Fair 6th-9th of May 2010 (soltanto in inglese)
(7.2.2010) Carbon 12 in Art Dubai, stand A 38 (soltanto in inglese)
(22.1.2010) A new show at Carbon 12 showcases the desolate Iranian homeland of artist Farzan Sadjadi (soltanto in inglese)
(6.1.2010) (soltanto in tedesco)
(6.1.2010) (soltanto in tedesco)
(29.11.2009) "The Artist in the Machine" (soltanto in inglese)
(8.10.2009) Gil heitor Cortesao's exhibition in TIME OUT DUBAI (soltanto in inglese)
(8.10.2009) Carbon 12 officially moves to Al Quoz area in Dubai (soltanto in inglese)
(6.7.2009) TIME OUT DUBAI, Preview By Chris Lord (soltanto in inglese)
(6.7.2009) THE NATIONAL, (soltanto in inglese)
(21.8.2009) Khaleej Times- (soltanto in inglese)
(16.5.2009) Bernhard Buhmann in (soltanto in tedesco)
(16.5.2009) "Traditions and New Methods", THE NATIONAL, by Emily Baxter (soltanto in inglese)
(9.4.2009) "Brushes with Fame" (soltanto in inglese)
(9.4.2009) Girls, Girls, Girls (soltanto in inglese)
(5.4.2009) "Capturing Beauty" (soltanto in inglese)
(15.3.2009) Carbon 12 goes Abstract, Khaleej Times week-end magazine (soltanto in inglese)
(15.3.2009) Katherine Bernhardt in Artilery Magazine (soltanto in inglese)
(15.3.2009) Interview with thierry feuz on (soltanto in inglese)
(8.3.2009) (soltanto in tedesco)
(8.3.2009) (soltanto in tedesco)
(8.3.2009) (soltanto in tedesco)
(8.3.2009) (soltanto in tedesco)
(11.2.2009) Carbon 12 and START "5 children from Gaza-5 reasons to care" (soltanto in inglese)
(10.2.2009) News from THE NATIONAL (soltanto in inglese)
(10.2.2009) Interview with artist Alireza Masoumi at Carbon 12 Gallery (soltanto in inglese)
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